Lindsey No Longer

Summary: *Part of the 'BtVS/AtS No Longer' series* Lorne can't kill in cold blood – not even for Angel.

Warning: I don't know; maybe language and innuendo somewhere along the way.

Timeline: obviously, 'Never Fade Away' for AtS. Pre-series for the other one. Some AU-ness in the BtVS/AtS timeline and for Eliot's life before joining the team.

A/N: just watching some youtube vids and this bunny came to mind. The one I really enjoyed was taken down. It was scenes of Eliot fighting to the tune of 'Holding Out For a Hero' by Bonnie Tyler.

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LINDSEY: (dries his hands) No, I mean me saying "team" and meaning it. I kind of like the feeling.

LORNE: Yeah, today.

LINDSEY: You don't trust me. You don't think a man can change?

LORNE: It's not about what I think. This was Angel's plan.

LINDSEY: Come on. (smiles) I could sing for you.

LORNE: I've heard you sing.

Demons hideout

Pulling out his gun and pointing it at Lindsey's chest, Lorne added, "I'm supposed to shoot you, you know."

"Really," Lindsey replied calmly, hiding the fear and hurt he felt at the statement. If he was going to die, it wouldn't be like a coward, so he went with a snarky comment, "Angel can't even be bothered to kill me himself? I think I'm insulted."

"Doesn't matter. I can't do it," Lorne admitted, lowering the weapon. "…not when you're trying to help. I'm going to leave you with one last bit of advice: get away from the supernatural and don't look back – not even for Eve," he warned.

Lindsey felt oddly protective of the woman who gave up her immortality for him, and growled dangerously, "He didn't kill her, did he?"

"There was no plan to kill her – not that I'm aware of anyway," the Host tacked on; it wasn't as if he understood Angel's plans lately. "So, will you take my advice or should I just shoot you now?" he asked, motioning with the gun.

"Guess I'll have to cut my losses. Hey…thanks," Lindsey called out before Lorne could leave.

"Don't thank me. I just don't like murdering in cold blood." Lorne stopped at the door and looked back for one last warning, "Don't make me regret this, Lindsey."

A few minutes later…

Knowing that Angel and his team couldn't hope to stand against the Senior Partners, Lindsey decided to call on a favor from his time abroad. It was a favor that would shock the white hats. Hell, it shocked him and he was there!

He found a young lady being kidnapped by a demon so he could take her back to his dimension as a slave-bride. What made her special enough for the demon's world was the fact she was a Valkryie. Not just any one though, she was the daughter of the Queen of the Valkyries and Thor.

Since he knew how to kill that kind of demon, and the fact he was pissed off about being run out of LA, Lindsey did the unexpected: engaged it in battle. Once it was dead, and he unbound the girl, she called for her parents. They offered him two gifts: one, when he died, his soul would be bought by Thor. Only a true god could break the contract Lindsey signed. The other gift was that if he ever needed their assistance, they would come – as long as it didn't endanger mankind.

Standing under a streetlight, Lindsey pressed the rune on his body given to him by Thor and his Queen, calling out, "I, Lindsey McDonald, humbly call for Thor, god of Thunder and Freya, Queen of the Valkyries. I need your help to save the world." Then he kneeled and waited for them to arrive.

Thor's voice boomed as he said, "Rise, favored one of Midgard. We will hear your request."

Lindsey quickly explained everything about Angel's team taking on the Senior Partners, and how he feared they wouldn't be strong enough to win.

"Ambitious plan," commented Freya thoughtfully. "A bit reckless, but then again, most bold plans are. Since you saved our daughter when she was behaving foolishly and ran to the mortal realm to see what it was like, thereby learning the hard lesson that just because somebody looks harmless, it doesn't mean they are, we are in your debt. It is our honor to save the world to balance that debt now."

These were the only two beings Lindsey would willingly bow for. Still on his knees, he confessed that Angel's group didn't trust him, so he couldn't be there for the final battle, hoping they would see he wasn't a coward.

"We will fight in your stead," Thor vowed. "Go…make a better future for yourself so that you may one day be welcomed into the Halls of Asgard."


Angel just finished saying he wanted to slay the dragon when a streak of lightning raced across the sky and reduced the beast to ashes. What was left of his team stood there in stunned silence as they saw an army of Valkyries appear in front of the demon horde racing towards them. Two-thirds of them drew swords and axes to fight on the ground; the other third readied their bows to kill the flying demons.

When she saw that the Valkyries were taking all of her kills, Illyria rushed forward to join them; she needed to avenge Wesley's death so it wouldn't hurt so much. The others were right behind her, not wanting to be left out of the action either.

Above them, there was a man who looked like a Viking from olden times, knocking the demons away as he approached the portal. With a mighty swing of his hammer, he hit it dead center, which shattered it like it was glass. The portal disappeared and all that was left was the quickly diminishing army dying at the hands of a more skilled enemy.

Not that he wasn't grateful, but Angel couldn't help but wonder, 'Who called Thor?'


As he drove out of LA again, Lindsey saw the lightning bolts racing across the sky towards the portal where the demons were pouring into this reality. The thunder was strong enough to shake the buildings, but thankfully, they were built to withstand earthquakes, so the thunder didn't reduce them to rubble.

Without having to worry about the Senior Partners anymore – and without his need to get revenge on Angel – Lindsey pondered what his future should hold. The first thing to do was get a new identity. The last name was a given since his favorite TV show growing up was 'Spencer for Hire', but he still had to think of a first name. Okay, the first male name that he saw on a billboard that wasn't lame…he'd use that.

And that's how Eliot Spencer was born.

A/N: Just a little oneshot for an AU ending of that episode. Yeah, Lindsey's a bit of a a Marty Stu, but just consider his actions sort of a precursor to Eliot's character.