"It doesn't matter how rich a man is, if he has no family, he's the poorest of everyone."

I gripped Edward's free hand, shutting my eyes as I tipped my head back and let out a breath.

"Please." I whispered quietly.

I wasn't sure if he heard me or not and I started to open my eyes and move my ass off the edge of my desk before he spoke, "Bella..."

I felt his fingers touch my skin and I squeezed my eyes shut tighter, "Oh God..." I let out another breath, swallowing before I spoke again, "Edward please!"

"There... It's done."

His calm, but slightly amused voice, made me open my eyes and loosen my grip on his hand a little. I peered down at the mass of tousled bronze hair, situated by my ankle as he inspected the bottom of my foot.

"It's gone?"

"Yes." He held up the little gold pin with his free hand, "It wasn't even in that deep."

"It felt like it was." I muttered.

He chuckled, setting the pin beside me on the table before returning to my foot. He ran the pad of his thumb along the soft skin of my foot and smiled, "No bleeding... Didn't even leave a mark."

He stood up then, and pulled me up with the hand I was still holding on to.

"Thank you." I smiled a little, blush scarring my cheeks now that realisation over what had just happened dawned on me.

"I'm not sure if I should tell you not to leave pins on the floor, or to wear your shoes all the time in the office."

I felt my cheeks heat further and tried to ignore it as he laughed at me, "My feet were hurting... I only took my heels off for a second."

"And you jammed a pin into your foot." He raised an eyebrow, "Just be careful. I don't like to hear those kinds of screams coming you Bella."

My gaze had been on my feet, but at his words it shot up and met his eyes. The deep green gaze burning into mine clouded over suddenly, as if just realising what he'd said.

I had the urge to ask, "What kind of screams would you like to hear from me?" But I was genuinely afraid of the answer I'd receive.

"Umm..." I glanced down at our hands that were still joined together, his heat making me shiver in pleasure, "Well...Thank you..." I let go of his hand and made a move to go behind my desk and lift my shoes again.

I sat down on the seat, slipping on my black heels before standing up and fixing my grey skirt I was wearing. I looked up at him again, to see him staring at me with curious eyes.

"What is it?" I asked warily.

"You called me Edward." He noted with a fascinated tone.

My eyes widened a little, "Oh... I... I'm sorry." I shook my head quickly, cursing myself repeatedly in my head, "I didn't mean to... I was just..."

"Bella." Edward held up one long hand as he laughed, "I'm not shouting at you for it."

I paused, letting out a breath, "You're not?"

"No." He shook his head and smiled, but something in his expression told me to stick to Mr Cullen from now on.

"Oh... Okay Mr Cullen." I said purposefully.

He chuckled, already heading back towards his office again, "Could you get me a coffee please, Bella?"


"Thank you."

I waited until his office door was closed before I grabbed the side of my chair and let out my breath in a whoosh. I shut my eyes, feeling the heat cover my face, and letting it, because Edward was in his office and he couldn't see me.

"No need to blush so much." I heard his voice, laughing quietly and far too close to be real.

I opened my eyes, and my head shot down to the phone on my desk. I gritted my teeth, glancing up quickly to Edward's office. He was looking at me, smirking at my "deer in the headlights" expression. I thought about reaching for the intercom and replying, but instead I just sat down and lifted the receiver, dialling Starbucks.

He looked at me for a moment longer before quickly winking and dropping his head towards the papers on his desk. I stared after him in shock, wondering if he had really just winked at me and if I was really feeling giddy about it.

I bit my lip, blinking a few times to make my thoughts coherent again.

"Hello? Hello?"

I shook my head, "Sorry! I'm here. Uh, could I get a coffee for Mr Cullen please?"

"Oh sure. It'll be with you in a few minutes."

"Thanks." I hung up quickly, trying to ignore the excitement and euphoria seeming to travel around my blood stream suddenly.

Maybe he just has a twitch.

I laughed to myself. Oh yeah, that really made sense.

No. He had winked at me... He'd really winked at me.

I stood up, deciding to go to the staffroom and make myself a coffee... Far away from Mr Cullen.

I walked outside and down the short hallway before turning left towards the next set of double doors. The first desk I seen belonged to a young man, a few years younger than myself. Since I started here two weeks ago I'd seen him a few times, but we hadn't spoken, just smiled at each other as I passed.

I walked past the numerous desks, each partitioned off with a piece of white plastic. Telephones were ringing, people were typing, printers were shooting out paper, and it made me thankful that I had the peace and quiet of Edward's office.

I headed to the back and into the staffroom. I lifted my cup, which I'd thought to bring after my first week of using the "communal" cups. I made myself a quick coffee, and carried it out towards the doors again, eager to get back to make sure I didn't miss Edward's delivery.

In truth, after two weeks Edward had increased my workload and brought me into the real knowledge of what his assistant did. He had eased me in quite slowly, but now I was getting work thrown at me left, right and centre. Although given all that, Edward was still very protective of his business. There was so much I'd typed, but had no clue what it was about.

Just as I turned the corner I saw a young guy, no older than seventeen, dressed in a black Starbucks shirt, holding a cardboard cartoon with a large coffee inside. He was talking to the man I always passed on my way in here.

I walked towards them quickly, and they both looked up as I approached, "Is that Mr Cullen's coffee?"

Recognition sprung into the young man's face and he nodded, "Yes ma'am. I'm sorry, I wasn't sure where to go. I'm new to the job."

I smiled, "It's fine. Instead just walk straight ahead after you get out of the lift, knock on the door and I'll be there to take it from you." I reached forward and took Edward's drink with my free hand.

The boy nodded, mumbled a goodbye and left quietly. I stopped to fix the coffees in my hands, to make sure they didn't fall.

"So you're Edward Cullen's new assistant."

The voice was deep and I glanced up at the man in front of me. He was tanned, with broad shoulders and overly muscled arms.

"Um, yes." I nodded, smiling at him politely.

"I'm sure he's putting you through your paces." He chuckled, "I'm Jacob Black."

"Hi Jacob. I'm Bella." I glanced down at the drinks, "I'd shake your hand but... I've got no free hands."

He shook his head, "It's fine."

"So, what is this place in here?" I looked around a little.

"Oh, this is finance." Jacob nodded, "Everything to do with money in Cullen Enterprises comes through here."

I raised an eyebrow, "Me and maths don't go so well together. Maybe it's a good thing I belong in Edward Cullen's office." I laughed.

Jacob grinned, a bright white smile that seemed to take over his young face, "Very true." He agreed.

"Well, I should go." I nodded.

Jacob opened the door for me and I walked out slowly, "Thank you." I smiled, "See you later."

"Bye Bella."

I walked back to the office, lifting my hip slightly and knocking the handle down so I could open the door. I put my coffee down on my desk before heading towards Edward's office.

Jacob seemed nice, I pondered as I walked, he was the type of person I'd become great friends with. He was easy to talk to, and seemed to have a good sense of humour.

Nothing more would ever happen between us though, I acknowledged in the back of my head, he wasn't my type...

I knocked quietly on Edward's door before walking inside slowly.

Now that was my type, I thought as I met eyes with Edward behind his desk.

He smiled at me and I set the coffee onto his desk, "There you go."

"Thank you Isabella."

I didn't stop to freak out about how he called me Isabella from time to time, I was weirdly getting used to it.

I walked back outside again, talking my seat at my desk and popping up the spreadsheet Edward had asked me to complete by five tonight.

I was halfway through when the phone rang. I picked it up quickly, slipping it between my ear and shoulder as I continued to type.

"Cullen Enterprises, Bella speaking."

"Hello. This is Alice Brandon from Brandon Designs; I'd like to be put straight through to Edward please." The high voice chirped happily down the line.

I paused as I tried to recognise the name. It was unfamiliar, but then again, I'd only been here for a few weeks. Plus, if she belonged to a design company and spoke of Edward on a first name basis, then they must know each other.

I smiled, "Sure, I'll put you through now."

I hit the button on the phone before setting down the receiver. I stopped typing as I heard Edward's phone ring inside his office. I glanced up, watching as he answered the phone politely.

Suddenly, almost like a switch had been blown, his face clouded over and his jaw hardened. He shouted something into the phone and hung up immediately. I stared in shock, my eyes widening as he reached for the intercom.

"Bella. If that woman rings again don't put her through to me."

I reached for the intercom button slowly, "Why?"

"Just do it. I don't want her calling."

I looked back up into Edward Cullen's office. He ran his fingers through his hair quickly, tugging on it before he lowered his head back down towards his papers.

His expression was angry, but more than that... It was pained.

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