Disclaimer: Based on characters and concepts owned by others. Written for fun, not for profit.

Rating: G (funny and harmless)

Author's Notes: Just a bit of pure silly written for the Megamind community on LJ. (I'm just finally getting around to posting it here.) Not my personal fanon, but the idea still made me laugh.

Summary: Not everyone in town was privy to what was going on between the main characters in the film. Conclusions (even ridiculous ones) can be drawn - especially by those with overactive imaginations. (An OC's eye-view near the end of the film.)

Standard Issues

by Rummi

They'd been sitting in the back room of Metro Comix playing a round of Dungeons & Dragons when they'd heard it: an explosive crash. It sounded awfully close - like someone had slung-shot a garbage truck off the top of Metro Tower. Greg Sully, proprietor, and the others in the back room of the comic shop ran out to see what had happened.

The sight that greeted them was more than a little unsettling: Not only was the entire storefront suddenly missing, but half of the previously mentioned tower was now lying in the street a block away.

Well, Greg thought. He had been half right.

Even with that Titan stuff all over the news, Greg hadn't wanted to abandon his downtown store, evacuation advisory or not. In mint condition, some of the books here were super-valuable. (The posthumously-published Metro Man Memorial Issue #1 alone would fetch a bundle.) He had to keep on guard for looters.

At least the lack of any real customers meant Greg and his RPG buddies could stay out of sight while clocking some serious D&D time. Of course they'd had to start a whole new campaign a while back. Hal, their usual Dungeon Master, had been MIA for weeks.

A block away, a crowd was gathering near the square by the Metro Man Fountain. Greg and his friends ran to join them and find out what had happened. They arrived just in time to see a muscular figure clothed in white descending gently into the square.

Some staggered cheers had already begun to echo through the surrounding crowd. Greg blinked at the sight.

"Um, wasn't Metro Man supposed to be dead?" his buddy Preston muttered, nudging him in the ribs.

Greg shrugged as though he wasn't overly surprised. "Superhero resurrection," he replied matter-of-factly. "Classic standard storyline. Tarantular did it in Justice Companions #18. Buddha-Pest killed Phenom-Man in Masters of the Planet #190, and they brought him back the very next issue. Tat-Two brought a date to his own funeral. Heck, Gargantua came back from the dead three times, in two different dimensions." He shrugged again. "Standard."

As they were speaking, Metro Man had finished his descent to the street and was now standing in front of that cute reporter from Channel 8.

The Lois Lane figure, Greg thought. Another standard.

It wasn't until she took him by the hand and twisted something at his wrist that a gasp of surprise swept through the crowd like a chain reaction. At first Greg couldn't believe it either. Metro Man's image had blurred for a moment. Then, a second later, the hero had been replaced by Megamind.


Megamind in a jet-pack. Now that was an interesting twist.

"Huh," Greg mused.

"So . . . ," Preston mumbled at Greg's elbow. "Metro Man and Megamind are supposed to be . . . what? The same person, or something?"

Greg shrugged. "The classic double-life. Standard superhero fare," he pointed out. "You know how it is. They all need secret identities."

Greg tried to think of a time when he, personally, had seen the hero and the villain in the same place at the same time. Usually, Megamind appeared via a video screen somewhere, or inside a robotic creation of some type. Sure, the two were photographed together, but media can be easily manipulated - especially if the rumors are true and said hero (villain?) happens to be dating a reporter.

Plus super-speed? Super-genius? Take your pick in terms of which would come in more handy in concealing a secret identity.

But taking the persona of an arch-enemy as a disguise? As classic comic standards went, that one was certainly less standard than most.

The End