Chapter 25 – New Generation

Summary: Just the little things that they're better off not noticing.


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Some notes: IT IS SPELLED LISSURIA. PLEASE STOP TRYING TO CORRECT ME. This spelling is taken from the official Vongola 77 guidebook.

Yes, I got the line "I like a healthy breeze around my privates, thanks." From Harry Potter.

1. Why is Tsuna able to sense Mukuro when he's nearby? Simple: Mukuro wears cologne that only Tsuna can smell. He does this on purpose because he wants Tsuna's body *wink wink*

2. Hibari is actually secretly terrified of earthworms. This is why Hibird is so precious to him. Hibird eats the earthworms because if it doesn't Hibari starts screaming like a little girl.

3. Gokudera respects Dr. Shamal a lot. He practically worships him. The only thing Gokudera doesn't like about him is this: Shamal has known Bianchi and Gokudera since they were kids, and yet the moment she hit puberty, he started lusting after her, which is really weird. This proves something: Shamal will hit on anything with boobs.

4. Yamamoto loves baseball so much that baseball is more or less a religion for him. In fact, he believes that one day the Great and Holy Baseball God will descend from the sky and magically whisk him off to Magic Baseball Land.

In the meanwhile, Yamamoto waits.

5. Ryohei once went to a casino.

He gambled and lost everything except his shoes and boxing gloves. He ended up having to wear a cardboard box and had to lie to Kyoko and tell her that he got caught in an epic tornado that blew away all his clothes and his wallet.

6. Chrome used to share her body and soul with Mukuro. Therefore, she knows all his deepest darkest secrets. She knows that he's actually allergic to pineapples, she knows that he likes to dress up in girly dresses when no one is looking, and she also know that he cries every night because even though he's been to all the 6 worlds, he still can't find his real parents…

7. Ten years in the future, Lambo and I-pin will go to the same middle school together. Unfortunately, because Lambo loves skipping school, I-pin has to beat him up every morning and drag him to school.

8. Tsuna has been hit on by just about all his guardians. Whenever this happens, he acts confused, but he actually knows what's going on. But why does he act confused? Because during that battle in the future against Byakuran, Giotto appeared in front of him and whispered this in his ear: "Just act innocent… it makes it easier for you to get them to obey you. Trust me." Giotto then winked at him.

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