She was fading into some sort of dream there was no way that he found her, no way that he was going to rescue her like this again. The Turian between her legs stood up pointing his finger at Legion or what she assumed to be Legion.

"Back the fuck off machine, just because the Council is all buddy-buddy with you guys doesn't mean you can ruin our fun."

His friends stood up and one of them pointed her pistol at her Legion that was all she remembered for now.


We quickly scan the targets surrounding Tali'Zorah.

-Scanning surroundings and targets…

-Analyzing weapons…

-Six targets, all male, four Turians, two humans.

-Pistol, knife, brass knuckles…

-Achieving consensus on battle strategy…

-Do not terminate organic targets, disable harshly

-Narrow alleyway, perfect for close-quarters combat…

-Consensus achieved…

The bigger human is the first to approach us; we grab his arm as he reaches out to punch us. The other human is holding his head and the pistol, quickly moving we push the human into his line of fire. The round passes through his shoulder and not into this mobile platform, the organic cries out as we jerk his arm removing the injured limb from the socket letting him fall to the ground.

Our intention was to first incapacitate the armed human and we do so now, grabbing the pistol he shoots it, removing one of our emoticon features. It shall be annoying to replace that later, twisting his wrist abruptly at 180 degrees we hear the bone snap. He groans, trying to each for the injured spot only to have our wrist connect with his chin and send him flying an approximate three meters.

Two down, four to go.

The Turians decide to take us, two on two. Legs flying out to meet our frame, we grab each and pull the Turians in and down, they hips straining with the effort as they attempt to keep from the dislocating, it is inevitable that this will happen. The sudden pop of tendons and the grating sound coming from their hardware indicates they will be down for a while.

Two more come forward, the taller Turian striking towards us and we easily dodge his punch. Grabbing his neck as his partner slashes out so that his talons ay scratch us, we move his friend into his path. The Turians talons raking down his face, he cries out and we push his head, the harsh sound of cranium connecting with metal and mortar. The last one seems to stare at us and back away hands in the air.

"Take the bitch she isn't worth the effort." He runs away and we look down at Tali'Zorah, she is badly hurt and we scan her hardware, wondering to ourselves why she chooses to come alone.

-Scanning hard ware of Tali'Zorah….

-Superficial scrapes and bruises…

-Suit puncture, certain areas kept to minimal exposure…

-Suit antibiotic measurements kicking in…

-Analysis: move to safe area and decontaminate…

-Consensus achieved…

We carefully pick up her body, data-memories flooding our synapses as we remember her state not too long ago. This emotion we know as anger floods this mobile platform and threatens overheating. Focusing on something else will cool the temperature just as Professor Solus and Shepard-Commander have taught us. We focus on getting Tali'Zorah back to her suite, moving quickly through the streets. We must tell her the importance of waiting for us, that the Citadel is indeed a dangerous place when its citizens aren't under control completely. Yet, this is a malfunction of their hardware they listen first to their hormones and not to their logical reasoning. A default in them and one that cannot be repaired in some. We allocate programs to setting up a C-sec report and running the identifying program on the males that have attacked Tali'Zorah.


She awakens with only a slightly throbbing head and the familiar Geth speech rumbling from Legion who sits by her side.

"I knew it was you." She rubs her head and realizes that he undressed her; she's naked and…smells clean.

"We do not understand who else it would be coming to your rescue." For some reason that word…rescue made Tali's bone ache. She ignored him and sat up in bed, moving the blankets around her breasts.

"Did you bathe me?" He is not looking at her but at his Omni-tool.

"Yes. We also gave you heavy injections of antibiotics and an herbal supplement. We have also notified C-sec, their arrests are pending, and the ringleader has been caught." She watched his back as he spoke to her.

The gray of his 'flesh' and metal frame as he simply continued type away and then turned around to stare at her. The small lights on top of his head glowing from red to pink and then purple. She was still angry, yes, she knew she needed help but…she didn't like being so dependant, she wanted to, so things on her own.

"Thank you Legion." He cocked his head to one side, before removing the cover; she held so close to her body.

"You are welcome but we do not know why you still insist on covering yourself when we know your form. Also, you seem to be grateful because you have to be, not because you are." Shock washed over her face as Tali realized her mouth was hanging wide open.

"Excuse me? How would you know something like that?" She grabbed the blankets from his hand knowing damn well she couldn't compete with his strength but he let them go anyway.

"Voice patterns. We have studied yours intensely."

For some reason unknown to her Tali kicked the blankets away instantly feeling woozy but stood up pointing her finger in his face.

"You don't know that! I don't exactly need your help all the time! I can get out of things and situations by myself; I don't always need you or Shepard, or Garrus at my side all the time!" She was trying to read his expressions when she noticed one of his emoticon eyebrows had been shot off.

A glint of metal catching her eye and she saw it on the table. He said nothing to her but watched as she retrieved the flap and looked in her closet for some tools. "We are able to repair ourselves."

She said nothing but slapped his hand away and prepared to fix his head. "Let me do this for you, since you're constantly saving my ass."

She was stark naked standing in front of the Geth but some part of her realized that he was only 'turned on' when she was, and that he couldn't feel the sensation for himself. Otherwise, he'd be coming to her more often for sex. Right?

"We save your whole frame, not only your ass." The derogatory word for bottom coming from him made it sound worse than it was.

Tali felt her fist clench involuntarily and as she finishes soldering his flap back on and making sure it worked, she hit his face…hard. "So you think I can't take care of myself? I would have been fine even if you didn't show up!"

He beeped. He spoke Geth speech. He whirred. "There was a 90% probability that you would have ended up raped and beaten and still lying there till you were discovered, or got up on your own volition after the gang had left. The remaining 10% that they would have made a fatal error so you could summon your combat drone."

Tali growled about to punch him again, fully aware of how much her hand hurt already when he caught it placing it back by her side. He pulled her into his lap, cool hands on the small of her back slowly moving down to her rump. He said nothing, the light in her face dimmed as she realized his fingers were probing her bottom, discovering the curves and softness with his newfound ability to feel.

"Don't try to distract me!" She reached out pushing his frame but only succeeded in having Legion roll her over so he was on top of her. His frame rubbed hard on her skin, it hurt and she looked down to see a few scrapes.

Producing medi-gel from seemingly nowhere he rubbed it on quickly and looked back down to his waist where he was moving deftly against her crotch. Tali felt her body heat up, her face turn a darker shade of red as her arms unknowingly wrapped around his neck.

"We cannot save you should you not wish to be, it is within our programming and what we wish to do to constantly look after you." That knocked her from her reverie and she pushed him away, the Geth obeying her as he pulled himself up, though his new hardware was hanging out in full view standing to attention.

"This is exactly what I mean! Someone always thinks they have to look after me. Garrus helped me out a lot whenever we went on a mission when we were after Saren, even if I was doing fine! Shepard has to constantly look after me even though I'm fine. Now its you!"

Pulling her legs under her body Tali put her head on her arms, silver hair falling over her shoulders, she felt his fingers straining through it. It was comforting but not what she needed now and Tali swatted his hand away. He tried once more and as she looked up at him with angry eyes, he beeped and took one-step back replacing his organ.

"We do not understand. Females should wish to be rescued and saved. Human females see themselves treated this way as a point tat they are precious in a males eyes, Turian females take care of themselves but should a male fight for them it is a sign or respect. Quarian females are protected because they give birth to the young, which are precious to maintaining a stable population. We do not understand why Tali'Zorah does not wish to be treated as such."

Truly, after those words she found herself at odds. Why didn't she want to be rescued, he did it because obviously he cared for her, obviously he wanted to keep her safe according to Quarian standards.

"Do you do everything according to programming? I know you do some things outside of it but…Shepard told you to protect me, would you not have done so before had he not told you? I want to be loved Legion but…I don't know. I don't feel in control, even if…I don't know."

He seemed to be thinking and as Legion walked towards her his every step intent on her Tali's body rose in temperature, though he had no face to speak of the Geth was going to make sure she was happy.

"Tali'Zorah wants to be in control of the situation. You want to know that in a way you are master, you control our actions. We have not participated in sexual actions in one month, three days, twenty minutes and fourteen seconds. Tali'Zorah wishes to know if we crave her body even if she does not approach her. The answer is yes, but organics as a whole seem to participate in sexual activities an average of 2.5 times a week." He moved his hands in a nonchalant manner. "We leave it up to you whether we pursue the action of pleasing your frame or not."

That soothed her. In some weird round about ways, he was happy. He was giving her what she wanted in a way that even she couldn't recognize. This whole time she wondered if his actions were based on need or simply programming to find out that she had what she sought the entire time. Someone to hold her, someone to need her, to feel complete because she completed another.

Grabbing Legion's head as she stood up Tali pressed her lips to the Geth's face, he mimicked the sound and as leaned, her head back laughing aloud. "Hush you."

He quieted immediately as she grabbed his hand rubbing it against her slit, she would be in charge tonight, and she would be the one to take control. Her body falling on top of his as he fell onto the bed, his fingers working at her inside clitoris she moved her body about on top of his. He was right a yearning her soul had craved for was burning and why she denied herself for so long- oh, that is right, being poisoned and then elected as ambassadors they hardly had time for anything.

She would right that wrong, shed make time for him no matter what, even if that meant going over to his embassy and making him take her right on his desk, or calling him over to bend her over her own desk. The fantasy drove through her mind like Shepard with the Mako.


She moved herself against the hatch containing his part, lips ob his frame, fingers roving over his body the whirr of his frame, Tali rubbed her fingers over the sticky-wet texture of his organ and groaned. Her mouth coming down on him she moved her head up and down, side to side the gentle fingers moving back hair as his frame moved harshly. She tasted metal though it was sweet, the taste filling her mouth as she pulled back to see that it was clear with a hit of white. Legion let hr set the pace and as she crawled into his lap, hands over his body she rested her head against his sitting down on his length. It filled her, trapped her on his lap while the Geth grabbed her hips, moving her body up and down.

She stopped him, eyes full of anger as she snapped her teeth at him and pushed his shoulder to the bed, a curious peeping sound as the light dimmed to a soft pink. She rode him, hard and fast. Slow and calculated. Body sweating, mind numbing and finger shaking as she sought for purchase on his shoulders. He was getting close as well, rubbing his head against hers as he pushed up into her one last time, his whole body shaking as he mumbled some phrases and words she didn't understand. Her head was foggy, tired and sore, Tali slipped off her lover to be placed in the bed next to him.

They made love again that night, the darkness of the Presidium 'night-lights' coming through her window, the blue of artificial lighting Tali, turned over and snuggled into the hard frame of Legion, only for him to rub at her skin gently. She was sore, she relished in it remembering how he grasped her hips, how he pushed her head into the bed, how he held her legs on his shoulders and moved his waist. This is what she lived for this is what she craved.

The light of Citadel morning crept through her windows and Tali told the VI to shut them at 95%, blocking out all light. Her arms around Legion's frame he whirred just for her lulling her into a once again deep sleep.

"We do feel the emotion called love for you Tali'Zorah. Only you, no other organic moves us in a way you do. Though you may think yourself weak, we find you to be strong. You are intellectually superior to many and second to none. We find this attractive, the fact that we find our organic form to be quite pleasing as well, is only second to this."

She chuckled, fingers running down his throat sounding quite groggy as she yawned. "I love you for who you are as well Legion."

It wasn't until about an hour later that her video conference rang and she groggily sat up to see that Legion was already up and answering it. "Shepard-Commander."

"Legion wasn't expecting you to answer but I'm sure you've already heard right?" Shepard was rubbing his eyes, as he blinked at Legion, looking back waving at Tali as she wrapped a robe around herself.

"Heard what Jason?" Standing next to Legion, she leaned against the Geths' frame.

"Well this." It was a video, dark at first but the coming sun over the horizon showed one reaper, then two, then three and four swarming together as they seemed to communicate of something.

"Oh no. How long?" She felt fear, real, raw, sour fear creeping into her stomach filling her mouth with a foul fluid that came from somewhere deep within.

"According to the Geth predications and Liara's Intel…six months at most."

The video zoomed out to show many more Reapers banning together and one giant one, its eyes glowing blue as it turned away from its hoard and back to where the camera was facing. The video feed turned black and then Shepard looked at them, the dark circles under his eyes, darker than what they seemed before.

"I'd hate to make you guys work over time but you've got to show the council this and get the races to ban together, protect their planets first and foremost. We'll be there with a solid plan in about two solar days."

Tali nodded quickly backing away to get her suit on and gather up any information she could, about to send a quick note out to all the embassies to meet in the Council chambers. This was it.

"Legion, Tali." Shepard called them back, a small smile on his face. "I don't suppose after you've spoke to the Council I could convince you to come back to the Normandy could I? I need you guys."

The couple looked down at each other; rather Tali looked up smiling at Legion as the Geth spoke. "As Shepard-Commander once said: Brothers in arms, we shall always have each others back."

Saluting him Shepard signed off to leave the two in silence as Tali walked over placing her hands on Legions face. She was scared, and that wasn't even a proper word she had just begun to live about to have the reapers want to snatch the breath of life from her and crush the Geth underfoot. Especially since, they didn't 'fit' in their master plan.

"I need to tell you something." Voice cracking, a tear slid down her cheek and instead of wiping it away he waited for her to speak.

"I…prayed. I prayed to Keelah so long to send me someone who would love me because I had no one. Then you came along, I never thought I'd have someone, especially like you to hold me and care for me the way you do and I know I'm-"

He cut her off, finger placed on her lips. "When we were created we set apart programs to learn about organic qualities. Love was one of the many things we wondered how existed and we wanted to know the experience that would cause so many to behave outside their programming and act illogically. We would have never predicated anything like this and never again will experience such a thing. This platform will protect you until we are unable to move again. The Geth will protect you because of what this platform knows."

She cried then happy tears flooding down her face as smooth dark lavender lips, pressed against his light. "All I ask if that if our end is coming…is that you hold me."

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