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Allen often remembered being cradled as child. However, whenever he was about to wake up, he would find himself alone in a dark, dark place where not even a single soul was awake. It was frightening, as it was lonely. However, there was always a warm hand that would calm and soothe his terrified young heart that would eventually lead him into a much deeper slumber, bringing him a pleasant and wonderful dream—a place where everyone, including his friends and parents, was present and smiling at him. That hand would always lead him to that place like it knew its effect on Allen. Even though he never knew their faces. He just knew they were them.

Allen just knew.

That was all.

It was warm.

Allen smiled in his sleep as he continued to exploit the warmth he was feeling at the moment. Everything hurt (for some strange reason) – especially his legs and feet – but the security of whatever was enveloping his whole body was chasing all his pain away, bringing him intense gratification. He was warm again. He didn't know what exactly happened yesterday, but he knew that the rain was sticking to his body like a coat, making him extremely cold. Allen hated the cold, loathed it, in fact. He hated the feeling of getting wet and—

Something long and hard made its way to Allen's stomach and it was quite heavy.

And so, even though he didn't want to wake up yet, Allen was forced to open his eyes and see for himself what abomination was disturbing his sleep.

He wasn't even fully awake yet when another thing assaulted his innocent and defenseless lips.

And it was wet.

Allen's eyes shot open and he screamed like he never screamed before.

Outside, Timcanpy was heard howling cheerfully.


The maids inside the Tiedoll mansion flinched as they made their way into the dining room where the two masters ,KandaYuu-sama and Allen Walker-sama, were currently eating their breakfast.

Allen, who, at that moment, was murdering the hotdogs on his plate, spat curses into the air, pointing his pork at Kanda. While the usual firm and proper (cold and ruthless) long haired heir of Tiedoll, was venting out his frustrations on his beef steak.

Kanda, apparently, had been thrown to the floor an hour ago by Allen's mighty feet, much to their amusement. And before they knew it, the two were already bickering with each other again, like nothing really happened.

"Asshole! I'll sue you! I bloody swear I'll sue you! Rapist! Pervert!"

Kanda certainly looked pissed.

"Hah! Look who's talking?! You assaulted me last night! Can't you even fucking remember that at least? You were clinging to me like a freaking monkey, you Bean sprout!"

"You kissed me! You bloody pervert!"

Kanda defended himself. "I was dreaming!"

"Are you saying you were dreaming that you're kissing me?" Allen hollered again, his was face was reddening.

Kanda suddenly became unduly quiet.

The bursting flames of Allen's wrath heightened when Kanda purposely kept his silence in the last question.

"I knew it! You really are a pervert, BaKanda!Pervert!"

"Don't flatter yourself, Moyashi. Did I say I was dreaming about you, huh?"

"Shut up!"

Sebastian, who was standing in front of the majestic dining table, silently shook his head in exasperation. Really, these two couldn't even convey their true feelings to each other properly. And to think they weren't kids anymore.

Would not a simple 'I'm home' and 'Welcome home' suffice?


And so, everyone treated the matter about Allen's sudden disappearance like it never happened. Kanda remained silent and did not ask any questions of Allen as the day slowly ended. He let the white haired man sleep for as long as he wished after eating breakfast and Kanda was thankful Allen didn't make a fuss when he said he could rest for the whole day he wanted to.


Kanda looked up to his attendant. "What is it, Sebastian?"

"I am worried about Allen-sama. Given that he was soaked in the pouring rain yesterday, I think we should–"

Kanda gently shook his head as he continued reading the book on his hand."You don't have to worry about that. I've checked on him myself and he's sleeping soundly," he said unsmiling, though deep inside, he was grateful for Sebastian's kindness and benevolence towards Allen.

Though the white haired man had developed a cough after a few hours, it was quickly eradicated by vitamins and medicines that Allen didn't even know he was taking, all under Kanda's orders, of course. Every day, his food would be loaded with different kinds of vitamins and minerals in accordance to Kanda's own dietician's directives.

The next day, Allen was surprised to see Kanda wearing a casual shirt, black pants, and a pair of leather boots.

"I know you're weird," Allen started, pulling up a chair for himself. "But what's with the outfit?" He seldom saw Kanda in casual clothes so it was disturbing enough for Allen to see him looking so... unfussy.

Allen smirked, "And here I thought you looked freaky enough as it is..."

Kanda looked at Allen like he was some kind of goosy fellow, irking the smaller man. "Isn't it obvious, Moyashi? I'm going out."

Allen's eyebrows twitched. "Fine. I don't care anyway. I'm sorry I even asked," he hissed before getting his plate and starting to eat. The two of them ate in silence, and though Allen had said he didn't care about Kanda's activities outside the mansion, he was starting to feel genuinely concerned about the long haired man, and that was pissing him off to no end. Allen was supposed to stay fuming mad at him, not care about what he was thinking or what was he doing whenever he went out. These feelings were uncalled for. Messy, messy feelings had kept him wide awake last night, much to his irritation.

Allen looked at Kanda clandestinely.

He couldn't really figure out what the hell was he thinking.

The man had wasted his money buying him (it's still pissing him off just thinking about it) from Cross and had told him he was bought to be houseboy (aka slave) but Allen wasn't even allowed to do any manual labor (except for those times that he really insisted on working like sweeping, cleaning Timcanpy's poop, watering the massive garden, or changing Kanda's bed sheets). And Allen had been treated like an important guest since he arrived here. His maid's quarter was not what he originally expected. He had imagined a simple, small room where he had to share space with other helpers in the mansion. Instead, he had been given a regal room that was as big as Kanda's bedroom. Well, Allen hadn't seen Sebastian's room yet but he knew that his quarter was not as immense as his own.

Allen cringed when Kanda caught him staring. He immediately looked down at his food and cursed himself for delving too much on his thoughts.

Allen stopped himself from flinching when he heard Kanda speak.

"Are you blushing, Moyashi?"

Allen's protruding veins burst out in annoyance. He hated himself more when he stuttered in front of the biggest jerk in the world. "W-wha–Who–!W-what a load of rubbish!"

Walking out right now seemed like a good idea. Really.

He could feel it though, the heating of his face, and that was even more reason to go off in a huff. Now.

He was ashamed of getting caught off guard like that.

"Pack your things; we're going out," Kanda said, not pressing about his blushing episode.

Allen's eyebrow arched. "Going out? What makes you think I'll—"

A white paper was suddenly shoved on his face.

It read:

Starting today, Allen is to accompany Kanda in all of his activities throughout the day.

Allen certainly may not refuse.

Allen gaped at the other, but no words of protest came out.

He had forgotten about that damn note!

Kanda just quietly sipped his tea, clearly pleased with himself.

Allen decided now was not the best time to contradict Kanda and so he calmed himself and forced his mind to think more rationally and optimistically.

"Where are we going?" he asked, his faceneutral. He didn't want Kanda to think he was too enthusiastic about his idea.


Allen scrunched his nose. "Why?"

"I'm going to teach you some wilderness survival techniques and outdoor skills, Moyashi."

After spacing out for more than five seconds, almost thinking he was just hearing things,Allen chortled, almost falling out of his chair.

He stood and went near Kanda, still chuckling.

"Have you seriously already gone mad?" he said in between croaks and hoots. "This is so random! What's with you?"

"What can I say? I am spontaneous," Kanda said, smirking.

The smile on Allen's face slowly disappeared. His eyebrows arched and his lips pursed. He meant to infuriate the man, not to flatter him, yet the bastard was bloody smiling. What the hell was wrong with Kanda? What had happened to the mighty guy who always had a rod up his ass?

"Who are you?" Allen asked suspiciously. This was not Kanda. All these cheesy smiles... serene smirks... Kanda was a bloke who didn't know how to truly smile! Who the hell was this chap?

Kanda scrunched his eyebrows in momentary confusion. "What are you talking about?"

"Who are you?" Allen repeated, still looking serious. He was beginning to think that aliens were real and that he was seeing one in front of him right now.

Kanda blinked before understanding. He sighed.

Allen pressed. "Seriously. .you?"

Kanda looked down, trying to appear menacing. Allen was kind of curious what Kanda would do, so he kept quiet and just watched the bipolar, sometimes jerk, Kanda Yuu as he continued his gimmick. It felt so different seeing him like this. He looked near enough to touch, to feel. And he wasn't pissing him off like usual—well, not as much as usual. It seemed to Allen that Kanda was giving him a break (or so he thought) from all the things that had happened to him this week. He didn't even ask about what happened to him when he was away, much to Allen's surprised. Allen had reckoned Kanda would be bitchy about it – posing questions left and right, not stopping until he get what he wanted. But instead of prying, he kept quiet, let him rest, and seldom retorted back when they were bickering with each other (except that morning when Allen kicked Kanda on his face and he fell down the bed. He musthave been really hurt given how livid he was at that time).

It felt so different having Kanda like this, but deep inside, Allen was grateful to the long haired for giving him space.

He hadn't known that Kanda could be pleasant if he wanted.

He didn't really want to admit it, but his first impression of Kanda was slowly changing, and he seriously didn't know if that was a good thing.

Allen was pulled into the reality again when Kanda held his shoulder firmly, like he was trying to stop his movement,and with a monstrous voice, said:

"I am you worst nightmare, Allen Walker."

It happened so fast he couldn't even feel it at first.

Well, not until the heat was burning its way into his butt.

He screamed.

Kanda slapped his bum so hard that Allen's body almost flew a few inches away from where he was standing.

"Now, go. Pack your things and pack enough undies."

Allen, who was now holding his tender back, shouted down the corridor. "It bloody hurts, asshole! You're the devil's incarnate! I hope you die facing your ass! Urgh!"

Kanda just laughed saying, "you're not making any sense, Allen."

"You have a lot of hideously long hair in your nose, jerk!" Allen retorted loudly while walking away. "Next time you sleep with me, I'll cut it all out until your nose bleeds! I swear!"

"How did you know that?" Kanda asked, a smirk plastered to his face. "Were you staring at my face the last night we slept together, huh, Moyashi?"

" Of course not, asshole! I'd be able to see it even if I was a thousand miles away from you! That's how long it is! It's so long I could even braid it!"

Kanda was about to give a wise-assed comeback again when he noticed the two maids, not far away from where he was sitting, staring wide-eyed at him.

They had obviously been laughing before they met his eyes.

And now, they couldn't move from fear.

It showed on their faces, you know. Kanda didn't even have to guess.

Kanda just shook his head and broke the gaze. In the background, he could still hear Allen's loud hollering, echoing through every corner of the mansion, singing the words "Kanda's nose hair is so long I could braid it! Kanda's nose hair is so long I could braid it! Kanda's nose hair is so long I could braid it! Kanda's nose hair is so long I could braid it!"

He just closed his eyes and for a moment, regretting falling for Allen's wise-ass remarks.

He knew it.

Kanda wasn't saying anything to Allen, but they had already passed that mountain three times in a row now. They kept on going back to it after a few minutes of walking.

"Do you have something to say to me, Kanda?" Allen asked, unsmiling. He saw Kanda taking out his phone and dialingand cursing again for the tenth time.

He knew that one, too.

This place was so remote not even mobile signals could read it.

He was hungry, tired, and completely irritated, and a hungry, tired, and completely irritated Allen was never good.

"Nothing in particular. If the reason you're getting cranky is because you're tired after just an hour of walking, then sit somewhere and rest, Moyashi. I am trying to get a signal."

Allen's nostrils flared up. How dare Kanda put the blame on him?! He who bloody pulled him intothis fucked up camping trip?!

"First of all, I am not getting cranky," Allen said, a vein visibly popping on his temple. "Secondly, why can't you just tell me we're lost, you jerk!" Kanda faced him, looking quite pissed, too.

"We're not lost, alright?" He said.

"We are lost!"

Kanda pinched his nose. He looked like he was trying to calm himself. "We're not. It's just that the compass isn't working."

Allen gaped at him.

"You don't know where exactly we were going in the first place?"

"It's supposed to be an adventure, Moyashi. Knowing where we were going would ruin the excitement of this trip."

Allen twitched in irritation.

If only killing wasn't a crime...

Allen looked Kanda straight in the eye and said, "That's it. I'm bloody outta here. You can go to your bloody camping site alone; I am going home. Yep. That's it."

He started walking away from the long haired man and was almost halfway to the visible path (every where he looked, there were only trees and grasses) when he stopped and looked back at Kanda, who remained standing there, not even perturbed by this declaration.

This goaded Allen for some strange reason.

He bit his lip and glared at Kanda. The fucker was just standing there, not moving at all.

With a little bit of hesitation, shame, and agitation, Allen spoke lowly while gritting his teeth. "Aren't you going to stop me at least, BaKanda."

Kanda haughtily responded with a smirk, "Are you sure you want me to stop you, Moyashi?"

Bitter-Allen suddenly popped out, sighing and pulling his hair out of frustration.

'Geez! Will you two stop being mushy to each other? I'm getting a toothache here! It ain't easy watching you two do that all the time, alright? You two are supposed to be scared – you two are lost, right? –not having this kind of toothache-inducing chitchat like you two are in the Titanic!'



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