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Chapter 2: Back In Action

The screaming continues and starts to increase. People are running around everywhere as the two cops has their guns pointed at the lounge's window. It appears the window has been shot causing many shattered glass. The two cops makes their way up towards the lounge, however they are being shoved and pushed by the evacuating clubbers. G, John, A.J, Jake, Jesse and Lily gets up from taking cover after being shot at, neither of them is hit.

"Give me a hand with this A.J" John says as he is breathing heavily from adrenaline. A.J walks over to John and pushes down a large shelf which barricades the door, revealing a safe.

Everyone moves towards the safe, moving away from the door making sure no one gets injured if bullets come through the door. John opens the safe revealing 5 guns and a bomb. John hands each of the men a gun and A.J. grabs the bomb clipping it to his belt.

"How did they find us? How did they know we would be here?" Jesse questions as he feels a sense of fear.

"Bastards must have been on to us every since our last taking" G replies as he cocks his gun.

"Well, they have the upper hand in this one, we have to get out of here as fast as we can before their reinforcements come" John adds looking at his fellow Takers and making his way to the side door, hanging his gun on his shoulders.

"If we all go together they will catch up" says Jake holding Lily's hand who is in panic.

"He's right, if we leave together they will catch up. " A.J looks around and finds a map of the building on the floor, he picks it up and shoves everything off of the table laying out the map. "Here is where we are" he points to the middle of the map, "The roof is right there" He points to the top of the map. "John and I will go through the west wing, G and Jesse take the right, Jake and Lily take the central wing" He looks at everyone giving direction.

"Once we get to the roof there will be a helicopter securing the area" G adds, "Jake and Lily, get to the roof and fire an SOS bullet" he hands Jake a bullet.

"Once they see the signal they will come on the roof, take them out, get a hold of the chopper, and fellas we are out of here" says John cocking his gun, looking at his allies.

"Sounds easy, get to the roof and adios" says Jesse, he cocks his gun as he looks at his brother, " See you at the top" Jesse says as he pounds everyone hand.

Jesse, Gordon, Jake, and Lily makes their way towards the side door, they open the door leading to a large hallway. As they walk pass the door bullets are being shot through the main door, causing all of them to look back at John and A.J.

"Go!" John yells as he grabs his gun and starts shooting at the main door. A.J helps shoot at the door as they walk backwards making their way to the side door. The others run down the hallway, they separate going their direction. A.J looks at the broken glass window making sure Dao left safety. He doesn't see Dao which causes him slight relief knowing Dao made it safely.

A.J and John makes it past the door and starts running down the hall. As they turn left and continue running the cops finally gets in through the main lounge door. They look around. As they see the door leading to the hallway they make their way through the door and split up as the Takers did. The reinforcements of the cops bust through the club doors making their way up to the lounge. They stay on look out.

As John and A.J run up the stairs in the left wing they hear footsteps coming down the stairs. John stops hinting A.J that someone is approaching. As they both cock their guns they hear more footsteps approaching them from behind.

"I'll take the head, stay close" John whispers.

"I'll take the rear, give it to them" A.J whispers as he nods to John.

John slowly starts walking up the stairs as A.J follows behind him walking backwards. As the footsteps approach close their heart pumps faster and faster. The first sight of a uniform causes John to start shooting, A.J does the same. They take out 5 men each. They both spin around looking each other and continue running upstairs.

As the cops stand lookout at the lounge they hear sounds on crackling glass. They look around as they cock their gun. Suddenly, the lights go out causing them to panic a little they all turn on their light from their gun. They all see people in black suits in front of them. The people in the black suit attacks all of them, all is seen in the dark are the guns firing crazily everywhere. After a couple of minutes everything goes quiet as sounds of footsteps is heard running towards the side door.

As the lights go off A.J and John stops, wondering what just happen. They see lights approaching them, knowing that cops are closing in on them they check their guns that are out of bullets. The grab their guns and throws it on the floor. As they lights close in on them they grab hold of each of the guns. The two cops in possession of the guns gets knocked out by A.J and John. They steal the guns and continue.

Jake and Lily reaches the roof. They walk towards the center and Jake shoots the SOS signal. Lily falls to her knees gasping for air. Jake kneels down resting Lily on his shoulders as he sees from a distance the copter approaching, he grabs his gun.

"Baby, you'll be okay, were about to get out of here right now, I promise. I'm sorry" Jake says as he kisses Lily.

"I just want to go home" Lily says as her voice is paused from gasping for air.

As the copter is approaching them Jake helps Lily up on her feet and move back so the copter can land.

"Delta do you read me, Delta, Target is a young male, mid-twenties, African American with a young female, mid-twenties, African American, thin, long black hair" says the voice over the radio in the copter.

"Copy that captain" A voice of a male says as the copter lands he gets out of the copter with his gun.

"Thank You" Lily says approaching the copter as she is still gasping for air.

As Lily and Jake approach the copter Jake pulls out his gun slowly, before he can hold the male cop at gunpoint the male cop holds them at gunpoint first.

Lily looks at Jake as she falls to her knees.

"Get on your knees!" The cop demands at Jake, "Hands behind your head.

"Just get us to safety, look at her, she needs help!" Jake yells at the cop furiously.

"Get on your knees, hands behind your head!" the cop continues demanding.

"F*** You!" Jake says as he does what the cops tell him. He gets on his knees and grabs the back of his hair angrily looking at Lily. "Baby I'm sorry, he starts to tear up"

"Take them out" the cop hears. , "copy that" The cops says, he points the gun at Jake.

The sound of a gun is shot, as Jake looks up her sees the cop with a bullet through his head, he falls onto the ground next to Lily, she screams. He looks around to see Jesse and G, he gets up and smiles. Jake starts helping Lily up as G points his gun at the pilot and shoots him. The pilot falls out of the driver's seat.

"Are you guys okay? That was close" G says as he runs over to Jake and Lily, he takes Lily from Jake and helps put her into the back seat of the helicopter.

"You don't know how good it feels to see you guys" Jake says as he approaches Jesse and connects his forehead with Jesse then moves to Lily.

"Baby, were almost out of here, you just sit tight" Jake says to Lily as he kisses her, she smiles. He gets into the copter sitting next to her.

G walks over to the helicopter and gets in, he starts up the engine waiting for John and A.J.

"What's taking them so long? You think they okay?" Jesse questions looking at Jake and G.

"It's A.J and John we're talking about here, they'll be fine" Jake says as he takes off his coat and put it over Lily who is now sleeping on his shoulders.

"They're they are" Gordon points out as they barge through the doors, they run over to the copter.

"Get in Jesse, we have company in 5" A.J says as he gets into the passenger seat.

Jesse gets into the back seat along with John they, Jesse, John, Jake, and A.J cock their guns pointing it towards the roof access door, waiting for their enemy. Gordon starts flying the helicopter. The helicopter lifts off of the roof slowly, as it starts to lift up higher 12 cops, barges through the roof access door. The four guys shoots at the cops taking out all 12 of them. As they see all 12 cops fall they cheer and let out a deep breath, all feeling relieved.

Just as they thought their troubles were gone bullets starts hitting the helicopter. They all become worried and look at who is shooting them. They see 5 people in black suits, covering their mouth and face except their eyes. They start shooting back at the mysterious people.

"I'm out of ammo" A.J yells warning his allies.

"Same" John replies.

"All out" Jesse replies.

"Gone" Jake replies.

"Every game has a secret card" A.J says as he pulls out the bomb, he separates the bomb and the clip part. He then throws it down towards the roof. They all watch from the helicopter to see what happens.

The five mysterious people on the roof looks at the incoming bomb and gasp, they run towards the edge of the building trying to escape the bomb. As they bomb hit the roof it explodes, causing the roof to explode. They all jump off the roof and throw harnesses which connects them to the next building, causing a safety rope for them.

The takers glance at them in confusion , as they fly off in the helicopter they all cheer, escaping the frying pan yet again.