Chapter 6


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It was the following day after Alice played at the Kaiba mansion and Yugi was eager to finally 'talk' with his pen pal instead of helping her and her family move. His friends felt the same way, all of them wanting to know more about the Elric's. But the dream Yugi had the previous night still plagued his mind. Who was that figure? And why was it after some vanilla? The King of Games decided to push the dream out of his mind for now. He would wait and see if he would have any more dreams like that. Maybe even clearer ones.

The dream was soon temporarily forgotten as Yugi reached the Elric Residence. He got up early and decided to go on ahead and walk some of the way. Once he reached the top of the forested hill, Yugi turned to witness the incredible view of Domino City from the Elric's perch. Even though he loved living in his grandfather's game shop with the old man, Yugi could not help but envy the Elric's for such a view.

"Yugi?" a tired voice spoke.

Yugi turned and had to turn back to his original position with a blush on his face, for Erin was standing outside in cotton shorts and a too-large t-shirt that had a picture of a purple transmutation circle on the front.

"E-Erin! What-what are you doing up?" Yugi stuttered.

Yawning, Erin gave her answer.

"I could ask you the same thing. I was sleeping in bed and somehow, I knew someone was approaching our place. When I looked out the window, I saw that it was you."

She then approached the blushing boy; clearly she was the taller of the two by a few inches.

"Is everything ok?"

The King of Games gulped as he tried his best to answer his close friend without having an indecent thought about her. Finally, he gave her an answer.

"Uh, Erin? Could you…well at least…please put on a robe?"

Erin, no longer dazed with sleepiness, realized what he was talking about and looked down. Like the boy, she blushed.

"Uh~… I'll be right back."

Erin then dashed inside and returned to her room, quiet so as not to wake her grandfather and sister or alert Alphonse, who never slept since his transmutation; grabbed a robe, and dashed out while putting it on.

Once she donned the garment, she spoke to Yugi.

"Ok, Yugi. You can look now."

Yugi thank the stars and turned to the now-robed Erin, now more alert.

"Sorry about that. You know what happens when you're half-asleep. You can't think straight."

Yugi waved his hands in defense, still blushing.

"N-no, no! Don't worry about it. It's my fault it happened. I just couldn't get back to sleep and-!"

Yugi held his tongue before he could finish. He still hadn't told Erin about Atem and he still hadn't found the words to help convince her that magic is indeed real. It was a delicate project and one that needed some time and planning before the unveiling. But Erin had that look of suspicion in her golden eyes, making the King of Games anxious. Folding her arms, Erin spoke.

"Are you saying you had a nightmare, Yugi?"

The look Erin gave was more like a mother's than a serious scientist. Yugi knew that she was concerned immediately. The two of them had been friends since they were kids and with the video letters, they probably could have picked up expressions that are hidden from plain sight.

Knowing that there was no way out, Yugi sighed.

"Sort of."

He then felt the alchemist's warm fleshed hand on his shoulder, which was warm enough to sense some of it through his tank top strap. Erin's look of concern grew more visible as she spoke.

"Wanna talk about it? It might make you feel better."

Yugi nodded and explained his dream the best he could without revealing the pharaoh inside his Millennium Puzzle as he and Erin sat on a bench that overlooked the city. Erin listened carefully, making sure she was focused on Yugi. But as she did she noticed that Yugi, despite the two of them being able to see each other over the years through video, seemed a lot cuter than normally.

Of all the friends she made, she was very fond of Yugi. They had a lot of similar traits that went beyond them witnessing the horrible night that took her limbs. They had both lost their parents at a young age, they lived with their grandfathers, and they were both 'fun-sized' as her grandfather called the two of them being short.

She valued her friendship with Yugi greatly. But now that he was right next to her outside a television set, Erin could not help but notice that her heart rate was increasing at a rapid pace. What was wrong with her? Was it something she ate the other day? Or was it from lack of sleep. Whatever the reason, she wasn't the only one.

As he told Erin about his dream, Yugi also noticed that his heart rate had gone up as well. At first, he thought it was because Erin was dressed in a shirt and some shorts earlier. But even after she grabbed a robe, his heart still didn't slow down. In fact, it had increased. Yugi's emotions toward Erin were similar with one factor: he though she was absolutely beautiful in real life.

As he neared the end of the story, Yugi noticed something odd about Erin. She smelled like vanilla. Dismissing any connections until further notice, Yugi ended his story.

"-so here I am."

"And this dream won't stop bugging you now?"

Yugi nodded at Erin's question. The alchemist gave the matter some thought until she got an idea. Standing up, she pulled Yugi to a large patch of lawn that was at the right side of the house. There was a wooden fence that ran along the border of the lawn and the stone walkway.

"E-Erin! What are you doing?" Yugi asked in surprise.

Once they were in the center of the patch, Erin turned to him and answered him.

"Come on. Let's spar!"

The declaration surprised Yugi. He had just told Erin about a weird dream and now she wants to fight him?

"S-spar? But…why?"

Erin placed her hands on her hips after discarding the robe, no longer caring about her clothing state.

"It's something my granddad taught me. Sometimes, to get your brain working, a little movement is the key. And sparring's the best movement for the mind. The use of quick thinking can help push one thought out our aid in processing another. If we sparred, then maybe the dream-thoughts can go away."

At first, Yugi thought it was a crazy idea. But he knew that he needed to think of something else. And unfortunately, Erin had begun sparring before he could make a different decision.

Erin spoke as she tried to land a couple of light punches at Yugi's body, the latter dodging.

"We'll start off small. I know you don't like fighting, but consider this exercising for both the body and the mind. You need to make quick decisions and land a couple of blows on me. The first to five light punches wins the match."

Yugi was grateful for Erin's consideration for his smaller body and decided to spar, since there was no other way out of it. Unfortunately, Erin landed her blows before Yugi could even make one. Panting, Yugi spoke.

"Hey…No fair…I wasn't ready."

Erin gave off her signature grin and spoke.

"Wanna try again?"

Throughout the early hours after dawn, Yugi and Erin sparred, having to stop only for bathroom breaks, breakfast (Erin's treat), and a change of clothes for Erin. She was dressed in her usual black duds and still she won every match. By the time Joey and the others made it to the Elric home, Yugi was only able to land three blows before Erin won. The quartet of friends stared awkwardly at the pair. Joey was the one to grab their attention.

"Uh…Yug? Why are ya fightin' with Erin?"

Panting, Yugi answered him.

"We're not fighting…Joey….We're…sparring…"

That was still a weird thing to hear from their pacifist friend.

"Sparring? Why?" Tea asked in a concerned tone.

Erin proceeded to explain.

"Yugi here was having trouble getting rid of some thoughts. So I figured if we could get his mind focused on making quick decisions, they'll go away."

Tea was about to protest when Joey spoke up.

"Yeah, I get that."

Tristan smirked at his friend.

"You do? Never thought you'd get anything. It took you, what, a month before you could get good at Duel Monsters because you couldn't make a good strategy?"

Joey immediately flared his nostrils at the brunette as he turned to him.

"What'd ya say, Tristan?!"

The group watched as the two teens began to fight with one another before a voice caused them to stop.


The voice caused the teens' head to turn towards the entrance. To their surprise and the boys' fear, Edward Elric, dressed casual, was fuming mad.

It was then Joey then did something stupid.

"This is between me an' Tristan, Mr. E. No need to get yer pint-sized claws out."

Erin face-palmed as her grandfather charged at the two boys.


Pinching the bridge of her nose, Erin called into the house.

"Uncle Al! Granddad's in a fight again."

Immediately, Alphonse came out of the house as he struggled to break up the fighting, Tea and Ryou helping him.

Out of instinct, Yugi grasped Erin by the wrist and brought her away from the fight. Noticing the action right away, Erin began to speak once the two were behind the house.

"Yugi! What the…"

But her words trailed off when Yugi began laughing. She blinked a few times to make sure she was seeing what she thought she was seeing.

"What's so funny?"

She asked, placing her hands on her hips. Yugi managed to quell his laughing fit enough for him to explain.

"I'm sorry. H –heh... It just that…heh….your grandpa cracks me up sometimes."

Erin blinked again. Her grandfather and his friends were in a scuffle…and he was laughing.

She scrambled to put her thoughts together when she noticed something.

He was laughing.

No more than a couple of hours ago, he was plagued by a dream that refused to leave him in the waking world. Now, he was laughing at the spectacle that was happening.

Soon, she started laughing too.

Even in the videos, Yugi loved Erin's laugh. It was a strong, vibrant laugh that matched her personality. And her smile. He could just watch her smile all day. Of the things he cherished, Erin's smile was amongst the top of his list. Ever since the first video.

Inside the Millennium Puzzle, Atem watched as the two teenagers laughed together. While he smiled at how happy Yugi was, the pharaoh was still plagued at how familiar the girl was to him. And the feeling would not go away. Something about Erin Elric just set something off in him.

From what he could describe the feeling, it was longing. Longing for a missing piece. A missing piece he believed came from when he was alive in Ancient Egypt. He was certain that when he had his final duel with Yugi, that was the end of it. He remembered his court, his life, even his own name.

So why couldn't he rest?

Atem then proceeded to lay down on his bed within the Puzzle and closed his eyes, his view of the outside world closed so he could leave the bonding teenagers be. But the minute he closed his eyes, the dream Yugi had the night before came to him. But there was a difference.

The mystery figure had golden hair.

It was then another image appeared before him. This time, it was an image of blurred colors. And with sound as he could hear his voice. The voice from his past.

"I still intend on making you my queen… And I know you would not take to the idea. But I ask you this. Would being my wife be any worse that what you and your sister are going through right now? Don't you wish you could give your sister a better life after what she has gone through?"

Atem could not hear the name, but held his breath as a new, yet familiar voice spoke serenely.

"Very well. I will marry you."

Atem jolted from his bed as the dream ended, drenched in sweat. When he fell asleep, he was puzzled. Now awake, he finally figured out what was missing. He gazed off into nothingness as he muttered his revelation.

"Gods. I had a wife."

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