Author's note: This Taker story is going to be before A.J's death, I love Hayden Christensen that was my favorite character ever and on top of that he was hot! Paul Walker was too. This is going to focus more on their grand heist the many that they are going to be doing. However in this story the Takers are going to be fighting against a government-trained team who plans on stopping them. A.J and the others won't die, i am not following that story line cause I hated how he dies.

Summary: The amazing men's are at it again, taking what they please. As they take more and more a new force closes in on them. They're in for the fight of their lives as they battle it out. Trust will be lost. Friendships will be broken. Choices will determine the fate of the Takers. All or nothing, Which side will take it all?

Chapter 1: The Takers

It seems to be a room with a big screen glass with pictures of the infamous, John, Gordon, A.J, Jake and Jesse. A man explains what is going on, he walks back and forth looking at someone that we can not see. He stops walking back and forth and faces front looking at the person we still can not see.

"These men before your eyes are known as, The Takers, they are not to be toyed with. Their mission? Unknown. That's where you soldiers come in, (He walks closer and leans on a table, fiercely staring at the unknown person) take them out.

The scene fades black, music slowly fades into the scenes, many, many people dancing at what seems to be a club. Jake walks in with Lily holding her hand, Jake is dressed in a nice black suit with a bright red tie, Lily is wearing a tight medium length red dress to match his tie. Jake leads Lily up the stairs leading up to the Taker's personal lounge. The door opens, everyone inside the room looks at who comes in.

"Well, well, leave it to Jake to be fashionably late, right?" John says as he gets up from the couch with a drink in his hand.

"Its called having a lady" A.J smiles looking back at Jake standing near the glass wall then he spins back to look down at the club.

"Well, Lily takes her time to look beautiful" Jake says as he leans in to kiss Lily.

Lily pushes Jake off softly and smile. "Sorry boys" she smiles.

"Since Jake is here now, lets talk, may you please close the door Lily" Gordon says as Jake lets go of Lily's hand and sits on the couch next to Jesse. Lily closes the door and walks over to the hand rest of the couch and sits on it.

"Okay whats up now?" Jake ask as he looks at Gordon, then John, then Jesse, then A.J who seems to be distracted by something in the club. " A.J, you listening?" says Jake.

"What? Yea, yea," A.J says as he turns back to look at them and takes the last gulp of his drink.

"Seems like someone has caught his attention" Lily smiles as she looks at A.J.

"Or a chick just lost her top" Jesse adds as he laughs.

A.J looks back and smiles at Jesse.

"Fellas, concentrate, there will be plenty of time to check the beautiful women of this city out later" says John.

"John's right, you know" Gordon says as he smiles at A.J "Now join the group"

A.J walks over to the group and sits down on a chair across from Jake. He grabs the blueprint on the table and looks at it.

"Paris, nice choice of city G" A.J says as he continues to look through the blueprint.

"Home to the diamonds, I see where your going with this" Jake says.

"That's what im talking bout, were bout to get bling up!" Jesse says as he smiles and does a hand pound with Gordon.

"Slow your horses fellas, getting to Paris is the easy part, planning is the hard part" Gordon says looking at all of them.

"You forgot, executing is the part when hell happens" John adds as he takes the last gulp of his drink.

"It wont be that hard right? I mean set up the bombs underneath the streets" A.J implies.

"Sounds easy A.J but with all the police that's the hard part" John says.

"Not if we can find a route underground" Jesse states.

"That's it, an underground route it should be near a bistro, an alley." Says Jake

"Phase 1 completed, the planning, we leave 2 days from now" Gordon says.

They all smiles and feels satisfied. Lily grabs another bottle in the bucket of ice and pours each of them some more alcohol. They all stand up and clash each other glasses, making a what seems to be semi-toast. They give each other handshakes, a sign of partnership. However, the door opens which makes their celebration die down. A young looking teen boy about 17 years old, jet black medium length hair with a side swept bang, thin and medium height, wearing what seems to be a bartender uniform, white v-neck, black vest, skinny black slacks, and white converse walks in, they all look at him.

"Sorry, I did-didn't know" he looks around stuttering with the drinks in his hand.

"Its fine, we weren't doing anything important" John says as he smiles.

"Oh, that's for me, thanks for bringing me up my drink" Lily says, she walks over to him and grabs the drink off of the silver platter.

"No problem, sorry again" he says as he looks around, feeling awkward with everyone looking at him, he turns around making his way out.

"Oh wait, heres something for doing Lily a favor" Jake says as he hand the young teen a 200 dollar tip.

The young teen turns around.

"Oh, no, I can't take that, its okay" the teen says as he implies not to take it.

"No its okay, take it, you been working hard" Lily says as she smiles.

"Here something for your troubles I insist" Jake says as him and Lily walks over to the young teen and hands him the money.

The young teen stands there staring at the money, feeling awkward.

"Its okay, take it, its Dao right? Lily giggles.

"Yea, yea that's y name, Dao" he says looking up. "But really I can't, that would be too much"

"Trust me, that is nothing compared to what we make daily" Jesse implies.

Everyone turns to look at Jesse, everyone except Dao gives him a look.

"I mean just take it" Jesse says as he smiles nervously.

A.J walks over to Jake and Lily he takes the money from their hand and hands it to Dao. "Now they insist on it, take it" he hands it to Dao giving him a flirty look.

Dao stares at A.J for a few seconds before catching himself, "right, right, thank you" he takes the money, "can I get you guys anything else?" Dao asks, looking away from A.J who is still eyeing him.

"Nothing much, we'll notify you if we need anything" John smiles and states as he nods.

"Okay, thanks again" Dao says as he turns around and walks out, closing the door behind him.

As he leave, everyone goes back to looking at each other.

"Isn't he a little too young to work here?" asked John.

"Well after Jake and I bought the club he came to us asking for a job, said he needed help, I felt bad and gave him the job, every since then he has been a hard worker." Lily replied, then she smiled.

"Nice kid isn't he?" Jake continued.

"Yea, nice enough to take your Benjamins" says Jesse.

"Yea a nice one," A.J states as he looks out the window looking at Dao who is working at the bar.

"And what was up with you?" Jesse says to A.J

"Nothing just was trying to be nice." A.J looks back at Jesse.

"My ass" Jesse says as he smiles and walks over to A.J giving him a handshake.

"What can I say." A.J says as he smiles.

"Ahh how it feels like to be young" Gordon says looking at them as he sips his drink.

A.J smiles and looks back down from the window to the bar and sees Dao. Dao looks up and sees A.J. Dao smiles as A.J winks at him, takes a sip from his drink then walks to the couch.

"So what should we do to finish off this perfect night?" ask John.

"Kick some a**, cop a**" Jesse says as he see two cops make their way into the club.

Everyone else gets up walking to the window looking down, they see two cops.

The two cops looks around the club and both meets up in the middle of the dance floor. They both look up to see the 5 gentlemen looking back down at them through the window. The two cops makes their way. The sound of a bullet shot is heard, people screaming.

The scene goes black.

Author's Note: Name: Dao O'Hara

Age: 17

Appearance: Medium length jet black hair, slim, thin, medium height. Brown eyes, healthy.

Height: 5'4

Weight: 102 pounds.

Author's Note: Many people may wonder why I chose for A.J to have this relationship with this kid named Dao. First of all I met this kid in person, I go to where he works a lot. Let me tell you he is beautiful. This exotic looking Asian kid is beautiful. On top of that he loves Hayden Christensen, who is his favorite actor. And I thought, hey Hayden Christensen "A.J" is hot and this kid is beautiful why not. And plus he has done so much to help me ever since I met him and this is the least I can do. I mean I see A.J as being the type to be able to get anyone he wants. Please respect the decision I made and I hope you guys enjoy it.