Untitled #6 (Serena and Darien)

This is a first season poem from Serena's POV. I wrote it about three months ago. I hope you like it! Please review, and with specific comments!

Breath: Dream of Me

By Rashaka

Somewhere far away
your breath on my neck

Sends chills through my nerves

I turn, and you're there

Always there, hovering in my space

Like you own it

Like you own me

"Hey" you whisper, heady and warm

your breath on my cheek, where I can't see you

"Surprise, Odango."

I spin but you're gone

Again into the distance

Where no one can touch you

So far, far away

So cold and alone

Why do you do this?

Will you never let me be?

I hear your whispers

And I feel you near

But you're never where you should be

How do I reach you?

I can't survive like this

With these casual words

Innuendoes and insulted sliding into each other

You have to choose

Do you want me

Or do you want the dream of me?