Gia sat up on the roof, and climbed up onto the top section of the roof, she looked out over France, the Cold air hitting her skin, she was only in pyjamas, which were white silk long sleeved and long trousers.

Her long blonde curls flowed freely in the wind, and her bright blue eyes glittered with salty tears.

An older version of her came up behind her and sat down next to her, wrapping them both in a fluffy blue blanket and holding the young woman close to her, "I missed you" she said softly

Gia snuggled into her mother, "I missed you too" she said with tears streaming down her face.

Nikita kissed her head, "I promise I won't ever let you go again"

She smiled up at her mother and clung tighter, "And I promise I won't let go either"

They knew everything would be okay now, as long as they had each other.