David's Soundtrack

A/N – I've said so in another story of mine, but just so you know, I am one of those people that music means a lot to. I seem to have a soundtrack that runs through my life. Certain songs play at the back of my mind during important events, and songs also make me remember a certain time in my life.

So in this idea, often times when I hear a song I will come up with an image in my mind. While I'd love to do more Glee videos, the scenes often do not exist. So I decided to do this. Each "chapter" will be a self contained story, based off a song. Because I really identify with his self doubt, his confusion, and inner turmoil – Dave's my guy. (No I'm not a guy, nor a bully, or even gay... go figure that I feel so bonded to this character)

1 – Already There

It was late and I was still awake. I had come to bed hours ago and had lay in my bed listening to my parents get ready for bed. Finally the house was silent. It wasn't that I was trying to stay awake for any reason. It was at night, when I was alone, that the thoughts flooded my mind.

I didn't like what I had become. The bully, the jock, the scared little boy all rolled into one confused teenager. So, I let my thoughts drift to what might be. I knew there was someone out there for me. I wanted to believe that one day I'd be happy, with a great job, a family. Yes, in these moments when I let my mind wander, I never thought "wife". I had admitted the truth to myself if not anyone else.

Images of Kurt would meander into my thoughts. I would let myself wonder where he was. Was he thinking of me? Did he ever think of me? I had made his life hell, and drove him away, and yet here I was, wondering if he ever thought of me. In reality, I knew he didn't. I wasn't the one he dreamed of, but in this dream of mine, I liked to think that someday we'd meet again. That he would see that I had changed. Maybe something would click at first sight, or maybe we'd just be good friends and take it slow.

I closed my eyes and smiled. I hoped fate had a compassionate plan for me. Until then, I would dream of a future where he didn't hate me, wasn't scared of me. I would dream of a future where he was already there… waiting for me.

A/N - So what do you think? Sometimes I find it hard to get the images I see in my head to make sense in word form.

Lyrics are posted below. This song is sung by Hugh Panaro.

Trying to sleep, alone in my bed

Thoughts of the future go round in my head

How will I find a love of my own

A love of the kind that I've never known

Don't know where I'm going

Don't know what to do

I take comfort knowing

That right here and now

You're out in the world

Searching for me too

You're already there waiting for me

Wondering where in the world I could be

You go through your day dreaming your dream

Afraid that it might not come true

While I'm lying here dreaming of you

You're far far away or just down the street

But surely someday we are destined to meet

I know in my heart you're coming to me

I don't need to know when and where

I'll just turn and one day you'll be there

And maybe we will know

At the first word, at the first glance

Or maybe we'll go slow

Start out as friends, but in the end

A love to last a lifetime will grow

And that will be our story

I can't wait to live our story

So now go to sleep and I'll do the same

Knowing your heart though I don't know your name

I trust in a plan much higher than me

To bring us together in time

So till you appear

I'll picture you clear

Remove all the doubt and let go of the fear

And know that the future is fine

You're already there

Waiting for me

S o in a funny way, you're already mine.