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Her face was a dim pink and her head was still pulsing with pain after she had hit her head hard. The blood rushing to her face only made her head hurt more, but she couldn't stop it. There was no way she couldn't stop blushing.

Not only did Sasuke see her naked, but Sasuke and his brother, Itachi, saw her naked. There was no way she could live that down.

She was sitting at work going through the motions, but her mind never went off the fact that two men saw her without her clothes…

'Why...?' she thought continuously throughout the day.

"DEIDARA! My soon-to-be husband! Come to your beautiful lady."


"I'm sorry, Miku, but Deidara isn't here today. He called in sick," Sasori explained.

Miku looked at Sasori in total silence. Slowly, but surely, you could see tears in her eyes. "What did you say?" she asked timidly.

"Deidara called in sick today," he said again.

"W-why? B-but why-"

"I'm sorry, he should be back tomorrow. You should go home for-"

"WHY WOULD I CARE WHEN SUCH A GORGEOUS MAN LIKE YOURSELF IS HERE!" She foamed at the mouth a little with hearts in her eyes and flung her arms around him neck as she tackled him to the ground.

"Wait! Wait!" he cried. "If you want Deidara, he's hiding in the break room."

You could hear an audible expletive come from a closed off room.

With a glint in her eyes and a smirk, she leaped off of Sasori and went toward the closed room. She flung the door open to a Deidara cowering in fear in a corner. Then she shut the door.

"No. NO!" screamed Deidara. Then it went completely silent.

Sasori got off the ground and brushed himself off; ignoring the fact that Deidara is probably getting molested by Miku. Then he saw Hinata's pink face and far off look. "Are you okay, Hinata?"

With the same far off look, she answered, "I'm fine."

Sasori stared at her unsure of what to say, because she didn't look fine. 'If she doesn't want to talk about it, then I won't bother her about it.'

A woman walked out of the room with Sasuke. She was blathering on and on about something that didn't really matter. "So I'll see you next month?" she asked batting her eyes dramatically.

He inwardly cringed and said, "Yes, on the 17th."

She smiled then walked away, putting more sway into her hips than what was necessary. Sasuke turned towards Hinata and an immediate blush appeared on his face no matter how hard he tried to fight it. He cleared his throat, adjusted his collar, and then went back into his room.

'Hmm… I wonder what that was all about,' Sasori wondered. 'Did something happen between those two?' With his interest piqued, he stored this memory template for a later time.


When Hinata left for work and Sasuke enclosed himself in his office, Sasori went up to an agitated Deidara.

"Have you noticed that Hinata and Sasuke have been acting strangely around each other?"

"No! But I did notice that no one tried to save me from that crazy girl!" he replied through gritted teeth.

"Quit complaining and listen. I think we should try and figure out what happened between those two," Sasori suggested.

Deidara's shoulders slumped and he had a defeated facial expression. "What are you talking about anyway? I haven't noticed anything strange between those two."

"Of course you didn't. You've been too busy being angry at everyone."

"I think I had the right to!" he hissed.

"Anyway, every time they even glance at one another they start blushing furiously and looking around awkwardly. It's kind of funny. I've never seen Sasuke look so… Hmmm… What exactly would you call that expression?" Sasori wondered aloud. "I guess you could say it looks embarrassed."

"That sounds weird." Deidara tried to imagine an embarrassed Sasuke, but only came up with smug and blank expressions. "Yep, definitely can't imagine it."

"Well, like I was saying, we should try and figure out why they're acting that way," Sasori said with a smirk.

Deidara smirked, ready to see what Sasuke's face looks embarrassed.


Hinata made it to the new house she was living at currently at 1 in the morning. She crept silently to her room so she wouldn't wake anyone up.

"Good morning, Hinata." Hinata froze, not suspecting anyone to say anything.

"H-Hi, Itachi," she squeaked.

"No need to be jumpy, Hinata. You're home pretty late."

"Um, yeah. I just got off work. I used to get home at about 12:30 or so, but I kinda got lost on the way here."

"Hm…" the growl in his voice made her heart speed up. It was weird. 'Why's he so freakin' attractive?' she wondered.

He got out of the chair he had been sitting in and sauntered his way over to Hinata. The way he was skimming his eyes over her body made her stomach clench in anticipation. 'Why is he looking at me like that?'

Then, out of nowhere, he started laughing gently. Then he started laughing harder and he doubled over. Hinata stood there dumbfounded, unsure as to what she should do. She scratched her arm nervously and waited until his laughter started dying down.

"Um, can I ask what's so funny?" That only caused his laughter to start up again.

Finally, after a few minutes of laughing, he started speaking again. "I'm sorry. I was just remembering what happened this morning."

Hinata's face immediately turned a dark shade of red.

"It was really funny especially when-"

"Don't talk about it! I'm still trying to forget about it. It was really embarrassing! It would be nice if you wouldn't remind me about it again."

He laughed more gently now. "You'll never forget something like that. You know that already. We might as well make it one of those stories we laugh about when we talk about it."

"Or it could be one of those stories we never ever talk about. I think I like that option better." She giggled a little.

"I'm sorry, but that would be impossible. Especially since-" then he, all of the sudden, moved out of the way before a flying object connected to his head.

"Shut. The hell. Up."

Hinata and Itachi looked up to a messy haired Sasuke. His eyes were half-lidded and looked kind of angry. "Some of us have to work early in the morning… Itachi."

Itachi flashed a smile at his brother and headed towards the stairs. He turned once towards Hinata and bade her good night and she did the same.

Sasuke watched as Itachi went into his room and then looked at Hinata who was still standing in the same spot she had been. She looked at him and said good night to him.

Sasuke scoffed and went into his room, leaving a dejected Hinata in the dark by herself.

She went to her room, did her nightly routine, then went to sleep.

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