New Year

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Yes I am aware New Years was months ago, I like to break the habit formed by others and do things in my own time.

Secondly My last chapter for Montana Calling was crap. That's what you get when you are tired but trying to write anyway. So while I recover from the flu and my muse recovers here's a series of one shots.

Olivia checked and double checked her DD5's while studiously ignoring Elliott smirking across the desk from her as he finished his own. He knew the reason why she was procrastinating, he knew why her stomach was in knots and what her plans were. She sighed, that was the last time she was confiding in him.

She reached for a DD5 she had already completed and checked twice but Elliot got to it before her, snatching it out of her reach

"El" she groaned

"No more, I'm sure it's in order" he grinned "Now get your chicken ass up and over to Alex's" he ordered and she sighed

"That's the last time I tell you anything"

"So you keep saying" he stated then contemplated her seriously "Liv you've been crazy for the woman for over 11 years now, I didn't need you telling me, it just confirmed my suspicions. You've had multiple chances to tell her how you feel and you've kept chickening out." His steady blue gaze bored into hers "How much time have you lost Liv? You've never met anyone else that competes to her have you?"

"No" Olivia admitted quietly. She had tried, lord how she had tried, with men and women. She'd hurt a few in the process but no one had ever stacked up. She doubted anyone ever would. Did she really want to spend her life catching guys like her father, living a lonely existence? Or did she want a reason other than work to get up in the morning. Did she want someone to go home to at the end of the day. She sat there for long contemplative moments until Elliot spoke up again.

"She's come back Olivia, there must be a reason why. The last we heard she was loving the job and then suddenly she's back and asking you over for New Years?" he gave her a 'come on' look.

Finally Olivia decided enough was enough. What was the worst that could happen? She was already single and living alone, she could always go back to that. At least having Alex say no to her face would be better than uncertainty and she could move on.

Piling the DD5's in her tray to deal with when she returned to work she stood and reached for her phone sending a quick message to Alex to say she was finished with the paperwork and would soon be on the way.

"Give my regards to the esteemed counsellor and give her a kiss for me" Elliot called with a chuckle as she finally gathered up her coat and headed out. She never stopped walking but gave him the one finger salute over her shoulder.

Stepping outside the precinct she shivered and pulled the coat tighter around her. The streets were bare of vehicles, smart considering the snow drifts. She knew her chances of getting a taxi to pick her up on New Year's were Buckley's and none so she figured she was in for a hike. Luckily it was only 4 blocks to Alex's High rise apartments.

By the time she got to the apartment complex she was soaked from mid thigh down, shivering uncontrollably and she couldn't feel her face. If she wasn't laid out with the flu tomorrow she would consider it a minor miracle.

Nodding to the doorman who was familiar from previous visits she hurried inside. The doorman smiled and bid her a nice evening. Olivia sniffed, shivered again and wished him one too before heading to the private elevator that led to the penthouse.

Once inside she leant wearily against the wall and hoped to hell she hadn't made the 4 block trek though two feet of snow in vain. She shivered again, saturated, cold to the core and dreading what the next couple of hours could hold.

The elevator pinged and the doors popped open. Gathering some last energy reserves she pushed off the wall and stumbled out into the hallway. Olivia had a new respect for the guys in uniform who were standing out in Times Square tonight. Just because some fools would rather freeze and watch a ball drop than stay inside with loved ones.

Shaking her head she raised a hand to rap on Alex's door, hissing as it sent a sting through her frozen fingers. She cocked her head to the side, surprised she couldn't hear sounds of a party going on inside the penthouse. Even high society made a bit of noise on New Year's right?

On that thought the door swung open and Olivia's breath fled her lungs as she was greeted by the beautiful sight of the woman she loved dressed casually in stonewashed jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Her hair was out and flowing and her glasses perched gracefully on her nose. Oh God her feet were bare, Olivia found nothing sexier than bare feet, especially on Alex. She gulped.

"Olivia! Jesus your freezing and soaked to the bone, what have you been doing?" Alex asked in concern as she pulled Olivia inside and closed the door.

"I'll have you know I don't walk 4 blocks through 2 foot drifts for anyone you know" Olivia wisecracked then groaned when another hard shiver hit her "Can we turn the temp up a bit until I thaw out?"

"You need to get in the shower, or even better a bath" Alex reached for her zipper and took over when Olivia couldn't undo her jacket. Shaking her head in exasperation as she undid it and helped Olivia take the jacket off "You should have called, I didn't realise it was so bad out there"

"Alex come on, you invited me to your party, I told you I was coming, the least I could do was turn up, even if I am late" Olivia smiled then as if realising it for the first time looked around the empty apartment "Where is everyone?"

"Olivia, obviously the cold has frozen your observation skills because there is no party." Alex grinned and shook her head as Olivia shuddered again. Taking the older woman's hand she led her towards the back of the apartment and towards her en suite and large Jacuzzi. Olivia turning up cold and wet at her place was speeding up her plans but after 11 years of waiting she figured they needed to hit the gas a little. She had wanted to talk first but she'd play the cards she'd been dealt.

"I invited you Olivia, only you" she told the stunned detective and wondered how long it would take for that to settle in. Probably a while, you needed to hit the great Detective Benson over the head sometimes. She really had no idea how she made it to the rank actually. When it came to her personal life Olivia was clueless.

"You did?" Olivia asked a little stunned as Alex led her through her private domain and into the en suite. She had seen it all before of course, in the year Alex returned to SVU their friendship had blossomed again and she spent many nights here, strictly platonic of course.

She came up short when she stepped into the candle lit bathroom and looked at the half full tub. What was going on? Ok Olivia you're not dumb, Alex invited you over, only you, when you get here she has lit candles in her bathroom and a bath already run. That could only mean one thing. Holy Toledo Alex was trying to seduce her.

Alex watched Olivia staring at the Jacuzzi in shock, mouth hanging open and dread filled her stomach. What if Elliot was wrong? She had been very surprised to receive the call an hour ago and doubly surprised but no less elated at what he had to say. They ended the call with Elliot threatening bodily harm if she hurt Olivia and the fact Olivia was on foot so would be a good hour and resemble a popsicle when she got here.

On that note she had hung up, changed into casual clothes, organised candles, wine and 15 minutes ago run a hot bath. Olivia had turned up a few minutes earlier than expected and she needed to get back to the kitchen and rescue the chocolate and strawberries. Hey, she was a romantic, so sue her.

"Alex, does this mean what I think it means?" Olivia asked looking once again at the candles, the bath, two wine glasses and a very expensive bottle of wine sitting on ice.

"Well, that all depends" Alex stuttered nervously.

"On what?" Olivia looked at her seriously, heart thumping in her chest. She felt a bit surer now that she could see Alex hesitate a little and watched heat explode across the younger woman's face

"On whether you'll let me join you when I come back with the food" Alex quipped and before Olivia could find her tongue to reply quickly turned and headed out of the room.

Hurrying into the kitchen she loaded up a plate with the chocolates and strawberries then decided they may need something a bit more filling and added some crackers and cheese to it. Grabbing two bottles of water from the fridge, they didn't want to dehydrate, she headed back to the bathroom.

The soft plush carpet muffled her footsteps and she returned in time to see the naked rear of Olivia as she stepped into the spa. Oh God. She nearly dropped the food platter in shock. Olivia was perfect, all toned lean smooth muscle, dark skin, naked dark skin and...she couldn't think. Now was not the time to be eloquent, it was time for action.

She must have made some noise as Olivia looked back sharply over her shoulder and their gazes collided. Alex watched as that slow, one sided cocky smile pulled at Olivia's lips. Oh she loved that smile.

"Like the show counsellor?"

"I wasn't...didn't see" she finally settled on the truth and Olivia laughed heartily at her bumbling reply.

"I see" Olivia leant back against the bath and waited for Alex's next move. She wasn't surprised to see Alex raise her chin and walk forward in determination. Olivia watched as she leant over the bath and placed a plate full of food on the far side ledge near the wine. "What, no oysters?" she teased and swallowed a grin when Alex shot her the famous Cabot stare.

She then straightened and in one smooth move pulled her top up and off. Olivia's jaw hit the water, Alex wore no bra. How could she have not known that? She took in her fill of a half naked Alex, while her own body was covered by the swirling water.

She was so busy ogling high firm creamy breasts, with large pink nipples that she nearly missed Alex shoving her jeans down her thighs and then kicking them off leaving her naked. Naked! She did a double take and then had to grin up at Alex "Going Commando counsellor?"

"I thought it appropriate considering I had seduction on my mind" Alex answered bluntly and Olivia sucked in a harsh breath as her suspicions were confirmed. Verbally at least, pretty hard to miss the not so subtle hints she had received since arriving.

She sat back quietly and watched as Alex stepped into the tub and sat opposite her. She opened the bottle of wine and poured them both a glass and a small shiver ran through Olivia. Not from the cold, all thoughts of being cold had fled the instant she had seen the Jacuzzi in the candle lit room. This was from pure excitement.

She took the offered glass from Alex, deliberately running her fingers over the blondes hand as she did so and smiling when Alex flushed and her mouth parted slightly. Oh yeah, she affected Alex the same way as Alex affected her.

"Not that I am complaining counsellor but you mind telling me what brought this all on suddenly?" Olivia asked one eyebrow raised.

"After 11 years I finally ran out of patience with you and decided to take charge" Alex replied matter of factly as she took her own wine glass up and sipped the cool liquid. Olivia blinked

"Um 11 years?" Olivia asked, not comprehending.

"Yes Olivia, I've watched you watch me for 11 years, minus the few in Witsec, waiting hoping you would at least act on one of the looks you sent me, but you never did"

"Oh" Olivia was flabbergasted. Alex had waited for her to make a move. She frowned as a thought suddenly hit her "What stopped you from making a move before?"

Alex gave her a look that told her it should be obvious but Olivia was still in the dark

"Hello, femme one, I didn't want to step on Butchy Benson's toes" Alex stated while trying not to laugh at the look of pure horror that spread across Olivia's face.

"Butchy Benson?" Olivia gasped

"Our nickname for you. Abbie started it, Serena joined in, even Casey admitted it got her blood pumping and she's straight"

"Alex you've lost me" Olivia shook her head. Had Alex consumed a bottle for Dutch courage before she arrived?

"Come on Olivia, the short hair, the tight clothing, the belt, the gun, the badge oh and the leather jacket" Alex rolled her eyes.

Olivia sent her a narrowed eyed stare, not quite a glare but close. Alex wanted action? Alex was going to get action as she put her wine down. She observed the food platter and picking up half a strawberry dipped it in the chocolate and moving forward offered it up for Alex.

Alex took the morsel, making sure her tongue swept over Olivia's fingers, feeling the heat from the touch straight to her groin. She shivered lightly, Olivia was so close now but still not touching as she selected some cheese and a cracker this time.

This time Alex made sure to capture Olivia's finger in her mouth and suck on it gently until the black pupils in Olivia's eyes swallowed the outer caramel. The look of blatant desire spread across Olivia's face now had shocks of excitement running up and down Alex's spine.

Finally Olivia could take no more and pulling her finger free crashed her lips into Alex's, all thoughts of slow and gentle lost. All thoughts of waiting until midnight, gone. She wanted Alex now. Their first time was going to be in a Jacuzzi, so be it.

Alex couldn't say it was her fault that she didn't get any romance, soft bed and silk sheets. She plunged her tongue deep inside the recess of Alex's mouth while kneeling in front of Alex. Using her hands she pushed Alex's legs apart, growling when Alex gasped, then with a hard tug pulled their mounds together so that Alex's clit was tickled by the neat triangle of Olivia's mound.

Alex cried out against Olivia's mouth but Olivia didn't slow or stop, just drove her tongue deeper inside and pushed her mound closer to Alex's. Alex gave as good as she got, meeting that talented tongue eagerly with her own, biting it and sucking it. Her right hand was caught in Olivia's hair, her left at the small of Olivia's back, urging her closer.

God she was so wet, and it had nothing to do with the Jacuzzi as Olivia broke the kiss and Alex's head fell back, arching her long slender neck in invitation. Olivia took it up, latching on to her pulse point and suckling hard.

"Oh God Liv!"

"What Alex?" Olivia growled into her neck while she soothed the angry bite mark she'd left with her tongue "What do you want?"

"You" Alex gasped "I want...fuck me please"

Olivia shuddered as she rocked her hips against Alex's pussy, feeling the incendiary heat there and a saturating wetness that definitely was not water.

"Are you wet enough Alex?" she asked next, hearing the light fast intakes of air Alex was taking indicating her arousal level.

"Yes, God yes" Alex grunted straining to get closer as Olivia's hand slid up her thigh and in until long lean fingers were playing with her folds. Fuck she wanted her in her now.

"Two fingers and hard, or three and gentle?" Olivia asked next her own excitement growing, she was going to be fucking Alex Cabot in mere seconds. Her own pussy contracted at the thought, letting out a flood of juices.

"Two and OOOOOHHHH" Alex screamed as without preamble Olivia thrust two fingers inside. Another hard thrust and she was seated deep to her knuckles. "Fuuuuuuck!"

Olivia wasn't surprised at Alex's gutter mouth. She'd spent many a night on the couch with Alex watching NFL or the World Series and listening to Alex swear at every ref and a few players. Reminding the hot headed blonde that they couldn't hear her had only brought the death stare.

"Oh Fuck, fuck Olivia...harder hmmmmmm" Alex's hips were pumping wantonly against her hand and Olivia who was already thrusting hard pushed that bit harder. "Oh...yes...Oh...God..." Alex was so vocal in her pleasure and it was turning Olivia on to no end causing her to clench her thighs tight and use her hips to propel her hand, all the while bringing herself pleasure.

"Alex" she groaned as Alex's hands found her buttocks, long nails left crescent moons in the dark skin and she was pulled ever closer

"O O O Liv so close..soo"

"Fuck me" Olivia breathed as she raised her head and stared in awe at the slim body thrusting wildly underneath her. Jesus Christ she was wild, head back on the ledge of the Jacuzzi, wet hair flowing about her shoulders, mouth open, eyes open and unseeing, flushed from chest up, body taught, legs like a vice around her waist. Her breaths coming fast and choppy and the muscles clenching her fingers getting nearly impossibly tight.

Olivia had to grit her teeth to prevent from climaxing at the mere sight, and leant forward to take one of those straining nipples in her mouth, biting it hard and felt Alex's stomach hollow and her tight sheath grip her fingers tight.

"OLIVIAAAAAAAAA" Alex screamed, hands coming up to fist in her hair and pull her head back. Olivia grunted and slammed her hips hard into Alex a final time as her own climax took her by surprise

"Fuck" she cried "Fuck...fuck...fuck" she echoed with each thrust of her hips as she rode out her orgasm shuddering as the muscles holding her fingers clenched convulsively again and Alex whimpered.

Easing her fingers out of their new favourite playground she wrapped her arms around Alex and held her tight as she eased back and off her aching knees so that she was sitting chest deep in the centre of the Jacuzzi, Alex's legs wrapped around her, Alex's face buried in her throat as they slowly stepped back from the edge of insanity and returned to the world around them.

"Where..." Alex panted "Where did that come from?" She finally raised her head enough so she could look into those eyes she loved so much.

Olivia leant forward and kissed her gently on the chin

"I'd say from 11 years of frustration" Olivia blew out her breath and then gave a cocky grin "I hope I don't have to wait 11 years for the next one"

Alex smiled, a smile that suddenly had the blood in Olivia's body shooting south again as she leaned in and rimmed Olivia's ear with her tongue

"I'm hoping I don't have to wait eleven minutes" she whispered seductively and Olivia's eyes shot wide before she growled and took up the challenge.

An hour later as they were laying in bed Olivia shot bolt upright at the sound of distant firework and shot a horrified look at the clock. 12:01.

"Shit Alex, we missed the countdown" she groaned "We should at least get up and watch the fireworks." Alex merely smiled and cupping the back of her head pulled her down and kissed her long and deep

"I prefer our brand of fireworks detective" she purred before rolling on top of the stunned detective.

Hey all, hope you enjoyed, look out for Chapter 2. Valentines day.