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Introduction: It's amazing how much the death of a loved one can change a person. That's actually why I haven't been updating my other stories. It's hard to write them when I was practically a different person when I started them. Hopefully, I'll get back to them sooner or later.

Anyways, this is my first attempt at a time travel fic where Naruto actually joins the Hidden Leaf Village, or any other village, in the past. I have it planned out fairly well, but there are still some things that I'm undecided on at the moment.

Major Pairings: Naruto/Mikoto and Minato/Kushina.

Warnings: Expect spoilers up to Naruto 530 at the very least. There will be lemons in later chapters, but I will make sure to underline and bold lemon warnings before and after each lemon so that you can skip them if you want to.

Summary: A major screw-up on Turtle Island results in Naruto being thrown back in time. How will he cope with his second chance at life? Especially when his parents are his age.

1. Second Chance

"Let's call it good. If ya keep it up, you'll be fox food." Killer Bee said.

"That doesn't even rhyme." Naruto said with a raised eyebrow. He did not know what was worse, whether Bee did not actually rhyme or that he made it sound like good and food rhymed.

"Sure it does. Don't be dissin' the rhymes, cuz." Bee said, earning a face palm from Naruto.

"Man, I'm hungry." Naruto said as he released the fox's chakra and ignored his jinchuriki mentor.

"Let's get something to eat, 'cause we're beat." Bee said as he wrote down that line in his little book.

"Let's go find Captain Yamato or Guy-sensei." Naruto said, trying to tune Bee out.

"They'll be sore from the war, so leave them to rest while we have a fest." Bee said.

"War?" Naruto asked, turning to look at Bee.

"Don't tell me you don't know. Did you just find out from Eight-O?" Bee asked thoughtfully.

"No one told me about a war. What in the hell's going on?" Naruto asked, worry and anger filling his voice.

"Wow, no one told you? Then, I probably wasn't supposed to. Oh well." Bee said with a shrug.

"I'll see you later." Naruto said as he turned away from Bee.

"Suit yourself. Don't trip over an elf."

'Does he have to rhyme that bad?' Naruto thought as he shook his head and began to walk towards the area of the island where Motoi was supposed to be at. Unlike Bee, it was easy to understand a conversation with Motoi.

"Why didn't you tell me we were fighting a war?" Naruto demanded as he looked Motoi in the eyes. He was not exactly happy that he had only just now learned of what had happened. "And where is Captain Yamato and Guy-sensei?"

Motoi looked surprised by the first question, but he ended up sighing instead of staying surprised. Killer Bee might have been respected and viewed as a hero among heroes by the Hidden Cloud Village, but he had never been known for his ability to keep secrets well. He normally ended up revealing secrets in his rapping. Fortunately, most enemies tuned his rapping out since it was incredibly annoying. If they did not, then it would have been bad news for the Hidden Cloud Village. Either that, or they might learn his shoe size or the distance that he could throw a lightning charged toothpick. Yes, that's right. A lightning charged toothpick.

"Yamato has been captured by the enemy, and Guy went to join up with our forces to take part in the war effort." Motoi answered with a sigh. Since Killer Bee had apparently let the cat out of the bag, he had no reason to hide any more. "And the reason I didn't tell you about the war was because I was ordered not to. We are supposed to be keeping you and Bee out of the enemy's sight until the war is over. If you are captured, then all is lost. You should know that better than anyone. The jinchuriki are vital to Akatsuki's plans."

Naruto looked even more furious at that. He did not like the thought of being protected like he was some kind of delicate object. He alone had defeated Pain, a shinobi that had killed Hanzo the Salamander, Jiraiya of the Sannin, and Kakashi the Copy Ninja. Of course, the last one had been brought back, but that was not the point. The entire point was that Naruto was the strongest shinobi in the Leaf thanks to the fox in his stomach and Sage Mode.

"I can't let you guys hide me away. I have to help." Naruto said as he took a deep breath. "I'm the only one that stands a chance at defeating Madara."

"At your current level, you cannot defeat him." Motoi said firmly. "Continue training with Bee. Once you are able to fully master the technique that Bee has been helping you with, the Five Kage might allow you to take part."

In all honesty, Motoi did not truly believe that they would allow him to take part no matter what. He needed to keep the blond busy though. He would have to figure out a way to stop Naruto from trying to rush into the fray. He knew that it would not be easy. After all, Naruto was stubborn. That much was easy to see already.

"Fine." Naruto said, frustrated. He did not understand why Motoi would not let him leave the island and join up with Kakashi and the others. That was where he should have been, or so he believed. He was not too far off though. It had always been his job to protect those precious to him after all.

As Naruto walked away from the Cloud jonin, he did not realize that everything was about to change in ways that he could not even begin to imagine.

It was not until he reached the training grounds and entered his new jinchuriki form that he remembered exactly how he learned about the war. It seemed that he had forgotten why he had stopped training until that very moment as well.

'Bee said I needed to take a break for the day unless I wanted the fox to take over my remaining chakra… shit!' Naruto thought as realization hit him.

Everything began to go white as he felt the Nine-Tails steal the last of his chakra.

He should have died at that moment, but time seemed to slow down instead.

"You made a mistake."

Naruto looked around for the disembodied voice, but no one was in the room with him. That did not bother him as much as the fact that he should have died already but was somehow still standing.

"You made a mistake."

'It's that voice again?' Naruto thought, shaking his head.

"You made a mistake."

Realizing that it would not stop until he replied, he said, "I made a mistake."

"It's good to see you can admit as much after you're told three times."

Naruto sighed heavily.

"It's good to see-"

"You don't need to repeat yourself. I heard you the first time." Naruto said as he shook his head. "Who are you? What's going on?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, you were one of the destined children alongside Nagato Uzumaki-"

"Nagato was a member of the Uzumaki clan?" Naruto asked in shock.

"Yes, he was. That's not the point, though. Please stop interrupting me." the disembodied voice said, causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow. "Now, where was I? Oh yes, that's right. You were one of the destined children alongside your kin and fellow apprentice of the Toad Sage. Unfortunately, you both failed horribly."

"What are you talking about?"

"You are both dead, though he is currently in a resurrected state under the control of the one you call Kabuto. Regardless, you both screwed up. You let your emotions get the better of you and allowed the fox to steal all of your chakra while Nagato used up all of his chakra to atone for his sins. Because of your actions, Madara Uchiha's plans will succeed."

Naruto looked down at the floor at that point.

"Back to your question of my identity… I am an emissary. This will be the first and last time that we ever speak. And yes, I know that you are going to ask who I serve. Don't concern yourself with such matters. The simple explanation, and the only one that I will offer you, is that no prophecy can be valid without a force to guide it. If there is no being that guides it, then it is merely a prediction."

Naruto looked confused, but he nodded his head. He kind of understood it but not really well.

"Tell me, Naruto Uzumaki. Do you want to live? Do you want to fight to protect those precious to you? Do you want to bring peace to the world? Do you want a second chance?"

"Yes," Naruto answered, surprised that he spoke without even considering the answer. He knew that there was no reason to answer any other way, but he normally would have thought about it for at least a second.

"That is good to hear, Naruto Uzumaki. There are men who struggle against destiny, and yet achieve only an early grave. There are men who flee destiny, only to have it swallow them whole. And there are men who embrace destiny, and do not show their fear. These are the ones that change the world forever."

'What is it trying to say?' Naruto thought. He found it a bit strange that he still could not tell what gender the voice was. It almost seemed as if the voice spoke within his mind. After all, he could not describe the voice in any manner whatsoever.

"It is not your time to die yet. You still have a destiny to fulfill. Hopefully, you will succeed this time though. After all, you only get one second chance."

Before Naruto could respond, everything went completely white.

Author's Note: I'm actually a bit rusty on my writing. If not, maybe my Killer Bee rhymes would have been decent, or the chapter would have been longer. Oh well, it should be a decent start at the very least.

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Edit: I previously had a poll on my profile to help me decide on the pairing. Mikoto won with 22 votes, while Tsume was in second with 4 votes and Yoshino was in third with 2 votes. No one voted for "no pairing." The pairing will be Naruto/Mikoto, which works out since Kushina and Mikoto were apparently best friends after the war ended. Please keep in mind that Mikoto will be four years older than Naruto, by the way. This is because of the fact that she was thirty-five when she died, and Naruto is going to the past twenty years before the start of the series. Since she died when Sasuke was seven and he was twelve when the series started, then the Uchiha clan had to have been massacred five years before the start of the series. It's simple math.