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Her bed never felt as good as it did today. She didn't want to get up or move. Her alarm clock continually went off, loud and blaring, yet she didn't do anything to stop it. She just stayed in her bed, unwilling to leave its warmth. 'Damn. This alarm is really making my headache worse." She slid her legs out of bed quickly getting goosebumps from the sudden chill. She shivered for a few seconds before her body adjusted to the temperature. She walked over to her alarm clock and turned it off, then went into her bathroom and started her shower. As she waited for her water to get hot she brushed her teeth.

After cleaning her teeth she shed herself of her nightwear. The heat against her skin felt so good, but the noise coming from her showerhead was bringing her misery. Her headache felt like 50 nails being drilled into her head. 'How am I going to make it throught the day with this godforsaken headache?' Hinata quickly washed herself off and got out. Her room was still dark save for a single streak of light coming through the slight opening in her dark blue curtains.

Hinata quickly dried herself and got dressed. She looked at the clock. It read 8:02, 'If I don't hurry up and leave I'm going to be late for work.'

Hinata quickly got dressed in her morning's job required clothing. She wore a white shirt that said 'Ichiraku's Diner' with some black slacks and her hair in a messy bun. She popped some pills for her headache, ran out to her car, got in and headed towards her job.

She lived about 20 minutes away, but because of traffic, it took her about 30 minutes instead. Hinata got to her job and looked at the clock - 8:36. 'Dammit'.

"Hinata! You're late for the sixth time this month. That's coming out of your check," Hinata groaned. "Hey! You're lucky I don't fire you!" The old man walked away from her still peeved with Hinata.

'Whatever. You don't fire me because I bring in the custumers." Hinata got her tray and headed toward her assigned tables. Luckily, there weren't a lot of people at the diner yet, so she could relax a little.

After she got all the orders and drinks together she sat down and waited for the orders to be made. "Hey Hinata," came a smooth female voice.

"Hey Temari."

"Heard you had a crazy night."

Being reminded of what happened made her remember her headache. "Uuugh! Don't even talk about it."

"Hehe! I'm assuming you got a headache."

"Yes, a very powerful one at that..."

Hinata and Temari, with nothing left to say, sat there in comfortable silence.

Finally Temari said something. "Seems like the rowdy crowd hasn't come to see their sweet little Hinata."

Hinata starting getting annoyed. "I don't want to see any of them. They all irritate me."

"Yeah, but Ichiraku loves them. They buy something everyday. A lot of food at that. Which reminds me. That blonde guy can really chow down! He had, like, ten bowls one day! It kinda made me feel sick just looking."

Hinata looked up at the wall. There was a picture of a blonde-headed guy with his thumbs up for the picture. He had gotten that for being Ichiraku's favorite costumer. Her heart squeezed at the thought of him. They used to be in a serious relationship (well, at least to her it was), but he left her for some girl he met online. "Yeah."

Bells began to ring, indicating that someone had entered the diner. "Welcome," Hinata said without looking at the costumer, busy picking up supplies for the costumer.

"Can I have a booth?" The deep voice asked.

"Sure. Follo-," Hinata looked up at the man. He extremely good-looking. He was wearing a casual black shirt, that didn't hide the fact that he was well toned, and blue jeans. Hinata's mouth hung open for a while before she realized how ridicules she must have looked. "U-um, this way, if you will."

They walked over to a booth and he sat down. "Is there anyone else that will arrive later?"

The handsome man looked at her with a blank expession before he replied. "Don't you think I would have told you that by now?"

'He may be cute, but he's a total jackass."

"Please excuse my thoughtlessness."

He grunted and picked up his menu. "What drink would you like to start off with first, sir?"

"Water will be fine." With that Hinata left the man to go get his drink.

"Who's that fine ass guy you're serving?" Temari asked, eyeing the lone guy at the booth.

"I don't know, but he's rude."

"Really? Whatever, I could look past that. He is really sexy!"

Hinata got the water that the man wanted. "I couldn't look past a bad attitude, and besides, don't you already have a boyfriend Temari?"

"Yeah, yeah. I love Shikamaru, but that doesn't mean I can't have a guy on the side just in case he messes up." Hinata laughed as she went to her custumer.

"Here's your water and are you ready to order?"

"Yakisoba, please. Extra tomatoes."

Hinata wrote down the order,"I'll be right back," she said with a forced smile.

The bell chimed as another person entered the diner. "Welcome," Temari greeted.

"Heya Temari! Came to get my daily dose of Ichiraku's great ramen!"

"Naruto, my boy!" Ichiraku leaned in for a hug. "It's always great to see you! You're my best costumer!"

"Hehe. I can't help it. Your ramen is the best ramen ever! No matter where I go to eat ramen, it's not half as good as yours."

Hinata looked over at where Naruto was standing, next to Ichiraku. She sighed. She didn't like to see him. This is the part of the day she dreaded the most. She's tried to quit once, but Ichiraku didn't want to let her go, so he raised her pay. That's the only reason she stayed.

"Sasuke! Haven't seen you in a long time. What did you do, disappear from the Earth?"

Hinata followed the direction in which he was speaking. The handsome man she was serving earlier. Naruto took a seat on the other side of him. "What do you want dobe?"

"That's no way to talk to your old comrade. I'll have the usual!" Naruto called his order. Hinata heard and set up his order. Once the food was ready, she placed the plates on a tray and carried it over to the two boys.

"Here you two go," Hinata said no longer putting a smile on her face. Hinata placed the man named Sasuke's plate down gently and dumped Naruto's where he sat, causing some juice to spill over. Naruto sat there looking a bit peeved. "Sorry..." Hinata said as she walked away, not at all sounding apologetic. Yes, Hinata was still bitter. She still couldn't understand how she lost to some girl he met online. Hinata hasn't talked to Naruto without fighting in a long time.

"That's okay," Naruto said back in an equally sarcastic tone.

Hinata walked into the back of the diner were she saw Temari, once again. "Why are you so mean to that one guy?" Temari had been working at the diner for almost half a year now, 7 months to be exact. Hinata and Naruto had broken up about 2 months before she had started work at Ichiraku's. Hinata never got around to telling Temari why she hated Naruto. There was no point back then and she wasn't close to Temari like she is now. But now wasn't the time either.

"I'll tell you later."

T-ting ting.

Hinata felt cold all of the sudden. She knew what that feeling meant anywhere.

"Hinataaaaa!" Oh, how she hated that voice. "Where are you, my lovely angel?"

Hinata stayed quiet in the back. She was not in the mood to seeing him either. He was always harrasing her. Ichiraku never did anything to stop it. In fact, he made it worse.

"Hello there Mr. Raku," said the male. "Could you get Hinata out of the back for me. I know she's shy." Hinata heard some rustling of what sounded like paper. 'He's selling me off like some hooker."

"Hinata!" Damn. She hated this. 'Quitting is sounding really nice, right now.'Hinata won't though. She was getting a nice, fat check, much to Ichiraku's dismay. But that didn't mean she wanted to be sold off.

Hinata walked back to the front and caught eyes with her "fan". "Hello Kiba..."

"Aaaaw Hinata having a bad day?" He started talking in a low growl, "I know how to fix that." He pulled her in by her waist and put his face against her neck to get a deep smell of her.

"Kiba!" She pushed hard against his strong build, but he didn't budge. "Get off!"

"I am," he said in a rumbling voice, taking advantage of Hinata's pleas.

Hinata rolled her eyes in disgust. "Get off me, Kiba! I don't have the time for you today!"

"But you say that everyday. I just want to get to know you Hinata." Hinata didn't believe a word he was saying. Kiba only liked to get handsy and feel her up. "Kiba!" Hinata pushed and shoved, but nothing was helping.

All of the sudden, Kiba's heat left her body. "I believe she told you to let her go." The man she was serving earlier was now pulling Kiba off of her.

"Who the hell are you?"

"It doesn't matter. You shouldn't harrass people. Especially if they're saying they want you to get off of them."

Kiba laughed. "You know how women are. No means yes. I know she's enjoying it, she's just playing hard to get." He looked at her with lust-filled eyes. Hinata looked away, disgusted.

"Just leave her alone. This isn't a brothel and I don't really like seeing someone being sexually harrassed." Sasuke looked over to where Ichiraku was standing. "You should be ashamed of yourself. Selling your workers like some prostitutes." Sasuke (she remembered) put the money he owed for his food on the counter as he walked out the exit. "Don't expect me to return to this place." He walked out with his hands in his pockets.

The people who were at the diner already began to pack their things also, and left. Ichiraku eyes were bugging with the exodus. He couldn't believe it! His face turned red with rage and embarrassment then he looked at the cause. "HINATA!"

'I knew I should've stayed in bed.'

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