Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Summary: Allen long ago accepted the cruel fact that he was born broke and he will die broke. And with Cross Marian as your guardian, the future is not as cheerful with as Allen would like it to be. Enter Kanda Yuu – a filthy rich boy with semi-brutal slash affectionate tendencies. "How much are you worth? I'll buy you."

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Love is not always a compromise,
Sometimes it's a complete surprise.

Allen swallowed hard.

He was having a problem making the most difficult decision he had ever faced on his entire life. He was sweating hard and he could feel a violent cold crawling on every bone in his body. He swallowed again as he clenched his fist and tried to fight his inner struggles. He blinked a few times before heaving a deep sigh as he continued to tremble in so much anxiety.

Damn it.

Bloody hell.

Bloody, bloody, bloody hell.

Should he get the beef that was displayed enticingly at the large refrigerator of the supermarket or the radish that he was supposed to cook this evening which was already dangling miserably in his right hand, ready to be thrown in his almost empty push cart?

Allen warily watched the mouth-watering meat displayed in front of him as he quavered again, this time, in pent up frustration. He seriously wanted to pull every single hair he had on his head. Why must he always face this kind of predicament? Why couldn't he just buy both?

If only he had enough money for both of them.

Allen sighed.

He dejectedly wandered away from the Meat Section and instead continued his wretched journey through the Veggie Section, picking the cheapest vegetables available in the supermarket. He miserably stared at the tomatoes, scallions, celeries, broccolis, eggplants, and lettuces hanging idly on plastics containers and he knew that they were all staring at him, too―and rather funny, on top of that.

His eyes reduced to slits as he glared at them.

He just knew it.

They were all laughing at him.

Damn veggies.

He didn't have anything against veggies but when you always see them on your plate and practically tasted almost every kind of of vegetables existing on earth for every freaking day of your life, then you would hate them too, ―with so much fervor.

It's frustratingly annoying.

He wanted to eat a goddamn meat, for crying out loud.

He needed proteins, too, you know.

I want beef stew and beef pot roast…

He swallowed and shook his head.

He forced himself to stop his train of thoughts as he was beginning to unconsciously drool in front of the deodorant section and because the other shoppers were now looking at him strangely―some of them looked quite amused while some were unable to mute their giggles.

Reddening, Allen quickly pushed his cart away from the unappetizing underarm lotions.

If he would drool, Allen reckoned that he must at least do it in front of edible stuffs.

He looked at the money he had inside his pocket and almost cursed for not having enough cash to buy something rather than damnable leafy plants.

"Mom, I found it! I want this chocolate syrup for my milk."

Allen looked at the boy tugging his mother's dress, his hands were lifting the bottle of chocolate syrup on the woman's chest. "Mom!" He shouted again when his mother didn't respond at his first call.

"Yes, yes. Just put it there in push cart, dear," the kind-looking woman said, busy checking a very expensive-looking kitchen ware. The boy smiled and ran. Allen's eyes followed the boy as he ran to the snacks and biscuits section of the supermarket.

Well, he could see that the boy was… happy. Much happier than he was, anyway. Allen bit his lips as he tried to avert his eyes and ears from the scene.

How nice… He thought as he pushed his own cart. If only he still had his parents, then maybe – just maybe – he wouldn't have to endure eating what his wallet could only afford.

He strutted rather slowly, chewing and hammering the fact in his idiot brain that he long ago lost the privilege to dream about something like that.

Time to fly back to your reality, Allen Walker.


But the fact that he was still very hungry won't change.

Allen's mouth began to water again. He could feel his hunger pushing away the pity he was feeling for himself.

"Hey, I'm calling you."

Allen blinked as he realized that someone was calling him. He turned his head to the owner of the frigid voice on his back.


For a moment, he thought he saw a beautiful shampoo model flipping her hair like one of those commercials.

He blinked, trying to cast out the thought in his mind.

Allen blinked some more as he took in the appearance of the owner of the said frigid voice.

The young man was quite handsome. Well, not in a conventional way, but still, he looked quite striking. Probably because you don't normally see a bishounen with freakishly long hair and a pair of dangerous and indifferent eyes nowadays. Truthfully, if not for his tall stature, Allen would have mistaken him for a young woman.

The creased in Allen's forehead went away.

He was about to ask him for his name when a deep, husky voice suddenly interrupted him.

A cold crept up on Allen's spine.

"I can buy it for you."

Allen tilted his head in bewilderment. His eyes and mouth opening wide.

Buy what exactly?

"I'm sorry?" he said, trying to mask his bewilderment.

The long haired young man sighed. This made Allen a little irritated. What was he sighing for?

"You were ogling those meats. I said I can buy it for you if you want."

A different cold went down Allen's spine.

Oh. He understood now. He had to walk away now. Slowly, Allen…

The strange young man (which looked like a bloody full grown man in the way he was towering Allen) probably sensed what he was thinking and walked closer towards him.

His long goddamn hair was swaying on his back and Allen resisted the urge to run like a cornered rat.

It also didn't help that the long haired freak looked so darn attractive and beautiful.

"H-hey, back off!" Allen snarled as he felt his personal space getting smaller and smaller as the stranger continued to approach him.

His could feel his heart beating so bloody fast and―.

"Scratch that," the stranger huskily said, his long fingers loomed on Allen's face before it touched his shaking chin.

"How much are you worth?" Allen couldn't almost believe that he was saying that with a straight face.

He felt his head swirled.

"I'll buy you. Then you can have all the fucking meat you want. How's that?"

I'll buy you.

I'll buy you.

I'll buy you.

Allen felt his mouth dropped to the floor.