I'm back.

"Rosalie. What was that?" Alice was staring me down, waiting for me to answer her. Something I would have done If I had any clue myself. Who the fuck was this bitch and why did she feel the need to cuddle me like some adolesent teddy bear? I just shook my head at her. Fuck talking. I'm done with that shit. I am fucking tired of this whole day.

"Edward, I don't know what that was. I don't care either. Keep your hands off of what's mine. You got that?" his eyes were on the floor again. Good to know someone was listening to what I had to say for once. I don't understand his audacity though. I ran this place, Who the fuck does he think he is? I need to kick the shit out of something. Out of someone.

"Rosalie..." Alice was still here. Something I should have expected... I did not want her here though. She was leaving anyway, let her go.

"Alice, you should leave. I have things to do here" I stated calmly, glancing at her from time to time waiting for her to second guess me for shutting her out. She always does. She just shook her head and walked off.

She's getting tired of me, I can see it. Everyone gets tired of me at some point in time. Fuck them!

I have little sluts here to keep me entertained, with what little arousment they can give me. No bitch says no to me.

I stood there glaring at Edward. He got the point and took his leave.

The whole castle was dark and lonely now. Found myself taking a few seconds to look at it. The cold grey floor perfectly clean from the bitches here scrubbing at it with their pathetic toothbrushes. Ghastly walls had nothing on them at all. Decorating this place with pictures of family would just be a nethargic thought. This place doesnt need anything.

My body is itching with the need to move, do something. I started walking down the hall way. Past the many doorways. through the kitchen and into the room where they were all caged.

There was a girl sitting cross legged in the middle of the floor. Her leg chained to the wall.

"Mistress, please I can't, No!" she was wailing. Banging her bony fists on the floor. Tears rushing down her chalky face. Yes, this is what I desperetly need.

"Stand the fuck up, Pet!" I growled at her. Rushing at her with not a thought in my head. No thoughts of Bella disrespecting me. No thoughts of her little spit with that worthless mule of mine.

Chains were smashed to floor within a few seconds. I had her against a wall shortly after. Her blue eyes were filled with fear as she bit her lips and started shaking her head. Begging me to stop. I loved it. Little bitch had life. She was trying to fight. It egged me on more.

My fingers wrapped around her throat. My knees slid there way up to her crotch. Her bony thighs were crushing me, she did not want this. I didnt care.

I pushed my knee against her, the girls head snapped back as she tryed to hold back her moan. Her nipples were hardening underneath her grey shabby shirt. I picked her up and chucked the bitch on the bed and got on top of her.

Tearing her clothes off and grabbing her tits. Blue eyes was screaming bloody murder now as my fingers found their way into her soiled undergarments to her pussy. Her slit was wet from arousal.

Little slut was fucking dripping. I pushed my fingers into her and starting tugging on her nipple with my teeth. I fucked the living shit out of her.

Basking in the sound of her screams.

"No Mistress!"

"Mistress, please!"

"I wont mess up again!"

"I'm sorry"

Shouted apologies never stopped coming out of her cracked little lips.

Little bitch was good.

Might steal this one.

Get rid of that Bella... No can't do that. She will be fucked. No one says no to me.

"Shut up Bitch! You bore me with your screaming. You stupid girl." I gritted out as I shoved my head back and started to grind the shit out her.

This girl may not cum but I was going to. I fucking owned this place. Her screams, were mine. Hair was mine. Fucking eyes were mine.

Everything in here is mine.

Soon everyone in here will learn that.