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Mugen moved restlessly.

Click. Click.

He gritted his teeth. A vein began pumping at his temple.

Click. Click. Click…

His fingers twitched and reached for the sword which he always left in its sheath on his back when sleeping in unknown places. He waited, still refusing to open his eyes, still hoping to be able to fall back into unconsciousness. The summer night fell silent. Slowly he started to relax.


"For fucks sake!"

Growling like an animal he flew up on his feet from the thin futon on the floor, drawing his sword while turning his head furiously from side to side. The owners, two young women with a strange aura that had sent shills along his spine, had guaranteed them absolutely undisturbed sleep. That was the only reason why they had agreed to pay for staying one night at this shitty hostel in the middle of nowhere. So now what was that bloody noise? A single moonbeam fell in through the opening in the wall which served as window, bestowing him with just enough light to discern the contours in the dark room. On his right side Fuu slept soundly, seemingly unaware of both the annoying clicking and his outburst. On his other side… Jin didn't. For a moment Mugen stared dumbly at the futon left to his. Jin wasn't there.


The sound came from the other side of the wall, from the porch. Mugen suddenly realized who, if not what, had awoken him. With the sword clenched in his fist he sneaked over the floor, his naked feet moving unlikely soundlessly over the old wooden planks. As he reached the opening in the wall he lifted his blade, preparing to attack. He knew he had promised Fuu that he wouldn't kill the bratty samurai until they found that sunflower-smelling dude she was looking for. But he was not going to put up with anybody disturbing the few precious hours of sleep he was allowed to have. Mugen stuck his head out, his bloodshot eyes searching for his victim.

The young ronin wasn't exactly hard to spot, since he was sitting on the edge of the porch under one of the late blooming sakura trees just meters away. The blue kimono hung loosely around his shoulders and his exposed skin shone alabaster white in the moonlight. Beyond the trees stretched billowing hills, upon which occasional paths were barely visible through long waving grass. Further still a huge lake extended until it met with the horizon, the full moon perfectly reflected in its glittering surface. When an especially strong wind blew through the moonlit landscape the sakura flowers loosened from their branches and swirled through the air. Jin's long black hair, released from the usual strict ponytail, danced together with the pretty pink items. Mugen couldn't help but to give up a short laugh. He wasn't exactly any artist and had often not even heard of the famous painters the samurai sometimes mentioned, but he was pretty sure that if he had been able to put the ridiculously beautiful scene in front of him on paper, that would have earned him quite a bit of money. At the sound of his voice Jin suddenly looked up, a surprised expression, if so only for a second, crossing his usually so composed face. As their eyes met Mugen noticed he had removed his glasses.

"Mugen? What are you doing?"

The samurai didn't sound at all curious, rather the question appeared to be spoken merely out of politeness. Once again remembering how irritated he was, Mugen carelessly threw himself out on the porch through the window, somersaulting twice before landing just inches away from the one year older man, squatting so that they were facing each other in eye level.

"Whaddaya think, you bastard", he snarled. "I was roused by your bloody clicking."

The corner of Jin's mouth twitched, as though he was just about to smile, and when he spoke there was a shadow of amusement in his calm voice.

"I apologize. I didn't imagine you'd be such a… light sleeper."

Another violent wind and the air once again filled with pink flowers. Mugen shook his sword violently and tattered blades rained over them. Not even one of them was left unhurt.

"I'm not", he growled. "But hearing that freaking noise over and over… whaddaya think you're doing anyway, huh?"

"Playing", Jin answered simply and gestured towards a wooden board on the porch in front of him, covered in black and white stones. "It's very soothing for the mind."

Mugen took his eyes from the samurai and inspected the thing closely. This must have been what had occupied the other man so much that he had not even noticed his presence before he had given himself away with his laugh.

"Hey, I know this game", he suddenly realized. "It's called Go, right?"

Jin looked at him with astonishment.

"You… know it?" he repeated skeptically.


Mugen moved to the other side of the board, stuffing his sword back into place on his back. For the moment he had forgotten about killing the samurai as memories from the past came flooding over him.

"Played it a lot when I was a kid, though we never had this kind of fancy stuff", he explained while picking up one of the black pieces and eyeing it. "We just drew stripes on the ground and used whatever the hell we found as stones."

"I see", Jin answered. "Myself, I was taught to play by my master as part of my training in the dojo. This is actually his set, which I received as a reward after defeating him for the first time. I've been carrying it ever since but have mostly entertained myself by playing alone since I seldom find any challenge when sharing the game with an opponent."

Mugen's eyes narrowed and his face split in a grin. The samurai was obviously provoking him.

"You snobbish bastard", he whispered. "You wanna have a challenge? I'm ready to Go anytime, sugar."

The poor pun made Jin smile.

"You sure? I was the best in my class, actually I was…"

Mugen cut him off with a great yawn.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I wanna be black."

"I'll be white then", the samurai said with an approving bow.

They divided the stones between them on the porch. Mugen placed one of them on the nail of his thumb and flipped it high in the air. Without looking he then caught it between his index-and middle finger above his head and loudly placed it in the middle of the board.


He grinned.

"So what's the pot?"

"The pot?" Jin repeated questioningly.

"Course. No meaning playing if there's nothing special for the winner, right?"

"When I used to play, the honour was enough a reward."

"Well, I've got no honour and I don't want any either", Mugen stated in a bored voice. "You're the challenger so you decide. Name your price."

"Very well."

Jin's dark eyes glittered. All that talk about honour was only bullshit, Mugen knew that. The samurai appreciated a battle with real danger and risks just as much as he did.

"Then I decide, the winner will be master over the loser until morning comes. The defeated one will do anything the other man asks of him, without exception, and he will refrain from doing anything that is not the master's, that is the winner's, wish."

Mugen stared silently at the samurai.

"No exceptions?"

"No exceptions."

"So if I win and ask you to kill yourself, you will?"

"I will."

No hesitation. Mugen felt like shouting in anticipation. He was well aware of how seriously the long haired man considered the matter of suicide. It had obviously, as so many other things, to do with honour in some way. That he had been so quick to answer proved he was very confident about winning the game. Mugen sniggered. Knowing that would make the victory so much sweeter.

"I'm in", he declared, whereupon Jin lay down a white stone beside his.


The game had begun.

Mugen's playing tactic was identical to his fighting style. Jin was amazed. When the vagabond had accepted his challenge, the samurai had not honestly believed he would prove to be any actual opponent, just because he happened to have played Go as a child. However, like so many other times, the nineteen-year old from Ryukyu Islands had managed to surprise him. Instead of carefully deliberating each move, Mugen positioned his stones on the board rashly, spreading the pieces all over the place, attacking from all possible directions at the same time. It was not at all like playing with the other students in the dojo, actually the game appeared completely different. Jin had no real problems defending himself and now and then made sudden lunges that made Mugen grimace. But whenever he tried to find a way to surround his opponent or cause him greater harm he discovered all his possibilities to do so were ruined by one or two of the younger man's stones. In other words the vagabond managed to forecast the samurai's movements before he had even thought about them himself. Whether he was aware of his doing or just went on by instinct Jin could not know for certain, but he guessed on the latter alternative.

This could actually have been a game he would lose. Jin watched as Mugen with a great grin gathered two trapped white stones to his collection, which was almost exactly as big as the samurai's own. But he would not lose. There was too much to be won. He would not lose.

Never ceasing to place new stones on the more and more crowded board, Jin reviewed his opponent. Mugen's usually ruffled hair was an even greater mess after sleeping and the lacing in his white shirt had been untied so that his chest and stomach showed every time he moved or took a deeper breath. He was balancing on his toes, swaying forth and back and reminding mostly about a frog about to jump. Now and then he scratched his unshaven cheeks, staring angrily at the board while he rolled a stone from finger to finger, seemingly without thinking about it. Simply said, he wasn't exactly the most beautiful creature the moon had ever shone upon. And yet, Jin could barely concentrate on the game because all he could think of was robbing the vagabond of his clothes and pushing his naked back down on the porch.

He sighed at his own foolishness. Soothing for the mind, he had said. Well, that was one part of it. But as a matter of fact, the real reason he had began playing Go with himself in the middle of the night was because he had woken up rock hard after having dreamt about the man sleeping next to him. Having no cold water and not daring to relieve himself in case somebody would wake up he had tried to forget himself in the mind game.

"Your turn."

Mugen sounded awfully triumphant. Jin repressed a smile and inspected the board. There were not many places left to fill. The game would soon be over. Finally. When he reached up with his right hand to pull back some strands of black hair which had fallen into his face, the kimono on the opposite side slipped of his shoulder. He felt more than saw Mugen's eyes trace his body, taking him in from the well-marked collarbones, to the muscular chest and stomach to the slender hip where the band of his kimono tied the garment together. Another smile threatened to break through his calm facade. This wasn't the first time he was being looked at by the other man. Though he would probably deny it, there was definitely an attraction between them. Jin made no attempts to cover himself up, but simply positioned his stone on the board with delicate movements. It was impossible to say who lead. Yet, he would win.

"Mugen, you need to stop pretending."

"Hm? Whaddaya mean?"

Mugen bent forward, his eyes narrowing as they searched intensely for the best place to put his stone.

"I've noticed."

"Noticed what?"

His hand stopped. He had decided. Jin smiled.

"You're in love with me, aren't you, Mugen?"


The younger man looked up, his hand automatically opening to reach for the sword on his back. Barely had he grasped it, when his stone hit the board, bouncing into a number of other pieces before finally stopping.

"What the fuck are you…"

"You lose."


Jin gestured towards the board.

"If a player drops his stone, so that it collides with others, he has lost. It is one of the most ancient rules of Go, created to prevent cheating. Surely you must know about it?"

"Course I know", Mugen spat. "But… still…"

His voice trailed off and his eyes widened as he realized what had just happened.

"That was un-fucking-fair!" he exclaimed. "You tricked me into dropping it, you sonofabitch! That's no real victory…!"

"Oh, but it is." Jin answered as he leaned forward over the board, placing his hands on each side of Mugen's body. The movement made the vagabond lose his balance and he fell back on his bottom, staring furiously into the samurai's eyes.

"You're the dishonest one here", he whispered. "I'dn't cheat, you know that…"

"Do I?" Jin brushed the other man's ear as he spoke. "How can I trust somebody who has said himself he has no honour?"

Mugen turned his face away but Jin simply grabbed his chin with long fingers and pulled him back, forcing his lips into a kiss. When the younger one wouldn't open his mouth, he bit down hard in his lower lip and was given an opportunity to slip his tongue inside as the other man gasped in pain. The taste of blood filled his senses. So arousing. Using all of his weight, Jin forced the vagabond backwards, away from the Go set, and then down on the porch. When finally breaking the kiss, they were both panting for air. Mugen lifted one hand and wiped the blood from his lips. His eyes were burning.

"You fucking…"

"Hush, hush", Jin instructed. "Remember my reward? The winner will be master over the loser until morning comes. The defeated one will do anything the other man asks of him, without exception, and he will refrain from doing anything that is not the master's wish."

With a sly smile the samurai sat up.

"You're mine now, Mugen", he whispered. "Undress."

Mugen cast him an unbelieving glance. Then, cursing everything God had ever created, he started obeying the order, removing the sheath and the sword from his back and tearing the red jacket of his body. Leaving them together to his left on the porch he thereafter grabbed the hem of his white shirt with crossed hands and after only a moment of hesitation, pulled it over his face. Jin inspected his muscular body in the moonlight with great satisfaction. The dark skin was covered in scars. When he leaned closer the other man instinctively fell back, his fingers scrabbling at the wooden planks as he tried to avoid the destiny that had befallen him. Laughing softly to himself, Jin prevented further retreat by pressing Mugen's thighs down with both his hands. His lips touched the younger man's torso lightly, planting kisses on every scar all over his body. Mugen moved against his mouth as his breathing became heavier.

"Stop playing with me", he muttered. "Just fucking fuck me, that's what you want, right? I can take it."

Jin smiled and crawled closer so that his knees just almost touched Mugen's crotch and his hands brushed over those of the other man.

"I have no doubts you can", he agreed while biting teasingly in the vagabond's earlobe and tearing carefully in the blue pendant he was wearing. "You're used to rough play, I imagine. So I want to know, if anybody has ever touched you tenderly like this?"

All of a sudden he grasped the vagabond's wrists and pulled them away, making Mugen fall on his back with a loud thud.

"Tenderly?" he repeated sarcastically. "Just what about that was… ah!"

The samurai licked his right nipple with the very tip of his tongue, feeling it harden under his touch. Mugen groaned.

"F-fuck. You're not playing fair."

"Never said I was."

"You're such a bloody liar. Always blabbering about your so called honour… then cheating so that you can fucking rape me!"

"Say whatever you want to."

Jin's hand slid down the younger man's muscular stomach and stopped between his legs, upon the buckle which was visible through the fabric of his worn out shorts.

"But you should be aware that you're a worse liar than me. Don't pretend you don't like this, Mugen. You do."

As to prove his words, the samurai removed the shorts and underwear from the other man's hips, revealing his erected member. Handling him in a just as fluent manner as when he was using his sword, Jin lifted one of Mugen's naked legs and began kissing the inside of his thigh attentively. The vagabond supported himself on his elbows and gritted his teeth, yet reluctant moans escaped him.

"H-hey, you really know how to do this", he remarked with a crooked smile. "The ladies must love you."

Jin laughed, deliberately letting his breath caress the younger man's sensitive skin. Mugen shivered.

"Don't worry, I never do these kind of things with women. This treatment is reserved for you, Mugen."

When he glanced up, the other man was blushing violently.

"I'm not fucking worrying about it, damn it!" he objected. "You can do what-fucking-ever you want with who-fucking-ever you want. I don't give a fucking shit."

He was so cute Jin had to lean in and kiss him on the mouth from which so many ugly words were pronounced. As he did so his stomach brushed over the younger man's erection. Mugen gasped and the samurai captured his lips and tongue unmercifully. This time the vagabond answered the kiss hungrily and their tongues battled each other just the way their owners longed to battle each other. When they finally parted a string of saliva glistered in the moonlight between them and they were both grinning.

"I'll kill you", Mugen announced.

"And I'll kill you", Jin countered unconcernedly. "But not tonight."

"Not tonight", Mugen agreed.

Then, satisfied with their deal, the vagabond and the samurai once more occupied themselves in an adult game which lasted until morning arrived and the validity of a certain reward expired.

Thank you so much for reading! *bows samurai-style* This fanfic was written as a birthday present to my Go-playing friend (I also gave her a Go set xD) and therefore I haven't exactly concentrated on explaining much of the rules of the game. I really hope you were still able to enjoy this fic! And I do apologize about grammar/ spelling mistakes and the somewhat unsatisfying ending - that was how far I got before my friend's birthday. But I'm considerating writing a continuation to the sexscene since I feel the text maybe doesn't deserve its "M" rating. Whaddaya think? (as a certain man I know would have said xP)

Anyways I'll stop my babbling and let you go on with your life for now (though I will be back when you least expect it kekekekeke). Again, thanks so much for reading and please feel free to leave a comment since I feed on ackknowledgement and will starve to death if you don't. No pressure xD

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