May sighed. Her sapphire eyes were longing for company. She had left for Johto, parting from his brother, Ash, and Brock. She changed her clothes to a more orange and green color scheme to her usual clothes. She went to Johto to follow her rivals, and not get left behind in their own personal competition. She was beginning to doubt herself. Maybe it would have been better to stay at home for a while, or even stay with Ash.

She came across a town in between the road from Olivine to Ecruteak. It was nice, small, cozy, and the night was setting in. It would be an acceptable place to stay the night. Now that Brock is gone, May has to eat out a lot, and her savings don't quite agree with that. She scavaged the town for the cheapest place to eat. She came across a little ramen shack, good thing she likes ramen. Like the town, it was cozy. It was also packed with other hungry customers, except for one seat by the counter. She immediately took it, and looked up to the menu to see what she wanted.

"What do I want?" May started talking to herself, "Hmm how about-"

Loud slurping sounds came from the person next to her.

"How about-"

The slurping sounds cut her off again. May paused for a while before continuing.

"How about-"

Once again, she was cut off with loud slurping sounds. May was mad.

"Hey! What's your problem!" May turned to the person who so rudely kept cutting her off with his slurping.

The boy innocently looked at May, adding a look of disinterest to his face. He wore a similar color scheme to May, he had a green bandanna white hat that covered his hair. Black pants worn under black shorts. His shirt was an orange shirt, with black sleeves and the sections involving the sides and collar are black as well. He had black armbands with a green ring in the middle of them.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" May was infuriated with the boy.

"The boy looked around innocently, "you talking to me?" May then noticed his ruby colored eyes. She did find him kinda cute, but right now, she had other things on her mind.

"Yeah you! Who do you think you are."

"Brendan. Trying to enjoy dinner, why don't you join me after you give your name?" He still had the same calm tone, and turned back to his food.

"Don't try to change the subject! Why do you make those annoying slurping sounds!"

"Well, why do you make those annoying talking sounds." He took in a mouthful of noodles.

"Are you trying to say tha-"

Brendan made those slurping sounds again, May knew for sure that it was on purpose this time. Then Brendan laughed.

"You should calm down, you very strange girl. Order something, sit, drink, and be merry."

May grumbled something insulting as she sat down. "Well then Brendan, while your telling me what to do. Why don't you order for me."

"That must be the best idea that has come out of your mouth all day, isn't it." Before May could react. "Could we get two more bowls of your best noodles over here!" he called out at the cook.

The cook came over and dropped off one bowl for Brendan and one for May.

"My treat, so eat up." May was starving so she began to savagely attack her meal. Brendan then pushed his bowl toward May, put money on the counter and began to walk off.

"Hey wait!" Brendan turned around, still had that disinterest look in his face, "What about your bowl?"

Brendan laughed, "I finished eating while we talked. I ordered two bowls for an obviously starving girl, need I remind you, that you told me to order for you." He turned back around and left the shack, leaving May with her thoughts on such a strange boy named Brendan.

May left bright and early the next morning. She had to make great time if she wanted to make it to the next contest in Ecruteak. First thing she did was pick up her pokemon from the center. She was kinda disappointed when she left however, she secretly wanted to see Brendan again. She began again on her traveling, still feeling alone. Her pokemon gave her company when she was eating her lunch, but it wasn't the same since when she was with her friends.

The lunch was enjoyable nonetheless. All May's pokemon came out, blaziken, beautifly, skitty, munchlax, eevee, squirtle and now her newly evolved ivysaur. Everyone was enjoying the pokefood that May bought at the town she spent the night at earlier. She looked around and was surprised to see a figure resting underneath a tree on top of a hill in the distance. She moved closer to get a closer look. The figure looked familiar, it wasn't until she was right on top of the boy, that she realized it was Brendan and that he was sleeping, his bag on his lap. May blushed a little at looking at the sleeping boy. She thought he was kind of cute sleeping there.

Now what May did there she regretted afterwards, but she couldn't help herself, loneliness got the best of her. She sat down close to Brendan and leaned onto him. She couldn't help but keep the blush she had on. Hoping that he was a deep sleeper, she grabbed his arm and put it around her shoulders, and began to nuzzle herself into his chest.

"Stop that. It tickles."

May froze in fright. She slowly looked up to see Brendan smiling down at her. He didn't bother to move away from May in any way. May did the opposite and quickly scurried off of him.

"Why didn't you tell me you were awake!" May was red.

"It looked like you were having fun."

May blushed deeper than she did before.

"Now can you tell me why you were sleeping with me?"

May started playing with her fingers by pushing them together, "Well...I...thought you needed the extra body heat."

Brendan got up, "Are those your pokemon over there?" He pointed at her pokemon.

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Because next time you feel the need for a hug, you should cuddle with them."

"Yeah time you should not fall asleep under a tree." She wished she could have said something more clever. "Why did you even fall asleep here, it is barely noon?"

Well you see, I left pretty early this morning, even before the dawn. So I thought that this tree would wake me up.

"Huh? Why this tr-" At that moment a hondew berry fell and hit May on the head.

"Ah yes", Brendan picked up the berry off the floor and rubbed clean on his shirt. "Oh that's good. I thought your hard head might be harder than the berry." May wanted to strike back at him, but she felt a little woozy from the hit to her head. She was unable to keep her balance and fell toward Brendan, who of course, caught her.

"Well, I find it kinda hypocritical of you to fall asleep when you were trying to chastise me for it", he laughed as May got up, recovering her senses. Brendan went over to pick up his bag, threw it over his shoulder, and left May with nothing but the core of the freshly eaten hondew berry.

May finally made it Ecruteak. She quickly signed up herself in time. The contest would be starting in a few hours, so she hurried and got herself ready. May was very good at what she did. She easily cleaned up at the contest without breaking a sweat. She thanked her pokemon before returning them to their respective balls and left the contest hall.

"I got to say, I'm impressed."

May turned around at the familiar voice. Brendan walked up to her.

"Brendan? What are you doing here?"

"Well I was bored, and decided to watch a contest..."

"No, I mean why are you here now?"

"You didn't let me finish. Well now, my surprise when I see you competing, and win. I just came over to say congratulations."

"You know I have seen you pretty much nonstop since I met you in a ramen shop, are you stalking me?" May tried to tease him.

"I thought you were stalking me, since wherever I go, you seem to be there as well, pushing yourself on me."

May was taken aback by that statement but quickly recovered. "What about now, you tried to meet me this time."

"I thought that since I have a stalker, I should at least learn her name, which you never took time to tell me."

"My name is May."

"May huh?" Brendan got closer to May. Brendan looked into her sapphire eyes, and May into his ruby eyes, "do you mind if I ask you a question May?"

May was a little embarrassed being so close to Brendan, but she didn't bother to back away. "Sure, what?"

"How do you feel about me?"

May started to blush. "Well...I...never really... think about you...I mean I do. It's just...You know... I...Well-"

Brendan cut her off by kissing her. At first May was shocked at him for kissing him, but then started to kiss him back. They broke apart for air.

"A kiss is a lovely trick", Brendan began, "designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous" He turned and left a dumbstruck May to comprehend what just happened. "I will see you around May. Till next time." He winked as he left. May had a tingling feeling on her lips, she couldn't wait until next time. She didn't feel so alone anymore.

Below are the authors original story notes

"This is my second one shot. I don't have a preferred shipping for may. So I made a one shot of hoennshipping. There are not a lot of those types of fics and of the ones that exist, there are a few which I like very much. A little fact for those of you who don't know. Brendan doesnt have white hair. It's a hat, according to the manga, that he made."

and although he wrote that this is a one shot, it turns out that he turned this into a chaptered story