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Soi Fon


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Chapter 1: Death and the first

Dead... that is what Naruto thought as he looked down at his body. Sasuke standing over it.

"I told you dope... I needed to kill you for power... but don't worry... I'll make good use of my eyes now." Just then Sasuke was knocked out by Kakashi. With a chop to the back of his neck.

"I'm too late..." Kakashi leaned down to Naruto's body. "I'm sorry Naruto... but I know... you fought with all your heart. I'll bring him home. Naruto... Sensei... I'm sorry..." Kakashi took Sasuke and Naruto's body back to the village.

A few hours later Kakashi made it to the gate. Waiting for him were Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Tsunade and a few others.

Sakura and Ino had been waiting for their love of their life. The asshole Sasuke.

Tenten had been waiting with Hinata. Being a least on better terms with her than the other two fan girls. Although, Hinata was a fan girl, but she was Naruto's fan girl, but was nowhere as weak as one.

And Tsunade was waiting for her little brother. When Kakashi landed in front of them, he had a broken and sad look on his face. Like he didn't want to be there.

"SASUKE! Sasuke is back!" Sakura and Ino yelled.

Tsunade rushed over to Kakashi as did the other 4 girls. "Take this traitor to the hospital and make sure he has 24 hour ANBU guard!" Kakashi ordered. Tsunade nodded. Seeing as how she was going to say the same thing. An Anbu landed next to Kakashi and took Sasuke to the hospital.

"Kakashi-sensei don't say that to Sasuke. He's back and...

"Shut up Sakura!" Kakashi yelled at the pink haired little girl.

Tsunade gasped at the bloody body that Kakashi was carrying. Hinata began to tear up, as did Tenten.


Tsunade fell to her knees. "I'm sorry Lady Tsunade... I... was too late... I couldn't save him..." Kakashi lone eye leaked a few tears.

'Why is Hinata crying? Isn't she happy that the asshole is back?' Naruto's soul thought to himself.

"You stupid child!"

"Not now fox."

"Yes now! We are dead because of you! I died in you, you worthless little meat bag! And for what! So you could impress that pink haired monstoerity! She never cared for you EVER! Even if you had lived, she would call you a monster just for bring back the little weakly Uchiha in the state he is in!" Kyuubi yelled at her container.

"You're wrong about Sakura. She would never do that." Naruto defended.

(1 Week later)

Naruto was at his own funereal. Funny to him really.

"We are gathered he today, to lie to rest Konoha's greatest hero. Naruto Uzumaki died in the line of service to the great leaf village." Tsunade began.

Naruto was surprised to see so many at his funereal. If you call 2 dozen or so people a lot. All of the leaf 12 and sensei's were their but team 7. Kakashi was there. Tsunade and Shizune were there. Pervy sage was there. His favorite ramen chief and daughter was there as well. Konohamaru and his team were their Iruka also. Anko and the purple hair ANBU that always protected him when he was younger was there. Yugao if he remembered right. A shock that the crazy snake lady and the ANBU cared enough to show up. And were shedding real tears. Another shocker was that almost all of the clan heads were there. The only one not there was the Hyuga head. And another girl he didn't know. She looked like Kiba, she was a teenage girl about 15. And even a few other Shinobi had showed up. And everyone there had real sadness in their eyes. But none more so than Hinata Hyuga.

But what broke Naruto's hear was in that whole week he had been dead. Sakura was right next to Sasuke all this time. Never once did she ask about him. Or even who he was doing. In fact, she didn't know Naruto was dead until Tsunade told her about his funereal. But, the nail in the coffin was the words she said to Tsunade after she was told about it.

"Why would I go to that monster's funereal after what he did to my Sasuke! The monster deserved to die! "She yelled and walked off. To get more flowers for Sasuke no doubt.

"I told ya so."Was Kyuubi's only reply to that.

It had hurt. He had cried all that night.

And even now. He was crying at his own funereal. One by one his friends were saying their goodbyes. He was happy to see that. Then, at the end. Hinata went last. It started raining. As if the heavens were crying as well.

"Naruto...(sob)... I'm sorry...(sob)..."

"Sorry for what Hinata?" Naruto asked out loud. Not really thinking that she heard him.

"I'm sorry that this happened. I'm sorry...(sob)... I never told you...(sob)..."

"Told me what Hinata?"

"I wish...(sob)... I had told you...(sob)... How much I've come...(sob)... to love... you..." Hinata said, and then ran crying her eyes out.

Naruto... was shocked. Shocked that someone was beautiful and kind as Hinata... would love him.

"She loved me... and I never knew?"

"You were too busy chasing rock and a flat chest rat to notice that a beautiful diamond was following you." Kyuubi told him.

She loved me... she loved me... she loved me ... and I never saw it..." Naruto's mind was in turmoil. Only Kyuubi noticed the chain on his chest. Then they noticed the council walking down the road to them.

"Stop this at once!" And old man yelled. With them was Sasuke Uchiha and his faithful little bitch slave Sakura. "You darn cry over that demon brat. He almost killed Sasuke Uchiha. The last loyal Uchiha left in the world." He continued.

"WHAT! How dare you interrupt this funereal! The funereal of Konoha's greatest hero Naruto Uzumaki!" Tsunade yelled.

"Greatest hero? Ha! That title belongs to me. I killed the great Kyuubi, something that not even that weakling 4th could do. That makes me far stronger than that little weakling 4th Hokage. I should become Hokage right now." Sasuke said smugly.

"Yeah, Sasuke did what no one could do before. Kill that demon!" The bitch slave yelled. With the council agreeing. The only reason Hiashi was their was to pick up his daughter. Something told him he should do it.

"WHAT! ANBU ARREST THIS STAIN ON KONOHA'S HONOR RIGHT NOW!" Tsunade yelled. Losing her temper at the little shit stain that darned tarnish the 4th's name and Naruto's.

"You will not Tsunade. He is a hero. The greatest hero. Greater than that of the 4th Hokage. He shall be rewarded." Danzo said.

"Yea, so stop crying over that weakling who shouldn't have been allowed to live and train me in everything you know Sannin. If I'm to succeed you, I need to be the strongest I can be. In fact... Fire Style: Dragon Blaze Jutsu!" Sasuke let out a massive fire dragon. Tsunade Shizune and Jiraiya dodged. Only then did they realize Sasuke's true target. Naruto's coffin with his body. It was destroyed in a heartbeat.

For Naruto... timed stopped. His 'best friend' killed him, and then destroyed his body.

"Thanks for everything Naruto. You severed your propose. You gave me my eyes and more power." Sasuke had a sickening smile.

Naruto's world was crushed. He felt... empty inside.

Kyuubi notice that the chain was eating away at itself. She smiled. 'Well, maybe death won't be so bad after all. Just a little more... Naruto... get even angrier. Come humans do your worst to Naruto. Give him more of... that'll do.' In case you're wondering why? Well, just read.

"YOU~~~~~~~!" Everyone looked behind the group of people at Naruto's funereal. Only to see Hinata, running at Sasuke. Her gentle fist not looking all that gentle. "FUCKER!" Ever one was shocked for two reasons. One, Hinata cursed. And 2, Sasuke go knocked the fuck out! She did a gentle fist strike at Sasuke's chest. The forced made him crush into a tree. Shattering it into tiny pieces. But she didn't stop there. She continued to beat the shit out of him with strait out punches. It took a full 3 minutes of Sasuke's cries of pain to break them out of their stupor. It took both Sannin team Guy and Kakashi to get Hinata off Sasuke. Although none of them wanted to do it.

When she was finally pried from Sasuke. He was blue and bloody. Hiashi was impressed. His weakest and oldest one of his two girls just flattened Sasuke Uchiha. The rookie of the year in a second. Before he could blink Sasuke was beaten into nothing. He smiled. There was no need to put the curse seal on her now. Now that she had primrose.

Naruto smiled. "Thank you... Hinata."

"Naruto gave everything for this village, and then you stand there and dare say you're a hero. Greater than that of Lord 4th Hokage! You're weak Sasuke Uchiha! And you always will be! Naruto will forever be stronger than you, you weak fucking piece of rat shit! A cockroach wouldn't go near you if you were the last rotting corpse on earth!" Hinata continued to yelled at Sasuke. Trying to finish what Naruto started.

"How dare you Hinata Hyuga. You dare attack a clan head?" One of the civilians yelled at her.

"One single snake cock sucking gay that couldn't beat off his own pencil dick doesn't classify as a clan! It classifies as something that needs to be purged from this world! We have the Byakugan and many other stronger clans in the leaf! We haven't lost any power in the world when the stain known as the Uchiha clan was cleaned form Konoha's gutters! What do you think father? Don't you agree that the Uchiha is better off when it is, in the pages of history NEVER to be seen again?" Hinata was still restrained by the Sannin. Jiraiya was happen that the girl was standing up for Naruto. The Uchiha brat was lucky he was out of the village when he came back. Otherwise he would be in a hole somewhere.

Although Hiashi didn't like that his little girl put him in the spotlight. He was proud of her. Putting the spoiled Uchiha in his place was a great way to start the day in his eyes.

Danzo just smiled. "I think that lady Hinata brings up a good point. Sasuke needs to rebuild his clan. And thank you for volunteering for this lady Hinata. To bring back such a power clan back into this world."

After much yelling from both sides. The fire Lord came up to settle it. His decision was a simple one.

"When Sasuke turns 17 Hinata Hyuga will marry Sasuke Uchiha along with Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamamaka. Along with any other girls that the leaf village council wishes for the boy." The man said

"I accept." Sasuke smirked. "You hear that dope!" Hoping that Naruto could hear him in the afterlife "I'm going to be married to the only girl that will ever love you. And don't worry my dear. I'll make sure that our honey moon is one to remember."

"No I refuse!"

"If you refuse the Hyuga clan will lose all of its titles and rank in the land of fire. I have ruled." The man walked away.

"Let us go Hinata. It is time for training." Hinata broken over what the fire lord had ruled for her. Her life was over. First she loses the love of her life, only then to have to marry the scum that put him there.

She looked at Sasuke fiercely. "The second you touch me, worm, is the second that the Uchiha clan dies!" She threatened as she walked back to her father's side.

Naruto was shocked to his core...

"Yes... that's was all it took... thank you... stupid humans. You have ensured... Naruto's assent to power."

Naruto screamed as the chain on his chest was no more. He screamed as he was no longer human looking. Something was changing him. For better or for worse it was happening.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Power. That is what Naruto felt next. "Hinata... I swore... I will be back..."

With that. The new and improved Naruto. Left into the darkness. Not to reappear in this world... for an unknown amount of time.

(Time skip many years later)

Naruto's first 200 years or so in Hueco Mundo was long and lonely. The first thing to go right was the fact that Kyuubi made him what he is today. Or at least jump started it.

"No vessel of mine will start at the bottom... again." She said, and then used her limitless power to turn him into a Vasto Lorde. Naruto trained rather than eat to grain power. And because of that he grew stronger than any other. While some were happy at just being a Vasto Lorde Naruto was not. He wanted more power. But when he had reached the peak of his power. He had become a Majesty Vasto Lorde. The strongest of all. There is a saying in Hueco Mundo, he who is Majesty, is strongest. He, who is strongest, is king of Hueco Mundo. Naruto never wanted to be king. All he wanted... was a propose. But a propose would have to wait for now. But it was fun to go to the human world and fight soul reapers and kick their ass. No one could challenge him. Except this one time when he fought 13 strong soul reapers. But more on that later. Naruto, board as hell one day, thought of something.

What would happen if I took off my mask?

He asked himself this when he was talking to Kyuubi. When he said he wanted to be human again Kyuubi remarked that "Maybe you should take off your mask and lose all your power that you worked so hard on."

Then one day. he did just that. With a force so great it drove off all other hollows around him. Naruto took off his mask... and felt his power grow... 10 fold. When he came too he found himself wearing a plain white coat. And 2 swords next to him. Naruto knew he had more powers, so he decided a purpose can wait for know. He wanted to master these powers. When he looked at himself, he looked more human. In fact, he looked human. Like he would if he was 16 human years old. His mask was gone completely. But not his power.

For the next 500 years Naruto spent his free time, which was all the time, mastering his new powers. He smiled at the new found power he had. But then, he was sad aging. For again, he had no purpose.

Then one day a purpose came to him. A 200 years after he mastered his power, when put looking for... whatever he was looking for, he found his propose. He found a little girl crying.

She was wearing a small green rag that covered her little body. She had a fractured skull on her head. She was shocked. Another hollow that had taken off its mask? But... why was it a child?

"Child... why are you crying?" Naruto asked in a kind voice.

The little girl looked at him. Then jumped into his arms still crying. "Some big bad hollow's came and attacked Nel and her brothers. Nel's brothers fought back but they were too many of them. Nel's brothers told Nel to run, so Nel ran until Nel couldn't run any more. But now Nel is all alone and can't find Nel's brothers." She said crying in his chest.

Naruto grew angry. This child was strong. He could sense it. But something still felt off about her.

"There she is."

Naruto looked up to see about a dozen hollows, Adjuchas class or something like that.

"I don't know why your here soul reaper. But give us the girl and we'll let you have a head start at getting away." A Big bull like Adjuchas taunted Naruto.

Nel ran behind Naruto's legs. "That's them, they are the ones that Nel's brothers were fighting! The little girl pointed at them. "Where are Nel's brothers!" She yelled.

The bull laughed. "Right here." He pointed to his gut.

Nel began wailing. She had lost everything now. The bull and all the rest were laughing even hardier now. "I hope you're all happy..." They stopped laughing as Naruto's power began to rise. "Because now... you're all DEAD!"

In a blink of an eye all of them were gone. Naruto had used his sword to destroy the hollows that made that cute little girl cry.

"Now (sob) Nel's all (sob) alone (sob) again." Nel was crying.

"No you're not." Nel looked up to see Naruto smiling down at her. "You're not alone. As long as I am around, you'll never be alone again. From now on, I'll protect you." Nel was so happy; she had the baby face on. She ran and cried in Naruto chest. "Nel's name is Nel, what yours?"She asked happily.

Naruto smiled. "My name is Naruto."

"Dose Naruto promise that Naruto will never leave Nel alone again?" She asked with the same child like voice.

"Yes. I promise." Naruto smiled. He had found a purpose once again. And no one will that away from him.

It had been 100 years since then. Naruto had been looking for a way to restore Nel's power and her form back to the way it was before whatever happened that caused it. But he had a problem. He needed both Hollow power and Soul Reaper power that was not connected like his was. The hollow part was easy enough. Just killing weak little Adjuchas was needed. And they were all over the place. It was finding a soul reaper strong enough to help Nel that was hard. All he found were no name nobodies. Not worth the effort of killing them but he did anyway. At this rate, it would take another 100 years to get Nel back to her former self. He also noticed that her mask fragment skull was damaged. Like someone had tried to cut her skull in half and almost succeed. He'll deal with that one in due time. But his main focus was restoring Nel to her full power.

"Alright Nel, were going back to the human world. Okay, I need to find some soul reapers strong enough to help you Nel." Naruto smiled at the little girl.

"Ya~~~ human world human world! Nel like the pretty place known as the human world!" Nel shouted in her chibi child voice.

Naruto had done his best to help her forget about the people she called her brothers before. He smiled. "We leave now, we might not come back so soon this time. Alright Nel. Let's get going."

"Let's go brother. Nel is happy to see the sun again." She cheered.

Naruto smiled and picked up Nel to put on his shoulder.

"Let's go big brother. Nel is looking forward to seeing the sun again!" She cheered.

Naruto opened a portal to the same place he always visits. Karakura Town. He jumped in.

(At Karakura)

A massive amount of spiritual pressure emanated all over Karakura town. Anyone who could feel it felt it. An orange hair teen felt it barley, but he dismissed it. Hollows ran back to their world. Wanting nothing to do with this great power. Plus souls hid in fear. Hoping beyond hope that they were not found. Naruto and Nel stepped into the world of the living. It was night.

"Great. We just happen to come in when it's night time." Naruto commented.

"It is ok big brother. Night time here he still prettier than night time at Hueco Mundo." Nel side on top his shoulders.

"I see." Naruto said. "So... what do you want to do first?"

"Nel's wants to go to the water. You never see water in Hueco Mundo. That's where Nel wants to go first."

"Very well. Let's go." Naruto started to move to the river in the town.


Soi Fon was having a normal day in this place. Sort of. She was training this year's new recruits. About 12 or so. Only 1 of them had any real paternal to be a seat officer. Anyway, she was train this kids in Karakura town, the place was rich in spirit energy. And low level hollows where always around. So she knew her handpicked new recruits would have no trouble fighting their first hollow. But that changed, in a heartbeat. In a blink of an eye, 2 hollows came into Karakura town. Their spirit energy beyond that of anything she had every faced before. One was that of a high level captain, on par with her own. The other... sent shivers down her spine. She dare say, that not even the captain commander could beat it. She looked at her new recruits. All of them were on the ground painting. Trying to breath. Then it settled down. The recruits managed to pick themselves up. While they did that Soi Fon when to go find them. The hollows that had this unholy spirit energy. What she saw, shocked her to her core. Even more than the power that they had.

One looked like a little girl. She was wearing a full body green cloth. And she had a cracked skull on top of her head. And a scar on her face. She looked childish to say the least.

The other, was even more amazing. She saw a handsome young man. He had spiky blond hair beautiful blue eyes and had the feel of a noble about him. He was wearing a white coat and had 2 Zanpakutos on him. One on his back the other at his waist. The one at his waist had a black cloth around it. The other on his back had a blood red cloth on it. He looked like a human. Or even a soul reaper himself. But she never saw him in the soul society. Or among the 13 court guards. And his power, she was scared of it. For the first time in her life as a soul reaper she was scared. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.

"Great. We just happen to come in when it's night time." She heard the blond say. That caught her off guard. He was disappointed in was night time in the world of the living?

"It is ok big brother. Night time here he still prettier than night time at Hueco Mundo." She heard the little girl say to the blond. That proved it, they were hollows. But... they looked so human.

"I see. So... what do you want to do first?" She heard the blond say again. What are they up too?

"Nel's wants to go to the water. You never see water in Hueco Mundo. That's where Nel wants to go first." The little was talking in third person. Nel, was that her name? Soi Fon continued to watch the two.

"Very well. Let's go." The blond began to float to the river of the town. This confused Soi Fon even more.

"Why are they here?" She asked herself. "Are they just site seeing?" She looked at her scared group of recruits. "Follow them, keep out of site and hid your spirit energy. Do not fail me in this." She told them, they all nodded.

Far from the bulk of the town. Naruto and Nel were looking at the river in its calm form. The moon shining down on the water. Naruto sighed. He had felt a few soul reapers following them. Only 1 of them worth noting. but not just them, he felt others following him as well. I guess it was too much to ask to be able to move about the human world freely. He didn't want to ruin this moment. But he wanted to help Nel get her powers back. She was so close to getting her powers back. If Naruto killed the stronger one of the soul reapers then she would. He thought of the pros and cons. Then he made his decision.

"Come on out soul reapers. I know you're following us." Naruto said aloud. Nel looked at Naruto.

"Soul reapers? They're here? Where?" Nel asked nervously.

Naruto looked in the direction of Soi Fon and her group. At first no one came out of hiding. "Very well." Naruto vanished in sound. Naruto Sonido in front of Soi Fon and her group. Much to the relief of most of the others following him. All but one of them was relieved.

"Why are you following us? We have nothing you want. So just go away." Naruto said looking Soi Fon in the eyes.

Soi Fon almost felt like the blond in front of her was looking into her soul. Those big blue eyes, they were intense.

"Ahhhhhh! Mean evil Soul reapers! Make them go away big brother!" Nel yelled trying to hide behind Naruto's head.

"You see, look at what you've done. You've sacred Nel." Naruto looked at them.

The soul reapers sweat drop. "What are you doing here hollow?" Soi Fon asked. Seeing as she was the only one that could. The rest of the team was hyperventilating.

"You must be strong. To be in my presence and not look like them." Naruto pointed at her recruits.

Although she didn't show it, Soi Fon had begun to sweat. The limiter seal on her caused her lose a lot of power. Doubtful that she could take this hollow with or without it even. "I asked what are you doing here hollow?" She said a little more forcefully.

"I will only answer that question if you do not call me a hollow. I have stopped being one of those mindless beasts for some time now. Call me by my name." Naruto said to her.

"And what is your name." She was stalling. She had called in to the soul society to release the seal that was on her. Every second was another she could fight at full power. Also for a barrier and reinforcements. She knew that this hollow was far stronger than any other she had faced before.

"Very well. I will tell you my name if you tell me yours. My name, when I was alive, is Naruto Uzumaki. Once a Vasto Lorde of Hueco Mundo. Now tell me yours."

"And I'm Nel soul reaper woman." Nel said peeking out from Naruto's hair.

She froze. Vasto Lorde. Once one? What did that mean? "Your name women." Naruto said more forcefully.

"M-my name is Soi Fon. And that's all I'm telling you hollow." She felt his spiritual pressure spike for a moment.

"My name is Naruto as I had already told you. Do not call me a hollow. I am something more than just a mere hollow." Naruto told her.

'Come on. Come on. Come on.' She needed more time. "What do you mean a 'mere hollow'? You look human, but have 2 Zanpakutos. How do you have Zanpakutos hol... Naruto?" She saw his angry look when she was about to call him a hollow.

"My and Nel here are different. We have evolved past the mere level of Hollow. I was once a Vasto Lorde hollow of the highest rank. But was board one day and took off my mask. Nel tells me that she is an... you know what. I just realized something... I have no need to tell you this. For there is no point. You are stalling for time so help can arrive in time. I tell you now that is not needed. I have no intention of fighting you, as much as I want to." Naruto told her, his hands in his pockets.

"Then why are you here?" Still waiting.

"Nel wanted to go to the human world. We both hate the site of sand and the night in Hueco Mundo." Naruto looked at the night, with the city lights. "This place is beautiful. These human take it for granted. But you never love this place more than when you've been in a desert for over 1000 years."

Soi Fon's eyes widened. 1000 years. That's how long the captain commander has been at his post as captain commander. "1000 years?"

"Yes. Now, are we going to fight? Or are you going to let me enjoy the site of this place in peace. I'd rather not fight here today, but I couldn't take the chance that you would try to kill us when are backs were turned. Not that you could." Naruto said in a normal tone of voice.

He then heard a radio come to life behind her. It said something he did not understand and then 'Reinforcements on the way.' That part he understood quite nicely. Soi Fon smirked. She raised her hand and a flower like symbol disappeared. As she said a phase. Her power increased.

Naruto sighed. "Nel, find some place to hide will you. I'm afraid that Soi Fon whishes to fight."

Nel jumped down and her little legs began running. "Be careful big brother. Remember you r promise to never leave Nel alone again." She ran.

"I remember." Naruto looked at Soi Fon sadly. "I hope I don't kill you. Looking into your eyes... I... no longer want too." He said to her.

Soi Fon was surprised at that. He didn't want to kill her? Behind her a gate opened up. 7 figures come into view. The first was a juggernaut of a man with a menacing grin on his face and an eye patch. Also he had a little girl on his shoulders. She looked about the same age as Nel is going by human years and size.

The next two was a young red headed man, some spikes. The man next to him looked calm and collected. The opposite of the other guy. He had some weird things in her hair.

The 2 next to them were interesting to Naruto. One was a busty blond haired woman. And next to her was a little kid. A little older looking than Nel and the pink haired girl on juggernaut man. The kid had white hair and was in the same get up as Soi Fon, juggernaut man and quite man.

And next to them some fat guy.

Naruto blinked. "Why did you bring in 2 kids for a fight?" Naruto asked Soi Fon as he pointed to the pink haired girl and the white haired boy. This got a giggle from busty one and a tick mark from the kid.

"Go." Soi Fon told her recruits. And they did.

"Great I was hoping to take it easy today." Said the fat guy.

"This looks like fun." Juggernaut man smiled his scary smile.

"Let's get this over with." The red haired guy said.

"So... are you going to introduce yourselves first?" Naruto asked. Not really caring about whom he was facing.

"Everyone back off, he's mine." The juggernaut man stepped forward.

"So, should I call you juggernaut man or do you have a name?" Naruto asked with his hands in his pockets still.

"Go Kenny!"

Naruto looked at the little girl. Then back at juggernaut man. "So, is that your name? Kenny?"

He smiled. "I can till that you're strong. My name is Kenpachi Zaraki! Captain of the 11th division." He introduced himself in a manner that would make a curtain freaky fish guy happy.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, former Vasto Lorde of Hueco Mundo." Naruto told them.

Kenpachi smiled. Then noticed his Zanpakutos "Aren't you going to draw your Zanpakuto?"

Naruto shook his head no. "No. At your current level of spirit energy, you couldn't scratch me."

Kenpachi only smiled more.

(Somewhere else.)

"This should be good." A man with a fan and a bucket hat was fanning himself.

Next to him a black cat. "Hmm."

"Relived that Soi Fon won't be fighting him Yoruichi?" The cat said nothing. "I'll take that as a yes. But this one is strange, and strong. He almost feels like a Vizard. But at the same time an Arrancar. Hm." He continues to fan himself when a little girl in green came up to them.

"You guys seem nice. I'll hang out with you till big brother Naruto drives away the mean soul reapers." The little girl walked up to the cat. "Oooooo kitty!" She began to hug the poor thing to death.

The man laughed a bit. "Poor Yoruichi." He said. Yoruichi giving him a death glare.

(Back with Naruto.)

Both Naruto and the soul reapers jumped into the air and were standing on it.

Kenpachi raised his sword then brought it down on Naruto. Naruto didn't move and let it hit him. The sound it made when it hit his skin was like 2 Zanpakutos hitting each other. Naruto looked at Ken face. His smile not changing at the least bit. "I told you. At your current level you can't touch me." Naruto said unmoving. Some of the other captains were surprised at these turn of events.

Kenpachi smiled. "Alright Naruto Uzumaki. Now I get to do this!"

"Yay~~~ Kenny's going to play now!" The little pink haired girl said on the sidelines.

Kenpachi took off his eye patch. And Naruto felt his power grow even farther than Naruto thought he could go. Naruto was slightly impressed. Kenpachi with his power no longer hindered. Tried to cut him down again. Only for Naruto to grab the tip of his blade with two fingers. The blade was in-between Naruto's left hands middle finger and index finger.

Naruto looked at the captains. "I felt a barrier go up before you guys showed up. Does that barrier protect the humans from our fight, including damage done to buildings?" Naruto asked politely. This shocked the captains and vice-captains. But Kenpachi was trying to free his sword from the vice grip that Naruto's two fingers had on his sword. "Well, I hope it does." Naruto pointed his right index finger at Kenpachi's chest. "Cero." Naruto's cero was destructive. To say the least. Kenpachi was sent back down to the ground by the cero. "Oh... sorry, I should have held back more of my power. I didn't think I was using that much." Naruto said normally. As if he was sorry for not holding back more.

The soul reapers look shocked. Kenpachi the juggernaut was just beaten in one move. The hollow had even said he was holding back? A rumbling sound was heard as the soul reapers and Naruto looked at where Kenpachi landed. The ruble forced away to revile Kenpachi. His upper body no longer covered as it was destroyed and he was bloody."HAHAHA that was great Uzumaki! Really great! I haven't had this much fun forever!" Ken yelled insanely happily.

"Oh... I'm glad you survived. I was afraid that my cero had killed you." Naruto said to the insane juggernaut. "However you cannot hope to scratch me if that is the extant of your power. Who is next?" He looked at the group of soul reapers on the side lines.

"I'm not done yet Uzumaki! I am far from done!"

"Oh... is that so?" Naruto looked back at Kenpachi. "Oh very well." Naruto reached for his black Zanpakuto. Both were the same as Ulquiorra's Zanpakuto but one was black the other was red. But then he stopped. "Um? He is unworthy?" Naruto seemed to ask himself. Everyone looked at him. "I see. Sorry Kenpachi. My Zanpakuto says you're unworthy to fight her. Too bad. But, don't worry, I still have more powers for you to face. "

Kenpachi was insulted. At the Zanpakuto saying he was unworthy. But was intrigued at the other powers comment.

Naruto held out his hand. "Draining Javelin Generation!" A javelin made out of pure red energy about 5 ft long came to life. "This little number took me a while to perfect. Be honored to be the first to be its test subject." Naruto got ready to throw it like a pitcher. He then released it at Kenpachi. It went right through Kenpachi's chest and into the ground. He still had a menacing grin on his face.

"Is that all you've got!" He yelled at the blonde. The javelin still in him. Then his eyes widened when Naruto held out his hand.

"No, just that fighting you is troublesome to do right now. I have no desire to fight you at full or even half power. You are not worthy of such a display of my power. But, however, I will take your power for my own. You have enough of it." Soon everyone felt Naruto's hand was draining energy from his Javelin.

Kenpachi's eyes widened again. He felt his... spirit energy fading fast.

"Do not worry juggernaut man. The power I am taking from you, you will be able to regain in time. Within seconds Kenpachi, as difficult as it would seem, fell to his knees. Unable to stand any longer. Naruto turned his head to the others. "So... who's next?" He asked. His smirk was somewhat unnerving.

The other captains were shocked. This hollow beat Kenpachi like a captain would a student.

"We take him together. We attack with everything we've got." The little white haired kid suggested to the others.

"Right captain." The busty one said to the kid.

"He's a captain?" Naruto asked. This got another tick mark from Toshiro. And giggles form the woman. "What's a captain?" Naruto asked again.

All of the soul reapers sweat drop.

"Thank you for playing with Kenny. Kenny had fun blonde." The little pink haired girl said running to the down captain's side.

"We will take you down hollow! You will not survive past tonight." The red haired guy

"Such a waste of my time. Vary well, if you all wish to fight me, give it all you got." Naruto held out both arms as if inviting them for a hug.

"Crush'em! Gegetsuburi!" The big guy's Zanpakuto turned into a spike ball with chain.

"Roar! Zabimaru!" The red head's Zanpakuto was now whip like.

"Growl! Haineko!" The busty blonds' blade of her Zanpakuto turned to ash. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this.

"Sting all Enemies to Death! Suzumebachi!" Soi Fon's Zanpakuto look like a bee's stringer.

"Scatter. Senbonzakura." The quite captain's Zanpakuto became a lot of little pink flower petals.

"Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens! Hyorinmaru!" The little kid's Zanpakuto was now an ice dragon.

Naruto looked at the display of power in front of him. Naruto tilted his head. "Question." Naruto held up one figure. "Why didn't Juggernaut man release his Zanpakuto?" Naruto asked pointing to Kenpachi. None of the soul reapers in front of him answered his question. "How rude." Naruto pouted. "But..." Naruto reached his right hand at them.

The captains tensed a bit.

"She says that all of you combined are worthy." Naruto reached for his black Zanpakuto. And completely unsheathed it. "For her to come out and play. The other one was not worthy to fight her"... he smiled. "Let's see how you six fare against her." He looked a little board. "With this, she is almost complete." He said to himself.

The next fight was about to begin.

Naruto wasted no time starting the fight. With a Sonido Naruto was behind them. His blade dripping in blood of the one first to fall in this soon to be short battle. The first one to fall was the big guy. The bottom half of his shikai fell to the floor. Then a massive cut appeared across his large beer belly. Then fall to the ground below.

For the vice-captains and the captains, all they did was blinked.

"1 down... 5 to go." Naruto said coldly.

"Haineko!" The busty blond attacked Naruto next.

When Naruto turned to look at her. His eyes held no life, they were cold as ice, colder than Toshiro's ice.

"Rangiku wait!" The white haired kid yelled at her, seeing the look on the blond hollows face.

But it was too late. "Way of Destruction! Black Coffin!" Rangiku was enveloped in a black box. Then black spears pierced the box. Toshiro heard Rangiku scream. When the box dissipated, Rangiku had many lacerating cut in her. She too fell on top of the roof of a building. "2 down... 4 to go." Naruto said in the same cold voice.


"Go Zabimaru!" The red head guy attacked Naruto next. Naruto turned to look at him. When Renji's eyes and Naruto's eyes meet, he saw that he had already lost.

Naruto just Sonido and was on the other side of Renji. A second later, Renji had a cut from side to side. His Shikai returned to normal. Then he too fell to the ground.

"3 down... 3 to go. Now that the weak ones are out of the way, we can fight for real." Naruto turned to face the 3 captains.

(With the 1st group watching the fight)

"Would you look at that? He took out 3 vice-captains faster than anyone I've ever seen. He even used kido." The man fanning himself was impressed.

"The big mean soul reapers have no chance to beat big brother Naruto. He's beaten loads of strong hollows back in Hueco Mundo. Even other Arrancars! Big brother Naruto is undefeated" Nel said, continuing to crush poor Yoruichi.

"Other Arrancars? Nel, how many other Arrancars are they're?" The fan man asked Nel.

"Nel does not know. But Nel knows that Nel is an Arrancar. Big brother Naruto has been collecting the power of mean evil soul reapers and hollows so he can restore Nel's power. That's what big brother Naruto says he's going to do for Nel." Nel said hugging the kitty again.

"Collect Soul Reaper and hollow powers? How is he doing that?" Fan man asked.

"By killing them silly." The cat's eyes widened. "Don't you know anything? When a hollow and a soul reaper see each other it is the job of a hollow to kill them so that the mean evil soul reapers don't go off doing other bad stuff. When big brother kills them this he takes the power of that mean evil soul reaper so he can help Nel." The cat began trying to escape the child Arrancar's grip.

"I think you should let the kitty go for now Nel. I think she needs to do something important." Fan man told Nel.

"Oh, does kitty promise to come back to Nel?" Nel looked at the cat as she just nodded. "Ok." Nel let go of the cat and she spirited to the fight. Hoping to save someone important to her.

(With the other group watching the fight)

"Wow, that guy has some impressive spiritual pressure." A blond haired guy with what looked like a permanent grin on his face said to the others that where watching.

"Indeed he does. It feels like ours, but still different." A very big man with pink hair replied.

"So, let's just kill the dumbass when he's done with the captains." A short girl said annoyed.

"That would be unwise. He defeated 4 vice-captains and that one captain faster than any of us have beaten a low level hollow. And the fact he is not going all out against 3 Shikai released Zanpakutos from 3 captains means he's far stronger than he is letting on." Another girl said.

"We'll watch for now. See what happens." The grin man said.

(Back to the fight during the conversations)

Naruto Sonido to the captains who only flash stepped out of the way, he again Sonido to the nearest one, which was the kid. He brought down his Zanpakuto on the kid who blocked with his own. Toshiro was trying to hold the blade back with all his might, but he felt the overwhelming power that his hollow had. Naruto himself was not putting any effort into the attack. Then Naruto kicked the boy in the gut. Causing him to lose breath. Then was launched to the ground at high speeds when Naruto fired a cero at point blank range.

Naruto saw the quiet captain charge him next. With all the little pink flower petals around him and attacking Naruto at the same time. The petals attacked Naruto, he just sat there and took it. Soi Fon smirked when Byakuya killed the hollow. But then both captains were shocked when the pink petals were blown away. And the Hollow Naruto was still there, only his white coat had been damaged. Naruto just grabbed his ruined white coat, and tore it off him. Reviling his hollow hole, dead center of his well toned chest. (AN: where Ichigo's hollow hole is) Some women blushed. Naruto Sonido in front of the quite captain. And...

"Cero Rasengan!"

Naruto drove a red Rasengan into Byakuya's gut. Sending him to the ground like the others. Naruto Sonido away from his spot when he felt Soi Fon try to stab him in the back. He appeared behind her. She flash step to avoid Naruto cutting her down. She blushed again looking at his chest. Only then she realized her less than rookie mistake. Naruto got behind her grabbed her arm with her released Zanpakuto and held it away from them. Grabbed her other arm and wrapped it around her neck. She now could not move.

Soi Fon was berating herself. Such a stupid mistake. She got distracted and that will cost her her life. She was thinking, she wasn't dead yet.

"You're holding back..." Naruto stated more than asked. "...don't." Then Naruto took a nice long whiff of Soi Fon's hair. "Um... you smell good." Naruto said playfully.

That pissed off Soi Fon as she used her flexibly to kick him in the face. Then when her left hand was released, elbow him in the gut and do a 180 degree turn and knee him in the groin. Ouch.

Soi Fon got a bit a ways from him and smirked. Naruto was holding his groin area in pain. "Had that been permanent I would have been VERY upset." Naruto said not really in pain. "I'm sorry to say my dear, that it's time to end our date a little short." Naruto pointed his index finger at her.

In response Soi Fon decided to make clones of herself. "See if you can hit me now, hollow." All 15 of her clones said at the same time.

"Clones? No... Not really clones, after images. Nothing special. But, now a normal cero won't hit you now." Naruto was still charging up his cero. Soi Fon raised an eye brow. Naruto was done charging. "Kyuubi Cero!" Naruto fired a red cero at Soi Fon and her after images. Unlike the normal cero. This one split into 9 others, hit 9 of the after images, then those 9 split into 9 more and hit the rest along with Soi Fon, but the damage was minimal. But it made her immobile. "This one is my favorite cero Soi Fon. I hope it doesn't kill you. Grand Queen Kyuubi Cero!" Like the one fired before, this one was red. But unlike the other one, this one did not spilt into 9 other ceros. This one took the form of the Kyuubi's head, and hit Soi Fon.

A cat nearby eyes widened. They looked sad.

"I hope she's alive. I didn't want to fight in the first place." Naruto said aloud to himself. From the smoke a figure fell to the ground below them. She tried to get up but Naruto Sonido right next to her head. She looked up tried and weak. Her sword next to her in its unreleased form.

"Finish it." Was all she said as she looked in his eyes with defiance. "Kill me you monster, and see what happens when the soul society comes for you." She continued to look up at him. She looked into his eyes. For a moment he looked hurt. But she still saw kind blue eyes. She was looking at them. She felt... like this hollows eyes were looking into her soul. She never felt like this, so naked in the gaze of another. The only other time was when Yoruichi was looking at her.

Naruto, was hurt. He was hurt, he hasn't been called a monster in a long time. 'I guess it is to be expected. I am a monster by all rights.' Naruto raised his blade, ready to stab. 'By all rights... but one.'

Soi Fon closed her eyes as Naruto brought down his blade.


Naruto stabbed his blade right in front of Soi Fon. "I will not kill you Soi Fon. For I... am not a monster." Naruto sheathed his Zanpakuto. He turned to a cat. "I suggest getting your follow comrades back to that soul society place of yours. They might die without treatment." Naruto looked as the cat walking to Soi Fon.

Soi Fon was nearly passed out, she had used all of her spirit energy that she had left to make the damage from that last attack not as bad. She must have not negated a lot of it. She then saw a cat come up to her. Soi Fon didn't hear what the cat had said. She was too dazed to think straight. She then passed out.

Naruto looked at the cat. As it stood in front of Soi Fon. "Please don't kill her." The cat asked.

Naruto blinked. "I'm going out on a limb here and say that you're no ordinary fluffy kitty." Naruto said looking down at the cat.

"Yes, I am no ordinary fluffy kitty." A deep male like voice came from the cat. "Please don't kill her." The cat asked again.

"Don't worry. I had no intention of killing any of them. Nor did I want to fight them in the first place. But I didn't want to risk Nel's life since they were following us."

The cat nodded. "Follow me if you please."

"Sorry fluffy kitty. I need to find Nel." Naruto was about to walk away.

"Little girl in green cracked skull on her head scar on her face and talks in the 3rd person?"

"Yea, have you seen her?"

"Nope sorry." Cat shock its head no. Naruto sweat drop at the cats joke. "Follow me, I know someone who has." The cat smirked. Although you couldn't tell because, well, it's a cat.

Following the cat to a small shop out of the way of, well, everything. He followed the cat inside.

"Ah, I see our guess has arrived." A man with a fan said. "Welcome to my shop." He greeted Naruto.

Naruto nodded. "Big brother! Nel is glad that Nel's big brother is safe. So, did Nel's big brother drive off those mean evil soul reapers?" Nel asked.

"Yes. I drove off those mean evil yet one being very pretty soul reapers." Naruto pated Nel on the head.

"KITTY!" Nel began chasing Yoruichi around the shop. Breaking things as she goes.

"Sorry about that. She has a one track mind sometimes." Naruto apologized to the fan man.

"That's alright. Now then... Naruto... we have some things we need to talk about."

Some more glass like objects broke.


TFK: Now I need a name for Naruto's race of hollow. Half soul reaper half hollow. Stronger than both.

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