Who's Cryin' Now?

"It's too late to say you're sorry, You've been gone from here too long…

I'm saving my breath, I'm saving my tears, I'm saving my life for something better than these years."

'Who's Cryin' Now?'- Saving Jane

I'm not gonna cry anymore. David left me, left me to believe he was dead, left me to take care of Alexa on my own. I'm not gonna let him get to me anymore.

I'm not gonna let him apologize because it's not gonna make a difference. What's done is done. He was gone for five years. 60 months, 260 weeks.

I've shed enough tears. I just want him to leave now. I've gotten over him. He was just a stupid writer.

Right now, the only good that I got out of him is Alexa. She's my pretty little girl. He can come back a thousand times and it's won't anything different.

I'm done with him. Soon, I'll leave and leave David alone. Then who's gonna cry?

Me, it's always gonna be me.

There is a reason I posted this in two catagories. Fire Within and Last Dragon Chronicles is the same serise!