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Lila Archer was in California for the week, filming a small part in a crime show that eerily was similar to her boyfriend's role in his real team. She was some sort of genius, spouting off information when no one really asked for it. It was like the writers had followed Spencer Reid around and made the role feminine and stuck her in it. Either way, she was starting to really sympathize with him after nearly two dozen eyes were rolled in her direction. This was only acting and it pissed her off! She could only imagine what Spencer felt! She made a mental note to never roll her eyes again no matter how boring the statistic was.

She was sitting in her trailer in between takes, dressed in a plain looking blue button up dress. One that must have come right out of a thrift shop from the 90's. It was ugly but it was part of the character so she made it work. She had very little make-up on as well. The make-up artist told her that they were trying to make her look plain. Her character's glory days were at the end of the next episode when she's shot and dies in the arms of a colleague. Exciting stuff!

Lila's phone rang and she reached out to get it, frowning at the number. It was an unlisted number. This was right around the time that Spencer would call to check in. Shrugging, she reasoned he might be in the middle of a case and need his number to be blocked so nobody could trace him. Or something.

"Hello? Spencer?" She asked, her voice ringing out into the small trailer. Her brow was creased with concentration, listening to the background noises on the other end. She heard sirens. Dread instantly caused her stomach to knot up painfully.

"Lila, it's Aaron Hotchner. I was told to call you in case of an emergency. Reid.." The man's voice was as it always was, calm and methodic.

"Emergency? Is Spencer okay? What's going on?" Hysteria entered her body and she jumped off the chair so quickly it fell against the floor with an unpleasant crash.

"He was talking down an unsub and was unaware that there was a second one. We were all unaware of that fact. He was struck really hard at the back of his head. There was significant blood loss. He's in surgery right now. Before he went under, he requested your presence." He said everything so matter of factly that it made Lila mad. Really really mad.

"What do you mean you were unaware? Isn't this your fucking job to know just how many people are doing the crimes you're supposed to be stopping? Isn't it your job to protect each other?" Her words came out in an angry whine.

"Lila, time is of the essence. You need to get here as soon as possible."

"I'll be there as soon as I can."


Lila had enough fans on the show that they agreed to put the shooting on hold for a few days to allow her to get back to Virginia to attend Spencer's bedside. They offered dull words of support and comfort as she raced out of the parking lot in a rented car. She was still dressed in that ugly costume.

A few hours later with no idea of what time it was or how Spencer was doing, she was running into the entrance of the hospital. Apparently Hotch had some reign over the nurses at the front desk because she was instantly directed to the waiting room where the rest of the team was.

A few brows were raised in her direction as she raced into the room and she slowed down, urging her body to cooperate and stay calm. Fuck that, she thought. Each member gave her a nod, acknowledging her presence. There were tears in the eyes of the women in the room. The men looked pained but struggled to contain their grief. Without realizing it, she searched for Spencer before sinking down into a chair, suddenly exhausted.

"How is he?" She asked, her voice coming out shaky and low. The female agent to her left (Emily?) placed a hand on hers to offer a brief squeeze before returning to her lap. Lila looked at her gratefully.

Hotch stepped forward. Was the man ever not the leader? She doubted it. "It's touch and go. The surgery was successful, the doctors managed to get the swelling of his brain down by… They don't know if there will be any lasting damage as he is still asleep. We've each spent time with him. It's your turn now."

Lila got up slowly, hesitating as she walked to the door that lay closed beyond them. She turned to the team with tears in her eyes. She had been prepared to scream at them, curse them out for not taking proper care of Spencer, but instead stopped short. There was pain in each person's countenance. They just wore it differently than she did.

She entered the room slowly, an entrance she never once made in her life before. Usually, she glided into rooms, demanding all the attention of the people in it, but this time, she found herself unable to even walk normally. She listened to the steady beeping of the many machines that were hooked up to Spencer, watched the rise and fall of his chest beneath the thin bed sheet and stared sadly at the young man beneath it. The circles under his eyes were far more pronounced than they'd ever been. His arms were laying stiffly at his sides and for a morbid moment, she wondered if someone had placed them there instead of crossed over his chest like they should be. She brushed the thought away as she came closer to the bed.

There were inches of bandages wrapped around his forehead, holding in place the stitches at the back of his head. She was certain that the back of his head was shaved, at least around the area of impact and knew he'd be really upset when he woke up. To her, it wasn't a matter of if, but when. She made a mental note to help him style his hair each day so the stiches and the bald spot would be able to heal privately.

"Spencer, you would laugh if you could see me now. I'm wearing some ugly polyester blue dress that only you could appreciate. You'd remark it's ironic that such a pretty girl could wear something so ugly so well. Or maybe you'd like this dress. Who knows?" As she spoke, her hands clasped one of his tightly, as if to will the life back into his broken body. Lila turned the arm over, her fingers tracing his veins up to where the IV was pushed in. She winced before turning it back over.

"That new role I got that I was so secretive about? It's pretty much you. You'll have to give me some tips on how to be more convincing. I'm not sure I'm pulling it off." She was trying hard to keep her composure despite the flood of tears running down her cheeks. He'd hate to know he was causing her to cry.

"Oh, Spencer, why do you always have to be the freaking hero? Can't you, just once, take a step back and let a team mate pull out his gun and wave it around? Or her gun. Emily seems like she's perfectly capable of doing that." Lila knew she shouldn't be expecting a response but found herself sobbing when he didn't say anything back. He was laying there, as good as dead aside from the air coming in and out of his lungs. "Come back to me."