The fandom seems to be in a bit of a funk today, and so am I. Then I remembered I had this little something-something hidden away in a folder. It was originally written for the Fandom for Katalina compilation, but it was (literally) a day late and a couple thousand words short because I didn't read the instructions correctly, so it was not included in that collection (my fault, my decision, not theirs, I promise). I did send it to Katalina, though, and had always vaguely planned on posting it. No time like the present, huh?

This quickie future-take fits into the story between the last chapter and the epilogue, and it is a tiny pile of vaguely smutty fluff fluff fluff.

Our Lives Unbound Outtake: My Everything

"You want it, Pet?"

"Fuck, yes. Yes, please, Mistress, please, I—"

I'm lying on my back, my hands bound above my head, sweat everywhere and the sweetness of her pussy on me, and I'm so hard. She edges me up and takes me down, coaxing and climbing and falling, and I don't know how to breathe anymore. I'm so close to something…To falling away and not knowing if I'll ever resurface.

She leans in close, and I wince, head turning, but a hand at my chin holds me down, long fingers gripping. Every point of pressure feels like fire. "Tell me what you want."


"Tell me."

And I feel it. I feel the ache of giving over and giving in, of being hers and being owned and being free.

"What do you want?"

The words flow just that easily. And I hear them. I hear that moment when it all gives way, and like it does, the truth pours out of me like rain.

My eyes seize on hers, and I whisper, "Everything."

And it all seems to stop. The motion of her hips, the breath in her lungs, even her gaze seems to freeze. The bottom falls out and an abyss gapes and yawns. I stare at her and I don't look down.

Just like that, the world resumes, her mouth is on mine, hands on my skin, fingers between us, flicking to unhook the ring around my cock. Sensation pushes through me anew, and my head jerks back.

"Take it, then."

I do. I thrust forward into welcoming heat, close my eyes, cry, "Mistress," and her name.

I give her just what she would give me.

If I only had the courage to ask.

What do you want?

As I slip into the bath, her words still echo in my head. My reply is there with them, too.


The force of submission is still a fullness in my chest, but it's not the only thing there. There's something else, something brighter. More all-consuming in its light.


The idea is right.

Everything. That's what she is to me. The woman I love, the dominant I craved before I knew what one even was. The person who taught me to love myself. My life.

She sits astride my thighs, face soft. She brings a washcloth to my skin, and I place my palm over hers. Hold it, warm, against my heart. With my other hand, I reach out. I grip her chin between my forefinger and my thumb. And I look at her.

She's so beautiful.

And everything is clear in a way it only is when we're like this. When we're everything at once to each other.

The question's out on the air before I can even think of how to word it. "Marry me."

She breathes in and out, and I do, too, more joined to her than I am when we are making love. Her gaze steady, lips parted, she regards me, and it isn't doubt I see there.

It isn't panic in my chest, and that in and of itself speaks to the miracle she's made of me.

Slowly, she pulls her hand from under mine. Without breaking our gaze, she presses fingers to my throat, traces the cord of my collar to the back of my neck. She unhooks it and sets it on the side of the bath.


Not Pet.

And she's so much more than my Mistress.


"Ask me again."

The words are just as even as they were the first time. "Marry me."

Her whole being seems to glow as she smile and smiles and smiles. Her lips are on mine, a kiss that speaks where words could never manage, but then she gives those to me, too.

"Of course." Again and again, she kisses me, and she's in my arms and I am in hers. She's over me and under me, and we are naked in this bath together.

And we are everything.

"Of course," she breathes. "I'll marry you. I'll marry you, of course I will."

And I am so full.

I hold her as tight as flesh can bear.

I have everything. We have everything.

We have it all right here in our hands.