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Summary: Captain Becker knows that there are certain things Matt and Jess will never understand. Set during the webisodes, specifically Webisode 4.

Pairings: Mentions of Connor/Abbey and Danny/Sarah

Captain Becker knows that there are certain things Matt and Jess will never understand. He knows that they will never understand why he spends so much time playing with Rex, and with those two little creatures of Connor's. They'll also never understand why, in spite of his obvious affection for the creatures, he fights so hard against the introduction of non-lethal weaponry.

They think they know. They think, oh, he lost his team. That's why he fights it. Becker knows better. Becker knows that the non-lethal weaponry is what Cutter… and Connor… and Sarah… and Abbey… would want. But he fights it anyway.

He fights because every time he picks up one of those stupid stun guns that Matt bought, he sees their faces. He sees Cutter in Conner's arms. He sees Sarah and Danny promising each other that they'll never say goodbye. Hears her desperately screaming his name, crying out for help. He sees Connor and Abbey pretending they aren't completely, totally head-over-heels in love with each other.

Becker fights against the non-lethal weaponry so much, not because he lost his team, but because of that other thing that Matt and Jess will never understand. When he lost Danny, and Sarah, and Connor, and Abbey, Becker didn't just lose his team, he lost his family.

AN: Oh poor Becker. It's amazing how much he grew as a character this season isn't it? I mean last season he was barely noticeable, but this season... wow. Over the course of the webisodes he grew into one of the most emotionally deep characters on the show. Bravo to Ben Mansfield for his amazing performance.

Here's hoping he survives to next season!

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