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This will be slight crossover with Bleach but Naruto will not be making an appearance in the Bleach plotline in this story, maybe in the sequel if I make one. The crossover is mainly a Zanpakutou and some other stuff you will have to read to find out.

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Prologue: Human no more!

Naruto dropped down into the middle of the clearing that his silver-haired instructor, Mizuki had told him to meet him at after stealing the scroll from the Hokage's tower. He was panting slightly as he had ran as fast as humanly possible to evade the ANBU squads and Jounin that were ordered to find him.

'Why would there be ANBU and Jounin after me just for a test? Something's not right… in any case I better start learning a jutsu from the scroll before Mizuki-sensei arrives.' Naruto thought as he dropped the huge scroll onto the ground and unrolled it.

'Kage Bushin no Jutsu? (Shadow Clone technique) Seems easy enough to me just form a cross-shaped handseal and channel chakra into it. Let's see… clones formed are solid and user retains any memories the clone has, sounds ideal for training.' Naruto cracked his hands before forming a cross-shaped handseal.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu." He whispered as several poofs of smoke appeared around the clearing, the smoke cleared to reveal five identical Narutos standing around the original. Naruto went over to one of the clones and scrutinized it before raising a hand and poking it, he let out a grin upon discovering it was indeed solid.

"Yatta! I can do a clone jutsu now; Mizuki-sensei sure has to pass me for that!" Naruto exclaimed before looking back at the scroll. 'If I learn an extra jutsu then Mizuki-sensei could give me extra marks for the test.'

So Naruto walked back to the scroll and started flipping through it, a few different techniques did catch his eye but he decided against learning them for various reasons.

'Next… Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei (Summoning: Impure World Resurrection), a technique invented by the Nidaime Hokage that allows the user to summon the dead back to the realm of the living. Perform the handseals Tiger, Snake, Dog, Dragon and then clap your hands, technique requires sacrifices… no way I'm learning this!' Naruto looked at the technique in disgust, wondering why the Nidaime created such a technique.

'Alright next one, Shiki Fuujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal). Allows the user to summon the Shinigami to seal away something or someone into a vessel at the cost of the summoner's life… lame…' Naruto deadpanned as he flipped to the next entry.

'Bunkatsu Seigen: Souru no Maaji (Limit Break: Soul Merge), this technique fuses the dark and light also known as the ying and yang opposing halves of the soul together. Labelled a Kinjutsu because even though the user becomes extremely powerful, their personality can sometimes undergo a complete change. Handseals are Snake, Tiger, Dragon, Boar, Monkey and hold in Ram seal while channelling chakra.' Naruto grinned as this technique sounded interesting; he practiced going through each handseal slowly so as to not mess up.

"I've found you…" A panting Iruka said as he dropped down in front of a surprised Naruto, who just grinned and pointed at him with two fingers.

"Hey! I found the nosebleeder!" Naruto exclaimed.

"BAKA! I found you!" Iruka shouted using the technique that inflates your head before calming down and staring at Naruto.

"Hehehe… you found me but I've managed to learn two different jutsus from the scroll. Now you will have to let me graduate right Iruka-sensei?" Naruto looked at the Chunnin instructor in excitement.

"Naruto… where did you get that scroll from?" Iruka asked seriously.

"Oh this thing?" Naruto pointed at the huge scroll. "Mizuki-sensei told me about the secret graduation test, he said I had to steal this scroll from the Hokage tower and meet him here. He said that if I learnt a jutsu from this scroll and showed you then I would definitely be able to graduate!"

"Mizuki? Wha- LOOK OUT!" Iruka shoved Naruto out of the way and was hit by the hail of kunai that came their way, the impact sending him skidding into the wooden shack behind him.

"Nice job finding the moron!" Iruka and Naruto turned in the direction of the voice to find Mizuki crouching on a tree branch with two fuma shuriken attached to his back.

"I see… so that's what's going on…" Iruka grabbed his side in pain as he spat some blood out of his mouth.

"Naruto give me the scroll if you want to graduate!" Mizuki shouted at the confused boy.

"Huh what? What the hell is going on here?" Naruto looked from Iruka to Mizuki in confusion.

"Naruto! Whatever happens here… don't give Mizuki the scroll!" Iruka shouted suddenly. "That's a dangerous scroll that contains forbidden ninjutsu inside it; Mizuki used you… to get his hands on it!"

"Naruto, there's no point in you having the scroll. I will tell you the truth now!" Mizuki smirked at the shocked look on both Iruka's and Naruto's faces.

"N-NO! DON'T!" Iruka yelled but Mizuki just ignored him.

"Twelve years ago, when the Kyuubi attacked the village, remember how the demon fox was defeated by the Yondaime Hokage right?" Mizuki asked him, he nodded his head.

"Well on that day a special rule was created for this village but… this rule was never meant to be told to you." Mizuki inwardly grinned at the look on Naruto's face.

"Why not me? What is this rule? Tell me!" Naruto demanded causing Mizuki to let out a dark chuckle. "What… kind of rule is it?"

"The rule that the Sandaime made was that nobody is allowed to talk about the fact that you are the Kyuubi no Yoko! (Nine-tailed Demon Fox)" Mizuki pointed at him.

"W-what?" Naruto stammered as his eyes widened in disbelief. "What do you mean by that!"

"STOP IT MIZUKI!" Iruka shouted but was ignored once again.

"It means that you… are in fact the Kyuubi no Yoko… that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village… you were sealed up by the Hokage you admire so much and…" Mizuki explained slowly.

"STOP IT!" Iruka desperately tried to prevent Mizuki from continuing.

"… you have been lied to by everyone!" Mizuki grinned in triumph. "Didn't you find it odd that everyone hates you and how you were ignored and denied even the most basic necessities?"

Naruto clenched his fists as he closed his eyes and tears started flowing out of them.

"Iruka is the same as the rest of them! He may act friendly towards you but on the inside… he hates you as well!" Mizuki unlatched the gigantic shuriken from his back and started spinning it with his hand. Naruto had his eyes closed so he didn't notice but Iruka did and reflected on the words the Sandaime had said to him.

'Naruto has never known a parent's love and all the villagers hate him so to get the attention he desires… he causes all sorts of mischief and mayhem. He wants the people to acknowledge his existence in any possible way, he acts tough and indifferent… but he is really suffering on the inside…'


Naruto had felt someone push him onto the ground and opened his eyes to see Iruka crouching over him, the giant shuriken that had been meant for him stuck in his back. Naruto looked at him in shock as Iruka's sweat and blood dripped onto his cheek and trailed down his whisker-like birth marks, Mizuki sneered from his perch.

"Why…?" Naruto whispered as he looked at his teacher.

"My parents… after they died, there was nobody to… compliment or acknowledge me. I always acted like an idiot or a clown… just to get people's attention since I wasn't good at learning or doing homework. It was better than being nothing, so I kept acting like an idiot… it was so painful…." Iruka replied as tears started cascading down his face.

"Naruto, you must have also been in a lot of pain. I'm sorry Naruto; if I only did a better job… then you wouldn't have to feel like this." Naruto couldn't take any more and started running away. "Naruto!"

"Hehehe, Naruto isn't the type of person to have a change of heart and I think he's planning to use the scroll to get revenge… you saw those eyes earlier… the eyes of a real demon." Mizuki said as he jumped down from his spot on the branch and landed near Iruka, who pulled out the giant shuriken from his back with a grunt.

"Naruto… isn't like that!" Iruka panted out.

"Well that doesn't really matter. I'll kill Naruto and get the scroll before coming back to deal with you later!" Mizuki leapt away from Iruka in the direction that Naruto fled to.

"Ugh!" Iruka coughed out some blood as he tried to pursue Mizuki. 'No…damn it!'

Another part of the forest

"Naruto! Hurry up and give me the scroll! Mizuki is after you!" Iruka shouted as he spotted Naruto jumping from tree to tree in front of him. Naruto shifted direction suddenly and slammed his shoulder into Iruka's stomach causing him to slam into the ground as Naruto collapsed at the base of a tree.

"Why… Naruto?" Iruka gasped out before he vanished in a cloud of smoke revealing that it was really Mizuki in a henge. "How did you know I wasn't Iruka?"

"Hehehe…" Naruto chuckled before vanishing in a cloud of smoke revealing a smirking Iruka. "I'm Iruka!"

"…I see." Mizuki said with a dark smile, the real Naruto was actually hiding behind a tree trunk near them and could hear them. "Hehehe, you'd even transform into what killed your parents to protect him?"

"I won't hand over the scroll to someone like you!" Iruka shouted defiantly.

"You idiot! Naruto and I are the same!" Mizuki replied causing Naruto to frown behind the tree.

"What are you saying?" Iruka glared at him.

"If you use the skills written in that scroll, you can do whatever you want! Unlike what you're assuming, there's no way that demon fox wouldn't try to use that scroll to gain more power!" Mizuki exclaimed.

"Yeah…" Iruka whispered causing Naruto to clench his fists.

'I knew it… see… even Iruka-sensei deep down… doesn't acknowledge me.' Naruto thought before he looked up sharply at what he heard next.

"The demon fox would do that… but Naruto is different… he is… one of my excellent students, he may not be the hardest worker and he is clumsy and no one accepts him… he already knows what it is to feel pain inside your heart. He isn't the demon fox, he is a member of Konohagakure no Sato. He's Uzumaki Naruto!" Iruka glared at Mizuki defiantly, Naruto felt tears run down his face as he heard his teacher acknowledge him.

"Well, whatever…" Mizuki sneered as he took his remaining fuma shuriken in hand, Iruka grunted as a sudden spike of pain shot through his body. "Iruka… I said I would take care of you later but I changed my mind."

"HURRY UP AND DIE!" Mizuki screamed out as he spun the giant shuriken in his hand and dashed at the injured Iruka, who just smiled slightly at his impending doom.

Before Mizuki could reach Iruka, an orange blur shot out from behind a tree and rammed Mizuki in the chin with his knee causing the giant shuriken to slam into a random tree. Iruka looked at Naruto in shock as he landed in front of him after sending Mizuki skidding across the forest floor.

"You shouldn't have done that!" Mizuki growled as he spat out some blood and stood back up.

"Don't touch Iruka-sensei you piece of trash or… I'll kill you!" Naruto glared at Mizuki.

"You idiot! Why did you come out?" Iruka shouted but was ignored by the two.

"Hahaha, I'll kill someone like you in one shot!" Mizuki exclaimed.

"Try it… I dare you. I'll show you what I've learnt from the scroll!" Naruto ran through the handseals. 'Snake, tiger, dragon, boar, monkey and finally ram!'

"Then do it demon fox!" Mizuki shouted.

"Bunkatsu Seigen: Souru no Maaji" Naruto called out as he channelled his chakra into the ram seal but suddenly doubled over in pain as red, blue and black chakra tendrils suddenly surrounded him. "What the hell?"

"Hahaha, trust someone like you to not know what a jutsu does before using it! NOW DIE!" Mizuki drew a kunai and charged at Naruto but was suddenly blown away by a shockwave of power.

'Bunkatsu Seigen: Souru no Maaji… I've heard of this jutsu, it was created by the Shodaime Hokage. Apparently he figured out that everyone's soul is split in two parts, the ying and yang, light and dark. So the jutsu combines both aspects into one, this grants the user double their power and chakra at the risk of losing their original personality.' Iruka thought as he witnessed Naruto being swallowed up into a dome of swirling red, blue and black chakra. 'So what the heck is happening?'

Naruto's mindscape




Naruto opened his eyes to find that he wasn't in the forest surrounding Konoha anymore; instead he was in a strange sewer like dungeon with a huge metal gate in front of him. He leapt backward in shock as two sinister crimson eyes appeared behind the metal gate followed by a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth.

"Boy do you know what you have done…" The strange figure behind the gate asked in a loud booming voice.

"You're the Kyuubi aren't you?" Naruto gaped as the Kyuubi moved forward slightly, revealing its blood-red fur and nine tails fanned out behind it.

"Yes boy, I am indeed the Kyuubi or was…" Kyuubi growled.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked with a puzzled expression.

"That jutsu you used was not meant to be used by people like you, a jinchuriki, since you have an extra soul inside you. Normally I would be absorbed into you, never to be seen again but your father's seal saved me from that." Kyuubi explained.

"Wait a minute, my father? The Yondaime is my father and he… he stuck me with this burden?" Naruto yelled in outrage.

"Unfortunately yes, now as I was saying. The seal is powered by a soul shard of the Shinigami and it is that instead of my soul that is being absorbed into you." Kyuubi used a tail to point at the trail of black chakra emanating from the seal tag.

"That explains the black chakra but not the red one." Naruto mused aloud.

"The red coloured chakra is mine, although my soul has been spared, the technique still claimed something from me and that is my power. I will eventually regain my power but that would take a few years at least, so you will become a demon-shinigami hybrid by the time this jutsu is over."

"… I won't be human anymore?" Naruto whispered.

"No, but isn't being a demon with the power of the Shinigami much better than that?" Kyuubi asked causing Naruto to think about it a while.

"I guess that makes sense… and the only person whose opinion I give a damn about is Iruka-sensei…hold up, then what happens to you?" Naruto looked back at the Kyuubi.

"I will be released from the seal since it will be absorbed into you except without a single tail of power." Kyuubi answered simply.

"Oh… I see…"

"However I would like something in compensation for my power…" Kyuubi said suddenly.

"Well that depends on what you're asking…" Naruto trailed off as he waited.

"Nothing much, just that you take me as your mate." Kyuubi started transforming at the end of the sentence and went from a gigantic demon fox to a beautiful naked woman within the span of a second. Kyuubi had blood-red hair that fell freely down her back all the way to her shapely rear; she had long toned legs and firm C-cup breasts. Her pupils were a stunning crimson with a black vertical slit running through them, she had a pair of orange fox ears on her head as well as nine orange tails emerging from the area above her ass.

Naruto pinched his nose tightly to prevent himself from suffering a major nosebleed at the sight of the beautiful and sexy demoness in front of him.

"Why would you want me as your mate?" Naruto asked once he had gotten himself under control but still blushed as he tried to avert his eyes from the naked body of Kyuubi.

"Don't be mistaken, I am a demon and we are attracted to power and you will be the most powerful thing to walk this planet in a few minutes. You will understand once you absorb my power completely." Kyuubi smirked. "Don't worry; you will be able to take other females as your mates as well… as long as you get my approval first."

"W-what?" Naruto shouted in surprise.

"It is common practice for male demons of great strength to have multiple mates to ensure their legacy lives on through their children." Kyuubi explained simply.

"Fine…I guess I can do that…" Naruto conceded to Kyuubi's request before suddenly collapsing on the sewer floor in pain.

"Looks like the jutsu is about to be finished, see you on the outside Naru-kun!" Kyuubi cooed as they both faded from the mindscape.

Back in the forest

Mizuki regained consciousness in time to see the multi-coloured dome turn purple in colour before withdrawing back into a tall male figure holding a slimmer female figure in his arms.

"Naruto?" Iruka asked in disbelief.

"What's up sensei, just sit there while I deal with the trash." Naruto's voice had deepened but that was not all that changed. Naruto had shot up from a measly 1.45metres to an impressive 1.7metres; his once short, spiky blonde hair now resembled his father's but had black streaks running through it. His original sky-blue pupils were now amethyst in colour and had a vertical black slit running through it, his whisker-like birthmarks seemed to have darkened and all traces of baby fat were gone from his face. Instead of the horrible orange jumpsuit he always wore, he was now garbed in a black kimono top and matching black hakama pants with a crimson haori over the shirt. He also had a sheathed katana attached to his left hip.

"I'll be right back Kyuu-chan." Naruto whispered to the demoness, who was now clothed in a black yukata with crimson sash, as he placed her at the base of a tree.

"Just call me Akane." Kyuubi, now known as Akane, told him as he nodded in acknowledgement before walking towards Mizuki.

"I knew it! You are a demon!" Mizuki shouted in glee as he threw a barrage of shuriken at the approaching figure of Naruto, who merely drew his katana from its sheath and deflected all of them.

"No I'm not a demon… I am more powerful than that." Naruto replied calmly as Mizuki finally ran out of shuriken and kunai, he approached the traitor who had backed up against a tree.

"Lies! I will kill you now and the village will proclaim me a hero!" Mizuki laughed insanely as he jumped up and attempted to hit Naruto with a rising uppercut but Naruto just caught his wrist with his left hand.

"If you want a demon… I will show you how demonic I can be!" Naruto growled as he used one hand and threw Mizuki upwards before sheathing his katana and leaping up after him. Just as he was about to reach Mizuki, Naruto drew his katana in a wide horizontal slash.

"Kuroryuu no Joushou! (Black Dragon's Rise!)" Naruto called out as he landed on a tree branch and Mizuki's body separated in a bloody shower at the waist. Akane licked her lips at the display of power while Iruka watched in awe at how much power Naruto had gained just after performing that jutsu.

"Iruka-sensei are you alright?" Naruto asked the Chunnin instructor, who snapped out of his stupor at the mention of his name.

"Just need to get these wounds bandaged up and I'll be fine." Iruka grunted before looking Naruto over once again. "More importantly, what happened to you?"

"I will answer any questions you have later, just let me heal your wounds first." Naruto's hand glowed purple and Iruka watched in amazement as the wounds stitched up and healed themselves.

"That was amazing Naruto… now about that explanation and who that lady is?" Iruka asked.

"You will have to wait a while sensei, that old sack of bones also known as the Hokage would have watched the entire thing through his crystal ball. So we would be called into his office anyway, where I will explain everything." A squad of ANBU appeared just as Naruto finished his sentence.

"Naruto, Iruka-san, Hokage-sama has called for the both of you to meet him in his office with the forbidden scroll now." A neko-masked ANBU said.

"Thank you for informing us Neko-chan, come on Iruka-sensei, Akane-chan. We wouldn't want to keep Hokage-sama waiting now would we?" Naruto picked up Akane bridal style and stood next to Iruka before all three of them sunk into a shadow portal that formed below their feet.

Hokage tower

Sarutobi Hiruzen was not having a good day; he sighed tiredly and rubbed his wrinkled temples. First he had to deal with endless piles of paperwork, just as he was about to complete them, Naruto burst into his office and knocked him out with that stupid technique of his and made off with the forbidden scroll. As he thought his day couldn't get any worst, he watched through his crystal ball as Mizuki informed Naruto about the Kyuubi and the events that occurred after it.

He tensed slightly as a swirling shadow portal appeared in the middle of his office but relaxed slightly when Naruto, Iruka and that girl that was with Naruto appeared from it.

"Naruto what the hell was that?" Iruka gasped out, slightly pale from the technique.

"That was known as Kage no Ryokou (Shadow Travelling); I can transport myself and people around me using the shadows as a medium." Naruto explained as he took a seat and Akane sat on his lap causing Iruka and the Sandaime to cough slightly.

"Well Naruto-kun, care to explain what happened out there?" Hiruzen asked as he took a puff of his pipe.

"That jutsu caused me to fuse with not only my dark self but Kyuubi's power as well as the soul shard of the Shinigami that was used to power the seal. So I now have the powers of Kyuubi and the Shinigami as well as their memories on how to use all their techniques, which makes me a demon with Shinigami powers." Naruto replied simply causing Iruka to go wide eyed and the Hokage to cough as he accidently inhaled some of his pipe's smoke.

"Okay… who is this lovely lady then?" Hiruzen gestured to the red-haired lady occupying Naruto's lap.

"This is Akane-chan, also known as the former Kyuubi no Yoko and my mate." Naruto put his arms around Akane as she leaned back into his embrace.

"W-what?" Hiruzen and Iruka shouted at the same time.

"After the jutsu did what it did, the seal fell apart and released a now powerless Akane back into the world." Naruto smirked slightly at the pout on his mate's face.

"And the mate part?" Iruka asked.

"Akane asked that in exchange for taking her power that I take her as my mate as well, so I did." Naruto had a full-blown smirk now as he watched the two men sigh and rub their heads.

"Only you Naruto… only you could give me such a big headache all in the span of a day." Hiruzen groaned before a sudden crushing force filled the room. Both Iruka and the Sandaime had trouble breathing as they looked to the source to find a pokerfaced Naruto looking straight at the Hokage.

"Tell me… when did you exactly plan on telling me that I had Akane-chan sealed inside me?" Naruto said softly as Akane got up with a grin and walked to a corner of the office and leaned on the wall there to watch the show.

"… I didn't plan on telling you, I wanted you to live as normal a life as possible…" The old Hokage replied causing killing intent to join the crushing force.

"Normal…? My life was never normal… so tell me… WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT MY BURDEN?" Naruto roared in his demonic voice as black and purple chakra swirled around him.

"… I believed that if you did not know of the Kyuubi's existence then it-she would not be able to influence your actions." Hiruzen finally admitted.

"So you believed that if I had known about Akane-chan, I would have been influenced by her? Hehehe…do you have that little faith in my father's seal? WHEN DID YOU PLAN ON TELLING ME THAT LITTLE PIECE OF INFORMATION HUH?" Naruto had approached the Hokage's desk as he spoke and slammed a fist on it, shattering it under his strength.

"H-how did you find out?" Hiruzen stuttered as his face paled while Iruka had a look of shock on his face.

"Akane-chan informed me of it, so what's your stupid excuse this time?" Naruto glared at the Hokage, who did his best not to flinch at the amount of hate and malice hidden within those slitted pupils.

"Y-your father had plenty of enemies, the most prominent being Iwa and they would stop at nothing to kill or capture you if they found out about your heritage." Hiruzen replied.

"Did I ask you why you didn't tell Iwa? I asked you why you didn't tell me. I wondered all my life who my parents were and if they were proud of me or hated me like the rest of the villagers. And you knew all along but DIDN'T TELL ME!" Naruto snarled as he picked up the Hokage by his robes.

"I'm so sorry Naruto… just tell me if I can do anything… anything at all to make it up to you." Hiruzen said in a voice filled with remorse and shame causing Naruto to drop him back in his chair.

"Tell me who my mother is, give me a ninja status and give me my inheritance… and maybe, just maybe I may forgive you but I will NEVER forget this." Naruto's voice returned to normal as the swirling chakra vanished and the killing intent and crushing force were retracted.

"…your mother's name was Uzumaki Kushina; she was the second jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. And just swipe your blood across the portrait of your father, there is a blood seal on it and it contains your family inheritance. Collect your headband from me tomorrow morning." Hiruzen replied after a slight hesitation. Naruto did as he said and bit his thumb before swiping it across his father's picture causing several scrolls to pop out of it.

"One more thing, please include Akane-chan into my team… oh and keep all that happened here to yourselves. I'll see you at the team selections in three days' time Iruka-sensei, ja ne." Naruto grabbed Akane and they both disappeared into a shadow portal.

"Hokage-sama, is the Yondaime really Naruto's father?" Iruka asked hesitantly.

"Yes, I am afraid so. Please keep what has happened here to yourself and you are not to reveal it to anyone on pain of death, you're dismissed Iruka." Hiruzen sighed as Iruka gave a curt nod and vanished in a Shunshin (Body Flicker).

With Naruto

Naruto and Akane appeared out of a shadow portal directly in front of the Namikaze estate's gates, he turned towards the snickering demoness with a smirk.

"Heh I knew it, my little act caused the old sap to feel guilty enough to cave in to my demands almost instantly." Naruto said.

"Who knew that the Hokage was such an emotional old fool?" Akane snickered before she was pulled into a kiss by Naruto; she smirked as he pulled away. "And I like the new you, so much more spontaneous and demonic!"

"Well why don't I show you how much more demonic I can be?" Naruto whispered huskily into her ear, sending a pleasant shiver through her spine. He reached out to push the gate open but recoiled in surprise as a jolt shot through his arm. "Damn, I forgot about the seal."

Naruto bit his thumb again before swiping it on the seal matrix that appeared on the gate, it glowed yellow for a while before lighting up in the green. Naruto scooped up Akane bridal style and kicked open the gate, which automatically closed and locked behind the pair as they entered the estate.

Naruto admired the triple story house as he carried Akane up to the second floor; the house was well maintained despite being empty for the past twelve years.

'Must have been some kind of seal either dear old dad or mom invented.' Naruto thought as he walked past multiple rooms until he found the one he had been looking for, the master bedroom.

"What do you say we christen our new home Akane-hime?" Naruto growled playfully as he deposited the demoness onto the king-sized bed.

"I say I like the way you think Naru-kun." Akane smirked seductively as she dragged Naruto into a kiss and started removing his clothes.

'Life just got a whole lot better.' Naruto thought with a grin.

Well there you guys go, the first official chapter of Naruto: Demonic Shinigami! Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as Naruto: Force Unleashed, which I have not abandoned by the way! Updates are probably going to alternate between this two stories as long as the ideas keep flowing into my brain. Sorry to say there is no lemon for this chapter, I still am not sure I can write them very well so I will leave them out for now.

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