Some enchanted evening

Our first night in Corus. Aniki and Kora and me had been traveling for a while, to Corus from Scanra. Corus was so different. We all spoke the same language, but Corus is so much...busier.

You may see a stranger/you may see a stranger/across a crowded room

The barkeep was giving a mot trouble. Pretty she was too, and in the uniform of a Dog. Puppy, really, all decked with white trim. The mot had dark blonde hair. She seemed fearful for a Dog. She interested me.

And somehow you know/you know even then/that somewhere you'll see her again and again

Cooper, her name was. Beka Cooper. We met formal-like at the court of the Rogue. I knew I'd have to keep my eye on her.

Some enchanted evening/someone may be laughing/you may hear them laughing/across a crowded room

Neither of us were actually laughing. She tripped me up to take the package I took from master Ammon-called-Crookshank. Her Dogs made excuses for her, clumsiness and all, but it was accident. That's when I learned she wasn't cowardly, just shy. She had the makings of a good Dog. If she survived.

And night after night/as strange as it seems/the sound of her laughter will sing in your dreams

That was the night I fell in love with Beka Cooper. I had Aniki and Kora, but I suspected that I was losing Kora. Plus, I wanted to make Beka my mot. We even moved into the house she boarded in. Aniki and Kora made friends with Beka and her friends—Kora and one better than friends—and I admired Beka. But she wouldn't let me get close. For her the line between law and law-breaking was one she would not, could not, cross.

Who can explain it/who can tell you why/fools give you reasons/wise men never try

I really couldn't explain my attraction to Beka. There was no reason. Was it that she was a Dog, or that, outside of her shyness, she wasn't scared of me? Or was it the day that sealed it for sure, the day I moved in, and she stood there in breastband and breeches? I don't know.

Some enchanted evening/when you find your true love/when you feel her call you/across a crowded room/then fly to her side/and make her your own/or all through your life you may dream all alone

Even if Beka kept resisting, I had to keep trying. Elsewise I'd go crazy. The kisses I stole, when I thought she wouldn't hit me, the breakfast in her rooms—mayhap the only time I'd see the inside of them—everything made me want her more. I couldn't give that up.

Once you have found her, never let her go/once you have found her never let her go

Despite having Aniki, and doxies at the court of the Rogue, Beka was the one I wanted. She always said she'd not be one of my doxies and called me a spintry, but...I think if I had her, there'd be no other mots. I do so love Beka...