He had a smear of red eye-shadow streaked on his eyelids, bright against the thick black Kohl eye-liner that emphasised just how cat-like his green eyes were. Thick, red – fire truck red hair barely contained in a ponytail. Limbs that never seemed to end as he leaned on the bar counter, a cigarette held between two fingers and a trail of smoke drifting from his thin lips.

The redhead was exotic and dangerous, beautiful and deadly. A shark lurking in the shadows near a shoal of fish, waiting in the dark watery depths for the right chance to strike.

The 'fish' he had his eyes on was a short blonde with don't-fuck-with-me icy blue eyes and dressed in deliciously tight clothes. Barely legal looking but doing all sorts of things with his body on the dance floor which just begged to be touched, held, fucked.

A cigarette was left on the bar top, smoking where it had been stubbed out, left behind by the redhead who stalked towards the blonde with a wicked gleam in his eyes, intent on at least getting to touch tonight.

Bodies were packed together, tightly, sweat passing from body to body, a maze of grinding masses which the redhead weaved through, brushing off the wandering hands which had no business touching what he was packing.

At last he was behind the blonde, leaning over and breathing heavily on the unsuspecting boys neck, this was not unusual for a dance floor so the boy barely reacted, but the hands winding around his waist and dragging him back against a taught, lean body sure did get his attention, as did the large warm hand which had cupped his chin as he glanced over his shoulder in surprise and the wet hot mouth that claimed his own.

With just a few words the blonde was caught hook, line and sinker. Doomed to go with the 'shark' back to his lair.

"The names Axelgot it memorised?" was breathed hotly on the shell of the blondes ear.