The Legend of Sonic:

Twilight Princess

Summary: Sonic gets thrown into the world of Hyrule after another fight against Eggman. While there, he meets a Hylian girl named Link, whom he instantly develops a crush on. But when Link's village is attacked and the village children get kidnapped, can Sonic help Link get them back and find out why her village was attacked? Who is the mysterious Midna? And why is Sonic a were-hog again?

I do not own The Legend of Zelda, or Sonic the Hedgehog.

It's Twilight Princess with Sonic in it and Link is a girl.

AN: The idea came to me through a similar fanfic that was deleted by it's author

Chapter 1


"Ugh…what happened?" groaned Sonic the Hedgehog.

An hour ago, Sonic was in space, stopping Dr. Eggman from reactivating the Eclipse Cannon on the Space Colony ARK. In order to do so, Sonic used the seven Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and drained the cannon. But in doing so caused him to black out and to find himself in a forest that, as far as he could tell, is not native to Mobius.

"Where am I? How did I get here?" asked the blue hedgehog.

Looking around in the surrounding clearing within the dense forest, Sonic got up and brushed himself off.

"Well, might as well take a look around. Maybe I'll find someone that can help me."

He walked for five minutes until he came to a lake. Sitting on the shore of the lake was a middle-aged man and a girl about Sonic's age. Sonic was going to speak to them when he noticed that the two were not dressed in Mobian clothes and that the girl had elf-like ears.

"Best not let them see me yet. Don't wanna cause a panic now." With the thought in mind, Sonic hid behind some bushes to the left of the pair. For some reason, he really wanted to see the girl's face. As he sat, he overheard the man talking.

"Do you hear them, Link? That's the sounds of the regrets of the ones who left this world. You have to have to be real quiet in order to hear them."

The girl called Link listened. "I think I can hear them, but…they sound sad." "That is the reason why loneliness pervades the hour of twilight."

"Twilight?" mentally asked the blue blur.

"But enough of that." the man spoke.

"You know that I am to deliver the gift to the royal family of Hyrule in two days, right?"

"Right?" Link spoke.

"Hyrule?" questioned the hedgehog.

"Well, I want you to go in my stead." the man answered.

"Huh? I thought the mayor gave the task to you?" Link asked. "

He did, but with the new baby on the way, I'll need to stay home with Uli and Colin."

"But, why me?" asked the girl, turning her head to look at the man. That's when Sonic saw her face.

She had short, blond hair; creamy skin, and a beautiful smile. But what caught Sonic's gaze the most was her eyes. Blue, beastlike, proud, and beautiful. Those eyes gave Sonic a unique feeling he had never felt before. He wanted to come out of hiding and meet with the girl in person, but the reality of the situation made Sonic stay in his hiding spot. He continued to listen.

"You have never been to Hyrule, right?" the man asked. Link shook her head.

"Well, in the center of the kingdom, there is a building called Hyrule Castle. That's where the royal family lives. And surrounding the castle is Castle Town and beyond Hyrule is the rest of the world that the goddesses created. As my best student and good friend, I want you to see it all. So will you?" the man asked.

Link gave it some thought before she came to the decision. "Well…if it's alright with the mayor, I'll go." answered Link, smiling.

"Alright then, it's settled. Let's head back to the village before it gets too late." said the man. "Is Epona around?"

"She's right here, Rusl." said Link, gesturing to her grazing horse. Sonic immediately saw Epona. The horse was a large work horse with reddish-brown fur and white mane and tail. Epona was equipped with her saddle and bridle, along with six bushels of branches, no doubt used for firewood.

Link and Rusl then stood up and began to walk away, unknowingly passing Sonic, who was still hiding in the brush. Link grabbed Epona's bridle and began to leave the area. As the three walked across a bridge over a ravine, Sonic then noticed that the man was closing a gate on the other side. He waited until the three were out of sight when he ran over and jumped over the gate.

Sonic then passed another lake to his right, this one he felt something odd was there. The hedgehog just shrugged it off as exhaustion. Sonic then headed into another area and hid behind a tree. He watched as Rusl left with a heavily pregnant woman and a little boy about eight.

That must be Uli and Colin. Sonic thought. He then looked toward his left, where Link was. She had climbed up a ladder and entered a house nestled in a large tree. Sonic immediately assumed that this was Link's house.

As Sonic pondered on what to do next, he spotted another girl coming from the entrance where Rusl and his family left. The new girl was also a teenager like him and Link. Sonic could only watch as she took Epona and left for the lake area he had recently passed. But before he could do anything, a boy who looked a couple of years older came from the village entrance. He stopped and yelled,

"Hey Link! Link!" Link appeared from the highest window and called down. "What's the matter, Fado?"

"I need some help wrangling the goats for the night. Lately, they're not listening to me. You and Epona mind?"

Sonic could see Link sighing and shaking her head lightly. "Alright, I'll be down in a few." The girl called. As soon as Link left the window, Fado noticed that Epona was missing.

As Link reached the ground, Fado spoke up. "Eh Link. Where's Epona?" Link then looked at where she left her horse and saw that she was gone.

Sighing again, Link gave her answer. "Ilia must have been here." She then turned to Fado. "I'll get Epona, and then I'll meet you at the ranch." Thanking Link, Fado left for the ranch. Link then left for the lake area.

Following Link through the trees, Sonic returned to the lake area. Sure enough, Epona was in the shallow water with the second girl he assumed was Ilia. Link entered the lake and spoke up.

"Hello, Ilia." Ilia looked up and saw her childhood friend.

"Oh, Link. I was washing Epona for you." Link smiled and spoke again.

"Thanks, Ilia." Link then told Ilia about Fado's request.

"I wonder what has gotten into them." Ilia said.

"I don't know. I just hope that they get better soon. I don't want to catch goats on my day off tomorrow." The Ranchwoman spoke.

Then Ilia got and idea. "Link, if it's not too much trouble, could you play that song that Epona likes. You know that she likes it."

Link nodded and picked horseshoe-shaped reed and began to play a song. As soon as Epona heard the song, she walked up to her mistress. Sonic was equally impressed at the song.

"I thought it would work." Ilia smiled. Link then hoisted herself onto the saddle and grabbed the bridle.

She turned to Ilia. "Thanks again, Ilia." After Link left Ilia, she rode on Epona into the village.

Sonic, not wanting to lose her, followed Link into the village. From what Sonic could see, the village looked like something from a history book or a fairy tale. The houses were made of wood and there was hardly any steel about, save for Rusl's sword. As Link rode on, she was greeted by the villagers. Sonic, impatient as ever, ran ahead, sneaking passed the villagers up to the top of the highest hill that overlooked the ranch. He waited a few minutes before Link came through the gate.

Fado greeted Link and closed the gate.

"Ready…Go!" Fado called.

Sonic watched as Link and Epona herded the large goats into the barn in ten minutes flat.

"Ten minutes," Fado called, "a new record!"

"I bet we can do better next time!" Link grinned.

"Do that and no one will beat you." Fado spoke. "I'll set up the jumping fences for you to practice. Just jump the gate when you're done."

"Thanks Fado and good night." Link called. Sonic watched as the girl jumped a few fences with her horse before she left for the night. For a few minutes, he too jumped the fences for his own amusement before following her again.

Sonic made it back in time to see Link entering the house for the night. The hedgehog looked around until he saw Epona. He walked up to the horse and, with Epona's permission, began to pet the horse's muzzle.

I'll admit, this horse, Epona was it, seems to be pretty fast. Maybe I can race her one day as long as I'm here. Speaking of which, where am I going to stay the night?

Sonic returned his attention to the tree he hid earlier. He then left Epona and jumped onto the branches of the tree until he found a spot at the nest of the branches. He watch as the last of the

light in the house finally faded into darkness.

Maybe tomorrow, Link. Maybe we'll finally meet. And with that, Sonic closed his eyes and fell asleep for the first time in Hyrule.

My second published fanfic. I know Sonic seemed out of character at the moment, but he'll get better once he fights.

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