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"Yes, I will pay all of his expenses. No matter how big they are… And I want him to be treated with the outmost care. If anything happens to him your company will be held responsible and I will most likely sue you… Yes. Thank you."

Kaiba, who was sitting by his desk, hung up the phone and looked around room in search of his boyfriend. That word still seemed so odd, and Kaiba preferred not to use it, but he did find the blond standing over by the door. He was leaning against the door-frame and looking pretty gloomy.

"They will pick him up soon and take him to the rehab center located just out of town," Kaiba informed him. Jonouchi didn't even look his way, his arms crossed and his eyes hidden underneath golden locks of hair. "Come here," the brunet said and stretched out his arms towards Jonouchi. He hesitated for a moment, but then walked up to Kaiba and put his arms around his neck. The brunet gently pulled him down and onto his lap, letting him rest his head against his shoulder; he still wouldn't say a word. "What's wrong?"

"… It still feels like I'm abandonin' him," Jonouchi murmured.

"You're not. You're doing what's best for him, trust me. You can't keep taking care of him yourself; you're not old enough or experienced enough to do that, and you have your own problems."

"You mean like, you? You're a problem?"

Kaiba snorted. "I meant like, school. That's the next thing we're going to fix."

Jonouchi groaned and Kaiba couldn't help but chuckle. He liked helping the blond, and he liked seeing how Jonouchi's mood got just a little bit better for each thing he did; he liked that little smile that told him he'd done something right. The brunet smirked a little and leaned forward to kiss him, but Jonouchi cringed away from him.

"What's wrong?" Kaiba repeated, more worried this time. Jonouchi had never denied him before.

"There's one more thing…" Jonouchi said and wouldn't meet Kaiba's eyes when the brunet tried to look him in the face. The blond was fiddling with his hands. "I'm not… I-I'm not… gay." The final word was nothing but a whisper, yet Kaiba heard it clearly.

Oh. So the blond was still worried about that. Kaiba couldn't blame him though; growing up with an intolerant father like his had to leave its marks and it wasn't something you could easily shrug off. Besides, what teenage boy would willingly admit to being homosexual? But still, Kaiba knew what Jonouchi felt for him and all he could do was comfort him.

"Jonouchi, listen to me," the brunet said softly and reached up, putting a hand underneath the blond's chin and lifting it up so their eyes met. Kaiba wore a soft look just for him and gently moved his thumb over Jonouchi's near perfect skin; there was only one small scar ruining it. "You're not homosexual. I don't suppose you've seen a movie called 'Brokeback Mountain'?" He received a wordless head-shake as an answer. "It's about two men who fall in love, but they're not homosexual. Both of them later get married to women and one of them even have children. And yet they love each other." Jonouchi opened his mouth to say something, but Kaiba was faster. "You're still attracted to women, are you not?"

The blond bit his lip and looked away, but he did blush just a bit. Kaiba smiled a little.

"I won't mind if you are."

"… Yeah," Jonouchi finally confessed.

"And you're not attracted to any other men?" Jonouchi shook his head again. Kaiba's smile turned into a smug smirk, even though he tried to hide it. "There you go. You're not homosexual. And yet…"

"… and yet there's somethin' 'bout ya that makes me want ya," Jonouchi finished and smiled ever so slightly. He seemed to hesitate at first, but then turned his head a little and placed a kiss at the corner of Kaiba's mouth. "Thanks."

"Anytime," Kaiba replied and returned the kiss before tightening his hold on the blond and resting his cheek against Jonouchi's. He let out a contented sigh, but was soon interrupted in his more or less perfect state of harmony by Jonouchi, who cleared his throat.

"Um, we still have one more thing ta do."

Kaiba watched in mild amusement as Yugi Motou's eyes went back and forth between the brunet himself and Jonouchi, who was standing next to him.

"Um, tadaa?" Jonouchi said with a shaky voice and swept out with his hands a little. Kaiba's smirk grew wider and he crossed his arms over his chest, looking at the blond to see what he was going to do next. He was ready to step in and help him at any moment, but he had promised Jonouchi that he could try and handle it on his own at first.

They were at school, and it was after the final class when most of the students had gone home. Kaiba and Jonouchi had pretty much avoided each other all day, but the brunet couldn't resist dragging the blond into the bathroom during lunch just to be able to kiss him. But now Jonouchi had gathered his entire little gang of friends, and they were all more or less staring at the unlikely couple.

"Wait… you and Kaiba –"

"You're a couple?" Honda asked incredulously. "Since when?"

"Since, I dunno… a couple of weeks ago?"

"And you didn't tell me?" Yugi said and sounded positively hurt, while Honda in the background looked ever madder.

"But Yug'… I told ya I was gon' tell you everythin' once I fixed it, remember?" Jonouchi said and took a step forward, obviously trying to settle Yugi's worried mind. "An' I fixed it now!"

"But I thought you said –"

"When did this even start? How did it begin?" Anzu asked; she hadn't even been able to find her voice until now.

"Well, that's… it-it was…"

Jonouchi turned half-way around and met Kaiba's eyes. The brunet gave him a small but reassuring smile and got a much brighter one in return. He turned back to his friends with obvious new enthusiasm.

"Remember when we were at the amusement park a couple of weeks ago?" Jonouchi asked and got small nods from his friends. "Well, I thought I saw S- Kaiba," he corrected himself and the brunet couldn't help but blink – but then he understood. Jonouchi still had to think the first name was too private to use in public, "so I like, had to follow him 'cause I wanted to know what the hell he was doin' there. So I went into that creepy ol' Mirror House, yanno the one, an' when we saw each other we… we…"

The blond trailed off and his body relaxed a bit. Kaiba watched him with a wrinkle between his eyebrows; what was he doing? Wasn't he going to tell the whole story? Did he need help?

Just as Kaiba got ready for stepping in and helping him, Jonouchi turned around once again and met Kaiba's eyes, but he looked a lot more serious this time.

"Actually…" he said without breaking eye-contact. "I don't really know what happened. We just sorta started talkin'… an' I figured he wasn't that bad… an' then he helped me with my dad, and… and let me stay at his place when I couldn't go back home."

Kaiba's eyes were just a little wider than normally – the blond was lying. Deliberately lying in front of his friends. But when he realized why a wave of affection hit him and made him smile warmly without thinking about Jonouchi's friends standing behind him at all.

Jonouchi wanted the bond to be theirs and theirs alone. No one else knew about it; no one else needed to know, not even the blond's friends or Mokuba for that matter. It was their own little secret.

"Yeah, I guess that's it," Jonouchi said and stretched out his hand, which Kaiba took without a doubt. The rest of the people simply stared.

"K-Kaiba?" Yugi finally said, turning to the brunet for some kind of confirmation.

"Yes? He's telling the truth, what more do you want?"

"I-I…" Yugi hesitated, visibly softening when he met Kaiba's cold but sincere eyes. "If it's really true then I'm happy for you guys." He smiled cautiously.

"I can't be true!" Honda practically shouted. "They've always been enemies, they can't just turn around and… and…!"

"Hond', come on…"

Kaiba finally decided to step in, taking a step forward and squeezing Jonouchi's hand for a moment. He turned towards the blond.

"Jonouchi, this is what makes you happy, isn't it?" he asked, completely serious, and Jonouchi was as well.

"Yes," the blond answered and seemed honest.

"Then isn't that enough?" Kaiba asked, turned to Yugi and Anzu but mostly Honda. "If this is what's making him happy, then isn't that all there is to it?"

"I guess…" Honda admitted and looked rather defeated.

"At least this way you won't fight with each other anymore," Yugi said with a relieved sigh. Kaiba and Jonouchi exchanged looks, and then the blond snorted while the brunet smirked.

"Are ya kiddin'? We'll probably fight even more now!" Jonouchi grinned.

"We'll fight all the time," Kaiba agreed, and smiled at Yugi's confused expression. "We can never agree on anything, and we have different opinions on everything. We never want to do the same things. And we never know what the other is thinking about."

"But…" Yugi started, but was interrupted by Jonouchi.

"We should prob' go now. I'm stayin' at his place," he said and Kaiba couldn't quite decide if he sounded smug or not. Yugi still looked confused while Honda looked like her was getting angrier again. "Come on," the blond said and tugged at Kaiba's hand.

The brunet willingly followed Jonouchi through the corridors and out of the school building. It was late afternoon; the sun was setting and there was nearly no one nearby. Jonouchi slowly stopped and turned around to face Kaiba, who looked at him with slightly raised eyebrows. What the blond had done really did surprise him – first of all he didn't think Jonouchi could lie to his friends (even though it hadn't been that big of a lie) and secondly he had acted a lot more confident than Kaiba thought he would.

"Yanno what's the best part 'bout fightin'?" Jonouchi asked with a small smirk. Kaiba shook his head, even though he could guess the answer. "Makin' up again."

The blond's eyes were glimmering with mischief, and Kaiba couldn't help but smirk as he leaned closer and caught his lips in a slow but deep kiss. One of his hands – the one Jonouchi wasn't holding on to – automatically came up and cupped the other's cheek.

"Mmmsorrry I called ya 'Kaiba'," Jonouchi mumbled and half-broke away, still staying nothing but a hair's breadth away from Kaiba's lips, and his eyes weren't fully open.

"That's alright, Jonouchi. I understand," Kaiba answered and was completely honest; he really did understand why the blond had done it. "We really should be getting home, though."


They started walking again; Kaiba's limousine was parked on the other side of the parking lot. He knew Jonouchi didn't like taking it, and that the blond would probably make Kaiba walk to and from school eventually, but not yet.

Then the blond suddenly stopped. He turned towards Kaiba again; his eyes dead serious and his expression almost blank, and the brunet felt a small pang of nervousness in the pit of his stomach.

"Call me 'puppy'."

"… What?"

"Ya heard me, call me 'puppy'. Please," he added, once he realized something was missing.

"You want me to –" Kaiba begun but interrupted himself, and stared at the blond. "You want me to call you by the name that started our whole fight? The name I promised never to call you again?"

"Y-yeah," Jonouchi said and didn't meet Kaiba's eyes, but squeezed his hand tighter for a few seconds. "I… I kinda miss it." Kaiba stared incredulously at the heated blush spreading across the blond's cheeks. However, the brunet decided to take it as a sign Jonouchi was telling the truth.

"You… you just –" But then Kaiba closed his eyes for a moment, and when he opened them again he was smiling. "Puppy. My puppy." He reached up and brushed his fingers over Jonouchi's cheek, drawing a bright smile from the blond. "You're my little puppy. Puppy."

Kaiba repeated the word over and over, but was eventually stopped by Jonouchi, who leaned forward and crashed their lips together, unable to contain his happiness any longer. Kaiba only smiled and returned the kiss without any doubt – he'd never felt more right in his entire life.

The End