Alright, I'll admit it. I've written a flimsy little one-shot as a guise for talking about the episode and what's to come. I mean, it's ... I don't say this easily, but OMG. It's epic.

I don't think I've ever hated a cliffhanger this much! And the spoilers for the next week both make it better and worse - with an emphasis on worse. I'm really not sure if Criminal Minds will be as enjoyable to watch after next week... or maybe the end of the season.


Here's my flimsy little one-shot. Enjoy!

As much as she wanted to hide the truth from herself, she no longer could.

Staying with them would get them killed.

Leaving them was painful, and she knew it was harsh to leave the way she had, but she felt she had no choice.

She was only saving them from her.

Tears were threatening to blind her as she stepped out of the bullpen – away from her job – away from her life. And though she walked determinedly, head held high, a part of her wanted to run back and be with the team. They'd given her a home the past few years, wounded as she'd been by her experiences. It felt cold and heartless to leave them this way.

As she stood near the elevators she'd stood before so many times now, she glanced back over her shoulder, unable to stop herself. Maybe it was the part that wanted to punish herself: because, when she looked back, she saw Morgan looking around him.

Tears did fall down her cheek then, and she quickly faced the elevators again.

You know Emily, you really need to trust people.

You can trust me, Emily. With anything. I'm serious, no matter how awful you think it is, I promise you, you are not alone.

I just wish you'd believe that.

She'd miss him. They'd fallen into an easy camaraderie over the years and he had always, no matter what, accepted her.

Then again, she'd miss all of them.

She knew they'd understand; they would see the footage of her, or rather Lauren Reynolds, and they'd understand why she'd left. They'd connect the dots; and any blanks would be filled by the documents they'd find in her safe.

She knew she was doing the right thing.

Then why did it feel so wrong?

I'm dying to talk about the spoilers. The only person I know who actively watches Criminal Minds wants to remain spoilerless, so I'm deprived of everything!

Oh, and it'd be nice to receive reviews, too. :)