"What! No I refuse for you to go take a bath!" cried out Dawn.

Ash then shouted out loud enough for Brock to hear "Could you please get out of the way Ash, I need to clean myself up."

"Leave her alone Ash. I think she has had enough abuse already." Brock called out.

Ash put on a victorious smirk as he marched past Dawn. However, secretly he was scared. He should have thought more about what he was going to say. He was too much of a gentleman to want to see his best friend's naked body, but to keep looking like he was winning, he keep on marching toward the pond. Dawn was also scared and turned red; she didn't want Ash to see her in that way. It was bound to happen though; she wouldn't want to allow her body to become a biohazard.

"Hey Ash!" Brock called over. It took a while for Dawn to let it click in her head that she is Ash now.


"Come over here."

Dawn went over to the campfire and sat on the log. "What do you need Brock?"

"To talk."

Dawn felt a little uncomfortable, "about what?"

"Well…I have known you for a long time, since the start of both our journeys. Well lately you have been acting…peculiar. Even pikachu realizes how weird you have been acting", and as though on cue pikachu popped out of nowhere and climbed on top of Dawn's head. Dawn set pikachu down. "Is there a problem buddy?" Brock was completely serious.

"No need to worry?" Dawn tried to wave him off.

"Hmm it's funny. You act a lot like Dawn lately."

Dawn froze. What if Brock figured out what happened? She would just die from embarrassment. "Really? I haven't noticed."

"Ash you have been telling me lately that-" it was at that moment a flock of starly flew low and would have hit Brock if he hadn't ducked. "Whoa! That was a close one."

Dawn was curious of what Ash has been saying behind her back with Brock. "Well anyways, you were saying?"

Brock focus seemed to have shifted with that little event. "Where were those guys headed off to in a hurry?"

"Um Brock? You were saying."

"You know it's not often you see any starlys at night, much less a flock."

"Brock what were you saying!"

"What? Oh right! What I wanted to ask you was…Hey Dawn!" Ash appeared around the corner wearing a fresh set of Dawns clothes, he looked a little embarrassed or something. "What's wrong Dawn? You look like did something really bad and are guilty of it."

Ash looked at Dawn, blushed and said "No, its nothing, just forget about it."

Brock looked back at Dawn. "You know. I think maybe Dawn fancies you."

"What! I would never?" Dawn looked the other way a little mad.

"Wait what?"

Dawn reconsidering. "I mean…really do you think?"

"Well I'm not sure, but lately she has been acting weird as well. She seems to be acting a lot like you, and I heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. "

"I don't think so."

"Really or how about that she would sometimes dress up in a cheerleader outfit during your gym battles."

Dawn felt a little embarrassed, "I thought I was, I mean, I thought she was just being supportive"

"Well Misty and May were supportive as well, but they never went to extremes like this."

Dawn turned a little red, "I guess you could be right…"

"You know what you should do. Ask her out. You missed your chance with Misty and May always had Drew… This is your chance."

Dawn got up. "Well I do need to talk to him-her, her." Brock gave him a wink and a thumbs up.

Dawn was a little annoyed with Brock. As far as she knows she didn't have a crush on Ash. He could be immature at times, he was very dense about anything romantic, but he was caring though, and kind, he was always there for her…

"Dawn?" her own voice calling out to her made her lose her train of thought.

"Oh Ash, we need to talk."

"Um yeah, we do." Dawn climbed inside what should be her tent, however Ash had to sleep in it to keep up the illusion that he was Dawn. "How come were still stuck like this? I thought you said the effect should have ended in a couple of hours, it has been over a day."

"I don't know, maybe it was a much stronger manaphy. I saw that Brock bought a book at town about legendary pokemon, maybe it has some information about manaphy. We should check it out."

Dawn nodded and made to get up. "Oh and Dawn…" she turned around. "I'm sorry." he turned a little red.

Dawn also turned a little red, "Hey no need to worry, just make sure I don't smell bad."

Ash felt as though he got off easy. Ash would never tell Dawn, but he got a little curious about Dawn's body…

Dawn and Ash got out of the tent and Brock went over to both of them and said, "well?"

"Well what?" said Ash a little confused.

"Did you do it?"

"Do what?" Brock looked at Dawn, intending to look at Ash.

Dawn immediately reacted and cried out, "No, No. Um we just talked about legendary pokemon, can we see your book Brock?" 'thank goodness Ash is really dense' thought Dawn.

Brock a little disappointed went back to his bag and got the book. "What pokemon are you interested in?"

"Oh you know, just to learn a little more."

Brock gave the book to Dawn and she and Ash walked back into the tent. Dawn opened the book and flipped for the pages to manaphy's page. "Here it is. Manaphy's attack Heart Swap makes you trade bodies with the nearest being. Ya da ya da ya da… Oh here it is. If you should suffer from the attack, stay near the manaphy and the effect should end in a couple of hours, otherwise you would need to be Heart Swapped back from a manaphy."

"Okay" said Ash. "So we need to find a manaphy to switch us back, where do they normally live?"

"Well it doesn't really say where, a confirmed location hasn't been pinpointed yet, but the latest and most visited location of a manaphy is… Lake Acuity."

"So then we have a heading, lets tell Brock." Ash made his way to stand up and leave.

"Ash…" it was Ash's turn to turn and look at Dawn.

"I'm sorry too."

Ash smiled at her. "No need to worry" and he left.

below are the authors original notes

"I really don't know how long to keep up this fic. I wan't to keep it interesting, so i plan on bringing in some of the characters and have them interact with Dawn and Ash in there current state. I don't want to bore you readers also, so i don't know about how i should pace this. Should i speed it up and reach an end before it gets old, or take my time and give a more in depth story with a few more laughs. I don't know, I want to be succesful, but i am reminded of that saying about pleasing people some of the time, and not all the people all time, or something like that, you know the one."