Chapter 23

The Mirror's Curse

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With Sonic…

It had only been a mere minute since the trio dispersed in the yetis' mansion and Sonic was beginning to dislike the cold. Having passed Yeto once again, the blue-haired man entered the only other door in the kitchen. Like he expected, this room was a very large pantry, filled with various containers of food and other necessities that the man was unsure if they were usable to the yetis.

The only thing of interest to him was the center floor. The stone tiles had been worn or torn away leaving a small ice rink behind. At the lowermost point of the pond, a pressure switch stood out. Careful, Sonic stepped onto the switch and instead of a trap, the door to his left became unbarred.

"Looks like that's the way to go."

But as Sonic stepped off the switch, the bars returned, hindering the ex-hedgehog's progress.

He looked to the pressure plate and frowned. Apparently, the switch needed constant pressure in order to keep the door open. Unfortunately, there were no barrels for him to roll over or crates to pick up. He could try and use his speed to get to the door in time, but there was also a risk of him being locked out of the room.

Looking around, Sonic took notices of two iron crates sitting on the ice. Though they were obviously too heavy for him to lift, Sonic figured he could use the ice to his advantage. He tested this as he pushed with full force on one of the blocks, the action causing the crate to move.

After a lot of trial and error, Sonic was able to get one of the iron crates onto the pressure plate, allowing him all-access to his section of the mansion. Opening one of the doors, Sonic tugged at his cloak as the cold wind snuck into a frozen corridor. Looking around, Sonic found only two ways to get around other than the way back. The first was a hole in the wall that only Link could dig under. The other was blocked by ice.

"Good thing Midna handed us the shards before we split up. Just gotta stay out of the yetis' sight until I see her again."

Sonic spoke as he reached into his satchel and pulled out his dark shard. With a swift push to the forehead, Sonic implanted the shard into his body and was back in his Were-hog form. After making sure he had a strong stance, Sonic began to punch the ice wall, chipping away the ice until the ice was cleared.

Of course, like with everything else during their quest, the ice wasn't natural. It was colder to the touch and at the other side were a few drifting balls of ice. Ice with red eyes, that is. They didn't seem to be attacking him, so Sonic avoided them until he got to the door on the other side of the hall.

Sonic passed through two more rooms of ice creatures until he found the chest on the map. Of course, he had to fight off ice-men with thick icicle spears in order to get to it. But when he opened the chest, a look of confusion struck the Were-Hog.


Yes. Inside the chest was not the key to the bedroom where the Mirror and the Chaos Emerald were, but an ordinary pumpkin.

"Well, she did say that her memory was foggy, so I shouldn't be too surprised."Sonic muttered to himself as he made his way back to the pantry, the pumpkin under one of his massive arms.

Once he reached the pantry, Sonic placed the pumpkin on the ground and pulled out the Ocarina of Time. Careful so as not to crush in instrument with his strong hands, he played Saria's Song. Like before, it connected him to Link and Shadow, who immediately sensed his presence.

"Sonic?" Link asked.

"Yeah. It's me. I need to borrow Midna for a moment. Used the shard she gave me." Sonic replied.

Hearing a sigh, he could see Midna coming out of Link's shadow.

"Very well, although I wish you would have called upon me in a warmer place." The imp complained.

Sonic gave a toothy grin of embarrassment, "Next time, Midna. Next time."

Once he disconnected from the song, Sonic waited a few minutes before a small shadow slipped under the door and approached him. Midna popped out and as promised, she removed the shard from Sonic's head, reverting him back to his human shape before returning to Link at the opposite end of the manor.

Upon returning to the kitchen, Sonic handed Yeto the pumpkin and watched as the giant cut up the gourd and placed it into the stew. As the yeti continued to work on the soup, Sonic returned to the main parlor where Yeta was resting and warmed himself by the fire. Since his path was a dead end, he decided to wait until one of the others came back and would join them with the third.

In the meantime, it felt good to be beside a warm fire.

With Shadow…

About the same time as Sonic was solving the pantry puzzle, Shadow found himself in a large, snow covered courtyard in the center of the mansion. There were two openings that lead to Sonic's and Link's sections of the mansion, so that left him to go straight, according to the map.

Unfortunately, the path to where the key might be was blocked by a giant snow immobile snow creature. Shadow carefully approached the creature, only to back away as is shot an icy breath at him. Once he was further away, Shadow found that there was one way to get to his destination without becoming a Popsicle: a large cannon that was set up in the middle of the courtyard. Upon examination, Shadow cursed as he realized this cannon was missing something.

"Damn it. No cannonballs."

Since Link had Midna this time and Sonic was the only one who knew Saria's Song, Shadow had to think of another way to get through without freezing. Knowing he had little option, Shadow proceeded to the door on his right, where he found a cannonball leftover.

Taking the heavy metal ball, Shadow returned to the cannon and placed the cannonball. Once done, he aimed the cannon at the monster in front of him. Taking on additional notice, Shadow dug into his satchel and pulled out a bomb. After lighting it, he placed it in an opening where the fuse should be. Keeping a grip, Shadow watched as the cannon launched the metal sphere and the ice monster shattered into tiny pieces.

Then, just as Shadow was getting ready to press on, a whistle caught his attention. Turning to the right where the sound was coming from, he saw that it was Link whistling to him from the other side of the grated door. Waving him down, Link pointed upward. Following Link's finger and saw a second snow monster, this one also was blocking a path.

Understanding his companion's motions, Shadow reloaded the cannon and fired at the snow monster at the top of the ladder that lead to the upper level, shattering it, too. With the monster gone, Link smiled.

"Thanks, Shadow."

Shadow nodded as he walked forward to his door while Link continued. Shadow was never much for words and that trait was one that remained. Besides, he had a key to find.

Upon entering his designated door, Shadow found it leading into a hallway with two suits of armor standing at attention in the center of the path and a door at the other end. Above he could see that the ceiling had some sort of fencing and the walls were barred. Looking past the armor, Shadow muttered to himself. "Guess there is only one way to go."

You know the saying 'some things are too good to be true?' Well in this case, a quiet, empty hall was one of those things. Because when Shadow passed the armor and reached for the door, a grated gate slammed down into place, blocking his path. And just when things couldn't get any worse, the armor behind him gets struck by something hard, nearly flinging the pieces at the dark man.

Drawing Sanguis Daemonis and his shield, Shadow found himself gazing across the room at the second suit of armor. Much like everything other time during his stay in Hyrule, Shadow found that he was facing another monster. This one was smart enough to have on a suit of armor and in his hands was a large ball and chain. Silent, the creature began to swing the weapon and slowly stalked towards his opponent.

Shadow cursed as he looked for a way to fight this beast. But with the ball and chain swinging about, there was no way he could get around. Looking up, Shadow received an idea. Replacing his shield, Shadow brought out his Clawshot and fired at the grating behind the creature. Pressing the button, he was then pulled over the creature, barely avoiding the weapon as the monster threw it at him. Shadow unhooked himself from the ceiling just as he saw that the monster's backside was bare.

Swiftly, he stabbed the monster in the back.

Shadow then backed up as the creature staggered in front of him, Sanguis Daemonis imbedded in its back. Shortly, it gave into its wounds and fell forward, disintegrating into dust like the rest of the monsters in this world.

With the monster's defeat, the grate was removed from the door and as Shadow went to retrieve his sword, he saw that the ball and chain was left behind. Pondering for a moment, Shadow gave a smirk as he picked up the weapon and placed it into his satchel.

"Better take this. Who knows when we'll need it?"

Sure enough, once he passed through the door, he found that half of the room was encased in thick ice. Sheathing his sword, Shadow brought out the ball and chain, swung it around until he was at the desired speed, and allowed the iron ball to fly into the ice, shattering it. Returning the weapon to his satchel, Shadow walked to the newly accessible part of the room where the chest he was searching for waited for him.

He opened the chest to find…

"Cheese? All of that for some cheese?" Shadow groaned.

I was glad no one of G.U.N or Rouge saw him at this state. The last thing he wanted was his embarrassment to be noticed. Calming himself, Shadow rationalized that the trio took a different path each and while it wasn't the key he was looking for, at least he could put the cheese to good use.

Upon his return to the parlor, Shadow found Sonic warming himself by the fire with Yeta. "Any luck on your end?" the blue-haired man asked. Shadow shook his head.

"I just found some food and…something useful."

Shadow was hesitant with introducing his new weapon in front of the ailing yeti and much to Shadow's surprise, Sonic understood.

"Just hand the food you've found to Yeto and he'll put it in the soup. I've already handed him the pumpkin I've found."

This relieved Shadow that he wasn't the only one who found food on their route. Without another word, Shadow went into the kitchen and handed the cheese he found to Yeto. The giant yeti immediately dropped the cheese into the soup, already making it smell good to Shadow's nose.

Without another word, Shadow returned to the parlor and started to warm himself by the fire as well, now believing that Link may have chosen the right path.


Both Sonic and Shadow were right about that. After entering her door, Link traversed down the corridors and checked every room for anything that could help her and her friends. By the time she had motioned Shadow to help her out at the ladder, Midna had met up with Sonic to help him back to his normal state.

Once the ice monster was out of the way, Link climbed up the ladder and entered the immediate room. And just as Yeta had promised, this door lead to the mansion's chapel. It was a large stone room with thirty-two pews facing a wall with a door in the center. A red rug, though faded by time, still gave the room some color. The glass windows at each side of the altar's doors showed the candlelight from the other side.

And of course on her side were the same ice-stick monsters that Sonic had fought when he found the pumpkin.

It didn't take much for her to take them out. Their flimsy bodies, despite being made of ice, were no match for her swordsmanship and the Master Sword in her hand. Just some swift slices was enough to take care of the monsters right then. Once the last of the monsters was finished off, she made her way down the aisle.

Consequently, she thought about what Yeta had said and immediately began to blush as a daydream entered her mind. With each step she walked, her mind went onto the Ordanian weddings she went to years ago, such as Malo and Talo's parents, Rusl and Uli's, even Beth's parents.

The tradition was, of course, to have the wedding in front of Ordana's spring. It was very beautiful during springtime and that was when weddings would take place. Link began to chuckle as she remembered after each wedding, she and Ilia would talk about becoming brides one day.

Of course, Ilia would be dying for her prince to come and sweep her off her feet. Link, however, never thought much about getting married. But that hadn't kept the idea out of her mind. Walking to the altar, she imagined herself in a simple wedding dress with a flower crown on her head, walking towards the altar where her groom, whoever he was, as she braced herself in starting a new chapter of her life.

Of course, the daydream had to come to an end once she entered the altar room and found the chest in front of her and frowned.

Over a week ago, she would've experience a normal life. Just heading goats, entertain the kids, talking with Ilia. And who knew? Maybe one day she would find herself someone to give her life to.

But that was nothing but a memory now. All of the terrible things that had happened changed all of that. The attack at the spring, the Twilight, Zant, and hearing about the demon king Ganondorf. Those were just the highlights of her adventure with Sonic and Shadow. It was deafening compared to the simple life she once led.

And even if they defeat Zant, there was no way she could ever go back to living the way she was.

Shaking herself out of those thoughts, Link opened the chest and found the key she was looking for. It was about the size and had the appearance of a hand mirror, the handle shaped like a heart.

Now that the key was in her hands, she and her friends could now get at that Mirror shard.

Upon exiting the chapel, Link found herself standing face to face with Sonic, Shadow, and Yeta, who was looking better than the last time she had seen her.

"Oh! You safe, uh! I drink husband's soup, feel much better, uh. So I come with others to find you."

She then noticed the key in Link's hand.

"You found key, uh! Good! Good! Bedroom right above us. I take you there, uh."

With that said, Yeta began to walk the ramp to Link's left and the three heroes followed.

As they walked, the three decided to have a quiet conversation.

"So? How did it go at your ends?" Link asked.

Tugging his cloak, Sonic spoke.

"I found a pumpkin. Shadow found some cheese and a new weapon."

Shadow remained silent, leaving the pair to wonder what he was thinking about. Perhaps he was thinking about the Mirror shard and the Chaos Emerald.

Leaving such questions aside, Link looked onto Yeta as she whispered to the men.

"Is she really well?" Sonic nodded.

"Yeah. Turns out the ingredients that we found made the soup we had better. We tried it before we left to find you and we agree that it was a lot better than the first time we had it. We even saved you some in one of our canteens."

Link made a mental note to try the soup later upon reaching the end of the ramp and standing in front of a door with a large, heart-shaped lock on it. Upon unlocking it, Link stood back as the lock and chains fell as Yeta spoke softly once again.

"Thank you. You come inside…"

With Yeta's approval, the trio entered the bedroom. Much to their surprise, the bedroom looked like it had been untouched since the previous owner. The furniture was also well-preserved despite the rest of the mansion and the room itself was massive. The ceiling looked like it was a mile high and the floor looked like it was meant to be a ballroom at one point.

"Please… This way, uh." Yeta beckoned them as she made her way across the room.

Nodding, the trio followed the yeti. As they walked they found a cyan gem nestled on a nearby table. It was the Chaos Emerald. With Yeta's permission, Shadow took the emerald and placed it in his inventory as Sonic and Link approached a broken piece of glass with strange etchings on it.

The first of the missing shards of the Mirror of Twilight.

As she spoke, Yeta gazed at the mirror shard, immediately sending a sense of dread in the pits of the heroes' stomachs.

"Here…mirror. You look at it, uh…"

The sense of dread grew as Yeta spoke again in a trance-like tone.

"Uh… So pretty… Pretty… Uh… So pretty…"

Just then, everything became dim and Yeta began to twitch.

"Pretty… Pretty…mirror… Lovely…"

Just then, Yeta turned around and her pretty features changed. Her eyes became bloody red disks, her skin dark as ash, and her teeth becoming visible fangs. She shouted in an unholy tone.


Suddenly, the windows shattered and the cold swarmed in, surrounding Yeta until the entire room was frozen in ice. Yeta herself was encased in a giant ice egg-shape. Once again, a voice gave out Yeta's new title.

"Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta"

Immediately, a sense of familiarity overcame the trio. This was exactly like what happened to Darbus in the Gorons' mine. Only this time, it was the Mirror shard that corrupted Yeta. The situation once again became a desperate rescue.

As the egg began to slide towards them, Sonic called out to his friends.

"Guys? Do you think if we defeat her, we can save her?"

Link slid away from the ice egg as she gave her answer.

"It might be our only choice! But first, we have to break that ice!"

Shadow immediately came up with the solution by pulling the ball and chain out of his satchel and began to swing.

"Keep her attention on you two! I'll handle the ice!"

Seeing Shadow's weapon, the duo complied until the ball stuck the egg down the egg enough times to shatter it. Unfortunately, Yeta wasn't done as she gave out a garbled cry and summoned ice crystals, one to keep her safe, the rest to take out her enemies. Rising above them, the trio realized what she was going to do.

Using the ice-covered floor to their advantage, the trio continued their plan with. Once the ice shards were down, Shadow used his ball and chain to strike at Yeta's protective shell twice. The second time was the charm as the force of the impact slammed Yeta against the wall. A shrill cry and the ice melting and evaporation around them signaled that Yeta was back to normal.

Removing his cloak, Shadow covered the Mirror shard with it and wrapped it tightly.

"Better keep it covered until we gather the rest of the pieces."

Sonic and Link nodded in agreement as Midna reappeared from Link's shadow.

"Well, we have two mirror shards now. Only two more left."

But then, Midna bore a saddened look as she looked at Yeta's fallen form.

"Still… I feel bad about the way we treated that girl."

She then frowned at the covered Mirror in Shadow's arms.

"To think the Mirror of Twilight has the power to change people like that…"

She then clenched her fists.

"This world…ALL worlds…can be cruel."

She then summoned a Twilight Portal.

"Let's hurry up and collect the rest of those pieces, everyone. We have to, before more innocent creatures have to endure the suffering this poor girl did."

Those words surprised the trio. When they met, they'd never thought of Midna saying such selfless and saddening words. But now… Now it was clear as crystal. Since the disappearance of Princess Zelda, Midna was changing. Looking back to Yeta, Link spoke up.

"Sonic, Shadow. You two go on ahead. I'm gonna check on Yeta."

The men didn't say anything. Just nodded in understanding as they approached the portal. Sonic than spoke.

"We'll meet up at Faron's spring. I think the next shard is in the forest somewhere. An ancient grove, remember?"

Nodding, Link bid farewell to the two and went to check on Yeta once the two vanished. But as she approached to check on the she-yeti, Link had to jump back as Yeto came in and saw his fallen wife. Ignoring everything else, including Link, Yeto made a mad dash towards his wife, hollering in pain. To Link's relief, Yeta spoke in her soft voice once again.

"Uh… Uh… What… What wrong with me?"

Gently, Yeto helped Yeta to sit up with one hand as he spoke.


Yeta's eyes widened as she looked to where the Mirror shard once was.

"Yeto! Mirror you gave…"

But to both female's surprise, Yeto shook his head as he spoke to Yeta again.


He then picked up Yeta as if she were an infant.


Hearing these sweet words, Yeta smiled warmly.

"My love, uh!"

Link's own warm smile grew as the two yetis embraced, deciding to leave right away once Midna returned. Placing a finger to her own lips, Link walked quietly to the portal and allowed Midna to spirit her away.

But not before giving one last glace at the couple before returning to the quest, still smiling.

"Perhaps one day, someone would say something like that to me. Someday."

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