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Chapter 5: Shadows in the Mist

Previously on Naruto: Demonic Shinigami,

"Hey gaki, now that Gatou is dead…" Zabuza paused as Naruto turned to look at him.

"I know, we'll rest up for a day and restock on our supplies before leaving for Mizu no Kuni (Land of Water)." Naruto told the Kiri missing-nin.

"Alright… you do know who the Yondaime Mizukage is right?" Zabuza asked.

"Yeah… I do. Yagura, the jinchuriki of the Sanbi no Kyodaigame (Three-tailed Giant Turtle)." Naruto replied as he turned his amethyst gaze up to the sky.

'Watch out brother… I'm coming for you.'

Two days later in the morning

"Naruto…you do know what you're getting into right?" Kakashi asked again as three separate groups stood on the newly constructed bridge. The first group being the Wave citizens, the second being the group heading back to Konoha and the third was the group heading to Kirigakure.

"Kakashi for the last time, I am sure…" Naruto sighed at the one-eyed Jounin's overprotective behaviour while Zabuza looked highly amused and Haku just gave a soft giggle.

"Just take care of yourself okay?" Kakashi eye-smiled at him before walking back to where his team was standing, leaving Naruto with Akane and Anko.

"We'll miss you Naru-kun!" They both exclaimed as each of them hugged him tightly against their chests.

"I will miss you both as well; take good care of the estate while I'm gone." Naruto chuckled as he kissed both of them on the forehead and then the lips before they released him. Zabuza and Kakashi grumbled inwardly about lucky brats, Haku blushed as she wondered about the possibility of Naruto doing that to her, Sasuke sneered at the sight and Sakura fawned over his broody little ass.

"I'll miss you too Naruto-nii!" Inari exclaimed as he tried to hold back the tears that threatened to spill forth from his eyes, Naruto just crouched in front of him and ruffled his hair.

"Don't worry kiddo, I promise to drop by some time to visit or something. You make sure to get stronger so you can protect your family with your own two hands got it?" Naruto asked Inari, who nodded his head enthusiastically. "Good."

"Take care of yourself k-Naruto." Tazuna caught his slip-up in time.

"Sure thing, you take care of yourself too you old drunk!" Naruto grinned in response causing Tazuna to face-vault and everyone else to laugh.

"Well if the sappy goodbyes are done, let's hit the road already." Zabuza growled impatiently through the bandages over his mouth.

"Keep your bandages on No-brows, we're leaving already." Naruto gave a small wave back to the Konoha party as well as the citizens of Nami no Kuni (Land of Waves), Zabuza restrained himself from attempting to cut the shadow-user in half with his zanbatou. Tazuna suddenly slapped his forehead in exasperation causing the citizens to look at him in confusion.

"What is it Tou-san?" Tsunami asked her father, who turned to look at her before pointing out one important fact.

"I just realised that we have yet to name the bridge!"

"Well that's easy…" Inari spoke up as every head turned to look at him. "We shall name it the Great Naruto Bridge!"

"Great Naruto Bridge huh? That's a great idea, the bridge named after our country's saviour! The Great Naruto Bridge!" Tazuna shouted out.

"The Great Naruto Bridge!" The citizens of Wave echoed his shout.

With Naruto

Naruto sneezed violently. Zabuza raised a non-existent eyebrow and commented, "Catch a cold this fast already?"

Naruto just glared at the swordsman and replied, "Of course not, must be Akane-chan or Anko-chan thinking about me already!"

"Speaking of which, how did you even manage to score two hot-as-hell women such as them AND even convince them to share you?" Zabuza asked, obviously wanting to know the secret.

"Oh it's relatively easy…"

Zabuza leaned in slightly to catch the reply, Haku also leaning in slightly as she caught wind of the conversation.

"I'm just that awesome!" Naruto eye-smiled at them, resulting in both ninjas almost face-vaulting. Zabuza mumbled under his breath about selfish brats but they continued on their journey in relative silence, though Haku kept taking the occasional glances at Naruto. Naruto, being the excellent shinobi/demon/shinigami that he is, noticed almost immediately and grinned but kept it to himself.

'Looks like someone may be finding their next mate sooner than expected.' Kagekōtei's voice held a teasing quality to it as it drifted through their mental link.

'Haku-chan is strong, beautiful, confident and has survived a childhood that is similar to mine… she would make an excellent mate, I just have to wait for her to come to me.' Naruto smirked inwardly causing Kage to let out a small giggle.

'Well I'm going to take a nap now, just call my name if you need me.' Kage yawned out and Naruto gave her a mental nod of acknowledgement.

"So Zabuza…" Naruto drawled causing the missing-nin in question to grunt as means of saying 'go ahead'. "What can you tell me about Yagura, besides the fact that he has the Sanbi sealed in him."

Zabuza shrugged as he replied, "Well he is about your age when he was made Mizukage, I was a MIST captain at that time and before you ask, MIST is Kirigakure's ANBU."

"I see..." Naruto gestured for Zabuza to continue, Haku knew everything but chose to listen in anyway.

"As I was saying, Yagura was trained at a young age to be a weapon for our village. He was personally taught by the Sandaime Mizukage, who for some reason I-I can't seem to recall any information about…" Zabuza scratched his head in confusion as Naruto narrowed his eyes at that particular piece of information.

'Not being able to recall any information at all… sounds suspicious.' Naruto thought to himself before paying attention as Zabuza started speaking again.

"Yagura has messy grey hair, pink pupiless eyes and what seems to be a stitch-like scar running from under his left eye all the way down his cheek. He always seems to have a dull expression and wears a grey undershirt with short mesh sleeves which has a metal plate of a Kirigakure forehead protector sewn onto it over which he also wears a green poncho, a turquoise sash around his waist, paired with a green indumenta over his pants." Zabuza described the Yondaime Mizukage down to the last detail.

"What about his fighting style, I would presume he uses Suiton ninjutsu?" Naruto hazarded a guess, to which Zabuza nodded in the affirmative.

"Yagura, as a result of having the Sanbi sealed into him, has an unnaturally high affinity for water techniques… even more so than your Nidaime Hokage, Senju Tobirama. He also uses a weird staff-like weapon with two hooks on each end, one larger than the other, along with a green flower on the larger end." Zabuza sighed as he looked directly at Naruto. "Let me tell you that the weapon is not for show, he was even able to defeat me and Kubikiribōchō with it."

"I would assume that this happened during your attempted coup?" Naruto asked causing Zabuza to nod as he recounted his tale of that faithful day.

Flashback no Jutsu!

Zabuza growled beneath his bandages as he dashed silently through the pouring rain, intent on making it all the way to the Mizukage tower undetected. His comrades were buying him time so he had to do this fast, deadly and silent. Zabuza felt the familiar weight of his zanbatou, Kubikiribōchō, strapped to his back as he ran up the side of the Mizukage tower before breaking through one of the windows. He dived into a barrel roll and emerged from it with his huge blade drawn and at the ready.

"Momochi Zabuza, one of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū (Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist), current wielder of Kubikiribōchō and MIST captain." Yagura said in his usual emotionless voice. "I did not expect you to be one of the rebels; if I did then I would have executed you long ago."

"Sanbi no Yagura (Yagura of the Three-tails), your reign of terror ends tonight and with it so will the Bloodline Purges!" Zabuza roared out as he swung Kubikiribōchō, intending on cutting the Yondaime Mizukage directly in half. Yagura deflected the attack with his staff before forming a one-handed seal and puffing out his cheeks.

"Suiton: Teppodama! (Water Release: Gunshot!)"

Yagura spat out three human-sized spheres of water at a rapid pace, forcing Zabuza to disengage and evade the liquid projectiles that were heading towards him. Not wasting any time, Yagura used the opportunity to create several Mizu Bushin (Water clones) and dashed towards Zabuza and engaged him in a duel of weapons.

'Damn, this is the strength of a Jinchuuriki huh?' Zabuza grunted in thought as he blocked another blow from his smaller opponent, that didn't mean that the blows weren't as strong as his own though. Zabuza managed to create several of his own Mizu Bushins to occupy Yagura's while the originals clashed again, sparks flying from the contact point between their weapons.

"I am reminded again why you are a MIST captain…" Yagura complimented his opponent after several minutes of furious fighting.

"You're not bad yourself squirt…" Zabuza panted out as sweat slithered down his forehead and face. 'What is this guy made off? I'm already running on reserves and this guy doesn't even look winded.'

Yagura didn't show any visible reaction to the insult, he just brandished his weapon and charged against Zabuza once more. Zabuza cursed as he caught the attack with the flat of his blade before kicking Yagura in the chest causing the Kage level ninja to stumble backwards with a cough. Zabuza started running through handseals and narrowed his eyes at Yagura, who had recovered from the kick.

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu! (Water Release: Water Dragon Projectile Technique!)"

The rain falling outside the broken window started forming into a giant dragon that swirled around Zabuza once before giving a roar and diving straight at Yagura. Zabuza smirked as he expected the kid to be crushed under the pressure of the attack but his jaw fell agape as he saw Yagura gesture with one hand and the water dragon fell apart.

'What the hell was that?' Zabuza growled to himself in thought before the door to the Mizukage's office burst open and a bloodied body fell in.

"Ame-chan!" Zabuza cried out in grief as he saw the user of the Kiba swords collapse at his feet and immediately created several Mizu Bushins to fend off her attackers as well as Yagura.

"Sorry Zabu-kun… too many ninjas… Mangetsu fell first before the rest of our group were overrun… I tried to get here… to warn you…" Ringo Ameyuri coughed out as blood flowed freely from her wounds.

"Shit… come on Ame-chan, we're getting out of here!" Zabuza growled as he attempted to pull her up with him but a petite hand stroked his face.

"It's too late for me Zabu-kun… go ahead and live… to fight another day…" Ameyuri whispered and she gave him a small smile causing tears to slide down Zabuza's face as he held her hand against his face.

"No I can't! I'm not living you behind!" Zabuza declared stubbornly as he helped her stand up and limped towards the window, the sounds of fighting could still be heard in the background as his clones prevented anyone from attacking them.

"Yes, you can… Kirigakure still needs you… goodbye Zabu-kun…" Ameyuri used as much strength as possible and pushed him out the window.

"Ameyuri-chan!" Zabuza shouted out as he fell from the window, lightning illuminated the sky at that moment allowing the swordsman to see Ameyuri mouthing several words at him.

'I love you'

The last Zabuza saw of Ameyuri was her drawing Kiba and turning back to stall the enemy forces inside the tower, Zabuza back flipped in mid-air and on both feet before sprinting away from the tower. The pouring rain hid the tears that slid down his face as he ran, tears that he swore he would never shed again.

Flashback no Jutsu KAI!

Zabuza, true to his word, never shed a single tear throughout the entire recollection but Naruto could see that he was struggling to contain them. Naruto didn't know how he would react if Akane or Anko were taken away from him but he knew that it would be a cold day in hell before he allowed something like that to happen.

"Zabuza-sama…" Haku looked on in concern at her mentor/master/father, who quickly shook his head free of depressing thoughts and settled back into his tough-guy image.

"I'm fine Haku." He grunted in reply.

Naruto looked up at the sky before speaking loud enough for Zabuza to catch, "I promise to defeat Yagura and avenge her…"

'Thanks… Naruto.' Zabuza thought as his expression softened slightly.

Next day

"Come on Naruto, rise and shine." Zabuza kicked Naruto's sleeping form roughly.

Naruto cracked open his eyes and groaned, "Fuck, be gentler would you?"

Zabuza rolled his eyes as Haku giggled, "Time to get moving, we should be reaching the rebel headquarters in a matter of minutes if we travel at full speed."

"If I travelled at full speed, we would be there in a matter of seconds." Naruto smirked as Zabuza's almost non-existent eyebrow started twitching.

"You don't even know where the base is so shut the fuck up and follow me junior." Zabuza grinned under his bandages when Naruto started grumbling before pausing.


"Well I can't call you gaki since you don't look like one but I DO know you are younger than me, hence the nickname junior." Zabuza explained simply.

"Fine, whatever you say… no-brows." Naruto countered with a smirk. Haku merely watched on in amusement as the two traded insults back and forth for the remainder of the trip.

Naruto stopped talking when they walked into a dense mist cloud that seemed to occupy the entire section of the forest, "Something tells me that we're near the base…"

"No shit genius, just follow me." Zabuza said as he led them to a cave, Naruto could immediately sense something off about the cave as could Haku.

"Genjutsu…" Naruto whispered quietly, he could feel the chakra used to weave the illusion and formed the ram handseal.


All three of them shouted together as the image of the cave faded away to reveal a metal bunker of sorts with two guards standing at the ready with kunai drawn.

"Put those poor excuses for weapons away, we're on your side." Zabuza growled at the two guards, both of them paled slightly at the large-ass sword on his back before one of them recognised him.

"Momochi Zabuza! You disappeared after your failed assassination attempt on Yagura!" The older-looking one of the guards shouted causing the younger-looking one to stare at Zabuza in awe.

"Yeah it's me, who's in charge of this damn rebellion now?" Zabuza asked the older shinobi, who did his best not to flinch under the larger man's gaze.

"Terumi Mei… she's the one leading us." He replied instantly.

"Terumi Mei huh… I don't recall anyone by that name though I do remember the Terumi clan…" Zabuza rubbed his chin in thought.

Naruto crossed his arms and glared at the swordsman, "Care to enlighten us on the clan?"

"Members of their clan normally gain one of two Kekkei Genkai they have, the Yoton (Lava Release) or Futton (Boil Release). Yoton is as the name suggest, the ability to use lava based ninjutsu while Futton uses an acidic mist to eat away at your target." Zabuza elaborated as Naruto seemed intrigued by it, he turned to face the guards. "So which of the two does this Mei have?"

"Mei-sama doesn't have one of the two, she has BOTH of them and that's why she is our leader." The younger guard declared proudly.

"Wow both of them huh, that's a rare occurrence… never mind. We've wasted enough time, one of you two, bring us to this Terumi Mei so we can discuss about the war effort." Zabuza pointed at the closed door.

"Kouga, you go ahead and lead them to Mei-sama while I stay here and reapply the genjutsu. She should be at the strategy room with Ao and the rest of the higher-ranked troops." The older shinobi addressed the younger one, who quickly nodded and swiped his blood across the door to unseal it.

Naruto was the last in after Zabuza and Haku, the floor immediately sloped downward which led Naruto to believe this was an underground base. They followed their temporary guide through a series of twisting and winding corridors before he ushered them into a room and left.

"Hmm? Oh this is definitely a surprise, Momochi Zabuza of all people?" A feminine voice said in surprise, Naruto turned towards the source and gasped at the sight that greeted him.

She had ankle-length, auburn hair styled into a herringbone pattern at the back, a top-knot tied with a dark blue band, and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her chest, just below her chin. Her emerald-green eyes shown with determination that Naruto often sees in people that have a purpose.

She wore a long-sleeved dark blue dress, which falls just below the knees. The dress only covers up to the upper part of her upper arms and the underside of her breasts. Underneath, she wears a mesh shirt that covers more of her upper body than her dress, but stops short of covering her shoulders and still leaves a sizeable cleavage. She also wears shorts in the same colour as her dress and, underneath those, mesh leggings reaching down over her knees. Around her waist, she wears a belt with a pouch attached to the back on the left.

Naruto could only process one thought that shot straight through his mind upon laying his eyes upon the rebellion leader.

'Daammmnnnn!' Naruto thought with a grin before his observant eyes noted that she was checking him out as well.

Terumi Mei was surprised when Momochi Zabuza, the Kirigakure no Kijin (Demon of the Hidden Mist), walked into their war room. However she was even more surprised when a raven-haired female dressed like a hunter-nin and a blonde-haired male followed him in, Mei licked her lips as she ran her eyes over the blonde.

'Mmm, such a fine specimen…'

"Why hello there, and who might you be handsome?" Mei practically purred out as she strode up to our favourite blonde shinobi, who just smirked at her in response.

"Uzumaki Naruto, Genin of Konohagakure no Sato. And I assume that the lovely lady I'm speaking to is Terumi Mei, the leader of this rebellion?"

"Indeed I am, though why is a Konoha shinobi following the Kirigakure no Kijin?" Mei asked as she crossed her arms over her impressive chest, which only served to accentuate them more. Naruto, Zabuza and every other male in the room were forced to stifle their own nosebleeds at the sight while Haku merely growled lowly at the auburn-haired woman.

Naruto shrugged, "I was on a mission, ran across old no-brows here and kicked his ass. Haku here helped him escape, found it too bothersome to kick his ass again so I made a deal with him. He would stop pursuing my client if I helped him kick the Mizukage's ass six ways to Sunday so well… here I am!"

Zabuza grinded his teeth at the nickname, Haku was still glaring at Mei, everyone else was looking at the blonde as if they believed he just escaped from a mental asylum.

"You defeated Momochi Zabuza, one of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū, by yourself?" Ao said slowly as if to emphasize each word in the question.

Naruto rolled his eye in exasperation, "Yes I kicked his ass, why is that so hard to believe?"

"Yeah, as embarrassing as it is to say it, he totally wiped the floor with me." Zabuza grunted in addition causing everyone there to gape at Naruto.

"Yes I did, now can we move this along so I can go kick my brother's ass and go home?" Naruto asked impatiently causing everyone to look at him in confusion.

Mei decided to voice out everyone's question, "Yagura is your… brother?"

"We aren't related by blood if that is what you meant, I was referring to the fact that I used to be a Jinchuuriki myself." Naruto explained causing everyone to go wide-eyed.

"You're a former Jinchuuriki?" Mei asked and got a nod in response. "You're from Konoha and a former Jinchuuriki, the only Biju that attacked Konoha recently is… the…"

Naruto smirked as he looked at all the pale faces in the room, "Wow beautiful, sexy and smart. That's right, I was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko."

Mei blushed at the comments but quickly beat it down and looked at Naruto seriously, "If what you said is true then that means the Kyuubi is free from the seal, so where is he?"

"She, Mei-chan. Kyuubi is a female." Naruto corrected causing Mei to blush again at the added suffix to her name before she finally digested that piece of information.

"Ha! The strongest Biju in existence is a female, take that you sexist bastards!" Mei shouted into the air, everyone in the room sweat-dropped at the action but Naruto snorted in amusement.

"I get the feeling that both of you would get along perfectly…"

"You know the Kyuubi personally?" Ao asked incredulously.

Naruto grinned in response, "Of course I know her personally, she is one of my mates after all."

Mei blinked owlishly at the statement as her brain tried to process the information it had just received, "… you are mated to the Kyuubi and have more than one wife?"

"Well the correct term is mate but that is about right."

"It's that redhead right, Akane if I'm not mistaken?" Zabuza finally spoke out.

"Right you are, how did you know?" Naruto looked at him curiously as Zabuza shrugged in response.

"Not too sure, just got a strange feeling around her… not to unlike you…" Zabuza trailed off as he glanced at Naruto.

Naruto sighed in resignation, "I knew this would get out sooner or later… yes I am a demon…or at least a part of me is…"

"Demon huh…so what's the other part of you?" Zabuza asked.

"Well… the other part of me is the Shinigami." Naruto paused as he let everyone let out a gasp of surprise before continuing. "Yes I know it is very surprising and all that and no, I will not go into detail on why I am like this…too fucking long to explain."

Everyone sweat-dropped at the reply before Mei cleared her throat, "Alright…even if what you said is true, I still have to test your capabilities to see at what level you are."

"Fine by me, so who am I fighting?" Naruto inquired as he cracked his neck with a savage grin.

"Why it would be me of course, since I am the strongest person in this base." Mei smirked at him.

Naruto chuckled as he shook his head in amusement before looking at Mei with his grin still in place, "By the end of our little spar, you will know just how wrong that statement is."

"We'll just have to see about that won't we? Ao! Shunshin us to the underground sparring cavern!" Mei ordered the eye-patched shinobi beside her. Ao nodded his head before grabbing both Naruto's and Mei's shoulders and disappearing in a swirl of water; another Jounin grabbed Zabuza's and Haku's shoulders and did the same thing.

Naruto whistled in appreciation when they appeared inside a large underground cavern, "Looks like you guys carved this place out of the solid rock, using high-pressured water jutsus I presume."

"Very astute observation Naruto-kun, but let's get on with the match shall we?" Mei cracked her knuckles before relaxing into a combat stance.

"Sure thing Mei-chan , and just to be fair I won't use my sword since you don't have one." Naruto said as he removed his Zanpakutou from his waist and placed her in a clone's hands.

"Very chivalrous of you Naruto-kun, guess we have to have another spar in future when I have my sword on me then." Mei replied, giving him a subtle hint that she did indeed own a sword.

"I'll look forward to that time when it comes around Mei-chan, until then… Kage Bushin no Jutsu! (Shadow Clone technique!)" Naruto called out as nine solid clones appeared around him in a rough battle formation, which Mei countered with her own cry of.

"Mizu Bushin no Jutsu! (Water Clone technique!)"

As four clones formed out of water molecules that came from the air itself, hinting to Naruto that his opponent possessed a high affinity towards water. The clones charged each other as the two originals engaged in a high-speed taijutsu battle, Naruto unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks that Mei effortlessly dodged with her flexibility.

"Damn, you sure are flexible Mei-chan." Naruto grunted as he blocked a rising knee that was aimed at his gut.

"Years of training Naruto-kun, I could always show you what else my flexibility can apply to…" Mei whispered seductively into his ear as she dodged a straight right jab.

"Maybe after I kick Yagura's ass hmm?" Naruto smirked as his reply caused her to blush and stumble forward, allowing him to catch her with a palm to the solar plexus and knocked her back a few steps. Mei coughed slightly before smirking as she ran through several handseals and breathed in deeply.

"Yoton: Taki Kasukēdo no Jutsu! (Lava Release: Cascading Waterfall technique!)"

A torrent of glowing magma shot from her mouth and arched into the sky before falling back down towards Naruto in a giant waterfall-like pattern. The many people who gathered to watch the match, stared wide-eyed as Naruto merely yawned as the waterfall of lava crashed down onto his location.

Before anyone could panic, a clapping sound was heard from behind Mei causing her to spin around in shock to see Naruto standing there clapping his hands.

"Bravo, what a magnificent display of your Yoton Kekkei Genkai!"

"Y-you! How did you manage to get behind me?" Mei gaped at the now smirking blonde.

"Let's see… you mean like this?" Naruto whispered into her ear after he had sunk into a shadow portal and appeared behind directly behind her, she shivered slightly at the pleasant sensation of his hot breath tickling her ear.

"Very good Naruto-kun but…" Mei suddenly grinned as her body started expanding causing Naruto to curse. "Not good enough! Yoton: Yobushin Bakuhatsu! (Lava Release: Lava Clone Eruption!)"

Mei's clone erupted in fiery explosion, flinging globs of lava throughout the arena as the real Mei emerged from the ground with a hand on her hip. Mei was about to say something when she found herself bound in ninja wire that was being held by a smirking Naruto, who looked perfectly fine.

"That was really dangerous, good thing I managed to Kawarimi with a Kage Bushin in time. Now time for your punishment Mei-chan, Hadō #11: Tsuzuri Raiden! (Bound Lightning!)" Naruto's left hand sparkled with electricity before he touched the ninja wire in his right hand causing a current of yellow lightning to shoot along the line straight towards a bound, wide-eyed Mei.

Mei gritted her teeth as the lightning coursed through her body causing temporary paralysis, Naruto strode over towards her as he drew a kunai.

"Do you surrender Mei-chan?" Naruto asked casually as he placed the kunai at her throat.

Mei scowled but it quickly turned into a smirk, "Doton: Dochū Eigyo no Jutsu! (Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish technique!)"

Naruto cursed as Mei sank into the ground, he quickly back-flipped several paces from his position and readied his kunai as he scanned the surrounding wearily.

"Doton: Tsuchi Kairō! (Earth Release: Earth Corridor!)" Mei's voice shouted out as the earth surrounding Naruto suddenly rose up and imprisoned him inside, he looked up and saw Mei standing at the entrance on the top.

Mei placed her hands in the horse seal before smirking, "This is my win Naruto-kun, Futton: Kōmu no Jutsu! (Boil Release: Skilled Mist technique!)"

Naruto watched as an almost invisible cloud of mist sprayed out of her mouth and descended towards him, he made a mental note of how dangerous it was when he noticed the rock walls imprisoning him started to melt.

"Too easy…" Naruto murmured as he sank into his shadow and appeared from Mei's shadow and held the kunai to her neck once again. "Did you already forget I could do that Mei-chan?"

"Of course not Naruto-kun, in fact I was banking on it! Futton: Bushin Bakuhatsu! (Boil Release: Clone Explosion!)" Mei's clone exploded in a spray of acidic mist, blowing Naruto across the chamber and slamming him into the cavern's rock wall.

"Okay…that one really hurt." Naruto growled as he hauled himself back to his feet, half his face and his left arm covered in acid burns but they were already being healed by his youki. "Time to test out that new technique that Akane-chan thought me…"

"Tajuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu! (Mass Shadow Clone Technique!)" Naruto created a hundred copies of himself and had them charge Mei, who along with everyone else had their jaws on the ground at witnessing such a feat. Mei quickly snapped out of her daze and quickly ran through twenty handseals in a few seconds before the clones could reach her.

"Suiton: Chōryū o Gekido no Jutsu! (Water Release: Raging Tides Technique!)" Mei shot out a torrent of water from her mouth that started to swirl around her in a spiral, it slowly gained speed before bursting outward in several waves. Naruto's clones that were closest to her were dispelled instantly and those that were further away were carried by the waves and slammed into the walls of the cavern and then dispelling.

Mei was panting slightly as she searched the now rather wet cavern but couldn't find the blonde partial demon, her eyes darted from left to right as she tried to slow down her breathing. Naruto wore a self-satisfied grin on his face as he crouched upside-down in the shadows of the ceiling of the cavern, his hands weren't idle for that matter as they were running through an assortment of unknown handseals.

Naruto's grin stretched out across his face as he finally finished the sequence on a seal that looked strangely like a tora (tiger) seal, "Up here Mei-chan! Onikaton: Kitsune-Bi no Kuchi! (Demonic Fire Release: Foxfire's Maw!)"

Everyone gawked as blue flames gathered around Naruto and formed into a whitish-blue flaming fox head with its muzzle opened, a bluish glow surrounded the mouth before a jet of blue flames shot towards Mei. She back-flipped away from the spot as the torrent of whitish-blue flames instantly melted the rocks there but it didn't stop and continued towards her.

"Damn!" Mei cursed aloud as she continued to evade the stream of foxfire that didn't seem to let up, she back-flipped one more time before she felt her back slam against the wall behind her. Thinking quickly, she ran through several handseals.

"Suiton: Suijinheki! (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall!)" Mei spewed forth a large amount of water from her mouth that quickly formed into a protective wall in front of her, preventing the flames from scorching her. The hiss of evaporating water could be heard throughout the cavern, the evaporated water turning into a mist that obscured everyone's sight including the two combatants.

Naruto released the technique as the fox head dissipated into the air, he silently formed three shadow clones and all four of them dropped silently back to the cavern's ground. No sooner did their feet touch the ground that one of his clones dispelled by a kunai through the head, meaning that Mei was still in action.

'This is mist is seriously getting troublesome…great now I'm starting to sound like Shikamaru.' Naruto groaned mentally as he and his two remaining clones split up and moved through the mist silently.

Meanwhile at the side-lines, Zabuza was grinning underneath his bandages as he observed the match between two extremely strong and skilful shinobi.

"The gaki is seriously strong even without his special sword, I haven't seen a fight like this in years!" Zabuza exclaimed in manic glee causing Ao and Haku to sweat-drop at his remark.

Mei had a kunai in each hand as she stealthily moved through the dense mist, she wasn't as good as Zabuza in the silent killing style since she was more of a direct approach person. A shadow moved at the area to her right causing her to fling a kunai straight at the source, a poof signified that it was just a shadow clone and not the real deal.

'Shit, how many clones did he even create before entering the mist? Is he even in here in the first place or is it just filled with his shadow clones… damn! I am at a disadvantage here!' Mei thought bitterly as she tightly gripped her other kunai before she heard a sound to her left and whirled around just in time to block a descending strike from a kunai-wielding Naruto.

"Fancy meeting you here Naruto-kun, you know… nobody can actually see what we are doing behind this mist can they?" Mei purred seductively in an effort to hide her previous nervousness.

"As tempting as that is Mei-chan…I'm just a clone!" Naruto's clone grinned as the real Naruto charged at her from behind and tackled her to the ground, pinning her arms onto the ground with his own. Mei was physically weaker than Naruto and couldn't force him off so she took a deep breath and prepared to scorch him at point-blank range with her lava.

'Damn her lava! Think fast Naruto…' Naruto quickly crushed his lips against hers in a forceful kiss causing Mei's eyes to widen considerably as she lost focus on her technique. The mist chose this moment to dissipate, revealing the lip locked couple to their gathered audience.

Haku was glaring daggers at the auburn-haired woman as she mentally imagined herself in that position while the other shinobi, Zabuza and Ao included, watched with wide eyes and hanging jaws.

Mei finally got over her shock as she closed her eyes and relaxed into the kiss before kissing him back, which greatly surprised Naruto but who would complain about such a situation. Naruto licked her bottom lip gently as Mei parted her lips slightly allowing him to slip his tongue into her mouth and wrap around hers.

Mei moaned into the kiss as Naruto sucked gently on her tongue before exploring the rest of her wet cavern, they continued like this for an entire minute before an embarrassed cough interrupted them.

They separated from each other to see a slightly flushed Ao looking at them along with the rest of their audience, Naruto helped Mei back to her feet and straighten out their ruffled clothes.

"So… do I pass the test?" Naruto asked.

"Most definitely, I would say you are at least on par with a Kage-level shinobi. Come to the command centre first thing tomorrow morning, you can do whatever you want for now." Mei replied as she tried to keep the blush of her face.

"Anything huh? Can I have a guide to show me around, wouldn't want to get lost or something."

"Sure, let's see who should be up to the job…ah I know! Mangetsu, get over here!" Mei shouted out, Naruto turned and saw a white-haired teenaged male with a strange bandaged up fish-shaped object on his back.

"Hai Mei-sama, what can I do for you?" Mangetsu saluted the rebellion leader.

Mei gestured at Naruto, who waved his hand in greeting. "Please show Naruto-kun around the base and find him a suitable room to bunk in as well."

"Consider it done!" Mangetsu grinned, allowing Naruto to see his shark-like teeth. "Follow me Naruto-san."

"No, none of that –san bull crap! Just plain old Naruto will do." Naruto corrected causing Mangetsu to let out a bark of laughter.

"I can tell we're going to get along just fine Naruto." Mangetsu paused as he saw Naruto retrieve his sword from his clone and reattached it to his waist. "That's a beautiful sword, does it have a name?"

"Yea she does, her name is Kagekōtei. And she is a sentient sword, also known as a Zanpakutou." Naruto caressed Kagekōtei gently, earning a slight tingle of happiness in response.

"Then shouldn't her name be Shadow Empress instead?" Mangetsu asked in confusion causing Naruto to face-palm and groan in frustration.

"I know, I know! However that is her name and there is nothing she or I can do about it!"

"Hahaha I see, well the sword on my back is Hiramekarei and one of the seven legendary swords of the Mist." Mangetsu pointed at the fish-shaped bundle attached to his back. "Okay enough standing around, I'm supposed to show you around."

"Lead the way, see you two tomorrow morning!" Naruto waved at Zabuza and Haku before disappearing around the corner.

Mangetsu led the way through the various corridors and tunnels that the whole underground base seemed to constitute off, they passed by many different shinobi that Naruto assumed had Kekkei Genkai.

"So what clan are you from?" Naruto asked his guide as they walked past the mess hall.

"Oh I'm from the Hozuki clan, our Kekkei Genkai allows us to transform our bodies into water thus preventing us from sustaining damage from physical attacks. However this leaves us more vulnerable to lightning based techniques." Mangetsu answered without breaking stride.

"So how many members of your clan made it out of the bloodline purges so far?"

Mangetsu frowned a little but still replied, "Right now we are down to about ten or so clan members, with me and my younger brother being one of the ten. Our parents were killed during the initial phase of the bloodline purges, they sacrificed themselves to make sure we got out safely…"

"I'm sorry to hear that, does that mean your younger brother is here as well?"

"Yes he is…as a matter of fact, I shall introduce you right now!" Mangetsu declared as he grabbed a hold of one of Naruto's arms and dragged him down several narrow hallways before stopping in front of a wooden door. He rapped on it three times before testing the knob and found that it was not locked so he pushed it open.

Naruto was greeted by the sight of a smaller version of Mangetsu, only that the boy's hair had a slight light blue tinge to it. Naruto noted that the boy seemed to be around his age, not counting the fact that the transformation gave him an adults body, and was in the middle of performing some katas.

"Naruto, this is my younger brother by four years Suigetsu. Suigetsu, this is Naruto and he is here to help us fight against Yagura-teme." Mangetsu introduced them to each other.

"Nice to meet you!" Suigetsu grinned as he shook hands with Naruto, revealing that he had the same shark-like teeth that his brother has.

"Ditto, I see you were going through some kenjutsu katas. You are planning on following your brother and joining up with the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū (Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist)?" Naruto asked the younger of the two Hozuki siblings.

"Of course, that is my dream! To be able to fight alongside my aniki as one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist!" Suigetsu proudly declared.

Naruto chuckled as he turned to leave the room, "That is a good dream Suigetsu, I will look forward to the day that you fulfill it."

Naruto left the two brothers to their own devices as he backtracked to the room that Mangetsu had pointed out beforehand, he stopped in front of the wooden door that was supposedly the entrance to his room.

Naruto shrugged as he knocked on the door three times, "Yo is anyone in there?"

The sound of creaking followed by shuffling feet could be heard before the door opened to reveal a male that appeared to be in his early twenties, "Hey you must be that Naruto that Mangetsu had told me about, come on in."

"Oh but apparently I was not informed of who my roommate actually was." Naruto told the man.

The man paused before turning around with a wide smile, "Oh how rude of me, Uzumaki Kenshiro at your service!"

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