Talking 'bout My Girl

Summary: After a cold dispute with Blaine, Kurt takes their adopted daughter back to Lima for the summer. But what happens when he finds out that his beautiful little girl is Karofsky's long-lost daughter? Future-fic, Klaine. Kurtofsky.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, nor am I associated with anyone or anything related to it.

Rating: PG 13 for strong language. May progress to M in later chapters.

Warning: Incredibly AU. Strong language. Um...I killed off one of the original characters, but it was necessary for the plot, I swear. Oh, and I don't have a beta, so yeah...sorry for any grammar mistakes.

This isn't related to my other story, "The Next Time I See You". Actually, the idea for this was generated after re-watching Kurt's interactions with his Dad. Just wondered what might happen if Kurt got a kid he didn't really expect either.

Chapter 1

Unexpected Visitors

Mercedes Jones always knew that Kurt would return. She didn't know when or how he'd come back to little old Lima, but she knew he'd be back. She was sure of it just as sure as she knew her blood. What she never expected however, was that he'd show up at the front doors of her church with a single coach suitcase and a tiny little girl clinging to his top-of-the-line designer pants.

At first Mercedes blamed the glaring sunlight for messing with her eyes. But all it took was for him to call her name.

"Mercedes?" He said it weakly, as if he hadn't spoken in awhile. But regardless of how soft he said it, she'd recognize that voice anywhere. And (in her opinion), it was far too long since she'd last heard it. She just stared at him, unsure of how to react or what to say. Right before her was the boy she called her best friend, the one she'd had lady chats and sleepovers with, the one who helped get the slushie goop out of her hair countless times, the one she could talk to about anything and everything, and the very one who just up and left without so much as a good-bye twelve damn years ago.

"Kurt!" A huge smile spread across her face. She dropped the stack of choir folders she was carrying, opened up her arms, and hugged her friend so tightly the breath leapt out of him, "Oh my God, I can't believe it! Wha-what's going on? When did you get back?"

"Just this morning actually," Kurt said, a small smile of his own beaming through his long, side-swept bangs. Her reaction was a hundred times better than he'd hoped for. He half expected her to not even acknowledge him, or worse, lash out at him with all the fury he knew he deserved. It was unsettling how easily she welcomed him, like it was too good to be true, like any minute she would suddenly start cursing and hating him like any normal person would. But then again, this was Mercedes. And she always proved to be a fabulous friend. Kurt felt sick suddenly, unsure of what to do or say, knowing that her acceptance made his betrayal all the more bitter.

"Sorry," Kurt said, "I should have told you I was coming. I just-"

"White boy, coming in unannounced is what divas do." Mercedes placed her hands on her hips and held her head high, "And they don't apologize. Now take a deep breath because I'm gonna make sure you have enough hugs to last for the next god damn twelve years!"

"Oh, I missed you so much Cedes,"He returned her hugs with just as much fervor.

"Damn right! How the hell did you last that long without calling me up?"

Kurt's face turned down quickly, clearly embarrassed. His cheeks were bright red, making him look even more like a doll. If anything, the years were very good to Kurt, hardly aging him except for the dark circles beneath his eyes.

"Mercedes...not to sound trite, but it's a long story." Kurt said. He had one hand clenched around the handle of the suitcase, and other one trying to keep a hold of a very active little girl.

"Well let's start here," Mercedes bended down and smiled at the bouncing child, "What's your name sweetie?" The little girl immediately stopped and stared at the stranger before her, looking back and forth between Mercedes and Kurt.

"It's okay sweetie," Kurt gave her a gentle nudge forward, "She's Daddy's best friend. Auntie Cedes,"

"Oh my! What a pretty little niece I have. She's got Daddy's sassy style alright," Mercedes laughed, modeling a little bit, her poses making the child's chubby face erupt with smiles.

"How did you not tell me you had a kid?" Mercedes couldn't help but pinch the child's cheeks, "She's so adorable."

The girl's long dark blond hair was pulled back in a bright green and blue headband, the colors nearly the same mix as her dress. Or at least it should have been, if the dress wasn't splattered in dirt and mud.

The girl kept one hand attached to Kurt while her other arm clenched a raggedy teddy bear that looked like it'd seen much better days. Mercedes frowned a bit when she noticed the child's hand was slightly bandaged. The little girl seemed to realize this and instead of pulling away from embarrassment, she stepped forward and thrust the hand to Mercedes' face, showing off the injury.

"She's got a bit of a wild side," Kurt explained, "Set her loose on an anything that has grass and dirt and she'll be a human dust bunny in a second."

"What happened to your hands sweetie?" Mercedes asked. The child looked up at Kurt. The former countertenor sighed.

"She's a bully magnet. Takes that after me I guess," Kurt explained.

"Poor baby," Mercedes said. To her surprise, Kurt laughed.

"Don't Cedes. She's not the one you should feel sorry for. It's her bullies." Kurt lifted up the bandaged hand, "The first wrist broke because this boy pushed her off the slide. The second wrist broke because she punched him hard enough to break his nose. It was a fiasco at the principal's office. Seven years old and she's already giving me heart attacks with all the craziness she gets into."

"Oh really? That much of a trouble maker?"

"By the gods of Prada, you have no idea. But if it wasn't for her and shopping, I'd probably go insane."

It was so long since she'd heard Kurt speak like that. Mercedes never thought that Kurt would be the fathering type, being the eccentric diva that he was. It was both bizarre and heart warming to see him with a kid, especially one who seemed so unlike him.

"So where's Blaine? Where are you staying and for how long? We have got to catch up, and I mean, really, really, catch up, I wanna know everything that's been going on with you. Everything!"

"Well for starters...Blaine's not with us, he's somewhere else, probably flying over Europe or Asia or wherever else he'd rather be." Kurt said, trying to keep his smile steady even though his voice broke. Mercedes felt her stomach sink. She knew that look. It was the 'I'm going to be strong and happy even though I wanna scream and cry right now' look. Kurt had worn it so many times she had it memorized.

"And as for how long we're staying...I really don't know. And I was hoping that maybe we could stay with you. Just for a few days before we find our own place."

"Wait Kurt, are you moving back to Lima? Do your parents even know you're here? I thought you and Blaine-"

"I don't know. I mean, there's just so much I have to think about. I thought that maybe going back to Lima for a little while might do me some good. Before I make any more stupid decisions. And no, Dad and Carole don't know I'm here. I don't want them to. And least not yet. And I perfer not to talk about Blaine right now ." Kurt nodded towards his daughter. Mercedes understood.

"Well you can stay at my place for as long as you want. Think of it as a very long sleepover. Let's get going before Pastor Johnson tries to get me to host prayer meetings again. If old lady Mildred calls out the sins of the person sitting right next to her again, it's going to be disaster of biblical proportions." Mercedes picked up her choir folders and tugged Kurt towards her car.

"Did I ever mention how unnaturally incredible you are?" Kurt said, dragging along his suitcase, his daughter skipping lightly at side side.

"From you and half the world baby. Just let me give this little model of yours a make-over. Put a little more jazz and sass into this hairdo of hers." Mercedes said, tousling the child's long locks before opening the car doors.

"She's got enough sass to go around. You should have seen her. Right after school finished for the year she broke out her neon markers and colored all the ivory keys on the baby grand piano. Blaine was furious." Kurt smirked, tossing the suitcase in the trunk. The little girl held tightly to her teddy bear, her eyes narrowing.

"Don't worry Izzy, I'm not putting Banjo in the trunk. He's riding with us."

The child's face softened immediately and she leaped into the car, patting the seat next to her to indicate that Kurt should sit beside her.

"Hold up. You named her Izzy?" Mercedes figured that if Kurt had any kids he would name them something with a bit more class and pizazz.

"Elizabeth, after my mom" Kurt explained as he stepped into the vehicle, "But she never responds when we call her that."

"At least she doesn't go by a last name basis, ey Hummel?" Mercedes joked. She turned the engine on and they were off. In about two minutes little Izzy was blissfully asleep as she leaned against her Dad, Banjo the teddy bear resting beneath her chin.

"She's such a quiet girl," Mercedes said.

"I make up for it," Kurt said, stroking his daughter's hair from her face.

"And she seems really sweet,"

"She is. I guess that makes two of us."

"What do you mean?"

Kurt was quiet for second. He took a deep breath and gazed out the window, wondering how to tell her without revealing too much.

"It's Blaine. He's not exactly her number one fan. And he's not exactly her cup of tea either. Especially since she hates tea. Actually, she has an unhealthy obsession with slushies."

Mercedes screeched the car to an ear-splitting halt at the red light , gripping the steering wheel tightly, trying to steady her breathing in between the laughs and string of inside jokes she and Kurt were throwing back and forth.

"You serious?" Mercedes raised her finely waxed eyebrow, "You feed her that stuff?"

"At least she doesn't throw it at me!" Kurt laughed, his face flushed red by this point, "Izzy's probably drunk as many slushies as the football team threw at our faces." An angry honk from the car behind them jolted Mercedes onward.

It was weird how easily, jokingly, they could talk about getting slushied now. Back then it was a mark of shame, a messy, cold reminder that they were at the bottom of the scrap heap. Now it just seemed like a mild annoyance.

"I don't know who she got it from. I hate that stuff. And Blaine's always getting on me for letting her get her way. Says I spoil her too much."

Mentioning Blaine's name pulled the brightness out of Kurt's voice. Mercedes bit her lip, wondering why Kurt was trying to hide his true feelings. He'd never been skilled at keeping his feelings secret. Any attempts usually ended with violent words and a harsh walk-out. Kurt was always one to have his emotions stamped clear on his forehead. He'd let anyone and everyone know exactly how he felt at any given time with no second guesses. But this time...This time something felt off. As if Kurt wasn't really ready to confide everything to her yet. And it irked Mercedes. Why did Kurt have to act like such a stranger? Was it because of what happened between New Directions and the Warblers at Regionals all those years ago?

"Listen Kurt, whatever happened before, just know that it's all in the past. We're all over it now."

"I know," Kurt replied, "But I'm not. At least not completely. I was such a jerk to you guys-"

"Hey, divas don't apologize right? Besides, we weren't so civil to you either." Mercedes turned the road and stopped in front of a house with a garden and swing at the front, "But enough of that. Go on in and check out my crib."

Her crib, as it turns out, was simple yet chic. It wasn't full blown glamorous like the condo Kurt and Blaine shared, but to Kurt it was the most welcome place he'd set foot in in years. The living room was open and spacious, with a piano and several music stands kept to the corner. A pile of sheet music stuck out from brightly colored folders. To the wall, a string of pictures were hung like clothes on a line. Kurt inspected the photos, seeing if he could recognize anyone. They were mostly of children in costumes performing on stage. There were a few grown ups in the pictures too, and he giggled when he recognized a certain curly haired man jumping and clapping wildly in the audience.

Kurt shook his head. He'd figure that all the stress from leading glee club would take it's toll on the guy, but he looked as happy as ever. Older definitely, but undeniably happier.

"You'd think he'd never seen a performance of Wizard of Oz before." Mercedes said. She brought in two glasses of wine. Kurt took a glass and sat beside her on the couch.

"I heard about people taking precautions during parties Cedes, but isn't this a bit much?" Kurt bounced against the coach, or at least the plastic covering wrapped around it like saran wrap.

"Can't be too careful. I learned that very fast after my first week of giving music lessons to those kids. Turn back once and this living room it'll have a random explosion of Sunny D or Cool-Aid, depending on the kid's preference."

"You teach music?"

"Yeah. This house is child proof from the floors to the ceiling. After going on a wild ride around the world for a few years with the Peace Corps, I decided to come back and give these kids something to do besides idolize the jocks and cheerleaders. And Mr. Schue was all too happy to help out, especially since I cast his kid in the lead role for Dorothy. Other parents cried foul, but hey, little miss Schuester's got some pipes for a five year old. Preschool politics is a nasty business I tell you."

"Mr. Schue has a kid?" Kurt blinked. "When did that happen?"

"Sometime after he and ex-Mrs. Pillsbury-Howell hooked up."

"You're kidding me. They got together after all of that?"

"You've been missing out boy," Mercedes said, taking a sip of the wine, "They've got twins. And Mr. Schue may have been a great teacher but he's a horrendous stage dad. Won't be surprised if the poor kids are gonna be as OCD as their mama. But whatever it is he's doing to encourage them, those kids got some crazy talent going on. You know what, why don't you bring Izzy over to the community theater tomorrow to meet them? She'd probably give us the little spark we need to pull off our next show stopper."

Kurt looked down the hall to where the steps were. Izzy was currently sound asleep in the guest room, safely far from their conversation. He let his guard down.

"I don't think that'll be a good idea." Kurt said. He took a huge gulp of wine and quickly refilled his glass, nearly spilling it over.

"Why not?" Mercedes leaned forward. Kurt drank heavily and refilled his glass again.

"Izzy isn't exactly suited for that sort of thing." Kurt sucked his lips in, as if he was trying to keep himself from saying any more.

"Can you be honest with me Kurt?" Mercedes took his glass away from him. She took his hands into her own. He was cold and slightly trembling. "I know it's been years since we were like this. I'm not expecting you to suddenly say everything to me like we used to. But I think that I at least deserve some kind of explanation. Or at least just tell me how you've been. And I mean how you've really been. Just be honest."

Kurt looked up at her. He had a far off look in his eyes, like he wasn't really looking at her, like his mind was somewhere else entirely.

"I don't think I can. It'll just throw every mistake I've made right back at my face."

"I care about you Kurt," Mercedes said, holding his hands tightly, "When have I ever judged you? I didn't even hold a grudge when you left us and joined the Warblers. Sure I was mad by what happened at Regionals and Nationals, but that didn't mean I stopped caring for you. I was worried for you Kurt. I want to help. We're best friends remember?"

"You're something else you know?" Kurt said, "If you did the things I did I would have been too furious to even look at you again. Probably throw my heels at you the next time I see you."

"Oh, come here." Mercedes smiled and pulled her friend close and allowed his head to rest on her strong shoulders, partly to show him that she really had forgiven him, but mostly because she couldn't bear the sight of him crying.

"I fucked up," Kurt whispered, "I fucked up so fucking badly. I don't know what I'm going to do." He sobbed and Mercedes could no nothing but wrap her warm arms around him.

"Hey, it's going to be okay. You're Kurt Hummel damn it. You can get through anything. Do you want me to call your Dad, tell him your here? He's been missing you so much. Last time I talked to him he said that he would go to New York to see you if you didn't show up for Christmas again."

"No!" Kurt shook his head furiously, "I don't think I can show my face to him again. Not after all the things I said to him. God Mercedes! I was so stupid! So fucking stupid..."

"He'll understand. We all do. Mike, Sam, Quinn, they were all looking for you at the reunion two years ago. Hell, even Puckerman wondered when you'd pop up to steal the spotlight. Kurt, whatever bad feelings we had against you are done with. It was twelve years ago. We moved on."

"But I haven't! I made so many mistakes, and for twelve years I've been feeling just how wrong those mistakes are. I shouldn't have run away. I shouldn't have taken the easy way out. I'm such a fucking idiot..."

"Will you stop calling yourself that?" Mercedes snapped, but she still held Kurt tightly.

"Fine then, because I go by many other names now. I'm a coward. A failure. A fucking has been. I wasn't supposed to be this way. I was supposed to go out there, take the whole fucking world by storm with my flaming red heels. Prove to my Dad and everyone else that I can be happy just the way I am. Blaine and I were supposed to prove that a gay couple can be happily in love. But all we proved was that we could be just as miserable as any other couple out there. Wonderful. Just outstanding."

"'s okay. You'll be okay, I promise." Mercedes didn't know what else to say.

"I just can't believe that I traded you, my Dad, and my friends just to chase some fantasy with him." Kurt forced the words out harshly. His tears fell silently.

"You were in love. You would have done anything for Blaine." Mercedes said, stopping herself short before she could bring up just how far Kurt went for the guy during the now infamous Nationals of 2012.

"I gave up all the people I loved to be with this perfect, amazing gay man and at the was all a mistake. I turned by back on you guys and it was nothing to him. I can't believe how fucking stupid I was, thinking that he could do the same for me. I wanted for him to do the same for me."

"But you came back. He didn't have the last note." Mercedes said.

"You know, he wasn't even there when I packed up and left with Izzy. I didn't have the guts to actually leave him. He's been busy abroad. I was hoping that he'd call to see how we are but...nothing. Just absolutely nothing. I was at his beck and call for so damn long and he won't even give me a phone call to see how I'm doing? It's just so messed up. I just couldn't take how cold he was."

Over the years, Mercedes had learned a great deal of patience. From being in the Peace Corps and teaching hyperactive children, she thought she'd have enough self-control to keep her anger issues in check. But seeing her best friend cry was pushing it too far. Kurt wasn't perfect in the very least. But if there was one thing he was, it was passionate. When he loved someone, he poured out his affection and devotion to them to the point of obsession. And the thought that someone could take all that and just treat him so coldly made her blood burn.

"I don't know why I was so determined to leave my family and friends. Fine I thought, I'll be better off without you guys. I had Blaine." He laughed bitterly, "It was amazing the first few years. I had everything I hoped for. Worked at a magazine as a fashion editor, hit up Broadway ever chance I got, waltzed down Times Square on brazen shopping sprees. But then it got...lonely."

"Oh Kurt..."

"Blaine was spending so much time at his father's company. It was world war three every day at the office. I would go for nearly weeks without seeing Blaine. And when we were together it was just..."

"Okay, what did that bastard do to you cause I'm about to go to wherever his office is and set fire to the place."

"No. He wasn't violent. He was just cold. Like I wasn't even there anymore. I mean, he'd joke around. I'd laugh. But it was all distant. I was so desperate for something to rekindle what we had. Or to save what was left."

"Oh god, is that why you had Izzy?"

"Oh no, no. Having a kid was the last thing on my mind. But I made friends with Izzy's mother, and for the first time in a long time I had someone I could actually talk to. Her name was Marian. She had no family, and she didn't want to talk about the ex who knocked her up. She died shortly after giving birth to Izzy. Complications with eclampsia. I couldn't just let the kid wander around from place to place so I adopted her.

"What did Blaine think?"

"He told me that he couldn't possibly give up time to take care of her. He had a business to salvage. And I couldn't take care of her because of my hectic schedule at the publication company. It was either quit my job to take care of her, or turn her over to the social worker. So I quit. Bet he didn't think I could actually do it. It was a lot of fun actually. I walked out on the team a week before their big deadline with Vogue. That's what they get for being such pricks."

"Do you have any regrets?" Mercedes asked. Kurt shook his head.

"Enough to fill the moon. But I will never, never regret Izzy. She brought back a part of me I really missed. She was my little doll. Actually, she's more like an angel in sneakers. I'd dress her up and sing songs to her. I made sure she had everything a kid could ever need. Sent her to the best schools, took her to the best plays. And whenever I felt lonely or depressed, she would somehow know. She's just a kid but she knows just how to cheer me up," Kurt smiled a bit, thinking of the antics she'd get into just to make him feel better, "Sometimes I even think she annoys Blaine on purpose because she knows I don't have the nerve to speak up to him. Like it's her job to defend me. She gave me someone to love. She reminded me that there was someone other than Blaine. That my world didn't have to revolve around him. I realized that I could be happy again."

"She sounds wonderful." Mercedes said softly.

Kurt nodded, breathing deeply. He rested his head against her shoulders, allowing the last of his sobs to die out.

"I don't know what you must think of me. I'm too scared too. I've run away from so many of my problems, now they've all piled up like a mountain of wrecked cars in front of my face. Only this time, I didn't go alone. I have her. I chose her."

"What do you mean?"

"Blaine gave me a choice." Kurt sat up, sweeping his bangs to the side. The words fell hard on his lips, "He didn't say it directly, but I'm not as stupid as he'd like to think. He's been giving me these little ultimatums ever since Izzy came into our lives. My career or taking care of Izzy. Trips with him through Europe or sending her to the best school we could afford. Him or her."

"And you chose her. Goodness Kurt, did he kick you out?"

"No. He doesn't even know that I left yet. I'm not saying that Blaine's a horrible guy. He's not. He's just different from what I expected. I don't want to choose between the two of them. I love them too much."

"So what are you going to do if he comes looking for you two?"

"I don't know. I'm still hoping we can work this out. We have to work this out. There's no other way. I can't loose my family. I don't think I can handle that."

You have a family right here in Lima! And while you were off polishing Blaine's shoes, we've been worried about where you were. And now you've come back crying about how he's treated you and you still want to crawl back to him? Mercedes wanted to scream. She held back her tongue. God knows how much she wanted to knock some reason into him. But instead she just kept silent. She didn't want Kurt to think she was still mad at him. Kurt didn't need another reason to run away again.

In the brief time she'd seen her best friend, she knew that there was way more Kurt wasn't telling her. Never, in all her life, had she seen Kurt cry this much. Sure, there were moments were he moped and whined, but he never sobbed so much that he couldn't breathe, or cried so much that his eyes were bloodshot. Hell, even when he was bullied so severely that he had to leave for his life, he'd rather walk out than to show how much it hurt him. Now simply talking about what happened in New York made him sob like maniac. It angered her that Kurt was reduced to this. Her Kurt was strong, proud, and resilient. He wasn't supposed to be like this.

"Kurt, take all the time you need. You and Izzy can stay here for as long as you want. Just please, please don't run away again."

Kurt didn't make promises, but he did squeeze her hand. It wasn't much, but it was enough for Mercedes.

"Look, while you're here, you can just forget about what happened in New York. Give it some distance. Besides, it might be good time for you to catch up with the rest of the gang. It might not be obvious, but a lot has changed since you left."

"They're here?"

"Well, some of them. All of us left at some point, but I guess Lima just kinda grows on you. And I even teach some of their kids. You got to introduce them to Izzy," Mercedes' face brightened, grateful for the change in subject, "And I bet it'll be a hot second before Mr. Schue decides to make a group from all the New Directions kids. Hell, if Izzy picked up a fraction of your talent, she'll steal the show and then some. We just gotta get her out of her shell a little more. And if anyone could get her to sing out, it's Schuester."

"I don't think that'll go through very well," Kurt said, his hands fumbling with themselves. He stared at the wall plastered with pictures, taking in all the things he had missed and could never be a part of.

"And why not?" Mercedes asked, failing to see the disappointment in Kurt's gaze, the longing that filled his watery green eyes as he stared into the photos.

"As much as I'd love to see her own that stage and everyone on just won't happen." Kurt got up and picked up the empty glasses, unwilling to look Mercedes in the face."She won't speak. Not to Blaine, or her teachers, or anybody. And I doubt she ever will."

Mercedes rubbed her forehead, quietly cursing herself for letting things get this far. She glanced up at the glaring red numbers on the clock. 4:00 AM. And she hadn't gotten a single blink of sleep yet. She tossed away the pillows beneath her, caught between frustration and just plain exhaustion. Try as she might, she couldn't help but feel responsible for what happened to Kurt. Maybe if she'd reach out to him more he wouldn't have felt the need to run away with Blaine. Or maybe it wouldn't matter. Kurt was head over heels in love with the guy. And when Kurt was in love, there was no reasoning with him

But as infuriating as Kurt was when he was in love, a heart broken Kurt was much, much worse. Mercedes gripped her hair, not caring anymore how long it'll take her to fix it in the morning. She needed some god damn sleep! Pushing the immense sheets away from her, she plopped one foot after the other on the ground and dragged herself towards the door. She needed to pop some cold medicine into her system. Not much, but just enough to knock her out for a few hours before she'd have to adjust to the fact that Kurt was currently taking refuge in her house.

She opened her door and stopped short. The soft rustle of shuffling feet patted in the kitchen. There was the sound of the fridge opening and closing, and of paper towels being torn. A few seconds later, she saw a tiny figure dressed in a light pink pajamas walking stealthily down the hall like one on a serious mission. One tiny arm carefully held a cartoon of the milk, the other one held an empty glass. The little kid also had one edge of the paper towels pinched between her lips as she carried everything towards the guest room.

"What is going on with that child?" Mercedes mumbled. Izzy certainly was a strange one. As quietly as she could, the music teacher tip toed after her. Making sure Izzy wouldn't see her, Mercedes waited a few minutes after the child entered the guest room before peeking in.

Kurt was wrapped in a thin blanket, his body shaking. He was sobbing in his sleep, muttering softly in his dream. Meanwhile, Izzy was busy pouring milk from the carton into the glass, no easy feat with her bandaged wrist. The girl climbed on the bed and pulled the blanket from her Dad, tugging him on the shoulder to wake him up. He rolled away but she continued on, almost pushing him off the bed to jolt him from his dream.

"Stop!" Kurt's eyes flew open, wide and soaked with tears. Izzy jumped back, nearly bumping into the table where she'd place the glass of milk.

"Oh no baby, I'm so sorry." Kurt buried his face into his hands, "I wasn't mad at you. Daddy was just having another nightmare."

When he looked up, Izzy was sitting beside him with a full glass of milk in her hands. She shrugged with a wide smile and handed him the glass, practically thrusting it in his face as she did.

"Come here you," Kurt took the glass from her and set it down. She climbed straight into his arms and leaned contently against him. He took her hands in his, his fingers brushing over the bandages wrapped around her little wrists. Kurt sighed and rocked the child gently back and forth. He hummed softly above her head, resting his cheek lightly on the top of the dark blonde waves.

"We'll be ok, won't we Izzy?" Kurt whispered. Izzy tried moving her fingers and wrists to respond back in sign language, but the bandages were being a nuisance. She smiled up at him with a quirky little grin, shrugged, and snuggled closer to her Dad.

"We'll be ok," He whispered, rocking her gently. Izzy gave a silent yawn, her green eyes fluttering close. As the child drifted up into a stubborn sleep, Kurt gathered her in his arms, chanting the same promise over and over, "We'll be ok."

Mercedes decided right then that she needed to do something aggressive to help Kurt. She stepped aside and allowed him to do whatever he pleased last time and look where it got him. He couldn't go on like this. If he didn't have the courage to show himself to his family and friends, then maybe they could bring themselves to him. And damn right it was about time the boy heard what they've been wanting to say ever since that night twelve years ago when he'd betrayed them. And it was also time for them to hear his story as well. They deserved at least that.

So without thinking twice, Mercedes whipped out her cell phone. There was no way in hell Kurt was going to crawl back to whatever life he ran away from. And now that he's back home, there was no fucking way Mercedes was going to give him up without a fight. After all, fighting is what divas do best.

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