Author's Note: Noticed a few loose ends in 'Always a Hero', so here it is.. The last chapter I think. Who knows? I really should update 'Smile, Darling, Smile' and 'Promises, Promises' and maybe have more fluffy one shots, but this popped into my brain. It's a combo of a lot of things I love. Hopefully you will too.


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Her eyes darkened as the severity of the situation nestled into her mind. She was dying. There it was: the large puddle of blood gathering beneath her. Her blood. It stained the blue dress she was wearing and slipped between her small fingers. A little sigh shuddered through her lips that were gasping for air that just wasn't reaching her lungs. She watched silently as a man landed clumsily on his knees before her, screaming words she couldn't hear or understand.

He placed his fingers over her wound, trying to stop the flowing blood. Her own hands were pushed aside as the man grimaced, looking at the area where the bullet hit her. She was dying. There was little to no chance she'd survive such an attack. He could feel her life start to drain out of her.

"Sandra, hang on! Please, don't go. You solved the case! Sandy, you did it!" The man pressed his hand against her chest harder evoking a cry of displeasure from the young woman's lips. He pulled her into a sitting position to prevent her blonde hair from getting bloodier. He looked around wildly as his young colleague took her last breath, blood bubbling up to her lips making them red once again. They made eye contact for the last time as she exhaled. He wiped his left hand on his dark pants to close her eyes. She would never look at him in anger again, or in sadness. Nor would she ever grin at him in that childish way of hers. "Goodbye, dear girl, rest in peace." He placed her gently on the ground, pushing a stray bang that felt into her eyes away as the EMTS ran up to the scene. "It's too late, boys. She's gone."


Spencer was abnormally silent. During her show's hour long premiere he had been chattering away about the impossibilities that he saw played out on the screen. But after a few episodes, it came to Lila's character's death and he was quite unhappy with the scene. It was too real for him. Substitute the name Sandy for Lila and it was her dying. The credits rolled across the screen as he sat there glaring at the floor.

"Well, Spencer.. What did you think?" A curious voice rang into his ears and he looked at her with a frown on his face.

"I think it was rather awful. Not your acting, mind you. But that man… Why couldn't they have killed him instead of you… Your character I mean."

Lila put a hand on his shoulder, curling against his side. "Oh, Spence. I meant what you thought of the death. Not the rest of it. Was I realistic enough?" She hated to ask him that question, but he'd seen enough people die that he would know.

"It was too real." He responded sullenly, avoiding her concerned gaze.

"Spencer. Hey, look at me. I'm here, right here. Not there. It's just a TV show. One that I will no longer be starring in because of that dramatic exit. The next role I take, I won't choose one where I die. I promise."

A part of him knew he was being irrational, but another part of him knew that anything could happen. They could promise each other loads of things but one day, it could all change. He had nearly died. Where would that have left her?


"Lila… Lila… Wake up. Lila." A small hand swung out and whacked him gently in the face, pressing her pointer finger to his lips to silence him. But he spoke around it, moving his head ever so slightly to the left.

With a groan, a sleepy Lila rolled over onto her stomach and perched herself on her elbows, her blonde hair falling around her bare shoulders. Spencer was sitting up in bed, his legs folded indian style. He was dressed in a pair of boxer shorts, the type he only wore to bed. She smiled and fingered the edge of it as he took her hand in his, stilling her motion.

"What is it, Spencer?" She asked groggily, leaning her chin against his arm, gazing lovingly up at him.

"Marry me." He nearly muttered. Lila sat straight up, the sheet falling away from her naked body. She stared at him with wide eyes.

"What?" She squeaked.

"Marry me." Spencer said evenly for the second time, grabbing a little ring box from his bedside table. How long had that been there? She thought wildly as she stared at him in disbelief.

"I. I… Oh, Spencer." She sighed softly, her eyes closing for a few moments before opening up revealing tears. "Of course, I'll marry you, you big dope. But couldn't you have done this in the morning when I was properly dressed?"

She watched him slide a beautiful diamond ring onto her shaking ring finger. It was perfect. Not too big, nor was it something to be overlooked. It was simple but gorgeous.

"Why would I? This is the Lila I love most. Rumpled hair, pillow prints on your cheeks, a little drool mark on your chin, hazy eyes." He kissed her hand once, twice and then put his lips against hers to kiss her with much more passion than he had before.

"Why do you always have to say the right things? You turn me into mush." She purred into his ear as he hugged her close to him.

"It's what I do." He shrugged, getting ready to have his first make-out session with his fiancée when she pulled away to examine his face. (He had a fiancée!)

"Last question: Can't you let Rossi or Prentiss brandish their weapons threateningly? If I'm going to be your wife, I need to know every once in a while, you'll sit it out on the sidelines and let the others run the field."

Spencer knew he couldn't promise her that, just like he knew one of her future roles would involve her death in some way, but he also knew how to make a half-promise.

"Only if you keep that dress." She wrinkled her nose in the cutest way.

"Why? It's all bloody now." Lila responded curiously.

"So I can always save you, Lila. So I can rescue you from death's evil grip!" She giggled as Spencer put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed her tightly.

"Even before I met you, you were destined to be my hero, weren't you? You're always the hero." He said nothing as she slid back down into bed, pulling him with her. She gazed dreamily at her ring before looking up at him with a peaceful smile on her lips.

"Kiss me." She demanded and for once, Spencer didn't question her. He did as he was told without a witty comment or statistic. Later that night, he walked to the bathroom and appraised himself in the mirror. It was the same face staring back at him as it always was, but there was certain happiness in his eyes.

You're always the hero.