So it begins, another year at Roundview.

This is only my second fic, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. It's set after the end of generation three, and will have 9 chapters (Episodes)

That's all there is to say really, the first is 'Everyone' which, obviously focuses on everyone, so enjoy!

Lily woke up late that day, her first day at Roundview College, arguably the worst College in England, hardly an exciting prospect. She got out of bed, got dressed, and walked outside to meet her best friend Sam, who she had known since childhood. She moved out of her house and shot a smile Sam's way, the sun caught Lily in a good light and Sam noticed that she looked different to how she looked at secondary school. Her slim build was flattered by the clothes she was wearing, and her long blonde hair pulled into a droopy side pony tail looked great, Sam always analysed her like this... probably a habit picked up from his... er... other habits.

"Are we going then? or are we skiving like we used to back in the day?" Lily said, she had a great sense of humour. Sam laughed, and they started walking.

"You do know back in the day was only six weeks ago Lily, hardly 'way back' is it?" Sam said, cynical as ever.

"Well yeah, but still, we're always changing... we're teenagers! This is a new beginning and all that, imagine all the partying we're gonna do" Lily said, noticing Sam's shoulder length blonde hair looked pretty lank.

"Are you ever gonna get that mop cut by the way Sammy?" Lily asked jokingly, flicking a little clump of it with her freshly painted fingernails.

"Yeah... eventually, I just don't have time inspector Morse!" Sam said, "Do you have to pick me apart like this Lily?" Sam asked, Lily knew when to stop, but today she didn't.

"Oh shh moody, let's just go get it cut now, then we can go party!" Lily said, grabbing Sam's hand and pulling him in the opposite direction of roundview, Sam grimaced and wiggled out of her grip, as he noticed two boys fighting and a girl chanting beside them.

"What's going on over there then?" Sam said, and gestured to the fight across the road, Lily looked excited, and wandered across the road bouncily, she managed to make it look like a dance. Lily and Sam appraoached the two boys and the girl, and the girl quickly decided to make conversation.

"Hey people!" The blonde girl said, her hair passing her shoulders and ending just below her shoulders. Lily and Sam actually took a step back, they were taken aback by the overly happy tone.

"Hi" Lily and Sam said simultaneously, the girl gave Sam an odd look, but smiled brightly at Lily.

"I'm Alicia, and this is my boyfriend Adam, yeah, the fit one... not the one that looks like King Kong and Frankenstein's cousin twice-removed." Alicia said, Lily laughed, noticing that yes - Her boyfriend was quite fit.

"Do you go to Roundview as well?" Sam asked, trying to make conversation.

"Sure do! Well we're going to be going to Roundview, whenever Adam babes decides to stop being so manly..." Alicia said, and then she pulled Adam out of the lock he and the other boy were in, and off they went. Adam gave Sam a wide berth at first, not really wanting to be assosciated with people he wouldn't consider to be cool.

"So, are you two like together then lovely?" Alicia continued as they walked across the bridge that led to the last road before Roundview.

"No!" Lily replied quicky, she laughed at the thought. Her and Sam had been friends for far too long for anything like that to happen.

"Thanks Lily!" Sam cut in, he was a little offended at the tone of disgust in Lily's voice.

"You know it wasn't like that Sammy boy" Lily replied, and she patted Sam, Alicia and Adam laughed. The foursome turned the corner and there it was, Roundview College in all it's glory.

"What a shithole this is..." Adam said, showing off more of that winning personality, Lily was starting to like him... more than she thought she really should be, especially since she hardly knows him.

"Well, my form room is over in Health & Beauty so I'll see all you sexy people later!" Alicia said, blowing kisses as she went. Adam sidled over to Lily's side, something which Sam picked up on.

"She's mad, really mad" Adam said, nudging Lily slightly.

"Fun though, and I've only just met her!" Lily said, Sam nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, that's why I love her you see? She's fun, last girl I was with... fuck, she was so fucking slow, it was like being with a grandma or something, I'm not kidding!" Adam said, as Sam and Lily laughed.

"Anyway, I've gotta go, I don't even get a form! I'm only here on a sports scholarship, so I guess I'll see you all around, yeah?" Adam said, focusing in particular on Lily.

"Yeah" Lily said, smiling at Adam coyly. Adam smiled at both of them, and walked towards the side of the building.

Meanwhile, a girl called Hayley, and her best friend Trevor were waiting outside their form room for the teacher to arrive, when a beautiful, moroccan-looking girl caught Hayley's eye. Hayley always seemed to fancy people out of her reach, what with her mousy brown shoulder length air, and oh-so-plain clothes, she never seemed to catch anyone's eye. However, this girl was definitely giving her the eye, and this wasn't an oppurtunity Hayley wanted to miss out on.

"Trev" Hayley started, "Do you know that girl over there's name?" Hayley asked, trying not to look like she cared too much.

"Not sure, I think it's Sherri... she was in front of us during roll-call." Trevor said, How could I miss that... Hayley thought, kicking herself at what would have been a great time to try and get the ball rolling.

The day passes slowly, but eventually... it's last period. Alicia, Trevor, Sam, Hayley, and Lily are sitting together in the same English class, after Hayley befriended Lily earlier that day in art. The tone is slightly awkward as the group are slightly mismatched, but Alicia decided to make conversation by bringing up a party she'd been organising.

"So guys... I'm throwing a party tonight at mine, to celebrate us starting College and all that.. god knows after today we need a party right? So sexy people, you's all up for it?" Alicia asked, keeping a shrill, excitable tone throughout her announcement.

"Wow, sure!" Lily says, "Will there be y'know... stuff there?" Sam asked, Alicia looks confused.

"Stuff?" Alicia asks, Hayley giggled, embarassed for Alicia.

"I think he means drugs Alicia, y'know, goods." Trevor said, everyone laughed round the table, except Alicia.

"Oh yeah, yeah there should be... yeah, goods" She said, sounding like she was reassuring herself as well as everybody else. Everybody looked at each other, the air was awkward, just like all first days... the conversation isn't always top-notch.

"So... Hayley, how'd you know Trevor?" Lily asked, striving to make some conversation.

"Oh yeah, well, we went to primary together, we've been friends since we were kids." Hayley said, Trevor smiling next to her. Alicia noticed that Trevor really was smiling at Hayley, would she have to play matchmaker? she wondered.

"Awesome" Lily said, "Me and Sam have been mates for a while too ain't we Sammy boy?" Lily asked, turning and slapping Sam on the back. Sam looked like he was tripping or something, he smiled and made a grunting noise, making Hayley laugh. However, Hayley stopped as their English teacher Kelly came over and decided to ask to see their work.

"Oh Kelly, we decided that instead of writing it we'd make a formal presentation" Alicia said, clearly trying to explain why there were five blank bits of paper in front of each member of the table.

"Really? Where is this fabulous presentation then Alicia?" Kelly asked, then Trevor piped up, "We can do it now if you'd like", Hayley kicked Trevor under the table, making him exclaim "Ow!"

"Wonderful" Kelly said, as she walked back to the front of the class announcing that they were going to make a presentation. All five of them slowly walked to the front of the class, Alicia deciding to speak first.

"SO..." She began loudly, "Shakespeare eh... he was really fucking great" She said, Kelly raised her eyebrows and some of their classmates laughed. Lily gently nudged Alicia out of the way and started to talk.

"Yeah, he wrote loads of plays and... y'know, stuff" Kelly raised her eyebrows higher, you'd imagine there'd be a limit. Sam suddenly jumped in front of Lily and shouted "Oh my god! Look outside!", knowing that half the class were so dumb they're probably look, Kelly included, and then started to run out of class, followed by Alicia, Hayley, Trevor and Lily. The five of them were running down the corridoor as they heard Kelly shouting behind them and telling them to come back.

"This is fucking ace" Trevor said as they were running out of Roundview, as a tired Alicia stopped to catch her breath. Sam leant against the wall nearby and lit a spliff, as Lily sauntered over and joined him.

"I'll see you guys tonight yeah?" Alicia asked, obviously going to get ready for the party. Everyone nodded in agreement, and Alicia began to walk home.

Later that day, Sherri was getting ready for the party. She'd heard about it from a couple of people, she didn't really know the girl, but figured it'd be a good way to start off the year. She pulled her tights up her long legs, and hoisted her skirt up over the top. She slipped her feet into her black heels, and left. She walked the whole way, she'd gotten the address off a random at College. Sherri noticed the girl from earlier, she remembered her name was Hayley, she smiled at her. Hayley returned the smile, and timidly wandered over to Sherri, and introduced herself.

"Hi" Hayley said, giving Sherri another smile. Sherri liked her smile, it was...cute.

"Hey beautiful" Sherri said confidently, wary of coming on too strong.

"Cheeky" Hayley replied, giving Sherri a wink. Shortly after they met, they arrived at Alicia's house.

"I wasn't even invited" Sherri said, "I don't think she'll want me there..." Sherri said, and started to walk away.

"No! wait!" Hayley said, grabbing Sherri's arm. Sherri felt Hayley's warm hand on her arm, it sent chills down her spine.

"Okay, okay don't freak out Hayles" Sherri said, Hayley realised Sherri had already developed a nickname for her, Oh god, was she already falling for her? The two girls walked in together, Hayley holding Sherri's hand for encouragement. Sherri wasn't used to being encouraged, normally she would go into any situation all guns blazing... but it was like Hayley just took away the hard-faced bitch walls Sherri put up, and made her an emotional wreck. She never let anything upset her, she'd never felt like this before... what even was this? Sherri's train of thought was interupted as a huge wall of sound burst into earshot, the bass was pumping and everyone could feel it in their chests, like when you're at a concert. Hayley noticed Lily, Sam, and Trevor together in a small group. Hayley walked over, still holding hands with Sherri.

"Whosh thisss then?" Lily said, stumbling around, clearly she'd gotten a little carried away. She tripped and spilt a lot of her drink on Sam, who was too fucked up to care. He had two - yes two - spliffs in his hand, and a bag of what Hayley assumed was MDMA cause there was only a little bit of it, and he seemed to be keeping it to himself.

"This is Sherri" Hayley said, smiling at Sherri.

"Hi guys" Sherri said, smiling. Sherri noticed Trevor, who hadn't yet said hello, giving her a slightly odd look, weird. Sherri saw the girl who's party it was, she thought her name was Alicia but she wasn't sure, as she walked towards her.

"Hi.. I know I wasn't invited... but can I stay?" Sherri asked, Alicia looked angry, really angry.

"No you fucking can't, stupid lezzer bitch" Alicia said, and she slapped Sherri.

"Woah! Calm down Alicia!" Hayley said, as she stood between Alicia and Sherri.

"What is she your girlfriend or something Hayley?" Alicia asked, Sherri noticed Lily's worried face, and Trevor looking a little too happy at the fact she'd just been slapped... and of course Sam downing another can of Strongbow and smoking his last spliff.

"Fuck off, stupid peroxide bitch" Sherri said over Hayley's shouldery, Alicia flew past Hayley and pushed Sherri, who responded by grabbing hold of Alicia's hair and giving it a tug.

"Get the FUCK out of my party!" Alicia said once more, and she grabbed Sherri by the hair and pushed her out of the front door. Hayley looked shocked, and went outside to make sure that She was okay.

"You alright?" Hayley asked Sherri, who was a little taken aback by such a negative reception.

"Yeah, just fucking perfect! I've made an enemy, feel pretty shit, and everything's crap, I'm feeling great thanks Hayles" Sherri said, Hayley was still happy she was using her new nickname.

"Alicia's just a little confused, she doesn't hate you... she probably feels threatened... I mean, you're beautiful" Hayley said, Sherri really was beautiful. Sherri laughed, and smiled at Hayley. Hayley felt Sherri's hand intertwine with hers, surely this shouldn't feel so right so early in their...relationship?

"You're beautiful, but you don't know it." Sherri said, observing Hayley's expression. Hayley felt her face blush, and pulled Sherri into a hug, then slowly kissed her.

"You're coming home with me" Sherri said, as they walked out of the driveway, and in silence, walked through the darkness to get home.


Adam has everything, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect home, and the perfect friends; but something's still missing. Adam suffers from anger problems, and as the tension bubbles over in both his personal life and those around him's lives, he begins to wonder if there's any point in life at all.