I feel it slip over me

This is from Heero's POV. I'm really getting into writing character poems, and I have one for Sailor Moon as well. It's written in a similar way to this one. Please read it, and anything else of mine; then tell me what you think.


Dreaming Death and Living Love

By Rashaka

I feel it slip over me

A warm blanket to keep the world away

Hello old friend

It has been awhile since I courted you

Tell me again how the world is

Whisper in my ear

As you did so many times before

Tell me how to face them

How to survive until I can go with you

I forget sometimes

Tell me what she is

Because I'm blinded and I can't see

Sometimes I dream

That I could share with her

Like I've always shared with you

You promised me that you would take me

Far away from this place

Why do you leave me behind?

Is it because of her?

Does she keep you from taking me away?

Don't ask me to choose

Because it would rend me apart

My soul can love one only

And I'm afraid of both