Chapter 7

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It's not a long kiss, but it doesn't matter. I crack my eyes open, and notice Finn in the corner of my eye, shaking his head. I was too late.

I pull away from Chase slowly, and he just looks at me like I'm crazy.

"Am I drunk?" he says cautiously.

I laugh nervously. "Of course not! W-why would you think that?"

Chase blinks hard, still looking at me. "Because you just kissed me."

"Well you kissed me back." I blurt out. Chase blushes, but he still looks confused and slightly irritated.

"I don't remember it that way." Chase snaps. He rubs his neck anxiously, clearly embarrassed. Kathy and Selena are staring at us, still gawking.

"What do you remember?" I say, trying to sound playfully flirty, but by Finn's expression, I failed miserably.

"I remember you called me a jerk." Chase says, his eyes narrowing. "And you stormed away." He shakes his head confusedly. "That's weird. I can't remember anything else."

I edge closer to him. "Well I do." I quickly try to think of a logical reason for our kiss. "You apologized for being a jerk, and so did I. And then...well, you kissed me."

"What? No, you kissed me." Chase argues.

Kathy comes toward us. "Um, you both are wrong. I saw the whole thing."

Chase puts his hand on his hip (which looks slightly girly.) "Please explain."

"So, new girl got all scream-y at you, and then you apologized, and like, told her she was cute. And then, you like, said that you wanted to finish the cake with her. Then new girl put batter on her face so you'd lick it off again. And then, she did it again on her lips, and then you both kissed each other. 'K?"

By this point, Chase and I are both blushing like crazy.

"W-well, I don't remember that." he says quietly.

Selena comes over as well, and stands next to Kathy. "Ooooh, Chase-y's got a girlfriend!" Kathy and her both giggle.

"Didja like it?" Kathy say, slightly bouncing up and down.

"Like what?" Chase says.

"Did you like kissing her?" Selena asks eagerly.

Chase glares at them, but doesn't say a word.

"Ooooh, that wasn't a no!" Kathy says, grinning.

"But it wasn't a yes either!" Chase growls. Finn starts pulling my hair and biting my ears, trying to get me to say something.

"I liked it!" I say quickly. They all turn to stare at me. "I-I liked it."

Kathy and Selena hold back a laugh, and Chase stiffens. "You're saying you liked kissing me?" he says carefully.

I nod, not sure what else to do. "You were really sweet when were cooking together. I-I hope we can do it again sometime."

Chase walks to the front door and leaves without saying anything.

After trying and failing to hold in laughter, Kathy and Selena crack up, laughing their heads off. I look at the ground embarrassed that I made such a fool out of myself.

Kathy pats my head and laughs harder. "Giiirl, you got guts!"

"Totally." Selena says. "You're pretty bold." They looks at each other, smiling devilishly. "You know.."

"We're having a big sleepover tonight." Kathy finishes. "You should come! You can meet the rest of the gals."

I glance at Finn, who's smiling and nodding. "Uh, sure."

Kathy and Selena squeal, grabbing each others hands. "Yay!"

"Grab you're stuff from your place, and meet us here. My room's upstairs." Selena says.

I smile and nod. "Yeah, sounds like a plan. I'll be right back."

They wave as I exit the bar and head home.

"Aw, we didn't even get anything to eat." Finn says grumpily.

I roll my eyes. "Hey, I kissed one of the bachelors, isn't that good enough for you?"

Finn shrugs. "Eh. Chase is definitely interested in you, that's for sure." I smile, and I keep walking.

"But!" Finn says excitedly, realizing something. "All the boys are planning on crashing that slumber party!"

My eyes grow wide. "What?"
"So look real pretty, 'k?" Finn says, happy that something is finally going his way.

I hide my face in my hands. "Did you say ALL the boys?"

Finn nods. "Yeah. Why?"

I shake my head worriedly. "Crap!"

Finn still seems confused and I sigh.

"Finn...have you seen my pajamas before?"