Author: aimmyarrowshigh
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare
Story Title: "15pairings, Theme Set #001"
Character/Relationships: Simon/Isabelle, Maia+Luke, Jace/Aline, Jace/Alec, Michael Wayland + Valentine Morgenstern, Jocelyn/Luke, Jace/Isabelle, Alec/Isabelle, Alec/Magnus, Magnus/Jace, Clary/Sebastian, Clary/Simon, Isabelle/Sebastian, Jace/Kaelie, Jace/Clary
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some sexual content.
Wordcount: 1,500
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. All characters, settings, and proprietary language are owned by the author of the work from which this is derived.

001. Something Sweet {Simon/Isabelle}

"What do you think of the name Killer Cerulean Popcorn?"

Isabelle looked over at Simon with such utter contempt that she could have given Jace a run for his money. "Is your band made up of leftover coked-out '70s glam rockers and a sad rodeo clown?"

Simon frowned. "What about 'We Can't Compete with Glee!'? You know, kind of ironic?"

Isabelle snorted. "That's only irony if you actually could compete with Glee. From what I see on the billboards, you can't." She threw her leg over Simon's lap. "How about you forget the band, and enjoy The Isabelle Lightwood Experience?"