Ziva hadn't been working for NCIS long, but there was a definite trend starting to develop. She would come in and sit at her desk, and start her day in silence. McGee and DiNozzo on the other hand often got out the elevator arguing and didn't stop until Gibbs gave him 'that' look.

The director had called Gibbs into her office for who knows what reason which left DiNozzo and McGee free to argue, again, over something trivial no doubt.

That's when Abby strolled in to the bull pen sat down at Gibbs' desk and watch the show.

"I do no think you should do that" Ziva said.
"I believe Gibbs does not like anyone sitting at his desk"
"I'm special" Abby said with a smile. Abby cleared her throat, which caused McGee and DiNozzo to look at her. "Mummy and Daddy don't like it when you fight" she said and looked at the catwalk above.

The two agents looked at each other, then the catwalk, then back at each other, then sat at there desks quietly.

Ziva watched Gibbs as he walked down the stairs and over to his desk. She was expecting him to shout or at least glare at Abby for sitting at his desk. She was shocked when all he did was, nothing. He simple sat on the edge of his desk and let Abby ramble on about what ever it was that she had come to tell him. When she'd finished she simply stood up, briefly locked eyes with Gibbs and went back to her lab.

For the next thirty minuets the bull pen was nice and quiet everyone got on with there work. Gibbs glared at his phone when it made that annoying little beeping sound that indicated he had a text message. Only one person ever sent him text messages and she'd just left to go back to her lab. He stood up and headed for the back elevator that would take him to her.

Abbys Lab

"What's wrong Abby?" Gibbs said as he marched in to the lab
"I should be asking you that"
"I know you Gibbs and there is something wrong" she softened her voice "talk to me"

He sighed, he had been thinking about Abby more and more lately and he thought they had grown closer. He had begun to think that perhaps she felt for him what he felt for her. But just a few minuets ago in the bullpen his world came crashing down, did she really look at him as just a father figure?

"Gibbs? Please" she said taking a step closer to him "talk to me"
"You mean what you said up there?"

Abby looked confused "In the bullpen?"
Gibbs nodded once.

She hadn't said a lot, certainly nothing that could offend anyone, unless…..unless he meant her Mother/Father comment. But how could that be offensive? She'd liked Gibbs for a long time but always thought that he thought of her like a daughter, could he be upset because he thought that she thought of him like a dad? He meant so much more to her than that. Surely he knew that, but then again…

"I'm not sure what to say Gibbs"
"Tell me the truth, is that how you see me?"
"like my Dad?"
"No!" she said "you're so much more than that"

He smiled a very small almost non existent smile at the look he saw in her eyes "good"

"Abby, you got a date for the ball tomorrow night?"
"no. wasn't going to go"

Gibbs phone rang "what!" he barked. "Ok I'll be right there" he said before hanging up. Just before he turned to leave he said "I'll collect you at 1830, be ready"

Gibbs left Abby standing in the middle of her lab wondering at what had just happened. Gibbs was obviously glad she didn't think of him like a Father, and by his reaction he didn't think of her like a daughter so were did that leave them. And what was that about the ball? Were they going as friends, as colleagues or as something else. Abby was sure of one thing, she had to go shopping.

Due to the nature of the case they were working Abby didn't get a chance to see Gibbs again until she was shutting down her machines and heading home. He almost always walked her to her car, it was just something he did if he could, and today was know different.

There conversation was free and easy through the elevator ride, and the walk to Abbys car. But then it changed.

"So, Gibbs, tomorrow night"
"How are we going?"
"By car" he said with a smile in his voice.
"That's not I meant"
"Say what you means Abbs" He had a very good idea of what she meant, he wanted, no needed her to say it first.
"We're friends"
"So, are we going as friends?"
"Oh? You expecting something else?"
"Expecting, no. Hoping maybe"
"Hoping for what Abbs" he looked her in the eyes hoping she would see the answer to her question before she had asked it.
"Hoping for, more"

That was when they heard DiNozzo and Ziva, and this conversation was not something that others should know about, not yet anyway.

Gibbs kissed her cheek and whispered "see you tomorrow"

He walked away towards his car, which was only a few cars away.
Abby didn't care who heard her she needed an answer "GIBBS!" she shouted, and when he turned around she continued "which is it?" she asked.
He did the only thing he could think of, he sighed her answer.

Abbys smile grew very wide very quickly. She was so glad that tomorrow was Saturday; it was going to take all day to find the perfect dress for her date.