Characters: Alita
Summary: She still gets a nasty shock every time she looks into the mirror.
Pairings: None
Author's Note: Okay, I ended up with more inspiration for this fandom than I originally thought.
Disclaimer: I don't own Murder Princess.

Alita Forland still gets a nasty shock every time she looks into the mirror when she wakes up.

When under the soft pall of sleep, her unconscious state forgets that her soul has switched bodies with that of a young (though several years older than her) bounty hunter, and that the one called Falis now lives with great gusto the life of the Queen of Forland. In her dreams, Alita is Princess still and Milano brushes out her long flaxen hair and Alita practices with her lute and calligraphy.

Then, she wakes up.

And Alita stifles a scream when she looks into the mirror—that should be the first clue; it's a mirror on a vanity, not a floor-length like what Alita Forland owns—before she remembers.

This is not her body, small and fey and wraith-like with short, straight purple hair and wide dark eyes in a small face. Alita is supposed to be tall and willowy and sylph-like, with glossy fair hair and ruby eyes. There's something distressingly masculine about these hands, with their wide, heavily callused and weather-beaten palms and fingers—is this how Falis will leave her hands with her constant sword work?—and brittle fingernails. Her clothes are no longer pliant silks, soft velvets, or gleaming satins but stiff, starched linen. Alita hates the color black, but it's all she wears now.

Falis is asleep in the next room—Alita could press open the door connecting their bedchambers if she so desired—in Alita's bed, wearing Alita's clothes and Alita's skin. She owns that body now, and it shows in the harder muscles of her arms and the bold, sensual sway of her hips when she walks. There's already a thin white scar, barely visible against creamy flesh on the left shoulder of Alita's body, just above the collarbone that certainly wasn't there before the switch.

Alita admits silently, with a sad twist of the lip, that Falis makes a far better ruler than she ever could. The quick-thinking mind and the bold confidence and the sheer brutal charisma of the bounty hunter has served Forland well. Better than Alita's shyness or retiring nature or pacifism seems to have done.

This is reality, Alita accepts, staring into the mirror and seeing advertised there a stranger's face. There is no way to reverse this that she knows of, so it's just as likely that Alita will have her body back tomorrow as it is that she will die Milano Entolasia, maid and personal attendant of Queen Alita of Forland.

It's reality, and Alita knows how to accept reality. With calm and quiet and a brave smile on her face, and that is how she will face the facts now.

She's still shocked to see a foreign face in the mirror, though.