First things first, I'm not the original author. The original guy has retired from fanfiction, but I really liked his stories, so I started pming him. Asking him to keep going and what ever. But he couldnt so he asked if I would do it for him. He gave me whatever stories he still had and told me what he planned for the endings. So I will reupload his stories and finish the ones he didnt finish. He also wants to remain anonymous

"Are you sure about this Dawn?" questioned the trainer from Pallet.

"Oh yes! I heard from an old man in town that a legendary Pokemon will be appearing" replied the young blue haired coordinator.

"If you say so. It just feels weird to be going down this wood."

Ash was right; the duo was not going down a set path but dodging through trees, down to an unopened part of the nearby coast. Ash wasn't even sure if they were allowed to go down this strange path.

"It's around here somewhere…" the coordinator was checking her poketch.

The trainer looking around turned in time to see and shout "LOOK OUT DAWN!"



Dawn ran into a tree. The price of not not looking where your going. She fell down a short hill. Ash had to cover his mouth to stop from laughing.

"Oh what do you think is so funny!" Dawn shouted out at Ash while she was trying to get up.

"Oh it's nothing. I just hope we get there before the 'fall' comes around" just positively roaring out with laughter at his lame joke. Unfortunately he was too busy laughing that he didn't notice that Dawn appeared in front of him fuming.

"HAHAHaHahaha…um Dawn?" Ash just realized Dawn was right in front of him. "Okay Dawn calm down okay, no need to worry right? Right?"

Dawn responded by just pushing Ash off the bigger hill on the other side of him. Needless to say Ash didn't take kindly to this and they both started arguing on the way down the wood. Lucky Brock, as he decided to stay in town and restock their supplies while all their Pokemon were resting at the local Pokemon center.

"Oh yeah, just for laughing, you push me off a cliff!" Ash was responding as they continue down the hill.

"It was not a cliff! And maybe I'm sick of you always making fun of me!" Dawn came back at him.

"What! When do I make fun of you at all?"

" 'No need to worry' sure I may say it a lot, but you always throw it in my face whenever you want!"

Ash remained silent. It was true he did say that to her face whenever he wanted to taunt her, but he never intended any malice. He inteded something else...

"Look! Enough fighting, we're here!" proclaimed Ash as he pointed out to the abandoned coast line.

The Coast line was crescent shaped and had a hidden alcove behind a grouping of trees. The sea was completely empty not even the cry of a tailow or of a pelipper was to be heard. There were also no fish Pokemon out swimming in the sea.

"So Dawn where is this legendary Pokemon of yours?" quipped Ash.

"Hmm..." Dawn thought looking around. He wouldn't want to admit it to Ash that he was right, and have been given false information or have just been pranked. "How about…The shore behind that bunch of trees."

Ash looked that part of the shore over. "Well we came this far, makes no sense to turn back around when we haven't found anything yet."

The duo made their way toward that alcove very carefully. They only just peeked around one of the trees and there they saw the legendary Pokemon.

It was a manaphy and it was happily playing around in the pool of sea water.

"Oh its so cute!" squealed out Dawn.

The manaphy heard Dawn and got startled.

"No wait! Don't run!" Dawn called out running towards it.

"Wait! Come Back Dawn!" Ash followed trying to grab her.

But in a flash of light that blinded both Ash and Dawn. Manaphy was gone.

Ash and Dawn got disoriented from the flash. Both wondering whether that flash attack came from Manaphy.

"Hey!" It sounded like Brock. "I saw a flash of light when coming to look for you guys. Didn't you know you are not allowed here! Whats wrong? You guys look like you can't see straight. Here, let me help you guys get back to the Pokemon center."

Ash and Dawn let Brock take their arms and be guided back to the hotel they were currently staying at while Brock was lecturing about staying on the path and out of forbidden woods. It was hard to listen to Brock while still being disorientated from the flash.

Ash woke up in the middle of the night. He wasn't feeling... like himself. He was very unaware of everything and stumbled into the bathroom to grab a quick glass of water. Afterwards, he turned around and started to go back to bed, but something caught his eye. He turned back around and looked in the mirror. He couldn't believe what he saw, Dawn Berlitz! He somehow had Dawn Berlitz body!

Ash screamed in response to the shock. However Ash's voice sounded different, more high pitched and feminine.

"Go back to sleep Dawn, and try to keep it down." Ash heard Brock mumble and then Ash heard the strangest thing. His own voice also replied back to him.

"Yeah try to keep it down."

Ash stood frozen trying to figure things out, like what happened to his body and why did he hear his own voice speak out loud to him. It took only a few seconds till...

"AHHH!" Ash heard his voice a second time. Not even in a second Ash saw what looks like his body in front of himself in the bathroom. There both Ash's body and Dawn's body froze staring out at each other in horror. Then the Ash moved to the mirror and started to touch his face, then moved over to the Dawn who was still frozen in shock and started to touch his face.

Brock's voice filled the silence "You too Ash, are you guys coming down with somethi..." His voice trailed off as he fell back asleep.

Finally the Ash talked in Ash's voice with a twinge of fear, "Why am I looking at myself?"

"Dawn?" replied Ash with Dawn's voice.

"Ash?" the Ash replied. A pause. "Ash? Is that you? What happened to us? When I said 'try to keep it down' I realized I just said it to my own voice."

Ash thought about it for a while. "It must have been that manaphy we encountered. That flash of light must have been the attack Heart Swap."

"Heart Swap?"

"Heart Swap trades one persons body with another."

"How do we fix this?"

"Well, I have been through this before and we just have to wait and we should be transferred back to our original selves."

"Okay then how long will it take?"

"It could be hours,maybe we should try to sleep it off."

Both Ash and Dawn exited the bathroom and went to their beds. This actually shocked Pikachu when 'Dawn' climbed into Ash's bed.

The little Pokemon grew curious as Ash realized that he was Dawn and Pikachu didn't know about the switch and he heard a similar sound coming from Piplup at Dawns bunk.

"Um sorry pikachu" said Ash through Dawn's voice rather sheepishly and he went to go trade bunks with Dawn who whispered to Dawn as they passed.

"Lets not tell anyone of this just yet."

As he laid in Dawns bunk it felt weird to have the little penguin Pokemon sleep with him than his pikachu.

Ash has been sleeping for a couple of hours before he got poked in the shoulder by a rather rough hand.

"Ash I have to go." she said in a whisper


Dawn in Ash's body squirmed a little "I have to Go"

"Go where?..."

Dawn couldn't believe how dense Ash still was, even in her body.

"You know...bathroom."

"oh...Oh! Um...well what do you want me to do?"

"Well..." Dawn was slightly blushing but it was impossible to see it in the dark. "What... do I do?"

"Um... well..." This was probably the most awkward conversation Ash ever had. "Just...stick it out..." it was Ash's turn to blush " and let nature take its course."

"Wait I have to touch it!" Ash started blushing furiously when confronted with that question.

"Um can...try not to?" Replied Ash not sure of himself, he never thought he would have to explain how to relieve himself to anyone.

Ash saw his body walk toward the bathroom and in the light that came from the bathroom he saw his body blush even harder than he did in Dawn's body. Ash turned over and looked at his now smaller more feminine hands, and as Piplup began to nuzzle into his side his thoughts wondered to, are my hands really that rough?'

Below is the original story notes that the author wrote

"The idea came to me when I saw that an anime episode happened where the group meets a phione. This is my first fanfic and looking back on it, i really love that my first fanfic is doing well. I would love to be a somewhat known pokefanfic writer here on this site, but then who doesnt. I only started writing when I saw a lack of pearlshipping fanfics on this site. I originally intended to only do one-shots, in fact when i first came to this site i only read one-shots, kinda of ironic now that im doing a chapter thing huh?"