Skyward Sword
By The Wolfess

Here, Above above it all Here, Above
Here, Above ABOVE
A life in air and cloud I am light and life
I am a world unknown
and spread my arms abreast to embrace
the mysteries of this flight.

Here, Above a bird flies into
my outstretched palms and it shines
with a light from another world.
A red, hot light that tosses—flames—
It tosses and its eyes burn a hole
with mysteries unknown it calls
calls to me here, above here.

Here, above a blade calls to me
in my dark dreams of another world
there, below
There, Below the clouds
Below, there in the darkness and mystery
pain and darkness and fire
and a sword, a blade there, below.

There, Below the clouds the bird of fire
takes his blade and leaves me.
I wander my cloudly home of light
and I cannot sleep, I cannot think
for wonder at the world there, below
my righteous naivety here, above.
What awaits me there, below?

Here, Above I cannot stand
with this weightlessness in steps.
To the edge I run, I abandon my
light and life and love
and my sanity I cast away to chase
flaming birds and calling swords
in a world of darkness death
there, below below it all There, Below
There—HERE, Below my ABOVE.

I am the only hope
Below . Above

Re-reading the poem i wrote and published before Twilight Princess was released, I am amazed by how accurate it really is. The mask refered to could be construed as the wolf form, the shackled reffering to the wolf's imprisonment and subsequent wearing of shackles. The feeling of rejection and ailienation directly related to society's rejection of link in his wolf form and his experience of not being able to connect with the spirits while in the twilight, even as he listens to them and watches them. The feeling of being chosen by destiny and not given a choice also related to Link being forced into the wolf form and into the hero's tunic, forced to fight by the circumstances and people telling him "you are the chosen hero!", etc. He is forced by destiny the whole game.

In light of that, I decided to write another one. This one probobly has no bearing on what will happen in the game, but I hope that it conveys a certain feel that will be reflected in gameplay prior to Link's decent below the clouds to the world of Hyrule. This poem is abstract and experimental in its style, but that is my style now (almost 4 of 5 years later, now that I have studies poetry ad literature). I hope you enjoy it!

~The Wolfess

p.s. the last chapter of the Hero of Wolves is coming along nicely. :)