So... the ending of the first chapter wasn't very satisfying, was it? Therefore I decided to write a second part that would be yummier ^^ But I warn you,what I cooked together can't be very healthy. Then again, you wouldn't care about that, would you, dear reader?

Though it was late, the cicadas were still singing nearly as loudly as they had during the day. Maybe they were confused by the bright moonlight which painted everything that it shone upon in cold blue shadows. Maybe they just didn't know how to shut up. Mugen didn't know, and he didn't care. His hands tore the samurai's yukata of his shoulders. The skin of the other man seemed as pale as the white Go-stones, and felt just as smooth against his fingers. He was hit by a sudden urge to see even more of it and traced the muscular stomach down to the red belt in which Jin usually stored his daishō. While he fought to unloose the knot so to be able to finally get rid of the yukata, the samurai began licking and nibbling at his ear again. Mugen bit his lip not to cry out in pleasure. He would never admit it to anybody, especially not to himself, but the samurai knew what he was doing. The knot finally gave in and the yukata was thrown away on the porch. Jin laughed in his ear. He was supporting himself upon only the right hand, while the left one was moving up and down the vagabond´s thigh.

"Eager now, are we?" he mumbled.

Mugen had had sex with both women and men in his life since an, according to many, very early age. Most of the times he had been too drunk to actually remember afterwards how, and with whom, the act had been executed. But from those times he actually remembered, it had been all about him moving his cock in and out of another body until he was satisfied. However, this was different. Mugen met with the eyes of the man on top of him and grinned wildly. This was like fighting. Or as close to fighting as he would get without actually grabbing his sword, anyway.

"You perverted old geezer."

He threw out his left arm and hit Jin's right one, causing him to lose his balance for less than a second. That was all the time the vagabond needed. He flipped his opponent, or lover, it didn't matter, he had never cared much for words, so that he landed on his back on the porch. The attack didn't work out as smoothly as usually due to the throbbing erection which made his movements somewhat more restrained than usual, but since Jin had been caught up in his dirty fantasies and was suffering from the same reaction as he was, it still succeeded. The vagabond leaped upon the samurai's stomach and grabbed both his wrists. They did some violent wrestling, Mugen naked and on top, Jin underneath, wearing only his baggy trousers. That was, until the younger man actually managed to tie his hands together above his head with the red belt which he had not let go of since he had loosened the knot.


He was panting heavily, partly because of the combat, partly because his erection stroked over the samurai's stomach every time the man breathed and it was driving him crazy with pleasure. Yet he smiled triumphantly.

"Now it's my turn to give you your award. You're the winner, after all."

"I remain in doubt. But since you did manage to surprise me, I will give you a chance."

The face Jin was making was calm enough, but Mugen could see how intensely the desire shone in his dark eyes. As he slid of the older man's stomach and tore his trousers off, the moon showed him an even more apparent sign of his excitement.

"Whaddaya say, I didn't even think you could have an erection!" Mugen exclaimed mockingly.

Then, before the samurai had had time to choose some beautiful words out of his ridiculously wide vocabulary to reply with, he crouched between the man's thighs and took his member into his mouth. He wasn't going to play some sensitive game. He liked it rough and whatever Jin said, it was obvious that he liked it that way as well. Mugen alternately let his teeth scratch the other man's skin, alternately fondled the head of his cock with his tongue. The samurai groaned and arched his back, clutching the hands tied above his head. Mugen grinned and swallowed even more. All the time when Jin had been on top he had kept his composed attitude and snobbish way of speaking. Now, stretched out before him in the moonlight with the black hair spread over the white, heaving shoulders, the samurai was breathing noisily between parted lips and his narrow eyes followed Mugen's every movement expectantly. The vagabond took the erection out of his mouth and licked his lips.

"That's a pretty sexy face you're making there, ronin."

"You're not half bad yourself, vagabond. But I do feel it is my responsibility to give you something in return for your services."

Mugen threw his head back and roared with laughter.

"Responsibility, my ass! Just admit you wanna fuck me already, you horny bastard."

Jin just smirked in reply and brought his tied hands to his mouth. Then he began tearing at the belt with his teeth. The sight was so arousing Mugen had to concentrate his entire willpower on not coming right there and then.

"That ain't gonna work, sugar. That knot's as hard as my punches…"

Before he had even finished his insult, the samurai forced his hands apart and the belt fell down on his stomach. He lifted it up and allowed it to hang in the air between them for some moments, before nonchalantly throwing it away. Red marks colored his wrists.

"I do hope your punches are harder than that, vagabond. If not, I'm afraid I have really overestimated you."

When Mugen just snarled something incomprehensive in return he grabbed his messy thatch and pulled him closer. His face split up in a hungry smile that few had seen and none had lived to tell of. Most would have found it terrifying. Mugen found it to be a crazy turn on. They started kissing violently, tongues, lips and teeth clashing into each other with such force they could taste blood within seconds. Meanwhile the younger man began moving his hand up and down the other man's pulsating erection. The samurai moaned loudly into his mouth and threw his head back.

"Ah!... Now… that… is considered… cheating…"

"Don't you fucking lecture me 'bout cheating, you sonuvabitch."

As to mark his words, the vagabond rubbed his thumb against the head of the older man's cock, earning himself another series of cries of pleasure. Jin thrust his hips forwards and his erection stroked against Mugen's, causing the man to groan loudly.

"Mugen… turn around. It's an order."

Never in his life had the vagabond responded to an order. But now his sex starved body was basically screaming for him to obey and therefore, he did. As he turned around, he discovered a barely visible string of golden at the horizon. Did it count as morning? Mugen didn't think so, or rather, he didn't want to think so. The samurai placed his hands on his hips and positioned him so that he was standing on all fours with his palms pressed on the outer side of the older man's thighs and his knees situated at his sides. There was a wet sound from behind him. Then the vagabond felt a saliva drenched finger enter him. He groaned.

"Fuck, take it a little easy in there! I wanna be able to use my fucking ass in the future, you know!"

"I apologize. I did not think you would be so tight. It is your first time, I assume?"

The samurai's amusement was easy enough to distinguish through the mocked politeness. Mugen swore violently. Though he had been offered an apology the finger moved only rougher inside him. But something was stirring apart from the pain, a heat that made his breathing even heavier than before.

"Fuck you!" he managed to exclaim. "So fucking what if it's my first fucking time… I'm usually… not… not…"

He gasped and shivered. Another finger entered him, but this time it didn't hurt as much. Actually, the pain was negligible compared to the pleasure. Jin laughed softly.

"I must say that you do adjust fast. Already I can reach so far inside you."

To prove the truth of his statement, the samurai thrusted his fingers even deeper inside. On their way, they brushed past an especially sensitive spot. The sudden contact made Mugen cry out and his hips jerked uncontrollably. It was as though the older man had managed to touch the very core of his pleasure. Jin chuckled.

"Oh, you liked it there, did you? I didn't know you could make such cute sounds."

"Oh fuck you, your fucking… ah!...ah…!"

The fingers had found that exact spot again and were caressing it in small, circular movements. Mugen felt his eyes water with pleasure.

"Ah… stop… fuck, that's good… ah… ah…"

There was no meaning resisting it. He couldn't resist it. But he wasn't going to completely humiliate himself by surrendering either. Not yet. The vagabond craned his neck and engulfed the samurai's erection once again. Every time his hips jerked due to the fingers inside him, his lips, tongue and teeth moved around the pulsating member. Soon Jin was panting just as heavily as he was.

"God, Mugen, that's dirty…" the samurai groaned, one eye shut by the effort to keep himself from coming.

"Ouraloreingouckingexy" the vagabond answered with his mouth full.

"What? I can't hear a word of what you're…"

"I said 'Your fault for being so fucking sexy'."

Mugen looked at the samurai over his shoulder. His hair was ruffled, his face was flushed, his lips were wet with saliva and pre-cum and his eyes glittered both hungrily and accusingly. Jin swallowed loudly.

"That's it", he said.

Without another word he grabbed the vagabond's hips and straitened him up. Then, matter-of-factly, he turned him around so that they ended up face to face. Mugen wriggled angrily in his hands.

"Hey, whaddayathinkyou…"

"Spread your legs and help some, would you? I'm going inside you."


There was a silent second, the first in ages, when they stared at each other. The cicadas were still singing. Mugen couldn't believe he was taking notice of those little motherfuckers, now of all times. He had a lot more serious trouble to deal with.

"Huh? You sick or something? That… that won't fit. It's way too big…

"Thank you for the compliment. Now move, Mugen."

"Ah… wait… Jin… ah… ah…

"Not so loud, Mugen, you'll wake Fuu. You wouldn't want her to see you like this, would you?"

The vagabond gritted his teeth and supported himself on his palms and feet in a back bend position and began to move. Underneath him, Jin fell into his pattern. His member thrusted inside the younger man with a wet sound.

"Fuck, that hurts!" Mugen cursed. "You know, you're a pain in the ass, literally."

Jin laughed shortly.

"I think you just made your first comical joke ever, Mugen. Now shut the hell up and move. You will be better in a second."

However much he hated to admit it, Jin was right. Like before, the pain soon faded away, and was replaced by a burning heat inside him. Mugen threw his head back and groaned. He forgot what an uncomfortable and humiliating position he was in and his hips began moving on their own. Sweat made his dark, muscular body gleam in the moonlight as he fought to remain sane in spite of the overwhelming pleasure. Gone were all thoughts of acting confident and carefree in front of the samurai. He wasn't even aware of the fact that his sword was lying just meters away and that his enemy was more or less defenseless. Right now, he was not his enemy. Right now, he was just a beautiful man who made the vagabond feel better than he ever had before.

"Fuck… that's good. Fuck. Harder, Jin. Fuck me harder."

"As you wish."

Jin's voice was even deeper than usual and strangely raspy. He forced himself even deeper inside the vagabond and speeded up the number of thrusts. Mugen shut his eyes and cried out. His entire body was shivering from exhaustion and ecstasy.

"Ah! That's good… ah… I'm gonna cum, Jin. I'm gonna…"

"On time for once, Mugen. Let's. Together."

Fuu had wasted several hours trying to get them to do something together, without any result at all. They wouldn't play games unless there was a possibility to harm the other part, they wouldn't talk to eachother except if they really had to or felt like insulting somebody, they wouldn't even share a meal for other reasons than that they were completely out of money. However now, in her absence, for the first time ever, they actually managed to do something together. They came. Explosions in scarlet colors, not unlike those spraying from a young blood wound, horded on Mugen's retina and made his entire being shake as in spasms. The semen, finally allowed to break out of its prison of pounding flesh, glistered in the first streams of morning sunlight. Unconsciously he leaned his head back to rest on his shoulders and a low cry of pleasure escaped his trembling lips. From far away, he thought he heard Jin call his name. His feet lifted from the floor, until only his toes were left to scrabble desperately against the wood. As another strong wind blew through the landscape, pink sakura bloom once again started whirling around in the air. Some of them landed on his torso, glowing softly against his dark and scarred skin. Jin's seed made him wet on the inside and ran down his burning thighs, yet he felt as if he was on fire, as if he was being burned alive. And he liked it.

"Fuck, Jin, I think I'm in love with you."

The words sneaked past his lips while he was off guard. Mugen immediately covered his mouth with one hand, and lost his balance as a result. His back hit the porch between Jin's thigh and the samurai's member, which had returned to its usual shape and hardness after the mind blowing orgasm, was pulled out of him. The vagabond somersaulted backwards, filled with both an unusual feeling of terror and the more well known rush of anticipation at what expression his enemy, allied and lover would wear after his sudden confession. Since he had by instinct shut his eyes as he ejaculated he had not been able to look at the other man's face.

However, Jin did manage to surprise him. His face was not as one might have suspected shocked, neither was it mocking or disgusted. Still remaining on his knees and toes, Mugen threw his head back and roared with laughter. During the orgasm the entire upper half of the samurai's body had been covered in his lover's seed. As a consequence, the beautiful sakura bloom had been caught in the sticky body fluid and now Jin was doing his best to clear his face, hair and throat from the pretty, but persistent, pink items. He threw the vagabond a murderous glance and after some time the younger man managed, with great effort, to stifle his laugher.

"Hey, now, that'll take ages. Let's go to the lake instead, huh? Fuck, I feel gross."

Mugen grinned widely and stood up, careful not to let any signs of the stabbing pain in his ass affect his movements, and gestured towards his muscular body, clothed only in body fluids and some flowers. He offered Jin a wet hand and after a moment of hesitation the samurai accepted it. The moment their hands clutched into each other's and their eyes met, Mugen realized that this would not be the day when he would hear the other man answer his hotheaded confession. Such words belonged to the past for now, that was well visible in Jin's once again calm face. Even with his face covered in pink flowers he pulled of being a creation of absolute composure pretty well.

"I do have to admit, the lake sounds as a most tempting destination."

As polite as always. The samurai who had fucked him so hard and used so many dirty words during the night had obviously taken harakiri as morning approached. The sun would rise in the sky as usual and their relationship would go back to what it had always been. The thought stirred mixed feelings inside him. Mugen snorted at his own silliness.

"Yeah, let's get our fucking asses moving then", he mumbled.

He expected another smart ass line to follow his words. But to his surprise, Jin instead broke into a smile and reached out a hand to ruffle his hair.


"The lake it is, then. I suppose our souls are too dark and dirty to do anything about but we really should get our bodies cleaned. Let us gather our things and head there, before Fuu awakes."

Without another word, the samurai swept past the vagabond. His fingers pulled through his thatch and then briefly touched his ear and pendant, before disappearing. As Mugen threw a glance over his shoulder, a wry smile played on his lips. Maybe things would be different from now on. Or maybe they wouldn't. He squinted towards the lake, which glittered invitingly in the morning sunlight and wondered which alternative he would prefer. Whatever. With a shrug Mugen began following the samurai's example and collected his stuff. When he had picked up the last piece of clothing, Jin called out to him.

"Are you ready to go, vagabond?"

Mugen grinned.

"Always, samurai."

As he began strolling towards the lake with his arms full of clothes and his ass full of semen, he could not help but to whistle together with the cicadas' song. Left behind was a wooden porch, covered in sakura bloom, and a nearly packed board of Go.

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