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"W-Where are you taking me Antonio! I demand to know this instance!" Romano squirmed, his body contorting and twisting as his fingers flexed unnaturally, trying to twist out of Antonio's vice grip around his arm. What the fuck was happening!? He had been trying to figure out for the past five minutes as Antonio had dragged him without another word past the bullring, chapel and down past the shanties and then through the field that Romano was realizing would eventually lead to the barn.

What the hell was going through that head of his? First what he had done to Romano after the bar… When he had forced himself on him, done those terrible things that Romano certainly had no choice in and didn't want, even being so bold as to leave evidence on his crimes all over Romano's body. He marked Romano like property, like a possession that had no free will and took advantage of him. And now as he struggled, scratched and kicked at his firm legs he found the same scene repeating as he was dragged, red marks matching fingers all over his arms.

" Antonio! This is not funny! Un-hand me!" He barked as his feet dug into the dirty path, watching as his beat up shoes covered in dust as Antonio seemed to just yank him right through his resistance, like he was nothing but a rag doll. Where had this strength come from!? " You bastard! You idiot! You are probably hurt anyways, so get yourself fucking checked out!" He growled as he almost tripped on himself as Antonio tugged him forward towards the bull barn that now looked almost intimidating, standing there alone… In an overgrown field that stood still in the breeze-less day, far away from the main camp… Away from others… Isolated.

He watched Antonio turned back to look up at him, his golden skin that was so sun-damaged from years out in the sun, shirtless with that red sash around his hips and his brown breeches, wrinkling a little as he smiled widely, looking so inviting and gentle… If anyone else saw that smile they could probably melt into a sense of security, and find him incredibly handsome… And maybe he was the latter, if Romano didn't seem the darkness swimming deep within those green eyes. They were like green oceans that were clouded over, turning a dark murky colour far back. If his eyes were considered to be a portal to his soul, then his soul must be something to fear.

" Ahhh si, si but Romano… But you passed out last night quierdo, and that wasn't very fair was it?" He smiled like a child, but Romano thought he looked like a child that was pulling the wings off of a butterfly. " Not when we were in the middle of love-making."

The word rolled off his tongue and his smile grew, his eyes trying to ensnare Romano and drown him in that murky and dark ocean.

Romano bristled up like a street cat in a turf war, his shoulders hunching up near his shoulders. He hissed out as he tried to pull his wrist out of Antonio's grasp. " How dare you call what you did to me love-making." He seethed. That was a big acquisition to make, one that Romano despised and shot down immediately. He would NEVER make love with another man, he would NEVER give himself up before God to anyone before marriage, let alone to a man…. Especially not Antonio, who defiled and disgraced his supposed God in so many ways that Romano imagined that confessions with him would be hours long.

Antonio smirked and glanced back at the olive-skinned man as they approached the big wooden doors of the barn that smelt of rot and bulls. The Spanish sun beat down on them. " My apologies Roma..." The corner of his lip twitched up into more of a smile as he seemed to be lost in thought of the night before. " But as I recall, you seemed to be more than enjoying yourself."

Romano immediately stammered, his face going red, though it was hard to tell if it was from embarrassment or anger and he shrieked. " A-And what gave you that damn impression, huh? My puking? My distinct lack of the ability to reason, or how about that I was so drunk that I couldn't even fucking remember my name, let alone stop your dirty sins!" Romano fumed.

Antonio cocked a brow as he leaned forward, pushing his scarily happy face towards Romano, craning it as his free hand lifted up and gingerly start un-plucking at his done up buttons, slowly popping them out from their holes so that the fabric fell back to expose Romano's neck that was littered in bruises. "W-What are you- Ouch!" Romano hissed as Antonio finger pushed into one of the sensitive marks, dipping into the purple skin.

" When I made this mark….. You told me you've touched yourself because of me." Antonio's smile curled up into a impish grin. " I believe your exact words my Romano were ' Bastard, you've made me go to confessions…. I hope your fucking happy…. I'm going to hell because of you….' Then you slurred on about how good it felt to touch yourself…."

" Y-You're lying!" Romano shrieked, a blush consuming his face. He had preferred to die with that between God and him…. Well and Father Tomas.

Antonio shrugged, licking his lips and he pressed into another bruise. " This mark you were practically stroking me through my pants…"

The blush only grew stronger, and Romano's stance grew more and more defensive as Antonio fabricated lies. Lies that would tempt him into a false sense of security and make him believe that it had been two-sided and as if he hadn't forced himself on his drunken self.

Antonio leaned in so Romano could smell spice and sweat everywhere and then pressed into one more bruise, this one right under his ear. He pressed his finger nice and hard so that Romano winced. Antonio loved that look on him. " And this one…. Well this one you were begging me to touch you…."

Romano flustered, because if Antonio was possibly, maybe telling the truth that implied that Romano had wanted it… That he had WANTED the bruises, the searing kisses, and the dirty, immoral words that had penetrated his senses and better judgment last night. " You fucking liar."

" You terrible Catholic." Antonio retorted, smiling that curly little smile that made Romano want to punch his face in as he opened the barn door, seeing all the lancer's horses all walking around, chewing on the hay quietly. Their beady eyes all staring at Romano as he was dragged by Antonio through the stuffy barn, as if they were expecting him to feed like them he sometimes did. The light filtered down, lighting the dust up that swirled around Antonio as he cut through the stagnant air, dragging the bright red and kicking Romano who still screamed to be let loose, this time with even more venomous words and rage as he realized just what Antonio was planning on continuing. Romano's golden eyes followed Antonio's taught legs in the tights as they strutted across the barn floor, practically dragging Romano across the floor.

Romano tripped over himself, swearing lightly as he thudded to the ground, hoping Antonio would give him a second to right himself, or give him a moment to kick him in the shins while on the floor and crawl away because he didn't WANT this, regardless of what he had been drunken enough to say the night before. But no, Antonio kept dragging, kept pulling him by the arm across the barn floor. " LET GO OF ME! For fucks sake this HURTS!" Romano cried out as his hand twisted awkwardly as his body was dragged across the barn, dust and dirt whirling around his body, and his clothes getting dirty with the earth. The dirt of the barn floor caked under his chewed nails as he scraped to try and keep himself with the horses that he liked as Antonio opened the big metal latch to the bull's section. N-Not the bulls…. He hated being surrounded by those animals that stamped and tried to kick the metal cages apart to escape what was a certain death in the bullring. Their eyes still filled with the will to live, only to watch it drain out in the bullring. Romano had dreamt of slaughtering them, but there was something about seeing the animal full of life before. It was like still loving eating beef, but not wanting to be there to witness it grazing in the grass before you shot it down.

But he knew while he didn't like being around them, Antonio thrived off of it. And he could see a flicker of something un-namable in his murky green eyes as Romano was yanked to his feet and he and Antonio surveyed the barn. The bulls with their sharp, yellowed horns stood in their metal cages, stamping their hooves so it clacked over and over again. Snorts and huff of displeasure could he heard all around as some charged a little at the bars as they neared the cages. Romano couldn't tell by all the noise, by all the black and brown beasts kicking around in their cages if they were getting riled up because their murderer was within goring distance, or if they were egging him on, encouraging him to sin and join them in hell.

Antonio kept dragging him against his dying protests, past all the bulls that all snorted and kicked at the cages, causing Romano to flinch away and closer to Antonio's warm body. That only caused him to practically fling himself towards the bulls. He'd choose the beasts over Antonio any day. The animals were in cages, but the animal beside him, the most deadly of them all, was not.

They neared the big pile of hay in the corner, the same pile that Romano had caught Antonio sinning in so casually like it was second nature. It was where all of this began. Had he not caught him, Antonio would not have been interested, Romano wouldn't have been tempted into sin and fuck, he wouldn't be in this situation. Romano felt two strong hands on his chest and he pulled his hands up to wrap around Antonio's wrists, trying to push him away. He could see nice big purple welts beginning to form around his wrists as Antonio panted, although he had no reason to. " Mio dios…." He whispered under his breath as he leaned in, closing the gap between them so that his face was right against Romano's. Romano squirmed, craning his head away in disgust as Antonio dipped his head down and trailed his nose from the crook his neck up to under his chin, smelling his skin that smelt a little like lavender.

Antonio seemed to get lost as his hands roamed over Romano, making him wince as the rough hands tightened around his ribs, right where a few perfectly placed marks were. It's like the bastard knew just where to dig his fingers in to make him sing. " Ahhhh shit!" Romano hissed out as he fumed a little, squirming away. " Seriously… Fucking STOP Antonio I don't fucking WANT this!" He shouted as Antonio's tongue left goose bumps all over his body as it trailed a hot path down his neck. Romano felt fear coil in his stomach as Antonio didn't let up…. Last night was a mistake… He could maybe even take the Catholic way out and know that God forgave all no matter how hard he sinned because he had confessed… And he could even try and embrace the virtue of forgiveness and blame the previous night on all the alcohol. But this was un-forgivable there was no fucking alcohol, and no fucking excuse.

" Ahhhh gosh Roma, you are so beautiful…." Antonio sighed out into his neck, sounding pleased and happy like he was fucking floating. He sounded in love, and in bliss and it made Romano feel sick. But he just couldn't tell if it was a good or bad sick… But he put his bets on bad.

" F-Fuck off… Stop it Antonio." Romano despised how his voice wavered as his hands on Antonio's chest tightened into fists, and he shuddered as he felt the lips suck onto his neck, threatening to leave big marks.

" Oh Roma, Roma, Roma…. You get me as excited as the toros… You are so delicious…." He peppered kisses all over his neck, going dizzy in excitement. He smiled against his neck and Romano could feel it. It was like he was back at the bar and Antonio was marking him and claiming him, making Romano's knees feel weak and his senses fill with nothing but Antonio. He reared his head up, smiling happily and blissfully, but at the same time Romano saw the darkness swimming deep in his eyes itching to come out. " Quierdo I-"

Romano didn't even let him finish that sentence as his hand reared back and slapped him with a loud crack, snapping Antonio's face to the side. He heaved a few big breaths, his hand trembling by his face as he stared in shock from his hand to Antonio's face before collapsing into a deep frown. " Don't you dare call me quierdo…"

Antonio let out a low chuckle, a deep, dark chuckle as he stroked his cheek. Romano flinched, stepping back so his heels hit the stray pile. He was cornered and felt like a rabbit surrounded by foxes. Antonio finally glanced at him and Romano's manliness stopped him from yelping out in what he could only describe as fear. Antonio's face resembled the same face when stabbing the bull that crazed almost orgasmic face that was swimming with excitement and cruelty. " Naughty, naughty Romano…" He said slowly as he moved closer and closer to Romano, loving how he stepped back as far as he could like a surrounded prey, but like the bulls, even in the face of danger kept that smoldering fire in his golden eyes. " I thought you said last night you wanted this?"

Before Romano could retort he was suddenly surrounded by hay, dust flying everywhere and there was a heavy weight around him and heat everywhere…. So much heat that he could have sworn he was burning up. What the fuck was happening to him? Romano cracked his golden eyes open just to have them fly open as something hot and wet was in his mouth. The un-godly, sinful bastard's tongue was down his throat, moving too skillfully and without the same allure and loving passion as the night before from what Romano despised to remember. No, this time the skilled mouth was rough, nipping and biting at his lips, forcing the tongue deep as if he wanted to stroke the walls of his throat.

Romano's golden eyes were tight now as he writhed around under him, groaning into his mouth in what Antonio took as pleasure but he took as panic and resistance. T-This wasn't right! Not a man, not him, not like this! He growled as his hands beat against Antonio's chest, hiccupping his breath that poured across Romano's face.

"S-Stop it… bastard!" Romano groaned out as Antonio's lips pried off of his, and he felt rough chapped lips leaving scorching open mouth kisses and bites down the hollow of his throat. It was sloppy, but not un-skilled (and god how Romano hated that, he had wanted him to be terrible), and he could feel the pressing of his lips and the heat of his open mouth, and could almost sense the wetness of his tongue before it teased his olive skin.

There was a sharp intake of breath, and Antonio's nostrils flared as he breathed in deeply, his jaw going slack and his mouth fumbling before latching onto Romano, wanting to leave big sister marks to the ones that were begging to be left alone to heal. Romano blushed heavily as he squirmed around. The bastard wasn't even fucking listening to him was he?! He was airheaded sure, but not DEAF.

" … Romano…. You smell wonderful…." He said in childish wonder as his mouth left Romano with a pop, his saliva going cold even though Romano's skin was on fire. He ran his tongue along Romano's neck on new undiscovered patches behind his ear and when he pushed his head in the hay enough, getting bits of straw caught in his mess of sweaty brown curls, he could taste the back of his shoulders. It was as if he was trying to see if he tasted as good as he smelt, like fresh baked churros or a spit-roasted pig.

Romano went to protest, to shout and tell him to fuck off when his mouth was violated again with his searching tongue. Romano shook his head, his fingers curling around Antonio's strong arms as his back arched, the considerable muscles straining under the stress of Antonio pushing back against him. Fucker was too strong from all the training.

Romano knew this from day after day when he'd sit on the crates full of supplies, lounging and neglecting his tasks as a peon to watch. O-Only to see how a matador would train, and how he one day would have to condition his own body. Antonio would be in his brown beat up breeches, barefoot with the real cape spinning around his body as he practiced his complex flourishes. Romano would stare at how his body contorted and twisted and how the usually to himself man came alive. Later at night when all the teams were asleep (or passed out) Romano would come out to the same place, dressed in his maroon open-necked shirt and black breeches, so late that no one else could see him and use the training cape they used for the aspiring matadors training in their camp. He would try and do the same twirls and spins as the man with the livid green eyes. (Usually he ended up draped over the bullring sweating everything out, or frustrated and throwing it into the dirt, swearing off bull-fighting… until he was back the next night). But like his flourishes… he was no match for Antonio.

He was too fast, his hands already prying to yank out his shirt that was tucked in his pants, slipping under the fabric and the rough dirtied and shaking hands caressing his sore skin. He was too skilled, his tongue stroking Romano's in a perfect rhythm, alternating between tongue and hot open-mouthed kisses, making Romano get dizzy and his arms thrash around to stop. And he was too damn determined, un-phased by Romano pleas between kisses, his head craning away, saliva connecting their lips as he panted and growled more un-god-like words. Antonio wouldn't have that and grinned devilishly before his hands under his skin slipped up to his chest and the rough pad of his fingers swept in, ensnaring Romano's nipple between them. Romano's golden eyes grew wide, his breath catching in his throat as a little yelp of pleasure and surprise left his lips that he just couldn't bite back.

This was fucking enough. Romano was a grown fucking man… This was ridiculous, and so very, very wrong and he was just letting it happen. He wasn't struggling enough against the sin, he should be screaming, thrashing like a trapped animal and biting tooth and nail to be free and yet his resistance was minimal and weak. He was a shame before his God, because all Romano could think of when Antonio fingers started tweaking his nipples roughly, refusing to treat him like a doll, was his own ring finger slipping around his own chest.

Romano's finger swirling around his engorged bud, the self-disgust only making it feel more wrong, and more exciting. His other hand under his sleep tunic, exploring the organ that he had never felt when it was so thick and hot. He could remember the heat pooling his body, his toes curling and his legs twitching as he smothered his face tried to stop the noises that kept trying to leave him. His mouth going slack and losing control as he moaned into his hand slapped over his mouth. The fingers going moist as he sucked and chewed on them so his neighbours couldn't hear him as he rutted up into his tight fist, right into the sheets, thinking of nothing but Antonio's big hand around his cock. The night was cool but his body was so hot and he twisted himself into the sheets as he almost sobbed a little moan that couldn't be contained as something was building up inside him, something so hot, so consuming that Romano thought he would pass out. The whole ordeal didn't take long, but soon he found his hips moving uncontrollably, his hard member throbbing as he rolled his hips as a stick wetness left him and covered his sheets, the image of Antonio pleasuring himself never leaving him once.

Romano couldn't make a real resistance because past the hate, past his God and his church, and past the humiliation…. Maybe some small, Satan-esque part of him buried deep down in his subconscious… wanted him.

But like hell he wanted it like this.

" Get…. Off… Me!" Romano huffed as he slammed his hands up before Antonio tongue was down his throat one more time and .it. No fucking more. Romano growled deeply before he allowed Antonio's tongue entrance like he was baiting it into the trap. He waited, gave him a moment to explore until SNAP. He snapped the cage close, his teeth clamping down on his tongue, instantly eliciting howls of pain from him.

"Ahhhh… R-Romano! W-Why?" He cupped his mouth, tasting blood as Romano scampered around in the hay, the bulls snorting and kicking either alerting Antonio his prey was getting away, or praising Romano for making him bleed.

Romano flipped over onto his stomach and tried to crawl past the distracted Spaniard who was nursing his mouth in the cradle of his hand, like a lowly bug through the dirt. His hands yanked him forward, the straw stabbing him all over his stomach as his shirt rode up as he shimmied and twisted around desperately. His golden eyes were wide because he knew, with his heart thumping in his throat that if he didn't scamper away…. Antonio would have him, and he wouldn't be happy.

Romano panted, getting up onto the worn knees of his pants and going to stand when he felt to big warm hands around his waist. To any other person it would be lovely to have a man's hand around their waist, guiding them back to them… But to Romano it was his turn to be caught in a trap, his gold eyes never loosing the will to live as Antonio dragged him back.

" Tsk, tsk… Where are you going quiredo? We've only just completed the tercio de varas…" Romano could hear his grin as he yanked his hips back.

"Nononononono…." Romano squealed as his nails dug into the floorboards of the barn, scraping dirt, splinters and old bull dung under his nails as Antonio dragged him from his freedom, so he couldn't see the barn door anymore, only Antonio and the barn tools that hung in the small space opposite to them. Sharp tools that if Romano could get to… He could knock the bastard out with.

" There are two more stages Romano… You mustn't be so hasty…" He grinned a warm and loving grin that spoke more than words ever could about how thin his patience was becoming. " If you don't master that you will never be my subalterno."

"Like fuck. I'll never be your subalterno, bastard."

It was strange though, although his green emerald eyes were still alive his face had paled considerably to the point that had Romano cared he would have asked him if he was ill. His eyes looked sunken, and new sweats were breaking out over the old ones that dirt had clung to. His hands were shaking too as they reached for his shirt.

Panic flashed in Romano eyes as Antonio gripped the insides of his shirt. " W-What are you-?" He watched as Antonio answered him by ripping the shirt like it was nothing, the buttons flying everywhere and either clattering on the floor, the sound lost by the clanging of the bull's hooves against the bars, or they were lost in the hay that Romano was surrounded by.

" Hush Romano... You're rousing the bulls, and you what that does to me." He whispered huskily, no longer in front of Romano. With panic Romano's golden eyes darted to find where the voice was coming from, and found his face going as red as a tomato when he found it coming from between his legs. " Ahhh Romano stop!" He heard the Spaniard almost growl, losing patience as Romano snapped his legs together, boxing his ears in. There you fucking go, there was his struggle making its appearance a little too late.

And like that it was gone in a puff of smoke, his head snapping up as pressure was relieved around his waist and two large, tanned hands were at his backside, groping and reaching around. Romano felt his body drag in the hay until his legs were in the air and his head was almost buried in the golden hay.

" F-Fucking… stop… let me go! You are supposed to be a Godly man! What's wrong with you?" He hated that he sputter in front of the bastard but for god's sakes his legs were flailing around his head as Antonio kept pulling at his breeches, whipping them off his legs. "You are going to hell for this! Doesn't that even remotely fuck with your impenetrable head, you sick fuck!?" Romano shouted at him, aiming his legs for a double kick to the face that Antonio avoided much to Romano's disappointment.

Antonio merely chuckled as he stared down at Romano completely bare lower half, not bothering to answer him because if going to hell meant having Romano to himself… He would be strangely fine with that. Plus he was sure he had long stopped being a godly man when he kept pleasuring himself, especially lately to the auburn-haired man.

Antonio glanced at Romano, unsure if the man- No, scratch that he just realized he was lacking pants.

" G-Give those back this INSTANT! D-Don't… NO….. ANTONIO STOP THIS NOW-Ahhhhh~." Romano's shouts morphing into a low and deep moan as he watched Antonio's dark curls disappear between his legs, his green eyes no doubt taking in the view that no one was supposed to see, let alone….. touch.

And touch he did. Romano's face erupting into such a fierce blush that he was sure Antonio could feel the heat all the way down to his legs. H-His tongue…. The bastard was… on his…. Oh god. He went to shout and resist but….

" Antonioooooo~ S-St… Ahh…."

Needless to say Romano clamped his mouth shut, finding every resistance rolling into a throaty moan. Antonio's mouth was doing weird things to his member… His lips sliding up and down as Romano felt it dip deeper and deeper into Antonio's throat. A tongue lapped at him, and swirled in a way that made his head dizzy.

Antonio chuckled as he pulled of Romano with a pop, making Romano flush a cute pink as a trail of saliva connected his wet lips to the engorged crown of his cock.

" Didn't quite catch that…" Antonio chuckled playfully, waiting for Romano to open his gorgeous mouth to murmur out a retort before lavishing his cock with kisses and nips and long, languid licks, trying to challenge his need to resist with groans of pleasure.

He loved Romano's feistiness; his internal struggle to hold in noises and his insistent resistance reminded him of the bull's struggle to live in the bullring. Nothing had ever got his pulse racing like that, and nothing ever got him so hard.

"B-Bastaaard…. Mmn." Romano's voice almost went weak and feminine at the end as his golden eyes fluttered closed as Antonio opened his mouth and let the hot cock slip right down so when he swallowed around his head, the man was practically dripping right down his throat. He could feel Romano throb in his mouth erratically as he heard the man's gasps above him.

Antonio almost grinned around his cock. He felt two clammy and desperate hands weave into his curls, wanting to control the way Antonio gave him pleasure. He could hear the grunts and stinted noises that he kept welled inside of him, refusing to allow Antonio the joy of hearing what he did to him.

Romano's toes curled, his legs wobbling as he watched the brown head bob between his legs, the hot wetness gaining speed. He'd pull him out, his lips so tight that he almost had Romano sobbing to keep noises in. He bring himself right up so that his lips were kissing his tip, only to force his head down, bringing him into until his nose was tickling the sparse auburn curls around himself. He couldn't hold noises in much longer…. He hated himself, and with every thrust of the Spaniard's head the guilt and the consuming pleasure doubled… He was filled with self-hatred because his body was responding so much.

Antonio's hands that were rubbing circles on his thighs, and reaching around to pinch on his behind (which he did not squeak out in pleasure from…) moved. He felt one hand disappear under himself, the other pressing into the soft, supple flesh of his thighs, shoving the leg back to get better access to his prize. " Nngh- …. Ahhhh…. T-Tonio…" He couldn't stop himself as a slurred version of his name left his lips. He was terrible, allowing himself to be control and converted by this bastard. Romano allowed himself to experience the dangerous pleasure that was occurring between his legs, knotting his stomach and bathing his groin and insides with a stroking, smooth heat. The heat mimicked the feeling of his predator's mouth, stroking the smooth and almost velvety tight, hot skin of his cock in a fluid motion. It was aided by the strange liquid he could feel beading out of him and onto Antonio's tongue with every desperate roll of his hips.

Antonio just kept it up, swallowing around the auburn haired man to elicit more of those glorious noises that he kept trying to bite back to the point of his olive lips becoming cute and puffy. His wandering hand crawled, caressing the untouched and virginal skin of the boy's charmingly round ass that was half buried by the hay. He could tell no other had been there, no other hands; man, woman or beasts. His rough and calloused fingers from years of bullfighting were prospecting the undiscovered territory that was Romano. They stroked the plains of skin, and down over the hill of his perineum, and down the valley between his cheeks, searching for the entrance to a hot and tight cavern that lay untouched for Antonio.

Romano squirmed and panted like a dog in heat as Antonio's skilled, but strangely shaking fingers groped under him, touching strange tingling places that sent little jolts of pleasure to his cock that was rammed down that smirking, sinning mouth of his. His golden, hazy eyes could see nothing… Oh gooooddddd, nothing because he was so deep within him that he shielded even the furthest part of him as his lips kissed the base.

Then he'd pull back and Romano would be granted inch by inch a view of his embarrassing excitement, dewed and slippery from Antonio's saliva, hard and aching to release. His tip was red as any matadors cape, engorged and filled to the point that Romano's body was thrusting himself up when he pulled away just trying to reach some unachievable feeling of completeness.

He wanted to keep hating Antonio. He wanted to swear on Mother Mary he didn't want this…. But he knew he would never leave the confession booth after confessing this because it just felt too good to stop. Antonio felt too good to stop.

Had he stopped before maybe he could still be saved? Judas had kissed Jesus, and had betrayed him, so a kiss or two, while the work of the devil, could be acceptable because the bastard betrayed his virtue with his lips… But THIS … While mimicking kisses, was nowhere close to them.

And with that thought Antonio pressed something into him, making him squeal and forget all about the difference between virtuous and sinful.

Antonio moaned around his cock, massaging the head with the vibrating deep in his throat as Romano clenched up around his finger that had pried him apart enough to worm its way in. Mio dios he wanted in him so badly, he would trade his cross, his cape… Anything to be deep within the brunette as he cried out and his behind tried to reject his foreign finger.

He could hear the bulls stomping and snorting and he felt like he was in the bullring, plunging banderillas into the bull. Antonio would bleed them out, tire them out until they were perfect for the taking, This was round two, he had judged the bull's actions and now he had to drain him down into submission. His green eyes were alight with stimulation and pleasure as he coiled his tongue around Romano's throbbing cock and bobbing his head faster and faster as his finger began pushing up into him and mimicking his head. Antonio was draining Romano, just not of blood. Instead he enjoyed Romano's life-force leaking all over his tongue and throat, tasting salty and briny. He was now ripe for the taking; Antonio tried to not smile in glee.

"B-Baassttaarrrdddd….. Mn… Hah-." He hazily slurred, his eyes blinking out of sync as the cloudy consuming heat took him over, his hips starting to shake and move around on the intrusion, as Antonio just didn't let up.

Both of their movements became erratic and desperate, a chorus of moans, coos, and slurping filled the barn until suddenly there was the thud of a body being tossed over.

The bulls seemed to grow quiet as they watched on, hands and legs kicking out from the corner, followed by grunts and muffled pleas. Their black beady eyes reflecting the virtue being stripped from Romano, any sign of clothing now long gone, only a cross defiantly hanging limp around his neck.

Antonio was straddling Romano, whose face was on the ground as he un-did his belt and let his pants drop down to his knees.

Their hooves only started making more noise, their snorts and cries filling the barn again as two fingers snuck their way into Romano, making him cry out and writhe below Antonio.

Hot, heavy Spanish left Antonio's lips as the fingers stretched and probed inside of Romano. He wanted to attack that sweet spot that would send Romano's mind careening over the edge.

"Dios." Antonio growled as he found it and watched Romano dance. So beautiful, so… so beautiful.

Romano's forehead smacked against the floor repeatedly, digging small slivers into his skin. He was silent, the fight had drained out of his body… It was humiliating to be reduced to pained noises and hisses. Antonio was debasing him so freely and Romano's struggles were simply ignored now.

"Bast…ard…." Romano choked out as the cock slammed back into him, his words stuttered and lost. All the dust of the barn made his face dirty, but the tears that had managed to claw from his eyes were raking lines down his cheeks.

He was whispering prayers under his breath, hoping some God was listening to him. Any God at this point.

But Antonio was chanting prayers as well. Prayers used at communion. Was this the sick bastard's communion? His holy consumption of the body? It was frightening because the vile man was louder. God was going to hear his prayers before Romano's.

The sick slap of skin filled the barn and the bulls were eerily quiet so that Romano was forced to hear it. It was visceral, fucking not only his body but his mind too. Every snap of his desperate, almost animalistic hips that were so focused on finishing made bile rise in Romano's throat.

"Son.. of a bitch…" He choked out, his fingers digging further into the wood and his own cock scraping the floor as Antonio thrust in even harder.

He didn't know how much more he could take of being ripped open and assaulted. He was being penetrated and slaughtered like one of his bulls. Though suddenly the thrusts became weaker, and the hands shoving his face down and ass up were sweating. He felt… cold.

"Fuck!" Romano gasped when he was suddenly turned and shoved down onto the ground. He tried to kick the bastard in his face but the look stopped him. Antonio bent his legs back, eyes seemed almost black and soulless like the bulls.

The sunny complexion was drained so pallor that his bruised lips were turned purple. What… the hell? Romano's eyes widened in fear as the excited breathing turned pained. It seemed his bodily function had simply taken over as he kept driving up sickly into Romano.

"Let me… fucking go!" Romano gained some strength and shoved the hands away from him to push at his chest. He shoved and shoved until… something caught his attention. Romano's insides turned liquid as he pushed back Antonio's jacket. There, more than blooming it was now appeared to be an entire field covering his side and front.


"STOP! STOP NOW!" Romano screamed as he put his hand against Antonio despite all the rocking and mindless fucking. "STOP! YOU IDIOT!" He screamed loudly, awakening the bulls in their cages. They stomped and snorted loudly, growing excited and loud as Antonio grew quiet. "YOU ARE BLEEDING!" Romano screeched as he pulled his hand away and saw that it was covered.

Antonio wasn't paying attention though, his hips were shaking put continuing their final attempts at assault. To finish the job and take everything from Romano like he had to all the bulls.

"UGH!" Romano reached up and slapped Antonio across the face to snap it out of him. Vile, horrid, sinful creature or not he was bleeding to death. The red handprint left in his wake was stark against Antonio's pale skin.

He instantly caught Romano's hand by the wrist and shoved it down, his face dropping down to the crevasse of Romano's neck. Now that he could see the blood he noticed down it dripped down onto him… onto his chest….

No, fuck no, that wasn't from the jacket.

"I'm going to hell because of you…." Antonio repeated the words he'd sworn Romano had said. But they were gargled and pained. He held on with his last bit of strength and pulled back from Romano. Blood was bubbling and leaking out from his mouth as if he'd ripped the very heart out of him. It was internal bleeding.

"GET AWAY!" Romano screamed again, loudly as he tried to pull away but Antonio kept him caged. He was dying and kept he stared at him from under his brow, the bulls in hysterics to the point that Romano almost thought it was a crowd cheering.

"Hail, Mary, full…. of grace." Antonio croaked out as he coughed up another round of blood right onto Romano's chest. The blood dribbled and pooled as Romano gasped shrilly. It was like a bull, coughing blood, matting everything around it with its hot, coppery smell in the moment before collapsing. Romano shook violently, unable to move or say anything. The pain in his entrance was dulled by the horror of what he was witnessing.

"The Lord is with thee. Blessed…. a-art though…. among women." Antonio's body had broken into a full sweat as he loomed over Romano, rutting and dying all at once. "And bless is the… the fruit of thy womb J-Jesus." The blood spread all along his front as he kept moving like nothing on earth could stop him. "Holy Mary, mother of God."

"No. No, no, NO!" Romano repeated in desperation as Antonio neared the end of the prayer. His cock was beginning to soften from blood loss inside of Romano.

His voice deepened and a smile, sickly and red stretched across his mouth. "Pray for us sinners." He licked his covered lips and Romano almost wondered if he knew this was going to happen. If Antonio had been struck and then planned this all, to leave the word dominating one final thing.

The bulls were thrashing against their cages, kicking them and bucking.

"Now," Antonio's nose started to bleed and it all seeped off his face onto Romano, "and at the hour… hng… of our…" The words were barely making it out of Antonio's mouth, his bloody lips struggling to form the words. He let out a loud, guttural groan. Warmth flooded up inside of Romano, coating him. He was too terrified to even think if it was the filth's seed or just more blood. There was blood everywhere.


"Of our death."

Antonio cough up more blood, choking as he tried to swallow it back. Romano was pressed against the barn floor, covered in Antonio's blood. He wobbled to and fro like the bulls. He knew what would happen and started to squirm desperately as pain surged all below the waist.


Antonio pulled out of Romano with the last bit of strength he had, and Romano could practically hear the tear of skin as he did. Eyes rolled back, the whites exposed before with one final sway… Antonio collapsed onto Romano.

There was a smile plastered on his face and he stared lifelessly out towards the cages of bulls going wild.

Romano screamed his throat raw.

So. Yeah. Uhm... wow. I said I would finish it and I did. This was how it was always going to end, and I had said from the get go it wouldn't be nice. In fact I said I was exploring the fucked up side of Antonio... so I did.

Though it is interesting coming back to this story. You will be able to see a difference near the end when I wrote it more than a year later and did not have the same interest. I wanted to finish it though for you all since you seemed to really like it. I apologize if it's not what you were expecting.

I have pretty much moved on from fan fiction, I dabble here and there and may post some stuff on AO3 but now that I'm in university and living a life outside of writing... I just don't have the time anymore. :( Which sucks, because it was lots of fun. I improved immeasurably by writing fanfiction and I encourage every single one of you who has ever though about doing it just to do it.

Love you all lots and thanks for making me adore writing as much as I do.