Chapter 1: 7 Facts About The Shimon

Summary: Just the little things that they're better off not noticing.

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn does not belong to me! If it did, a lot of questions would be answered…

1. Enma can never figure out why his Family's HDWM* involves such strange appendages on their bodies. I mean come on, his arms turned into freaking metal hands with spikes all over them. More than once he's accidentally injured himself, which would explain some of the band-aids. What on earth was Shimon Cozart thinking? Then again, he shouldn't complain. Just look at what Shitt.P and Kaoru has.

2. Adelheid is a little worried about Enma's sexual preference. No matter how scantily she dresses, he barely even twitches. Even Rauji would stop and stare for a while. Does this mean that Enma's feelings for the Vongola Decimo went a little beyond friends…?

3. Julie – or should we say Daemon Spade? Is attracted to both Chrome AND Adelheid. From time to time, he'll have little daydreams about slipping his hands up their shirts and feeling what's there. When he does wake up from his daydream however, he finds that he's been fondling the nearest round object.

4. Despite what Yamamoto thinks, Mizuno Kaoru isn't quite the shy guy he thinks he is. Kaoru may be a minor, but that doesn't stop him from going into the nearest pub and drinking himself into a stupor. The bouncer takes one look at Kaoru and forgets to string together the 2 letters "ID". Of course, the Shimon have had to deal with Kaoru's drunken fits. Said person is terrified of this being leaked out to Yamamoto, but secretly hopes he does find out. He's pretty sure Yamamoto will understand.

5. Rauji may look fat, but beneath the bulk is pure muscle. His room is practically filled with sumo-wrestling trophies. And yet, those same hands that have broken the limbs of many a sumo-wrestling champion are exceedingly gentle when it comes to handling kids.

6. Shitt.P raises weird to another level. There's no doubt about that. But beneath the whole "UMA" thing, she's a normal human being who cares for the people around her. Unfortunately, that care manifests itself in rather, er, unique ways.

7. Kouyou's name actually has a much deeper meaning to it. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of revealing it to Ryohei. Now Ryohei won't shut up about it, and it takes all of Kouyou's energy and effort to stop him from shouting it over the PA system at school.

*HDWM: Hyper Dying Will Mode (just in case you don't know what it stands for.)