The Employee

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Summary: Bella has been working for Cullen Publishing as a lowly quality control checker for six months and has been very dedicated to her job too much that she doesnt notice the CEO, Mr. Edward Cullen trying very hard to get her to notice him. That is until he commences Operation gradual notification.


"This only happens in movies...right?" she whispered.

"Not if youre physically in the moment," he answered.

"But, why me?" she asked.

"I dont have to answer that. You already know the answer. Whatever you hear coming out of my mouth to appease your ears are just that...words."

"I dont know what to say," she mumbled. She brought the back of her hand to wipe stray tears away to no avail. Her tears were continuously pouring out. She didnt know what to say or feel. She has this great, amazing, almost perfect man right in front of her asking her something she wasnt sure of what her answer would be.

"Just say yes," the tall, dark, and handsome man sighed. He was rubbing her left hand with gentle strokes taking more time on her ring finger than the rest. "Please."

The plain brown haired girl with the plain sad brown eyes looked at the almost perfect man in front of her and said...

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