Characters/Pairings: Milano
A/N: Okay, here is chapter one of More Important Things, a 20-chapter (it may possibly grow) series of drabbles and oneshots concerning Murder Princess. Most of them will be about Falis (my favorite character) and/or Alita, but some, such as this one, will be about other characters. Also, I refer to Falis and Alita consistently, except in dialogue or thoughts, by their original names before the switch. Requests are open (though I reserve the right to refuse them) and feedback is appreciated.
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Another wave of pounding, like the sea crashing against rock or the end of the world, makes the great door shake. Dressed in clothes too fine for her, disturbingly soft against her skin, Milano Entolasia can't help but think that everything feels wrong.

She's so unused to these clothes. She's so unused to having her long, light brown hair loose down her back. She's unused to jewels. She's unused to soft velvet shoes as opposed to her usual stiff leather shoes. Above all else, Milano's unused to the sensation of standing in a great hall next to a dead king, waiting for the invaders to come. She's unused to waiting to die.

Her grandfather shoots a concerned look in her direction (You can still flee if you wish; I would not blame you, and neither would Her Highness), and Milano merely shakes her head, though truth be told she is shaking in terror, her hands trembling beyond her ability to control them. A thin trickle of blood runs down her chin from where she has bitten into her lip.

Milano tells herself that she will be brave.

She remembers now, that when she and Princess Alita were children, only Prince Kaito could tell them apart from a distance. That was, of course, before Milano's blonde hair turned brown and her skin became freckled from exposure to the sun.

"But I think your freckles look sweet!" Alita protests with a scandalized voice when Milano remarks, in soft tones to her mistress that freckles are generally considered unattractive among the elite class. That Alita thinks they look "sweet", however flattering that may be, doesn't change the fact that it's a sign of long amounts of time spent out in the sun—freckles mark her as a rough, peasant girl.

Will they notice now? Will they see her freckles and know that this can't be the Princess? They'll kill her either way, Milano knows, but the thing she fears most of all is that she will give Alita away and set the wolves on her because of her appearance.

No, Milano realizes grimly as the wood of the door starts to splinter. It won't be her freckles that will give her away. It will be her hair, the most saliently different feature from the actual Princess Alita that she possesses.

Milano Entolasia is going to die (And God only knows what the invaders might do to her before they kill her).

Milano Entolasia is going to give her mistress away, and possibly be the death of her as well.

But Milano will be brave. Milano will die smiling.

She will do it for her mistress.

There are more important things than living, after all. And Princess Alita's life is far more important than her own.