Juliet laughed. It wasn't often she had a chance to hang out with her girlfriends, work often kept her too busy for that.

Ann poured more wine in Juliet's glass, "So how's your love life Juliet? Anyone special?"

She flushed, "No, I'm too busy at work."

"Work huh? Too busy with that sexy partner of yours huh?"

Juliet squealed, "What? Carlton? Omigod no! He's my partner."

"Can't believe you haven't even thought about it, those eyes…" sighed Sarah.

"I'll bet he's packing more than his service revolver-you know what they say about tall skinny Irishmen." Lisa smirked.

"Geez you guys I won't be able to look at him at work now!"

They all laughed.

Sarah started passing more wine around, "Ooh I know, that psychic detective guy! He's cute."

"No," exclaimed Ann, "his partner!"

"Yeah!" they all chorused.

"He's totally hot!"

"Come on, I have to work with them." Juliet was giggling and blushing furiously.

"Well, there's someone, I can tell."

"Yeah, tell us Juliet."

They all ganged up on her. "Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!"

"Okay, okay."

They all quieted down.

"Well Shawn Spencer's father is a retired police officer and he recently started working for us and well..."


"Well Shawn is a boy and Henry, Henry is a man."

"So you're saying you like one hot daddy?"

Juliet turned bright red as laughter rang out through the room.